Make the humiliation worse?


All the way back in 2013, I posted about this cock pacifier. I had purchased it from an on-line hen party store. I do not know what the term is in the USA for a hen party?

It was pretty much made redundant though when I came across and purchased the Disney Princess Pacifier that could be strapped, and padlocked, into place.





But recently the original cock pacifier came back into use for a specific recurring activity, as I set out in my latest, soon to be published journal, No. 17.

What a coincidence then, that within days of the original cock pacifier coming back into use,  that I see on BDSMLR, this cock pacifier.

If anyone can advise me where I can purchase this new beauty, I will be able to make bitch-boy’s discomfort and shame rather worse for the recurring activity and thereby my pleasure and amusement will be increased. I have my fingers crossed that someone will be able to help me!



My 16th journal.

A link to all my journals.


28 thoughts on “Make the humiliation worse?

    1. Its an interesting idea BUT from my experience, it absolutely WOULD BE too difficult to graft or fix to a regular dummy!

      Also I like the oversized pacifier at the handle end in the photo.

      Thank you though.

  1. In the US there are two parties for Brides. There is the Bridal Shower for the Brides girlfriends mom aunts cousins etc and then there is the Bachelorette Party which is the wild celebration of the bride’s last days of being unmarried.

      1. No. You would never get dirty it kinky at a bridal shower. That would always be proper. That’s why the 2nd party was needed. Something fun for the girlfriends.

          1. As if being locked in chastity and dildod were not bad enough.
            But to be bound naked in a position showing its huge dildo and prison mini cock cage to a group of superior Dominant Ladies is totally humiliating.

      2. I could see some using it at either, depends how wild the bride’s family and friends are heheh. The Bridal shower though is usually for gifts to be given in advance of the wedding kind of like a baby shower for expected moms

  2. My massage therapist knew I liked pain and volunteered to give me a caning. CanE grew at her ranch and she told me she would bring a switch. CC came to the door holding a nice solid green cane that made my hair stand up in fright. Cc told me I would need a gag because this cane is for real punishment. I paid her our negotiated price over the phone which would include a good strap on fuck. I quickly got naked in handed her a spare dildo as she strapped on the 8 inch dildo that she was going to screw me with. She put the dildo in my mouth and told me to bite down so she wouldn’t have to hear me crying out when I got my ass blistered with her cane. pushing me over the footstool she immediately attacked my ass leaving nasty stripes. It was so much pain I bit down on the dildo and almost cut it in half with my front teeth. I have been caned by other women but this lady really knew how to stripe my ass better than any other lady. She then took me in the bedroom and gave me one hell of an ass screwing on top of the whipping.

  3. Mistress Scarlett, I was wondering what plays out during vanilla situations such as a family gathering/wedding/party, when bitch boy has to attend with you and your sisters are there. Do they greet him and speak normally as if they respect him as a man? Or do they quietly say hi bitchboy or grin at him to make him uncomfortable?

    1. Because other vanilla people are there, they do greet him and speak normally as if they respect him as a man. But all 4 of us know the truth and it is present in our eyes and his, if eye contact is made.

  4. Being in a coerced AB position my Nanny is keen to try out anything that further degrades and undermines my pretence of masculinity – recently she purchased one of these and it’s become a demeaning conversation piece when she has female guests in attendance. It’s soft and quivery like a real defect, and whilst I am wearing a pink plastic chastity cage in my nappy, Nanny and her guest (s) will play with the surrogate worm, the ‘disgusting little object’ and ridicule the supposed masculinity it apparently represents. I feel thoroughly humiliated by this toy and how pathetic and real it looks. Nanny and her friends seem to delight that such an object has been made purely to ridicule its comedic repulsiveness –

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