Total Teasing

Well it is now 7 weeks since poor bitch-boy has had an orgasm and 6 weeks since he was out of his chastity cage for even a second. And it is a lovely day with lots of lovely sunshine.

This afternoon I will be enjoying a tease for bitch-boy and get a chore done by him at the same time. I will not go into loads of detail because I did that in my Journal No. 14 describing this activity, and I do not wish to bore all the many of you who have read that journal. I post on it today, because of the 7 weeks of denial.

Just after lunch, I will have bitch-boy dress in his old work clothes. I will have him kneel on the lawn. I will tip a large jug of piss all over him. Then I will have him prepare what he needs to do his chore and get everything set up. Then he will wait, nose to the wall, outside the conservatory.

I love heat. I am almost never too hot. I will return indoors with the empty jug and I will bathe, and do my make-up and hair to perfection. I will put on my gold waist chain and my six inch heeled platform mules; NOTHING ELSE! I will take to the conservatory the book I am reading at the moment and my massager wand. The conservatory has a glass roof. I will sit on the sofa, legs on the footrest and read my book; and have lots of orgasms using the wand.

I will be aroused because bitch-boy will be working on a chore he has to do 3 or 4 times a year. It takes over an hour to complete. He has to get up onto the conservatory gazed roof, and on hands and knees, with a sponge, soapy water and a hose, perfectly clean the roof glass. He gets pretty wet doing this work to my satisfaction and its a rather dirty, horrible job, especially with clothes and hair soaked with piss.

When he looks down at the glass he is working on, he will see through the glass and see me; immaculately bathed and perfumed,  languorously relaxing; naked but for waist chain and platforms. Very hot indeed – skin temperature and body aesthetics. He will see me reading and, every 10-15 minutes, see me play and orgasm.

His little birth defect will be in its cage and his frustrated desire will be off-the-scale. First thing this morning, I told him he will not be getting out of the cage today and probably not this week. Poor bitch-boy.

Life is good! (For me!)



34 thoughts on “Total Teasing

  1. Hi Miss Scarlett,
    Would you kindly remind me of the very strong heat rub that you use on bitch-boy?
    Thank you,

  2. Dear Mistress,

    Your lifestyle is so devine. I can only imagine the total power and arousal you must feel.


  3. Dear Scarlet
    I completely LOVE your (our) cruel taste for the teasing of slaves!
    This post is another example of how splendidly dominant and cruel you can be simply reading a good book on a quiet summer day …
    It all depends on the right attitude towards the slave… and your attitude is always absolutely wonderful!

    1. It is fresh, used within an hour and topped up with a little water to make a more reasonable amount. I would not risk his health! I am not sure it is that evil given there are people who drink it for ‘alleged positive health benefits’, and having used nectar for nearly twenty years without any ill health side effects for him.

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlett, is that dangerous to have bitch boy on the roof? I would hate to have him fall.

    1. It is a ‘flat’ roof, probably fifteen degrees. Being on the roof, on hands and knees, is the only way to clean it. I do not fear he would be stupid enough to crawl off the edge.

  5. I’d forgotten about that chore and tease!
    inspired female domination to say the least!
    Comparing and contrasting the number of orgasms of a locked sub vs. that of his Significant Other is always brings homes to the reality and joy of FLR :)
    Thank You for sharing Ms Scarlet, do you have a usual summer release scheduled, while I am not going away this year, I will have time off and your journal along with the latest Lee Child are always my summer must-haves in terms of reading materials!

    1. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

      When mistress/partner allowed me my last release she gave me the choice that I could cum, however I had to lick it up and spend the whole night outside in the garden in my cage. I couldn’t resist as had been denied for 5 weeks. She ruined my orgasm and made me lick my juices from her boots and I was made to sleep outside.

  6. wonderful as always Mr. Scarlet.
    A quick question, can he wash his work clothes afterwards or does it stay dirty for next time?

    1. I like to keep them dirty and smelly until he has an indoor DIY job coming up and then he has to wash them so his work clothes smell fresh when indoors and around me.

  7. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I have a question.
    Let’s assume BB purchases a set of numbered plastic locks identical to the one present on his cage. Then whenever he gets a chance, he cuts the current locks, masturbates, and puts on the new locks with the same number. How will you deal with this? Is it based on a certain amount of trust or extreme surveillance or something else (like in technical details)?

    Also, can you make a section on your site for other Dommes like Mistress Christine M?

    1. The different combinations of 6 digit numbers is huge. Google it. I doubt he would ever find one that matched, let alone the two he would need to both match.

      I will add Christine M to the page in question. And Lady Jessica and Miss Ann and Carla. I need to find the time to direct bb on this though.

      1. Oh, I was actually thinking that the numbers start from one. I was so stupid. Now it makes sense. The whole purpose of numbered lock is that they can’t be easily broken and replaced.
        That would mean that when you purchase a pack of 50, 100, etc. They have big random numbers (6-8 digits in general) which will be very hard to find especially with the same design and color. So, it is a technical problem for him to cheat and that makes it almost impossible.

        Thank you for telling this.

          1. What about picking the lock? Or shimming the lock. He could remove it and then replace it with out needing a new lock. I’ve done this before. I confessed to my crime but she wouldn’t have ever know. These skills can be learned easily online. Feel free to google it. I don’t mean to a know it all or challenge you in anyway but since it was already being discussed.

    2. To make a small addition to Ms. Scarlet’s response, j. my sub cannot make a purchase without my approval, excluding gifts for me, and I check carefully. So I do not see how my sub could make this kind of purchase, if it was possible which I doubt, by hiding it from me and I suppose that Ms. Scarlet and the other absolute Mistresses do the same.

      1. Yes, but I have ordered 3 or 4 bags over the years and always quickly checked the numbers are not the same and they never have been. That’s hundreds and hundreds.

        1. Actually with 6 digits there are 1 million possible combinations and with two 6 digit locks, there are a total of 1 trillion possible combinations. Good luck finding the exact match. 😀

          1. Basically these numbered seals are used to secure luggage, containers, boxes … against their opening and thieves, if it was not extremely difficult, if not impossible, to exchange it would be known. So for a submissive under total control, no need to think about it.

  8. Your writing on teasing is wonderful. bitch-boy must really miss certain things. Do You think this ever makes life more simple for him because it focuses his attentions on the right things? So many men spend so much time worrying about how to get sex or when they will get sex, is it liberating to give that up? a gift?

    1. You raise a very important point. I am sure when decisions and choices are taken away from submissives, when they are liberated from the responsibility and uncertainty that decisions and choices can involve, they find those aspects of their lives simple and stress free. It is one small compensation for them for all they miss out on.

      1. It might seem small, but all we really have is the space between our ears. For someone with a bit of anxiety and a busy brain, it is a powerful gift and motivator. I don’t know if bitch-boy is anxious, but I love reading about your dynamic, and imaging my Mistress simplifying my brain. Yes there is sacrifice, but I am learning that my brain just isn’t the same as some other boys. Thank you!

        1. as a submissive i must say 1. Yes it is liberating. free from choice and only think about obeying and completing task at hand
          2. nothing to worry about freedom from every day work life able to focus on pleasing only one person and tat’s the one you love.

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