Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 2

Dear Scarlet, as promised I continue with the story of the celebrations for my 15th wedding anniversary.

On Saturday morning the slave woke me up at 7:00 as ordered. The heat of the last few days has led us, instead of a SPA day, to a boat trip (my mother’s idea). While at my home a specialized company had to assemble the altar in the garden for the renewal of the conjugal vows, the chairs for guests, the gazebo for the reception tables and the field kitchen. Not wanting sissy slave m to be seen by so many complete strangers, I decided on suitable accommodation for him.

I made him wear a big but plug, his hessian underwear, heavy tights, his new black spandex catsuit and a corset. He immediately began to plead wonderfully, understanding the torment of wearing these clothes for a long time and in the height of summer. I love these moments carnally! When he begs me with tears in his eyes, while I know full well that I will have no mercy toward him! Amused I slapped his face and continued his preparation.

I secured a leather hood on him, leaving his eyes and mouth visible. Then a posture collar. For his feet, ankle boots of almost two measures too small, with 18 cm heels; very uncomfortable and painful. Above, a long Victorian maid uniform with long sleeves. Rounding out all heavy chains on the wrists and ankles. So prepared, I posted him in the attic where I made him arrange the ironing board with the laundry of the last days to iron, including that of the mother, my sister and my friends. A really huge amount.

He tried to beg me not to leave him dressed like that, saying it would be so hot and unbearable. I enjoyed his entreaties and then silenced him and brought him something to drink during the day. Days ago, I left in a jug of tap water a pair of my dirty socks (used several times to play sports) and a pair of my specifically used panties. Saturday morning I brought the jug to the sissy explaining that from now on, this type of cocktail will be the only thing you can drink. I spat a couple of times into the jug and threw my just used, after urination in the bathroom, toilet paper into it. The sissy’s look of despair was priceless and cannot be described Scarlet! An incredible power rush, combined with an incredible sense of decadent cruelty and absolute power rushed through me. With tears in his eyes, he responded with a sad and desperate ‘thank you mistress’.

While I would be on a boat with my mom and the girls, he would have to iron all our clothes in chains, in the torrid attic. Once an hour he could go to the jug, fill his cock-shaped bottle with the contents and drink. He could only use the toilet in the attic once.
Once he had finished ironing he had to go to the corner and wait for my return. I let him lick the soles of my shoes and I left him, desperate, subjugated and dismayed at his sad job.

The day was splendid! The boat that Mum had hired took a splendid tour of some islands just off the coast. A wonderful day of sun, sea and beautiful female company, made even more wonderful by the thought of the poor sissy slave m. working in his humiliating state, suffocated by the heat and the cruel weight of his slavery regime and with only dirty water to drink!

Upon returning home around 04:00 PM, beaming, I found sissy slave m. in the corner of the attic, desperate, humiliated, tired, subjugated and submissive. Just the way I like it! Before freeing him I took a refreshing shower and rested for an hour on the bed in my air-conditioned room, leaving the slave in his cruel sauna. Only around 7:00 pm I brought out the poor slave. At my order to get out of the attic he threw himself at my feet to thank me with total and absolute passion.

So I allowed him to get out of his clothes and I took him to the bathroom, where I made him beg me to piss in his mouth and he had to take a freezing shower. The thanks of my poor slave, combined with his oaths of absolute love, devotion and submission, have shown me once again how symbiotic our relationship is and how poor that pathetic slave needs my cruelty to be free! Obviously I masturbated again!

I then checked the slave’s work and found 23 imperfections (few compared to the amount of clothes) that I rounded to 30, for 30 cane strokes.

I went into the garden, checking that everything was ready for the next day, letting sissy prepare a light dinner wearing only a short waitress uniform and low Mary Jane shoes (how much he thanked me for this, poor slave).

After he served me dinner, another surprise. In fact, I ordered him to throw the leftovers in the trash, instead of in his bowl, specifying that later, if I had been happy with his service, he could have recovered the leftovers from the bucket and eat them. Cowed by humiliation, he replied ‘thank you Mistress.’

So both me and sissy got ready for the evening. I wear only sexy underwear and beautiful very fetish mules with extreme heels and platforms. For the sissy, an outfit specially designed for the occasion. Obviously the inevitable corset, then a delicious pink satin sissy dress with a high lace neck with a cute satin fixed bow at the front. A very deep, double-layered glass-silk frill that starts at the front of the bodice then over the shoulders to the back of the dress. Over sized puff-sleeves of see through glass-silk and trimmed with double pleated wide glass silk. The waist-line that on the chest and a matching Prissy petticoat ensures a stunning prissy sissy look. The skirt is full and has an abundance of frills from the waist down, and shows a cheeky glimpse of matching pink panties and pink stocking tops. Wrists and ankles are connected by mincing ribbons made in shiny, soft satin, the wrist and ankles cuffs firmly locked, they also have sissy bells on the cuffs. On the feet a pair of pink slippers with frilly marabou cover. On the head is a fuchsia bob wig, very long false eyelashes and strong makeup. A perfect sissy!

The humiliation was not over yet! I put on his head a headband with small cocks that come out, a necklace made of fake beads interspersed with small cocks and a pair of earrings also in the shape of a cock. These are the items I mentioned to you bought on that site of fun accessories for hen parties… Unfortunately, the cock-shaped rings for me and the girls have not arrived …

Sissy slave m hates these additions, especially when she needs to serve more people in this way, and in looking in the mirror she had a deep sigh of humiliation, which obviously excited me a lot. I therefore enjoyed raging on him, reminding him of how miserable his condition is and how increasingly oppressive and heavy the yoke he is forced to carry is.
And here we are! I free and happy to live my life to my complete liking and he reduced to a pathetic species of sub-human creature, the last and most abject of slaves and sissies, whose living conditions are destined only to get worse.

In the meantime, it was 10 in the evening and the girls arrived. Tonight Mum wasn’t there. She is 65 years old and wanted to rest for tomorrow. After welcoming my guests with reverence and kissing their shoes and licking their soles, the evening began.

The girls went free, they too only in underwear and extreme heels, and we started chatting more and less to warm up while the sissy slave delighted us with back or foot massages, in the interval between which he served us delicious cocktails. All the while we have alternated towards the sissy, the most complete indifference with very heavy mocking of him and his miserable condition of slave in perpetual chastity and submission. After an hour the alcohol started to take effect.

The slave found himself subjected to more ‘intense’ attentions, given that at each service rendered, or even just on a whim, we all began to slap him, and to spit in his face and to cover him with the most cruel insults while he, the only sober, tried desperately to indulge his cruel tormentors. Obviously the evening was not over. At midnight, in fact, the show of the strippers began! An idea from my friend Aurora.

Five splendid boys with statuesque and wonderful physiques, who danced for a long time for us, undressing and leaving us blessed with their splendid bodies. We girls got very excited to see these splendid specimens, while sissy slave m. he had to watch the show kneeling on chickpeas, while the five boys laughed at him and, incited by us girls, insulted and humiliated him.

When the strippers left, we had the sissy slave m stripped and bent it forward on the sofa. So, in turn, we started whipping him and masturbating until we orgasmed at least 2 times each. We then said goodbye and made an appointment for the morning for the renewal of the marital vows and further adventures with sissy slave m.

Left alone with him, I offered him my hand to kiss and he, surprised by this honor, began to kiss my hand like a holy relic swearing to me his eternal love. Satisfied I said to him, with cruel condescension, “good sissy!” At these words he burst into tears and, throwing himself at my feet, he began to thank me with extraordinary transport.

So I ordered him to tidy up the room, clean the kitchen and eat my leftovers from the bucket. Then he could go to sleep in his (still for a little) room.
Tomorrow is another day…
To be continued

29 thoughts on “Mistress Francesca – Wedding Anniversary, Part 2

  1. Two things struck me.
    I wonder do you utilise a wifi type camera when sissy slave m is ironing and drinking his nasty drink and standing in the corner when when you are out? Otherwise he is free to not drink the drink, but tip it away, and to only stand in the corner when he hears you arrive home. Can you get a signal when out on a boat?

    You are so lucky to have several girlfriends confident and extrovert enough to be stripped down to their underwear and also to have orgasms in front of each other. That is quite a rare group!

    1. No Scarlet, unfortunately I didn’t have a signal strong enough to control sissy slave m. during the boat trip. So there is the possibility that he may have cheated … but as I know him I doubt it! Knowing that he have completed his ordeal for my pleasure is one of the very few ‘satisfactions’ of sissy slave m … so I doubt he cheated …
      For the rest, Aurora and Tiziana are my most intimate friends and our friendship was cemented in high school, also because we were the most free and sexually unscrupulous of all! We also had some small lesbian experiences among us, before we decided that de are predominantly straight. Our interest in Femdom was born together (Tiziana introduced the topic by showing us a hard magazine from her brother when we were 16 years old …).
      Then the femdom became predominant in my life and more occasional in them, but there are no inhibitions between us!
      Consider that when I started to dominate sissy slave m. Aurora, Tiziana and I shared the same apartment as students!
      As for my sister Maria, we have always been very close and even with her I have shared the beginning of our sex life. So no inhibitions even with her!
      If there is one thing I have learned in the other 20 years since I explore this world, it is that there are many more people willing to live it without inhibitions than one can think!
      Of course I’m lucky to be surrounded by the right people to live my life as a totally free Mistress surrounded by friends who share this lifestyle …
      But it is something that I have always wanted and dedicated and for which I also had the courage to take risks!
      I assure you that it took a lot of effort and that many meetings were also wrong!
      Thanks for the space you allow me, my dear friend!

  2. Dear Franscesca
    i love your way of treating m.
    We have similar practices, keeping my sub in the greatest discomfort for long periods. I like to know it sweating in very warm and very tight clothes with its skin which is irritated more and more under the effect of very irritating fabrics.
    My greatest pleasure is to make him wear spiked clothes that he must have made.
    This consists in making him sew many small 3-point tacks in his clothes, leotards, panties, bra, socks …
    he had to make others with various objects like big buttons, small balls, bolts … which soften his body
    A prickly leotard under a very tight coset is a treat for me, watching him walk with the tags under his feet and the tips of his toes and absolute fun.
    another fun way is to add itching powder to irritating clothing.
    I know that it will get worse and worse in the long term, and that he will do everything to stop this real torture but it is too much fun and often I extend it more than I expected.
    if you want some additional explanations I will try to answer them more precisely.

    1. Absolutely yes!
      I would love to know more explanations and certainly sissy slave m. will try the interesting ideas you can suggest!
      One concern: do small 3-point tacks produce bleeding? because I don’t like blood …
      I hope to receive your valuable advice soon!
      Yours in sisterhood

      1. Dear Franscesca,
        tacks have very short tips about 2mm, so there may be tiny drops of blood. I found this idea years ago from a seller, and adapted it so that it was not too expensive and doable by j.
        I don’t know if I can give his website here ??
        If you do not want any blood, you can use all kinds of small, hard, rounded objects that will be placed between the corset and the skin, sewn into the leotard or glued to the skin with adhesive tape, similar to the soles of the feet. but me, I prefer tacks even if I also use the second solution, to vary the pleasures

            1. Interesting and intriguing!
              I’m doing a little thought on three or four articles!
              BTW the ‘Marquis briefs’ found on the site in the sextoy section look a lot like my strap-on with internal vibrating dildo!

        1. Thank you dear Brigite!
          If they are only small drops I could also try … it seems really cruel!
          I will certainly try with other materials as you suggested!
          I was thinking, for example, of sandpaper …
          I love the idea of ​​these materials under the soles of the feet. Imagining sissy slave m working all day on your feet with uncomfortable shoes with extreme heels and soles of the feet tortured in this way makes me wet!
          Thank you!

          1. Dear Scarlet,
            if you want you can adjust the length of the tips by making them go through one or two layers of fabric. this way there is no risk of bleeding and it remains uncomfortable.
            I didn’t have to think about the sandpaper, but why not.
            I’ll think about trying.
            Otherwise, I use small metal balls of about 5mm, corn seeds, dry beans, rice … etc, glued on soles or directly under his feet. The advantage of soles is that he can make them ahead of time with various painful materials and they are ready for use when you want. You can also use a different punishment for each foot.
            To walk with punitive shoes with the spikes or something else under his feet and a real ordeal. and the more time passes the more it gets worse and obviously I forbid him to sit down or to kneel under penalty of a good bastinado.
            A simpler version is to just put on corn kernels that you or he have in pocket when wearing rubber boots. It is easy and invisible punishment if he disobeys in public

            1. Great I wil buy some item on the site and I will use this kind of feet torture!
              Thanks Brigite!

                1. certainly the insoles, then I thought of the Spikes Matte cushion.
                  and the Spikes-Luxus-Lederslip.
                  I will love the Hohes-Spikeskorsett (if I find the size – even if it costs a lot) and then one of the bra. When I have decided I will let you know

                  1. Whaoo, m. is very lucky to have such a good Mistress.
                    As you seem to be very interested in spiked accessories, here is another one I forgot to mention.
                    It’s a 7.8cm diameter crown that fits around the base of the plugs, perfect when the sub is seated.
                    I have not seen these accessories for sale.
                    j. took great pleasure in making them, but scared to understand their uses.

                    1. Very interesting Brigite!
                      I’m working on an interesting alternative that could also allow me a good saving.
                      I found, in the stationery shop, drawing pins that look very similar to the tacks on the site.
                      I thought of placing them on a couple of normal insoles and fixing them with adhesive tape (allowing the pins to come out of the tape). The same could be done with one of the older sissy slave m corsets.
                      adding layers of tape I could adjust the length of the pins. I believe that before ordering on the site I will try this solution.
                      I will let you know!
                      A hug!

                    2. Hi Francesca.
                      i think this is the best solution before shopping.
                      Experimenting is always better, and these are quite easy to do so you can see my reactions to these “little” discomforts and if you find it amusing.

            2. https://imgur.com/FlH7ra5

              Very interesting discussion and share of ideas. I used the “fashion” spikes (found on amazon) to tweak a pair of spanx. They are screwed through the fabric. After a first trial, I had to add these clear plastic discs to make sure the spikes are not bending sideways, and it worked wonderfully. Too much maybe, My intent was to use it on a night out at a restaurant, but I didn’t expect it to be so unbearable. I defy anyone to stay sat for more than 10 minutes. You only feel a light tingling when standing, but as soon as you sit down it’s just pure pain. And there is no bleeding.

        1. No problem, English is not my first language (and you can see from how I write it) and I did not fully understand the question!
          I didn’t do anything special to my panties, I only wore it for a few consecutive days, letting them get dirty for all sorts of moods and substances that reside in ‘certain areas’.
          So I left them to soak in the jug with tap water.

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