‘Extreme?’ and symbiotic perfection.

Although I believe a little of what follows from Mistress Francesca’s slave-husband, sissy slave m,  is flawed, it remains a wonderful read. Following his wonderful comment, for the sake of a broad view, I will set out my thoughts.

Honoured Mistress Scarlet,
Some of Your blog followers define my slavery as strict and extreme. My slavery in probably strict but I don’t believe it is extreme.

I believe that a lasting stable relationship between a Mistress and a submissive and slave who is intimately aware of his role is never extreme (except of course common sense and the law): it should be exactly as the Mistress wants it. In my case it is so and this makes it perfect, however absolutely cruel and sometimes inhuman my condition may seem.

My relationship with the Mistress was born directly as a relationship with a BDSM background and was never in any way ‘vanilla’. When we met, the Mistress had already developed a strong interest in BDSM in an active role, which she manifested (more than now) also in daily clothing. We met at the college and immediately I fell in love with her and my BDSM fantasies (which I had since my adolescence) filled with her, whom I imagined as my cruel Mistress, almost always ending up masturbating by imagining myself at her feet.

We went out a couple of times and I showed myself as submissive as I could. At the third date she entered the topic by telling me that the only interest she had for me was to dominate me.

She was too independent and happy with her friendships and relationships to have a boyfriend and, as for sex, it excited her to dominate men but to get ‘fucked’ (she said just like that) only by real ‘stallions’ and certainly not by a guy like me. Obviously, I agreed to become her slave. Then began a relationship in which she called me only when she wanted to dominate me in a BDSM session. We met, she dominated me, cums and once satisfied, sent me home without even letting me masturbate.

I was more and more madly in love with her and begged her to allow me to see her more often and gradually she began to summon me to her house to do her housework and, starting from there, our current dynamic of total submission was triggered 24/7/365. A dynamic in which the Mistress saw her sadism, her absolute absence of scruples in inflicting the worst humiliations and tortures on me and the absolute absence of pity for me grows and I saw my deep submissive and slave nature nourish and grow as well.

She never allowed me to penetrate her, never gave me a blowjob and only three times, in the 19 years since I was hers, she masturbate me, on the three occasions when an ace of hearts came out in the chastity game of cards. However, I deeply believe that our relationship can be qualified as ‘love’. Certainly I love Mistress and I love her because she satisfies the deepest part of me that, since adolescence, has always longed to be subjected to a cruel dominatrix. (And mine was a wonderful childhood without trauma and between loving parents – if anyone wanted to know).

At the same time, the Mistress has shown me repeatedly that, while not hesitating in keeping me in constant and cruel submission under her heavy yoke, she cares about my closeness and my well-being. She supported and helped me in my studies and in reaching my professional position. She supported me when I lost my parents and when I was sick.
Moreover, even in the moments of the cruelest humiliation, while she is perhaps fucking her lover, I read in her gaze that, somehow, the lover passes by (to be replaced perhaps by another) while her slave, more and more submissive and increasingly humiliated, is destined to remain for her pleasure.

So I my slavery is strict, but i don’t think we can talk about ‘extreme’.

Of course, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and the two best friends of the Mistress are fully aware and involved in our ménage and, for them, I’m always and only the sissy slave; at the same time there are lovers of the Mistress who are often made aware of me (with my infinite suffering and humiliation and degradation). Furthermore, one of the Mistress’s pleasures is to leave me in particularly uncomfortable, humiliating, painful, boring or tiring conditions (or if possible all together) when she does not need me.

The Mistress then likes to invite ‘vanilla’ friends to the house and be served by me anyway, but in these cases I do it dressed as a man and the Mistress turns to me as, in the 50s, a husband would have turned to his wife who serves he and his guests devoted and smiling.

The Mistress, however, has total respect and consideration for my work and, on vanilla occasions with work colleagues, she behaves like a perfect lady and everyone is envious of me for my wonderful wife (if only they knows…)

Furthermore, while always remaining submissive and in a sissy and / or bondage version when we are at home, it may happen that the Mistress talks with me almost as a friend (a sissy fiend of course). Sometime (in rare occasions) she allows me some entertainment such as short surfing on the internet (now only on this splendid blog) or reading a book or similar.

The Mistress, does not subject me to the humiliating sessions of infantilism to which is subject, for example b.b. and, although sadistic, she punishes me in much less cruel ways than other Mistresses.

My condition of slavery, therefore, in not extreme. Is strict, is totalizing and is not at all easy to live. It is tiring, humiliating, frustrating and cruel; at the same time I am sure, every day that passes, that I cannot in any way escape the yoke of the Mistress and I adore her for her cruelty.
sissy slave m


So a wonderful account from sissy slave m, from his perspective.  I do think there are some flaws of logic such as when he writes, ‘………… believe that a lasting stable relationship between a Mistress and a submissive and slave who is intimately aware of his role is never extreme (except of course common sense and the law): it should be exactly as the Mistress wants it…….’ This is deeply flawed because there is no solid definition of what constitutes common sense. What is common sense to one person often is not to another, so common sense cannot be used as a yardstick or delimiter.

He also ends by saying that because he does not have to suffer enforced infantilism and he considers his Mistresse’s punishments not as painful as the most painful he reads about, his regimen is not extreme. Clearly this logic is obviusly flawed.

I think the huge flaw throughout is the sissy slave m, feels he must justify his regmimen is not extreme. But there is no need. Firstly no one who is worth anything is judging, and secondly as I wrote in an earlier blog post, ‘extreme’ is just about impossible to define.

So I am saying, sissy slave m, celebrate that as a true submissive you are under a regimen that  fills your soul and has you sleeping soundly every night, and care not one jot whether some judgemental others may label it is this or that. You do not have to defend or justify to anything to ANYONE! And, remember  there are thousands of unfulfilled submissives would swap places with you in a heartbeat!

4 thoughts on “‘Extreme?’ and symbiotic perfection.

  1. Dear Scarlet
    You are certainly right about the imperfections in my slave’s comment.
    On the other hand, he’s just a man …
    I can only say that in Italian slang the expression ‘extreme’ is often seen in a very negative sense and therefore the pathetic sissy slave wanted, in some way, to defend me.
    And there is no need, because I am proud to say that my pleasure lies in making my domination more intense and cruel according to my preferences and I do not care at all if it is ‘extreme’ or not.
    Furthermore, in accordance with the Italian dictionary, ‘extreme’ can also mean:

    Which represents the highest degree, exceptional, extraordinary.

    So welcome to an ‘extreme’ domination if that is what the Mistress wants!
    After the last weekend the slavery of sissy slave m. has become even more ‘extreme’ in some aspects, in application of some ideas taken from your blog.
    I send you a comment on our wedding anniversary on Friday, which I hope you received.
    Saturday and yesterday the celebrations continued and during the week I hope to send you a report if you like it.
    A sincere hug.

  2. Honorable Mistress,
    I opened your blog in the first place in office as every morning (with the Mistress’ permission) and my pathetic poor chastisyed penis jumped to see the honor you decided to grant me.
    Your comments are obviously all correct and perfect and I apologize for my ineptitude.
    I am grateful to my Mistress for the regime to which I am subjected and I am grateful to you and the owners who comment on your blog for the cruel ideas they have given to the Mistress to make my condition harder, strict, humiliating and oppressive.
    Sissy slave m.

  3. Much Truth here “You do not have to defend or justify to anything to ANYONE! And, remember there are thousands of unfulfilled submissives would swap places with you in a heartbeat!”
    Thank you both for sharing

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