Lady Jessica, chains, drinking trough and more

Another delightful update from Lady Jessica. I need say no more!


My dear Mistress Scarlet

How lovely to see from your blog that ladies all over the world are maintaining standards for their male charges, even in the present conditions of lock-down. Mistress Francesca seems like a delightful person. How very lucky sissy slave M must be: so many males struggle to control their baser urges, but he has someone willing to take on the task, on his behalf. I have to say, he does not sound quite as grateful to be relieved of that responsibility as one might expect in such circumstances, but perhaps he is still learning.

Chez Lady Jessica, life has settled into a comfortable routine, as far as I am concerned. Now, as the legal and health restrictions start to ease here, as in most places, I believe we all have an obligation to ensure that no mis-placed notions of ‘freedom’ are unduly applied to those lucky males for whose welfare we have taken responsibility.

The lock-down for me has brought a refreshing and exhilarating opportunity to increase the oppressive nature of the regime I apply to skivvy, as I have written before. His hair is now delightfully long, with the end bleached and dyed a pale pink, and when he is not teleworking it is arranged in various plaits, pig-tails and bunches. My favourite just at the moment is a ludicrous arrangement in which some of his hair is neatly tied out in two side pigtails but with a third bunch taking in as much of his hair as can be grabbed, and flopping forward: straight over his face in a loosely-ribboned plait before ending just below his nose in a bow over 30 cm wide, (1 foot), which obscures and flaps all over his silly face.

He has not worn any item of adult male clothing below the waist since the lock-down started, although to go out and about, he has various pairs of shorts that could just about be considered to be male attire, as long as the male in question has no fear of appearing effeminate. Skivvy has such a fear, (oddly enough: you’d really think he would be used to it after all these years), and so finds these outings excruciatingly embarrassing. But someone must do the shopping and it will not be me. We have a strict division of labour when it comes to the shopping: he does groceries and other such items, following my list and retaining all receipts for inspection if required (I don’t check everything but occasionally I do and woe betide any skivvy who cannot account for every centime!). I buy all the clothes and indeed everything else of any value or permanence, although obviously I don’t carry the bags.

When he does go out, of course, he is masked. His sewing skills have come on well, so he ran up a few home-made masks quite early on in lock-down and we have added to his collection since. They say any reasonably close-weave cloth is effective, so his masks all have an inner lining made of my used panties (during my time of the month, always the period-stained ones), or worn out stockings or socks, especially those I wear for exercise. I went to the considerable inconvenience of wearing the same nylons around the house for over four days to provide the gauzy interior for several of his masks, so I hope he is grateful. The outer layers of the masks feature flower or fairy patterns – I have some Tinkerbell cloth on order, for his next one.

I have also instituted the principle that everything he eats or drinks must be in some sense second-hand or rejected by me. To forestall your readers with an over-excitable disposition and little grasp of reality: I do NOT mean that he drinks nothing but my pee. That would be impractical and biologically impossible. No: I merely mean that his drinking trough is filled with water collected from my bath and that a good proportion of the food he eats is the liquidised leftovers from my own meals. There is obviously a significant exception: he eats all manner of stuff that I would not dream of allowing on or near my plate. I have no intention of pushing a pile of dog food around with a fork just so we can say it is part of my left-overs! So we have a different system: any such ‘food’ is simply emptied out into the rubbish bins as soon as it is opened. Every few days, skivvy is handed a bucket and told to retrieve whatever he can. I typically make sure he has not eaten for at least 16 hours beforehand, to give him every incentive to scrape up every morsel.

He recently asked whether we could discuss this system, so we discussed it very extensively yesterday evening, and I’m glad to say that by the end of the discussion we were in perfect agreement on how lucky and very grateful to me he was, for taking such care with his diet.

I have also taken the opportunity – although why I did not do so before I have no idea – of implementing a clear physical reminder of the control under which he lives his life: he is now always chained, when at home. I discretely installed steel rings, firmly fixed to the wall in various out-of-the-way places around the house and in the garden. He has various lengths of thin chain and is always -without exception – attached to one or more. The chains can be hidden away when visitors are present (but they are rare in lock-down, except for a dear friend who is aware of our little arrangement) but normally must be carefully arranged along the bottoms of walls, so that he can reach the end of – for example – the chain for my bedroom, at the top of the stairs, while still attached to the chain anchored in the downstairs hall.

Of course, I have to be present as well, to unlock and reattach the padlocks, but that is an effort I am prepared to make for such an important improvement to both our lives. We try to schedule his chores so that he does not need to move often: most days, he begins performing his early morning chores on an upstairs chain, taking the greatest care not to clink unduly while I am still asleep!. I have installed a coffee machine and fridge so when I ring for him, he can bring me my morning drinks. After he has taken care of my morning routine, we attach him to a downstairs chain for the remainder of the day. So really, my dear, even though the locking and unlocking might seem something of a chore for me, rest assured I am not too fatigued by it. Anyway, we must all do our bit.

In the garden, we have a long chain on a rotating drum. This allows access to all points of the garden, when he is granted the liberty of its full extension – which he rarely is. It is close to the house, so even half of it is sufficient to allow him access to the kitchen to bring me drinks and anything else I should command, on the patio. That is where he is at present as I write this, as it happens: chained and on his hands and knees scrubbing away at moss and lichen which has grown up in the cracks between the patio tiles. He is using a toothbrush of course, specifically: his toothbrush (also recycled: it used to be mine).

He is wearing, underneath his faux-feminine clothing, a latex ‘gimp suit’. The weather is quite exceptionally hot here, and I find that he tends to sweat most unpleasantly, when working at any remotely acceptable pace. The gimp suit is the perfect solution. Of course, he does not sweat any less – rather more if anything.

He is allowed to drink from his drinking  trough as often has he likes – I know, Mistress Scarlet, I am just a big softie at heart, but it is so important to avoid dehydration, don’t you agree? And he does look terribly, terribly hot, kneeling there in the full heat of the sun, scrubbing desperately away at the baking ground. Poor thing, it must be simply awful. But there is a distinct tinge of green between the patio tiles, so it has to be done, and the faster he does it, the sooner he can have a lovely change by moving to the next task: watering the plants. I expect it will be quite soothing for him to watch cool, clear water from the hose spraying onto the parched soil, even although he is not himself allowed to drink any of it.

Which reminds me that my glass is nearly empty and I must have it refilled with a wine spritzer – with plenty of ice this time. Skivvy!

Yours in sincere sisterhood

Lady Jessica

55 thoughts on “Lady Jessica, chains, drinking trough and more

  1. This regime is absolutely jaw-dropping. I’ve never heard of the permanent chaining of a slave in his owner’s home before but on its own it speaks volumes about the reality of Lady Jessica’s life and her relationship with her slave.

      1. I thought the impracticality came from the concentration of different solids and salts in the water going inside the body 24×7 and not the amount as it can be increased by diluting with water to have enough (Or by mixing his own urine which will further increase the concentration).
        How can we be sure that the bath doesn’t have any harmful substances since it covers the whole body?

        1. There is probably a risk but an incredibly, minuscule risk. If we eradicated every risk, no matter how small, from our DS lives, there would be no DS lives.

  2. That Is incredible listening to all the stories! I had a technical question – is it safe drinking pee regularly ? Does your slave have upset stomach due to this . Also what if Slave has to pee during long hours of bondage . Thanks

    1. Fresh urine from a healthy person appears to be sterile. Many of us have been having our subs drink urine for many many years with no adverse health effects at all.

      1. urine is sterile and can be drunk without problems. Only caution: if the Mistress has pathologies or is taking medicines then there may be pathogens and / or chemicals in the urine.
        After that, no problem.
        Sissy slave m. he has been my toilet slave for almost 20 years and is perfectly healthy.

  3. Wow
    Lady Jessica you and Mistress Scarlett are certainly two of the most extraordinary womens I know and Skivvi is truly very lucky (as is BB)!
    I thank you for the kind words you used on me.
    Also for us the lokdown (now finished in Italy luckily) was extremely interesting! Sissy slave m. described it in one of his comments but, in essence, not having to work even in smart woking, he spent the entire lockdown totally sissyfied and ALWAYS in some form of bondage … and I mean ALWAYS!
    I really appreciate the skivvy diet!
    Sissy slave m. usually eat my leftovers and drink tap water, often with the addition of my spit or nectar.
    Obviously he often has the honor of drinking my nectar directly when I use it as a toilet slave.
    I really appreciate the idea of ​​lining the inside of the skivvy masks with fabric from your used panties or dirty socks and stokings! Since masks are still mandatory in Italy, I think I practiced it too.
    Even sissy slave m, at the moment, is working in the garden of my new seaside little house.
    He’s building my removable garden pool.
    While I’m typing on my smartphone sunbathing and drinking iced tea he is in chains, hands and feet, wearing only his hessian underwear, working under the sun at 35 degrees centigrade …
    Indeed a nice gimp suit could help “to increase the oppressive nature of his regime” as you said perfectly … I’ll think about it!
    I left him a bowl full of water mixed with my nectar …
    You’re right Lady Jessica … we are really too generous with our slaves …
    I greet you with affection and with enormous admiration

  4. What a strict, austere and dreadful regime…and yet…somehow i find myself absolutely smitten by Lady Jessica. The Lady knows Her power over the male creature and wields that power with an awe inspiring authority. Thank You Lady Jessica for sharing with us and thank You Mistress Scarlet for Your site…there is none other like it.

  5. May I enquire of Lady Jessica as to whether the dog food she feeds is a cheap canned dog food?

    I read in your books too, of feeding a slave canned dog food.
    It very much intrigues me, to be so completely degraded and have a Mistress force me to eat canned dog food. I find the smell alone is awful. and the taste horrendous. I cannot imagine being able to consume an entire can, a mouthful would be more than enough.

    Does skivvy indeed scrape this out of the bin and consume it all?

    I think I would be trying to just scrape out the items I could cope with, leaving the dog food behind, simply to avoid having to eat it!
    I can but admire skivvy’s constitution and your strictness. Whilst I dream of having this enforced on me; I feel it would very likely be one of those ‘careful what you wish for moments’; i don’t think I could keep it down, no matter how hard I tried.

    1. I have not been able to keep dog food down but it seems whatever goes into cat food is for more sensitive stomachs and that I have been able to – nearly as bad and a past Mistress, used to call if ‘feeding time at the zoo’ when she would fill a pet bowl with either wet or dry cat food from a cardboard box and laugh her head off at me, as I had my ‘chicken dinner’

    2. Lady Jessica – skivvy is a lucky boy – may I please ask though how the dog food possibly stays ok and doesn’t attract bugs if it has been put out in the bins for a period before skivvy is permitted to tuck into his din-dins?

  6. Dear jessica,
    I love the way you treat your skivvy.
    For my part I have some differences.
    For drink: J. is only allowed to drink water, generally hot for best taste, never fresh, and I use my or his piss as syrup, so all his drinks taste like it without drinking too much of urine.
    Sometimes I am kind enough to allow him to drink the rest of my coke, hot, with no more gas and flavored with my nectar, or all i want.
    For food he had his own menu, i have a lot of imagination to create totally inedible food I like to see his head when he has to eat this disgusting food while I eat delectable dishes.
    Not food dog.
    I often punish him when he shows his disgust too much to eat the menus that I gave him the recipe in my great kindness, because it is also he who makes his dishes.
    For chains, I do not attach it to a fixed point, I use extremely heavy chains and outside a large iron ball in addition. This makes his work exhausting and difficult.
    I like, as you make him wear rubber or PVC clothes with very irritating, warm, very narrow underwear, I like to see him sweat and suffer from very hot weather, I live in the south of France.
    Since he has to drink a lot, he also urinates a lot so I use very thick layers with rubber pants or piss pants to recycle his piss for cooking.
    thank you also to you dear scarlet for sharing with us these experiences

    1. Hi Brigite11
      Wonderful comment. I hope you don’t mind, I have some questions / comments.
      When you say hot water and hot coke, you mean heated in the microwave or on the stove, or simply no ice / no fridge?
      Can you give examples of of the menu of inedible dishes you create?

      I don’t use bitch-boy’s urine for him to drink, I like it always to be mine. I think that is the most degrading for him.

      I love to make sure all bitch-boy’s drinks of water have some nectar and / or spit in. I love to increase the proportion of nectar sometimes to make it very strong. I like to show him me tipping the jug so he knows how much is going in.

      1. I believe that his own urine will be much more disgusting for him than yours. What do the other males think here?

        1. Everyone is different and I am different to Brigite in this regard, and it seems bitch-boy to you. And perhaps you forget anyway that Dommes do what THEY want and enjoy. I enjoy that bitch-boy must consume MY nectar and I love the symbolism of that as well that, when I use it neat or with very little dilution, he often retches a little. Indicating his extreme dislike of it. So I hope you can understand and not be offended that I do not care what you or others think bitch-boy hates the most.

          1. What I mean to say was that he may hate drinking his own urine more than your nectar. That’s why I said “I believe” and “what do the other males think here?”.
            You can simply ask him.

            1. You have ignored the key FACTS. I love the symbolism of him drinking MY nectar. bb retches at the end of drinking a dose of my nectar when it is a strong mix with little water because he hates the taste. SO I DON’T CARE if he would hate drinking his own even more. It is not some sort of competition for whatever s the worst. Why can’t you understand that. It is WHAT I WANT and I ENJOY. And part of that is the symbolism and part that he hates it and would love not to.

              1. Dear mistress scarlet,

                First of all, thank you for publishing my comments.
                Sorry for replying to you about what others said here. I just read all the comments first and formed a reply. I didn’t want to offend you but my dry first comment in this thread may have conveyed so. My subsequent replies were definitely rude and disrespectful.

                I didn’t want to say that you should care what he hates more. It is up to you. You should do what you like and you can do whatever you like.
                I was simply talking from an objective perspective here because you said “I think that is the most degrading for him.”. Assuming the 2 things to be A and B. That simply meant that he may hate B more but you like to do A more. Now if you think that he hates A more, then it doesn’t change the fact that he hates B more. It also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hate A. He obviously hates your nectar too. I have this bad habit of logically examining certain statements.

                In the end, you do whatever you want, to maximize your pleasure. I didn’t want to say that you would love doing B more than A. Along with pain/discomfort, symbolism is a very important thing too since it gives you a sense of power and ownership that is aphrodisiacs.

                I would like to know why did “I believe that his own urine will be much more disgusting for him than yours. What do the other males think here?” offended you and others?
                I believe that it may look disrespectful if you compare me with a tamed slave-like BB, Slave m. or Skivvy, or the many other subs who comment here. Or maybe by the British/Italian standards, this is offensive even in vanilla situations.

                Other than that:
                I feel more respectful and submissive towards women the longer I don’t masturbate and currently, my frequency has increased to almost daily. Another thing is that I find a girl more beautiful when I don’t masturbate for a few days and I find those girls attractive which were not attractive at all when I was masturbating every day.

                I think this may have an effect on my behavior too. That’s why cow bulls and horses are castrated for domestic use (females horses are also used since they are not aggressive in general and don’t go mad suddenly). An elephant goes Musth due to testosterone and other reproductive hormones and when it goes Musth, it devastates the region surrounding it.

                Then there is the ego (which is present in both males and females) which also needs to be tamed from time to time to get a perfectly docile male. My ego has never been tamed so I talk like an average male.
                I don’t have enough self-control to avoid masturbation for longer periods of time. Whenever I have done so (for like a week). It definitely changed my behavior towards more docile but it also meant that I was thinking too much about sex.
                Then we have the logical brain which tries to calculate what to do in a given situation and it doesn’t know anger/arrogance/happiness/sadness/etc.

                This combination of male hormones and ego gives you an average male who is not as courteous as your slave boy and is more aggressive. This is not to say that women don’t get aggressive/offended but they are more civilized and in control of their emotions in general, unlike a male who can get erect in situations where it will only make it worse for him.

                I am thinking of not masturbating for a week again and this time observing everything carefully, but It is really hard to succeed. I will definitely try it this time and report it to you next week unless you don’t want me to reply further.


                1. I don’t know how you define the nature of the average male. That would require knowing about ALL males and totting up which are offensive and which are not. Being offensive is simply lacking common courtesy. Courtesy is nothing to do with submissiveness, nor nationality. It is simply showing basic respect and empathy to other humans. (Unless you are suggesting the only non offensive males in your country are all submissive which I could not believe. What is that country?)
                  It is tedious to read and deal with offensive comments. If you are unable to make comments without being offensive I doubt I’ll be reading them or approving them for publication, and I certainly won’t be answering your questions. TBH I am amazed you think being offensive is normal for males, is OK for males.

                  bitch-boy has self respect; and aggressiveness in the vanilla world when that is required. He has not lost being a male in any way in the vanilla world. And all the males I have associations with, almost all of whom are not submissive are courteous and are not offensive.

          2. I am not giving you any advice here to try out.
            You yourself said that “I think that is the most degrading for him.” I was commenting specifically on this. Since this is an objective statement and hence it can be either true or false and only B.B. knows whether it is true or false.
            Just talking from a logical standpoint here. And I never claimed to be a so-called slave hence this statement is also incorrect.
            I also never said that as a mistress you do what your so-called slave wants you to do. Obviously as a real dominant you do what you want to do and I failed to find out where I said otherwise.
            I don’t know how everybody is making these assumptions.

            1. I did not call you a so called slave so why are you replying to me as though I did.

              You may find responses to your comments are hostile from readers of my blog because that is how your comments so often come across. Hostile, disrespectful, absent of empathy. And don’t shoot the messenger please.

        2. In fact as a mistress we do what we want and if our practices are different their goals is the same for all, take pleasure in dominating and make our sub suffer.
          My sub hate especially the taste of piss, and he doesn’t know if it’s mine or hers and the one he prefers is totally indifferent to me. I have nothing to do with his preferences, all I want is for him to obey and suffer for my greatest joy.

          1. Perfectly said brigite!
            these so-called slaves who would like ‘top from the bottom’ do not understand that there is no democracy in our regimes! Ours are hard and oppressive regimes of absolute domination where only our pleasure and the abject submission of our slaves count!
            (and our slaves, true submissives, are grateful for this! In perfect symbiosis, as Mistress Scarlet often says …)

  7. Dear Scarlet,
    when I say hot water it is hot water from the tap or which stays in the sun or next to the heating, it should not be too hot to be able to be drunk without risk, but it never drinks good fresh water from the fridge or with ice cubes.
    For food I have simple rules /
    cold, cooked in water, if possible with water or have already cooked food that he hates like cabbage and without salt.
    A small recipe for example
    Cold puree mixed with Brussels sprouts and spinach, spiced with my nectar and cod liver oil.
    A big plate that he must eat until the last crumb with a very small spoon so that he can savor.
    To punish him you can also varnish his glass and / or his plate and / or spoon with the product against bitten nails. it’s so funny to see him cry in disgust and on the verge of vomiting.
    For J. to eat should not be a pleasure, surely not.

    1. Thank you for the clarifications and extra detail.

      Yes I too use anti nail biting fluid from time to time and have done for years. It is wonderfully awful!

    2. Dear Brigite11
      I like a lot your way of domination according to hot water and much more the tasteless and I should say disgusting food.
      My slave is feeding for year as dinner only unsalted cold frumenty, cooked with a spoon of cod liver oil and from times to times I sause it with my nectar but it is a reward he must earn.
      Ms. Scarlet and Brigite
      I have not ever thought of anti nail biting fluid… because I have never used it and I didn’t have a clue it can be as disgusting as you say.
      What brand should I choose? Or it doesn’t matter?

      1. I doubt it matters which brand. The bottle I use I bought about ten years ago as you only need the tiniest amount to cause proper discomfort as the bitter taste is so foul! And it lasts about four hours once its in the mouth.

        I suggest you do try some when you get it, just to check its as bad as the one I have but only put the tiniest amount on your tongue, and not close to your bedtime! If you have your puppet open his mouth wide for a few minutes and then apply it to a couple his dry teeth, he will have the taste for about 24 hours or more. If I put some on the cock straw bitch-boy must drink from, it stays effective for nearly a week.

        1. you intrigued me a lot with the
          anti nail biting fluid, so I bought a bottle in the pharmacy this morning …
          i will let you know what effect it have on sissy slave m ..

      2. Dear Ms Anne,
        I use the “verni amer écrinal” but other brands must have the same effect.
        Like mistress scarlet says, if you want to try it, be careful, this product is horribly disgusting even at very low doses. I wish you much fun with him.

  8. I guess I and Skivvy have something in common when it comes to not having adult clothing besides work. mostly 10 to 12-year-old boy clothing. Even my face mask is a childish Winnie the pooh. Mommy will not allow me to wear shorts of any kind because she says they are too much like underwear (boxers) This was a great Blog and thank you, Ms Scarlet.

      1. Mostly a sweat pant kind of thing all different colors, very thin material and they do have buttons in front instead of zippers, also sometimes white scrub pants that are not fun because Mommy cut the pockets out and they are kind of see threw. :(

              1. Well, mine are more of a solid color and after washing them they tighten up. With Disney t-shirts. Mommy will not let me have tennis shoes with laces because those are running shoes and I do not need to run away. Just tennies that pull on is all.

  9. My my ! Looking at the comments ,it is hard for me to fathom how anyone in their right mind would agree to go through this oppresive regime but I guess if the ‘Slaves’ are happy and enjoy this lifestyle then so be it

    1. The definition of a submissive:
      For the purposes of this blog, a submissive is someone who cannot be truly content both sexually, and as a whole, unless they feel helplessly in the power of another.

      IT IS A SEXUALITY ; in the same way being a gay male is a sexuality. It is not a choice. A submissive will usually discover he or she is a submissive before they reach puberty. Most often between the ages of 7 and 11.

      While playing child’s games with others, they will volunteer to be the captured victim who gets to be tied up! They fantasise, even at a very young age, of being helplessly in the power of another, who is usually a bit mean, and there will be a sexual element.

      As an adult, if their sexual partner does not dominate them, they will not be content with their sex life or with their life overall.

      If you question that the submissives I have described exist at all, or that there are very many of them, I ask you; … why do you think all around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of women who work as a dominatrix to meet the vast demand.

      Now comes the bit that many find hard to understand. How the mind of a submissive works.

      The submissive mind is at first difficult to understand and seemingly paradoxical. The submissive must be coerced to endure things they do not like in order for them to feel truly dominated; validation that they are not in control. If a man consents to everything you do to him, then he is really the one that is in control, and he will feel discontented and ill at ease being the one in control.

      If you really love your submissive partner, you must accept they need you to take control and to do some ‘wicked’ things. If you say, ‘ … but I love them too much to be wicked to them‘, well, I would say, if you love them a lot, you will not deny them what they need, nor try, fruitlessly, to ‘cure’ them.

      There are limits to this phenomenon. While they feel deeply submissive, (and deeply in awe of you), while enduring theses things they do not like, there will be other things that they do not like, that DO NOT make them feel submissive and stop them feeling submissive. These are their hard limits that have to be respected for the relationship to endure. BUT, sometimes some of their hard limits can erode over time.

      In parallel, over time, the dominant may become more dominant and more wicked and this may be to do with changes to hard limits or it may be activities that were not restricted by hard limits, but could grow. For instance, spanking with a hairbrush instead of the bare hand. I mention this phenomenon because YOU WILL come across things on the internet, (or fantasies of your submissive), relating to this lifestyle, that you are very uncomfortable with. But you are in charge; so if there is something you don’t want to do, you don’t have to do it!

      You might be amazed at how you evolve over weeks, months and years! Rather than thinking; I will never be comfortable with that! Think instead, I’m not comfortable with that, I wonder if I will be in months or years to come?

      1. Dear Scarlet
        I share what you have written word for word and, to make ‘sameone’ better understand the nature of our relationships, I have ordered sissy slave m to freely express her opinion on the matter.
        Below is what sissy slave m wrote.

        Honored Mistress
        This humble and pathetic sissy slave fully agrees with what you just said.
        A true submissive, as is this useless worm, and as they are skivvi, and bb, cannot aspire to another position in life if not that of total unconditional and abject submission to his Mistress.
        It is our nature, and it always has been. In my teenage fantasies there was always a witch or a cruel queen or the like who forced me to be his servant and slave.
        Meeting Mistress Francesca, submitting to her and becoming her BAV and, immediately afterwards, her full-time slave, her sissy and her cuckold, was the greatest luck of my life and today I know well, after almost twenty years , that I could never have fulfilled my life or been successful in the job if I hadn’t been submissive to my Mistress.
        Of course, the regime to which I am subjected is oppressive and harsh and merciless and it is far from easy to live it.
        I hate many of the things that the Mistress imposes on me and my tears and pleadings of suffering and humiliation are absolutely true and desperate.
        And yet, to see how much my abjection and my condition of total submission brings joy to the Mistress makes me understand my absolute luck.
        Of course, the life that real submissives like me live is not for everyone and certainly not for those who declare themselves submissive and slaves but only seek a more ‘lively’ and ‘tasty’ sexuality (obviously I have nothing against them!).
        But who like me has this kind of nature finds in the cruel regimes to which the deepest sense of the idea of ​​’taking care’ of each other is subjected and, I think, the Mistress feels free and happy to give vent to the end his cruelty and his sadism also because he knows that, deep down, crushing me under his cruel yoke, he is taking care of me like no other in the world could.
        It is a perfectly symbiotic union that certainly is not for everyone but that no one should judge or, worse, laugh at.
        Sissy slave m

        I hope that some so-called submissive can appriciate the opinion of a true slave.
        Mistress Francesca

  10. Dear Ms. Scarlet and Dear Brigite
    I appreciate a lot your answers and much more the new way you suggested to me to try a higher level of discomfort to my slave.
    It is amusing and impressive at the same time, that even the simpliest human need, food and feeding, can be a torture for the slave for my amusement.
    You discussed this topic in the correct timing as last night slave pissed me off.
    I have just bought a bottle of this fluid and I am so excited to try it out.
    Wish me good luck as I am going to taste it myself in a very-very tiny dose as Ms. Scarlet suggested on my tongue to see the result LOL.
    How much quantity to apply on slave?
    Thank you Ladies!!!

  11. Maybe I am reading the post incorrectly, but he eats food that has been unrefrigerated (including dog food) for a few days out of a rubbish bin? I am hoping what is meant is every few days he gathers food that has been freshly thrown into the bin. Just making sure no one actually does the former….

  12. Thanks so much Scarlet for providing your insights on this , very interesting and useful. However I think fantasizing about femdom is one thing and living it 24/7 is completely another . There would be many men who would have femdom fantasies but I guess only few who would be ready to give complete control of their life to someone similar to above . Also on your interesting point relating to ‘ hard limits’ , I have a question on who defines this limit , based on above examples/comments it seems it is defined by domme but should it be mutual ? Let me know your thoughts . Thanks

    1. Its a good question. There is no rigid answer. Some Dommes share the hard limits of the sub so its no problem, such as things like, no animals, no children, nothing that would affect his work, nothing that would involve his family, no blood, etc. Some Dommes will compromise and accept a sub’s hard limits because they are still free to do 95% of what they want to do. Some Dommes insist a sub cannot have two or three of their hard limits and the sub has to choose to forego those limits in order to be the slave of that Domme, and they choose that. And finally, limits shift over time. What might be a hard limit for a sub on day one, he will drop after say a year or two.

  13. Goodness, what a productive discussion I seem to have sparked! It just goes to demonstrate what a wonderful resource and community your blog is, my dear Mistress Scarlet.

    I won’t reply individually but I greatly enjoyed reading these. I can – obviously – assure all readers that skivvy has a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet – even though both are often quite unpleasant. Much healthier than most males his age, so nothing to worry about there.

    For background: his chaining is new and presumably will not be sustained if things go back to ‘normal’, at least until he retires from his job. After that, we’ll just have to see. However, I believe it gives him a sense of security. There has been some discussion here as to why anyone would subject himself to my regime. I’ll confess I can’t explain it well, as it certainly is not something I would ever do. I am an individualist: I have to try to control my temper even when mildly inconvenienced by pettifogging bureaucrats at airports and suchlike.

    However, skivvy is not like that. He wants, needs – craves – boundaries. To be effective, those boundaries have to be enforced – whether by an immediate constraint like a chain, or the certainly of punishment for straying over the boundary. Early on in our relationship, when it still had vanilla elements, he genuinely annoyed me in the bedroom one evening. I slapped him hard, dragged him out of the room by the hair after having grabbed a pair of handcuffs that we used to ‘play’ with, chained his arms around the bannister and left him for the night: slamming the door.

    As I calmed down, I started to think about what I’d done. I decided to go to bed, but listen carefully. The way I saw it: if I heard him calling out, pleading for release, I could go and magnanimously forgive him and bring him back in. If he was really angry and rebellious then I thought I’d hear angry shouting – or he’d tough it out in silence until morning. Either way, our relationship would be over.

    I heard nothing, and eventually fell asleep, feeling sad.

    Anyway, when I woke up in the morning I went out to find him uncomfortably asleep. He had wet himself – it was rather horrible. But when I nudged him awake, he didn’t shout and when I unlocked him, he didn’t leave. He just crawled over and started kissing my feet and telling me how very much he loved me.

    He didn’t want freedom, he wanted (or perhaps better ‘needed’) firmer boundaries, you see? I had to let my own anger lead me, to discover that. As it happens, about a year later he did actually rebel and leave (I think of it as ‘the Great Rebellion’). I’ll write about that some day, but there’s little point in pretending there would be any suspense to the tale as obviously he came back.

    So… don’t ask me what motivates him, as I really don’t know. But I think the thought that someone can do these things to him somehow… liberates him from responsibility for his actions, in an odd way? If he screws up, he’ll be punished but he doesn’t have to decide whether he has screwed up or not: that’s not his responsibility. I think that’s something to do with it. But I can’t imagine feeling like that, so I don’t really know.

    I once asked him to explain, telling him I wouldn’t be offended or punish him whatever he said. He found that incredibly stressful – perhaps for the same reason. I was telling him the boundaries were removed. So I quickly ended that little experiment. For the same reason, I will not instruct him to write here on this subject.

    I read a book once – it might have been by Gerald Durrell – about the importance of giving zoo animals the right amount of space. In reaction to the appalling conditions of early zoos – tigers pacing in small cages and suchlike – since the 1980s, zoos have made enclosures bigger. Quite right, of course, but this book told the story of some kind of mouse, which was placed in a huge glass case and proceeded to panic. It was too much territory to defend: too wide open. It needed boundaries to feel secure. So there we are: skivvy is a little mouse, while I am a tigress. My paw presses firmly on his back, the sharp tip of a claw rests lightly on his head and occasionally I lean down and lick him: showing my jaws and breathing the hot breath of a carnivore across him. He’s just a little morsel, but he is my morsel and that works for both of us, I believe.

    Yours in sincere sisterhood

    Lady Jessica

  14. Lady Jessica
    Congratulations. The last paragraph of this message, the last sentence is glorious.
    As it works for you both then it is the correct thing to do.
    Take care! I’m learning from your experience.

  15. i know this post is from a while ago but I’ve only just seen it and there is something I’m quite intrigued by in Lady Jessica’s letter – when she talks about skivvy’s meals comprising of her liquidized leftovers – this is an idea i have been facsinated with for some time and wonder if it is something many Superiors force their submissives to do? And what sort of foods do the leftovers comprise of? Increasingly my sissy diet comprises of “mushy foods” esentially purees similar to what a weening baby would eat. sissy eats only for nutrition not for pleasure!

    PS also love the idea of skivvy’s trough being filled with Lady Jessica’s bath water!

    1. Yes bathwater can be very amusing and I have uded that.
      Also, a raising hopes, wonderful main course and a wonderful desert, but then, hopes dashed, both courses liquidised in together to make a rather disgusting tasting mess.

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