Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 1

Yet more superb and stimulating insights into Mistress Francesca’s life. There will be more to follow, which is such a delight. And as there will be more, I have collected all Mistress Francesca’s glorious material onto her own page. I will do this in time with the material of all the great and frequent contributors, too many to name, but including Christine M, Lady Jessica, Mistress Carla, Ms Anne, Mistress Serena, Mistress Sonia Meloni, Mistress Rita, etc, etc.

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Without further ado…………………



This year our wedding anniversary happened on a Thursday and so I decided to divide the usual celebrations into two parts:
On the Thursday, a domestic celebration, between me and sissy slave m, with a long session of BDSM and then, on the following weekend, the highlight of the celebrations: SPA afternoon and evening for the girls on Saturday and Sunday, renewal of marital vows and reception.

All this to increase my pleasure and my level of domination and at the same time, the total submission of sissy slave m … an opportunity also to experiment with some new ideas that the wonderful dominatrixes who frequent this BLOG have suggested to me.

Thursday evening:
Thursday morning I ordered sissy slave m. to wake up before getting ready to go to work so that we can start celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary the right away.

As you know, dear Scarlet, I am very romantic and I care about these celebrations. Sissy slave m. came to wake me up with the breakfast I ordered the night before: espresso, pink grapefruit juice, 2 wholemeal rusks with organic strawberry jam. On the tray he also carried the gift box he gave me for our anniversary. Obviously I am in control of all home finances, and sissy slave m. has only a very small daily budget for the expenses necessary to go to work and return (bus or metro tickets and little else). Since, however, I like my slave to give me gifts, he also has a credit card, whose accounts are under my control, which he must use only and exclusively to give me, regularly, magnificent gifts. I like the idea that my slave is totally penniless for himself but still has to buy expensive gifts from his cruel Mistress. Also I can always punish him if I don’t like the gifts …

This time the gift is a magnificent ‘tennis’ bracelet made up of 15 emeralds. The sister of sissy slave m has a splendid jewelry store and, therefore, the slave is also lucky enough to save. My sister-in-law also knows about sissy slave status and the nature of our relationship, and supports and approves it – because she knows how much her brother needs it. We are friends and sometimes she is also a guest at my house, even if in those cases despite being served by her brother, she does not participate directly in his submission.

Of course I can’t punish him for this gift, so I decide to reward him. I make him take a pair of my fire red patent leather mules, with 15 cm of heel and 5 cm of platform and, while I enjoy my breakfast, the sissy has the honor of devoutly and passionately licking my shoes, paying attention to not wet my feet with his tongue. Scarlet this is a huge power rush for me, to see him so humbly at my feet licking my shoes devotedly, desperate for excitement, as he immediately becomes aroused. In fact, I immediately feel him moaning with desire and excitement, cruelly repressed by his cage, while he licks the shoes of his Mistress submissively.

After breakfast I am also very excited and, therefore, I take my vibrator and, while the slave continues to lick my shoes, excited and desperate, I cum, verbally insulting him and reminding him of the abject condition of his status as cuckold sissy slave in total chastity.
Then, it’s time for sissy slave m to get dressed to go to work, not before I gave him fifteen serious rattan cane shots on his bare butt. Leaving the house, kissing my feet before going out, like every time, he declares his love and his total submission and I, totally satisfied, spit in his face before sending him to the office.

On his return, the celebrations continue. First, as soon as the sissy has stripped of her ridiculous men’s clothes, I take him to the dungeon where I tie him in strappado, naked except for the chastity cage, a corset, and a pair of shoes with 12 cm heels without platform, with the ankles tied together. I add the humbler, which I love, so that the pathetic sissy balls are exposed to my sadism.

So I start the ritual punishment of our anniversary: 15 shots with each of my torture tools:
the first 15 strokes I adjust with my leather riding crop; it is not very painful but the blows are very serious and I carefully take aim at the upper part of his thighs, very sensitive to pain. Obviously the sissy must count every hit and thank her Mistress. Every three or four strokes, with absolute peace of mind, I hit the slave’s balls and his moans of pain and despair excite me incredibly!

I then move on to my Long Wooden Paddle, with which I strike violent blows on the sissy’s butt, while she desperately tries to keep her balance in her tiring and painful strappado. At this point, pain begins to take over my poor sissy husband (who is not in the least masochistic and therefore really suffers corporal punishment) and I see how hard it is for him to keep a count of the blows, and I feel him more and more worried and sobbing.  Arriving at the fourteenth hit I decide to exaggerate and the last hit I settle it with decision on the exposed balls of the sissy … His scream is inhuman and very exciting, and is followed by the beginning of a heavy cry, interrupted by sobs among which, fortunately for him, he can count the blows and thank me!

My excitement, at this point, has reached the point of no return … then I take my strap on with the double dildo and, pushed into my soaking vagina the dildo of my competence, I present myself in front of the sissy sobbing and, turn on the vibration of the internal dildo, I offer him the external one to suck. I confess Scarlet that I love when the sissy is forced to take my strap–on in her mouth and also when she has to give blowjobs to some of my lovers or, (worse for him), to other submissives. I know how humiliating it is for him to have been totally feminized and transformed into a Sissy and, most of all, how humiliating it is to have to undergo oral and anal sex while his cock is in constant chastity … and to know how humiliating and hard this is for him makes me love him even more!

I see him sobbing from the pain he just received in the balls and, without the slightest empathy, and indeed with growing cruelty, I order him to take my cock in his mouth and I fuck his mouth until I cum by the excitement of this act and for the vibration of my dildo!

Back from orgasm, I go back to the anniversary hits. Maybe the sissy hoped that the violent blow to the balls would mark the end of the punishment, and when she sees me take my Leather Two Finger Tawse, she starts to implore in tears… Obviously I let him go on for a few minutes and then, after spitting in his face, I order him to stop and count the shots. I settle the 15 in quick succession, enjoying every moment of the suffering of the poor sissy, and then I move on to my Leather Flogger, having finished the blows with which, I fuck the mouth of the sissy again until another orgasm.

The best is yet to come though! There are still my Silicone Single Tail Whip, delicious, with chromed metal handle, not very long but very painful and, finally, my rattan dog. The last thirty shots sissy slave m receives almost in sub space, from which I reawaken him by forcing him to give me the third blowjob for my third orgasm.

When I free her from her strappado, she falls to the ground. Than, without receiving orders, she begins to lick the floor just around where my shoes rest, thanking me for the painful punishment she received and swearing her eternal love. Delighted, I spit on the ground a few times and the sissy, devoted, collects everything with her tongue.

So I use the funnel to make the sissy slave drink my delicious pee and give her the toilet paper I use to eat. Then, I send the slave to prepare a fresh and light dinner: Caprese salad (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil) fresh fruit and sparkling wine ‘franciacorta’, while sissy slave m has the honor of licking the soles of my shoes while I eat.

After dinner, I relax in the cool porch while the sissy cleans the kitchen and, when he’s done, he kneels in front of me. A truly romantic moment begins. In fact, I insult him, reminding him of his role and his status as a lowly sissy servant, slapping him and spitting and hitting him with the taps on the balls and he, at every sentence, and spit and blow, reaches his hands in prayer and thanks me; and he prays me keep him forever as my slave!
Very excited, I order the slave to kiss my feet and I masturbate with my fingers, like a high school girl, for the fourth orgasm of the evening.

I decided that, after all, it’s our anniversary and so the sissy deserves a small prize. I therefore bring the sissy to my room and, which almost never happens, I make him lie down, naked except for the corset, cage, collar and shoes, on my bed. I tie him in a tight hog tie and I gag him. Then, won by the romanticism of the evening and by the devotion of the sissy, I start to tease him which rarely happens. I start by licking his neck, behind his ears and on his face, around the gag. Immediately I hear him react, despite the great surprise, with moans of incredible excitement and I see his poor desperate cock swell in the narrow confines of the cage. I then move on to the nipples, which are, as you know, extremely sensitive, and I work on them with my tongue and fingers, leading my poor slave to an incredible paroxysm of excitement and frustration.

In the meantime, I mind-fuck him by reminding him of his BAV status and reminding him that his next chance to get out of the cage will only be on September 2nd. He cries, moans, trembles like a leaf, jumps in despair and rolls his pleading eyes, until I see him on the verge of losing consciousness due to the excess of emotions. So I take off the sissy gag and offer him my present.

I give him the opportunity to sleep here in my huge bed with me, remaining tied and gagged and with a big but plug in his butt or, alternatively, he can be freed and go back to sleep unbound in his pathetic bedroom / cell. Obviously he begs me to be able to sleep so tied and accepts without saying a word the big but plug and the big penis gag that I impose on him. Before I gag him he finds a way to declare, with a pleading look
“I love you Mistress!”
“I know, sissy!” I answer, before gagging him. I masturbate for my fifth orgasm and fall asleep in a delicious sleep. Sissy slave m, for its part, will sleep, I am sure, happy and fulfilled in its condition of slavery, which perfectly suits him.

A perfectly successful marriage… and Saturday and Sunday other celebrations await me and my guests, and other tribulations await my slave sissy.
To be continued…

13 thoughts on “Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 1

      1. Dear Francesca,
        I love your way of making you suffer m.
        the whipped with several instruments, tied in strappado with humbler and corset and its use orally and anally is great.
        Like you, I strictly control his expenses,
        All must have my approval. He also gives me gifts, but sometimes he tries to give me gifts that also make him happy, like lingerie or shoes and that I cann’t accept and I punish him very severely.
        He also naturally pays for all the instruments, clothes … which are used to make him suffer when he cannot make them.
        Otherwise, he never sleeps in my bed, he only comes there for a few tens of minutes when he is allowed to painfully honor me 2 or 3 times a year.

        1. Dear Brigite
          Thank you for your compliments! I also find your way to dominate great!
          Sissy slave m. also sometimes tries to give me gifts such as shoes and or lingerie, I sometimes allow it both because it has an impeccable taste, and because it amuses me to know that, given its BAV and cuckolding status, these gifts only increase its frustration!
          For sissy slave m. it is a very rare circumstance to sleep in my bed (even if in complete bondage) but you know, as I said I am a tender-hearted romantic, and therefore, in very special circumstances, I grant this honor to my sissy!
          It is a real pleasure to talk to you!

  1. Thank you so much Scarlet!
    It is an incredible honor to have a page on your blog together with other wonderful dommes!
    It is an incentive to participate even more in it!
    Mistress Francesca

  2. Thank you to Mistress Francesca for sharing her anniversary exploits.

    From her previous posts, I’m intrigued by the occasional presence of female family members and close female friends, who sometimes advise and assist the Mistress in her domination of her slave husband and was wondering how those family and friends were initially made aware of their Mistress / slave relationship and what their reactions were when the dynamic was first revealed. Was there acceptance right from the first reveal? Or was there a period of adjustment before they became involved?

    1. Dear JD
      Thanks for the question.
      In fact, over the years, the number of people who know and participate (in different ways) in my lifestyle has grown and today I can say that I have a nice circle of very femdom oriented friendships (Sunday party for the anniversary, which report I will soon send to Mistress Scarlet, is an example of this)
      My mother, my sister and my 2 best friends are certainly the most assiduous and for each of them the discovery of my relationship had a different story and effect, even if all of them accepted it and joined very soon.
      I already intended, in the near future, to talk about this on the blog.
      If Scarlet is interested too, I will do this in the next few weeks.
      Best wishes

  3. what a what wonderful day together and how generous of you Mistress Francesca, as knowing his balls have all the long hot summer ahead to simmer away in chaste frustration, that you permitted him next to you in bed for your 5th orgasm of the day (more in one day than he has had in how many months, years…?) and some romantic teasing, I bet he throbbed away all night in his cage, as content as can be!

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