My BAV email slave

A few people have noticed that, as well as my puppet husband bitch-boy listed against my name on the BAV register, an email slave of mine, slut-boy, is also on the register. And I have been asked to provide details of that situation. So here are the details.

I began dominating slut-boy by email almost three years ago. He is very, very loyal and obedient and sometimes helpful as well. None of these virtues result in any mercy from me, as you might expect. That is the unfairness that true submissives end up enduring; but it is good for them. It is what they need and I love to be unfair so it is wholly symbiotic. When I first started my email domination of him, which he had to ask for very nicely, he had already been a BAV for about three years. Of course, I required he remain a BAV. He has had no human girlfriend in that time but he has had a non-human girlfriend I selected for him.

Our ‘relationship’ evolved as DS relationships do. The current state of affairs is he gets a spoiled orgasm around once a fortnight and a ‘proper’ orgasm around once a month. Has to provide me with a gift before he is allowed a ‘proper’ orgasm. I looooove that he has to do this despite that his ‘proper’ orgasm is deeply humiliating and degrading. He has to write a full report on each spoiled orgasm and on each ‘proper’ orgasm.

If you can count fucking a toilet girlfriend as a proper orgasm! But it is the best he EVER gets. Yes, slut-boy’s only girlfriend, he gets to fuck twice a month, is a toilet. Each two weeks he alternates between having to cease thrusting the moment before spurting begins for a spoiled orgasm, and he is allowed to thrust to completion for a ‘proper’ orgasm. I do spoil him! He fucks the gap between the cold porcelain rim and the underside of the seat, he presses down on his birth defect.

I do vary my requirements. Usually he has to apply lipstick to his slut lips and then kiss the toilet lid, seducing his girlfriend and leaving shameful sissy kiss marks on his girlfriend. Sometimes he has to lay a stem of stinging nettle leaves on the toilet rim before placing his birth defect down. Other times a little Deep Heat rubbed into the shaft before he begins. (He should not have whined that the rim is VERY cold!

After he has finished he has to wipe his lips and then his birth defect with a sheet of toilet paper and then eat that sheet of paper. Poor slut-boy does not like the taste of his own semen, but that is the point.

You may be thinking, how do I know he is not having orgasms apart form those I allow. Well I cant be 100% sure, but I have asked for various photos so I know he does fuck his toilet girlfriend, but also, on the journey to his now much restricted orgasm frequency he whinged about his frustration making him feel bad tempered and resentful. This is a stage denied submissives usually experience and had he not been complying with my regime, I do not think he would have known of these feelings. Reality is not fantasy, even with denial.

I told him, as I told bitch-boy many, many years ago, as soon as those negative feelings begin instantly think about, as a true submissive, how lucky he is to have a cruel, pitiless Mistress and covert that visceral effect of his denial to feelings of gratitude and an appreciation that he is suffering REAL domination, and this is what that feels like and IT IS NOT A FANTASY any more. As with bitch-boy, he has succeeded in that switch of reactions.

The other ways I am helped to be convinced he is complying with my regime is because he knows I will dismiss him instantly, severing all contact forever, should I ever form the opinion from his emails that he is not complying with my regime. Any little slip up and that is the end.

And in the early days of his training, he sometimes in his reports of spoiled orgasms, revealed he did not stop thrusting quite early enough. A long period of denial always followed such an admission. Which that also gave me a sense of his honesty with me.



Below, for those who have not seen it before, I provide details of my new guide for beginner Dommes. Linked to my alternative blog. It is possibly unique, as it is specifically written to avoid frightening away a very vanilla wife or girlfriend from trying an FLR relationship.



30 thoughts on “My BAV email slave

  1. I have a very interesting idea.
    So you ask BB whether he deserves an orgasm or not.
    You write your response on a piece of paper and then he tells you his answer. If both the answers match, then you do whatever is written (Allowed for yes and not allowed for no).
    If the answers don’t match, then he gets a punishment and the punishment is more severe in the case if his answer is yes and your answer is no. For example, if he says no and you write yes, then he gets Linnex and 2 hour in TSD bondage. If he says yes and you write no, then he gets double Linnex and ruler.

    This will absolutely fuck with his mind because to have a chance of getting an orgasm he has to write yes but the punishment is also very severe. If he writes no to avoid the most severe punishment scenario, he can still get a punishment. So he may think why not just write Yes.

    This will be a dilemma situation for him. And for it to be effective the punishment for him saying yes and you writing no should be much worse then he saying no and you writing yes. Nonetheless the punishment for the other case should be scary too.

    You can experiment with it and modify it to be more effective if he somehow avoids the dilemma.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I always like to receive suggestions. But this one is not for me because I love that I am free to decide, in the moment, whether or not bitch-boy gets to cum, and whether it is full or spoilt or not at all. I love that freedom I have at my whim once he is secured under the stomping stage. And I don’t need a game or excuse to apply double Linnex, double ruler or many hours of TSD. Thank you though.

  2. Wow Mistress Scarlett!
    When I discovered your blog I immediately understood that you are an extraordinary Mistress! An example for all of us and constant inspiration!
    I’m sure your email BAV slave is aware of his incredible luck and will never cheat on you rules!
    I think I will steal the ideas of ​​the toilet girlfriend and of the orgasm under the soles and apply them to the pathetic poor sissy slave m. for when he’s lucky with the card game …
    J, Q and K of hearts the toilet girlfriend and A of hearts the sole of my shoe …
    I’m sure sissy slave m. will be affected …
    I’ll think about the details … i have a lot of time to thank… the next chance for sissy slave m. it’s September 2 …
    With all my admiration
    Mistress Francesca.

      1. Certainly also for me your splendid blog is a place of sharing. It’s one of the reasons I love it! in Italian saying ‘I steal your idea’ is just a friendly way to thank those who gave you a good idea, so: thanks Scarlett!
        P.S. Next July 9 will be the 15th anniversary of my wedding with sissy slave m. and one of my favorite lovers should be in town this week …
        Two great opportunities for fun for me and cruel humiliation for my sissy slave …
        I thought I’d share these experiences with you and your readers if you like.
        p.p.s. if you prefer that I don’t describe cuckolding with my lover just tell me!

    1. Mistress Francesca,
      Please may I ask what is the longest you had your slave go between any releases?

      Did it improve his slave performance or did he get whiny?

      Thank you

      1. As you may know, sissy slave m. wears a chastity cage 24/7/365 and his only release possibilities are through a card game.
        In summary, in a deck of 52 more wild cards, if a card of hearts is drawn between 2 and 10 the slave can have a spoiled orgasm, if the J, Q, K or A of hearts is drawn, the sissy can have a true orgasm, for all other cards no orgasm.
        The game details, according to the card drawn, after how long the slave can try again and what punishment he must receive.
        Of course, I always have the right to refuse sissy to play, but usually I like to let him try.
        Applying the rules of the game, the shortest period that the sissy can hope to see between an orgasm and the next try is a week if she draws the A of hearts (it has happened only three times since I apply these rules), otherwise it varies from 32 to 40 days.
        The longest period that the sissy spent without a ‘real’ orgasm was 3 years and 3 months (August 2009 – November 2012) during this period, however, he had some spoiled orgasm.
        The longest period without even spoiled orgasms was 13 months.
        Now his last real orgasm dates back to August 2018 (he had extracted a k of hearts on June 2 this year but he ‘voluntarily’ preferred to give up orgasm) and his last ruined orgasm dates back to November 2019. The next possibility to play is scheduled for September 2.
        On average, I think it that sissy slave m receives a ruined orgasm every 3/5 months and a real orgasm every 10/14 months.
        This chastity regime makes the sissy very frustrated and suffering. Consider that he constantly lives as my sissy slave and, being a true submissive, it creates constant and enormous excitement, frustrated by my chastity regime.
        At the same time, feeling frustrated and suffering makes her more obedient and focused on service.
        In my experience, the peak of despair frustration is reached after 3 or 4 months while in the following period despair increases more slowly. This is why, as the abstinence period continues, I love to subject the sissy to long sessions of teasing and denial, torturing her poor sensitive nipples.
        As for the rest, sissy slave m. never becomes ‘whining’ although he sometimes begs desperately.
        I love these pleadings and I love, after having listened to them for some time, to deny him any mercy.
        Mistress Francesca

        1. Thank you so much for the information. That is very hot, especially as you cuckold him while his chastity regime is in place!

          Some questions if that is OK.
          When you tease and deny him, is that only by touching his nipples; never by playing with his birth defect?
          Why did he ‘voluntarily’ give up his orgasm after drawing the king of hearts??
          How often do you cuckold him on average?

              1. I mean he mentions the incident where he get k of hearts and then she clouds his judgement by using her knowledge and skills.

          1. Dear Scarlett,
            it is obviously a pleasure and an honor to answer your questions.
            No, normally I don’t give the sissy slave’s penis direct stimulation.
            His nipples have always been incredibly sensitive and even just touching them produces a devastating excitement effect in my poor sissy. He has repeatedly confessed to me that the stimulation of the nipples is for him a stronger sensation than anything he has experienced and is incredibly frustrating because the very strong erection that derives from it is confined by the chastity cage and because, however strong and growing the excitement, he can not reach an orgasm. In addition, this type of excitement develops in the slave the deeper fantasies which are, of course, those of ever more extreme submission.
            Teasing him through the nipples is therefore the maximum. (to which is added the humiliation of knowing that his penis is NEVER stimulated by a human being …).
            Because the sissy ‘voluntarily’ renounced her orgasm on June 2 he told himself in a comment you posted about his strict regime.

            (SEE BELOW)

            In practice, while I was ready to let him masturbate while licking my shoes, my mother (who was present with my sister and two dear friends) suggested that it would be very selfish of her to cum immediately after the lock down, given the restrictions that I had to endure over my sexuality of not being able to meet lovers.

            We all agreed on this and the sissy (and helped by the fact that I started licking his nipples, the sissy ended up begging to exchange her card for the worst card in the deck: 2 of spades, to show her subjugation to us.

            As for cuckolding, there is no precise cadence. I go with other men whenever I feel like it and when i meet a man I think who’s worth it. I have some lovers that I see more regularly and others that are absolutely occasional maybe met on the same day. Let’s say that, pre COVID, I had a sexual encounter with lovers more or less every 10/15 days.
            Obviously not all lovers are aware of the slave and / or participate in his domination, however I always try to introduce the topic and I would say that in the end almost all lovers come at least to see my sissy maid when they come to pick me up at home.
            As I anticipated, one of my favuorite lovers will be in town on Thursday … updates soon .


            Sissy slave’s M account mentioned above.
            ‘………………….One after another they laughed at me, they had fun slapping me to tears, spitting in my face and mouth, before granting me, one after the other, the coveted permission to play.
            The humiliation and anticipation, the pain of the recent punishment and fatigue of the long day of service had thrown me into a condition of total prostration and physical and mental suffering and, at the same time, of desperate excitement.
            The Mistress, therefore, shuffled the cards, positioned the three chosen cards on a small table and invited me to choose.
            With my heart racing, I chose a card and waited for the Mistress to turn it over.
            K of hearts! My head exploded with relief and joy!
            It meant being able to masturbate licking Mistress’s shoes! Heaven for every slave! I must do with the but plug in ad after I will receive, as per the rules, the due punishment! But nevertheless, it was an orgasm at the feet of my goddess! A real orgasm! Tears of joy have started to cross my face again!
            The Mistress then moved away and returned, after a few minutes, wearing a pair of black patent leather slippers with 10 cm platform and 20 cm heels. The dream of every slave. My dream. In her hand she held the key to my chastity cage.
            When she was about to put the key in the lock, however, my mother-in-law intervened. I can’t say if everything was planned or if it was a cruel inspiration of the moment.
            My mother-in-law said hard and annoyed that it was incredibly selfish of me to accept that card! That it was inconceivable that an unworthy slave sissy like me agreed to receive an orgasm while his Mistress, for the previous three months, because of the lockdown, had not been able to devote herself to her pleasures and hobbies and, above all, had not been able to see her lovers!
            It was an incredible proof of lack of training and insubordination on my part the fact of placing my pathetic pleasure before that of the Mistress!
            Not only the Mistress had to give up an important part of her sacrosanct sexual pleasures, but now she also had to witness her pathetic sissy slave who masturbated with the most selfish of pigs!
            The other ladies immediately agreed with my mother-in-law and, on the Mistress’s face, I immediately saw a sadistic smile light up.
            I, devastated, had listened to my mother-in-law’s words, grasping their inedible cruelty and injustice (after all, the Mistress had always cums, even in these months, over and over again every day and at her complete pleasure while my last cum was rising months and years) and at the same time the words o my mother-in-law seams full of fairness! If the prolongation of my suffering and frustration helped the Mistress to better endure the limitations of the lockdown just finished and to resume her life with greater serenity, how could I be so selfish to accept an orgasm!
            Yet my frustration was too strong.
            The Mistress, amused, replied to her mother that it was true, that she was right, but that the rules were the rules … therefore, turned to me, she asked me what I thought of it.
            Desperate, split in two, I began to stammer apologies about my despair and pleading for the card to be respected.
            But she then decided to use her secret weapon. Started teasing me and licking my nipples.
            Perhaps also due to the fact that my cock is always in the cage and is practically never stimulated, my nipples have become, over the years, ultra-sensitive. Real mini sexual organs whose stimulation produces a devastating, almost painful, and incredibly frustrating excitement given the presence of the chastity cage. Furthermore, it is a kind of excitement that further nourishes my submissive nature and makes me desire with every drop of my existence to be increasingly cruelly subdued by my divine tyranny.
            Among the laughter of the other mistresses, therefore, the Mistress led me to a state of pain excitement in which my whole body trembled uncontrollably and wept with despair and mumbled phrases without complete sense.
            When she thought I had reached the right cooking point, therefore, the Mistress returned to ask me what I thought of it.
            And my slave soul, before my body and my mind could intervene, was licking the Mistress’ shoes and begging her with all the soul not to consider the card and exchange it with the 2 of spades (which means three months before the next attempt and a cruel punishment made of blows and bondage from immobilization).
            With tears in my eyes, desperate but in love, I heard the Mistress agree among the roaring laughter of the others and, after the Mistress left me magnanimously licking her divine shoes for a long time, I immediately underwent the following punishment in total sub space and I spent the rest of the day and the whole night painfully in bondage until the Mistress released me this morning to send me to the office.’

  3. Mistress Scarlett,

    Have you ever thought of bb and slave-boy serving you in person together?

    Thank you,

  4. Random observation – “Born Again Virgin” sounds nice and positive – like starting something new and forward working, and like a rebirth. Offering a Mistress oneself as a BAVS sounds so committed and a fresh, new life. Alas, sometimes, i feel like i am being nudged toward “retirement”. Does anyone feel that they have been “retired” from sex?

    1. I am unsure what your point is? I think retired from penetration is the same thing, you are right, but it is a beginning for a life enduring a BAV existence at the same time.

      1. I love how You use words. Not everyone has Your gift. i suppose virginity implies an innocence and lack of knowledge that is humbling but appealing.

    1. Thank you. All such reblogs deleted from my site. It seems it could be someone amending reblogged posts of mine as the original poster seems to have full editing rights? Not sure whose fault yet! Thank you so much though.

      1. That’s really interesting and suprising to me, as a long term reader of Your blog. I had expected You would love to know his innermost feelings just so You could twist them and use him even more cruelly!

        1. I guess I have assumed it is not an issue for bitch-boy as he has never mentioned it in any way. Never asked what happens, never begged me not to. I can imagine that he is not threatened or envious of what I do by email exchanges.

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