Two have arrived!

Following my post, ‘Make the humiliation worse’, of 17 June 2020, TWO of the oversized pacifiers have arrived.

Not just one as I expected. Here I picture them, together with a ball point pen to show exact size.

They are a little smaller than I expected, but when he is in his full-on parody of a little girl outfit, one pacifier pushed into the mouth of my puppet to be held there and sucked on, will still do the job of adding considerably to his humiliation I think. And of course, as soon as I saw TWO of them, I knew where the second one will be inserted after the first one is inserted into my poor puppets mouth!

I may need some sort of harness to keep the second one in place. Perhaps, ironically, adapting one of my strap-on harnesses will do the job. With the pacifier pointing inward in place of a dildo pointing outward.

And simply day to day, when otherwise normally dressed, my puppet can be sucking on his new pacifier while maintaining my garden and doing other chores. I did also think that as they are slightly smaller than I imagined, I can make sure my submissive sucker has an extra miserable experience from time to time by liberally coating the one for the mouth with a wet bar of soap, or even use my little bottle of the fluid used to paint the fingernails of people trying to give up fingernail biting. That is terribly tasting stuff indeed!

When it comes to wonderfully humiliating, cock shaped paraphernalia for our hetero puppets, hen/bachelorette party accessories are soooo good! And so cheap! Below is his original cock pacifier and also his cock-straw which fits into his sippy cup outlet hole and he must suck through the cock-straw whatever ‘cocktail’ I have put in there. 





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39 thoughts on “Two have arrived!

    1. Well done sillymaid. I will be buying this gem and he will be drinking from it WITHOUT THE STRAW! His lips around the head and sucking away on the gushing of its emissions!

      1. Beautiful!
        I just ordered the one without the straw!
        I plan to make sissy slave m use it a lot … and with liquids of various kinds
        I’m sure it will be a lot of fun … at least for me!
        This blog is truly an inexhaustible source of wonderful ideas!

  1. Dear Mistress,
    I love the varnish to prevent biting your nails. I often use it on a pair of boots and their soles which only serves this punishment.
    He is so miserable when he has to put them on me knowing what awaits him when he is going to have to lick them for a very long time and thank me for having the kindness to allow him, in my great goodness, to lick my boots with such delicious taste. lol
    And that he will keep this delicious taste in his mouth that he is not allowed to wash.

      1. No i’m french, i will try to tell you
        from time to time miseries and punishments suffered by J.
        my submissive husband


    Dear Scarlet

    Would love to know where you purchased these 'winki-dum-dums'… Can you let me know?

    Courteney xxxx


    Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 at 8:19 AM

  3. Hi Scarlet,
    Coating the mouth pacifier with soap or horrible tasting nail bitting liquid is a wonderful idea. Might I suggest the pacifer going into bb’s other hole be coated with Linnex or something similar. Or if ths is not too gross,leave the “other hole” pacifier uncoated but after a while have bb play “switches” , putting the mouth pacifier into its rear and taking the pacifer in the rear and shoving it into the mouth. If It is very dirty, it can be cleaned off first but the odor and nasty taste will remain. You can continue to order switches every so often.

    1. You are so mean Carla. LOL. I have to admit an anxiety when it comes to accidental ingestion of faeces though, but I have noted the cleaning before swapping suggestion, thank you.

      1. Hi Scarlet,
        Me mean?? I am just a sweetheart:) I would never suggest the ingestion of faeces-the idea is to make bb miserable not sick. I mean how could bb do housework and serve you otherwise if he were ill????

        1. LOL. I know you did not suggest faeces ingestion. I rather poorly meant to explain that anything that makes me think of that possibility for a moment, puts me off, if you see what I mean. And you are so right. An unwell slave is not conducive to a queen like existence!

  4. I got carried away on the site recommended by sillymaid!
    In addition to the penis bottle, I also ordered:

    This headband;

    This ring;

    This necklace:

    and these earrings:

    I will add them to the clothing of sissy slave m. when I dress him like a bitch.
    He found it very humiliating before … now it will be much worse!
    I can not wait!

    1. You are so funny Francesca! I love this stuff.
      I am thinking I might get a cock finger ring for me to wear. That whole thing, (is it catholic, or mafia?) of ‘kiss the ring’. I could intermittently have bitch-boy kneel and ‘suck the ring’. I could also mention to visitors that the cock on the ring is the same size as his cock! LOL.

      1. Excellent idea Scarlet!
        I think I will too!
        Then there are 5 rings, so I could also lend them to mom, my sister and my friends, with the sissy humbly kissing the rings of her superiors!
        Beautifully decadent and humiliating!
        Great idea as usual Scarlet!
        P.S. It is a Catholic custom to kiss the ring of the bishop, archbishop or cardinal. It seems appropriate to us, we are the religion of our slaves!

  5. Hi, I saw on fetlife, a mistress decided to stretch her sub male’s tongue over a period of time through tedious tongue exercises and even pulling at it with metal tongues for the end result of increasing its size by 3cm as she believed this would provide a better service of cunninglingus to her. I just wanted to suggest in case you hadn’t thought of it before… the activity is tedious, end result is pleasure for you and the stretched tongue could even cause more of an involuntary lisp for sissy time!

    1. I would so love this to be true but I cannot believe it for several reasons.
      I can imagine the Mistress being motivated by it forcing a lisp and also simply for the dominant pleasure of enforcing a body modification. But certainly for me, the length of the tongue plays no part in the ability to stimulate my clit.
      Also, in twenty years, in every context, not just DS, I have never heard it is possible to stretch the tongue, which I think is a muscle.
      As I say though, I would love it to be true! Anymore info?
      Thank you.

    1. He knows firstly that I get no pleasure seeing other males get pleasure, but secondly he knows I have learned over the years to never say never. Overall probably not too concerned about it.

  6. I have a friend that has been encouraging me. He suggested i place an ad with pictures of me using the pacifiers. I did that and did get some local responses.

  7. Is there a way I can upload a picture to you? I have a dildo shaped enema nozzle that goes well with the pacifiers. Carla sure knows how to shame a sissy. I now have had all three, in both places.

  8. Scarlet…. i ordered tiffany to order same, arrived today after only a day….and included three of the delightful pacifiers !

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