New punishment position!

[1 July 2020]  Well; over the dining table for deterrent and for deserved punishments has become a thing of the past I think.

After seeing a photo of a dominatrix in her dungeon relaxing on her chair between spells of caning her client, I thought I would like some of that! Both, me being able to sit for a rest, (and use my massager wand on myself), and also for the imagery and practicality of the punishment position my puppet would be bound in. It is so advantageous to live in a house with some large original ceiling beams in the sitting room!

I had bitch-boy create the image below, which took him quite some time – to my satisfaction, which meant while he worked on the image, he could mull over the position he will now so often find himself in.

I did indeed, the very first time I used this punishment position, have to sit on my sofa and use my massager wand half way through his punishment. When my massager wand was applied, it was so erotic to see him in his new punishment position, and hear him still whimpering from the last few strokes. My eyes quickly fluttered shut though, as the physical sensations overwhelmed me.

And then the decadence of resting, relaxed on the sofa, then rising and returning to using my dressage whip on my helpless toy.

I have been so kind to my puppet as to include a large bondage belt to support his weight at the chest and a chain from the collar to support the weight of his head. Of course, this does mean there is no limit to how long I can keep him in the position. Perhaps I will watch an hour long TV programme and rise from the sofa and pick up the cane during each advert break?

Because I love to have a female submissive over from time to time, and have bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage while I ‘entertain’ her, (often for 5 or 6 hours),  I have more than one set of wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and more than one bondage belt. So, once I had padlocked the chains at appropriate lengths, the whole  arrangement could be removed and reapplied very quickly by leaving the chains as they were and simply unbuckling collar, cuffs and bondage belt. And I still had my usual cuffs and a body belt available for other bondage fun.

To retain this convenience, I will have to buy extra gear though, if I start having a new submissive female visiting to be ‘entertained’.

For info on my own BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

18 thoughts on “New punishment position!

    1. I am afraid not. I clicked on a link from mine to another BDSMLR site, surfed for a bit, saw the image, started thinking about it, closed that site and went back to mine still thinking about it. No idea what site it was or how I got there.

  1. Dear Mistress,
    I would like to make some suggestions to you.
    I don’t really like to tie my submissive by the neck for long bondages I prefer a head harness. To prevent it from getting up I prefer a rope or other between the nipples and the ankles.
    same for the support of the body in addition to or in place of the chest belt I think that a rope attached to its balls will prevent it from bending its legs making its position much more painful when it tires.
    Otherwise, but for shorter punishments, I prefer the strappado which, whatever it does, strength to return to the position each time buttocks stretched and perfectly presented to the caress of the cane

    1. I don’t understand how a rope tied to balls stop the legs from bending and how it is a substitute for chest belt.

      1. My assumption is that rope to the balls would be from the ceiling, so bending the legs would pull on the balls.

        1. This is exactly it, the rope goes through the line of the buttocks and is fixed to the ring of the ceiling as on the sketch of Mistress Scarlet.

  2. Gorgeous Scarlet!
    I also find wonderful the idea of ​​the slave bound in a punishment position while the Mistress relaxes carelessly until she feels like punishing the slave again!
    I I use the strappado (already a punishment alone) sometimes also connecting the collar to the tied ankles.
    However, even if sissy slave m. is pretty fit, is a position he can’t hold too long.
    Your idea of ​​a large bondage belt to support his weight is great!
    Can I suggest adding the humbler? (I love the humbler) makes the position more uncomfortable and, if desired, you can hit the sad balls of the slave …
    Decadent and cruel …

  3. Hi mistress

    I’m a Brazilian sub male in my 40’s long time reader, never contacted you before I just saw a medicine applier for babies in the format of a pacifier and immediately remembered of your stories of applying different liquids to your sub.

    Here is the link, it is in Portuguese but pretty sure you can find a similar near you:

    Hope you find my suggestion interesting, it’s really not my intention put your sub in a bad situation, but I couldn’t stop thinking about your loved stories when I saw this product…

    Your lifestyle is one of my biggest inspiration and fantasies as a submissive man, I’m freshly divorced, ex wife is 100% vanilla and I hope in the near future find a significant other (not as strict as you) but that can fulfill my submissive side. Be careful what you wish as they say….

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I love to receive suggsetions! However I don’t think your liquid dispenser is as himilioating for botch-boy as this one.

      Yes, you are right to link, ‘not as strict as you, with ‘be careful what you wish for’. It seems from the majority of account of long term DS relationship accounts that the Domme evolves. Looks for more intensity of one sort or another. And the problem for you is that you cannot seek to be TRULY dominated for a lifetime, but tell your Domme what to do and not to do. You may find your hard boundaries are hers too and that is quite common and great, but if not ……………..

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Since bb’s chest is not resting on a table have You considered adding nipple clamps? If You were then to add weights to these then every time bb was struck he would be bound to move; the weights would pull on his nipples so he would have two sources of pain with no more effort on Your part.


      1. Talking of visually appealing, you can add bells on the nipple clamps too. Then his body will produce music too along with his mouth.

  5. Thank You Mistress Scarlet for sharing this new technique. I can clearly see that this would add to the discomfort and humiliation of a punishment. To be naked and bound, bent over with the buttocks presented for chastisement while the fully and casually clothed Mistress relaxes (perhaps with a glass of wine) would certainly be a full reminder of his lowly place…and all he has to do is maintain position (he has no choice) and await the next onslaught to his bottom!

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