Thank you Dash and JM Frost

Simply a public thank you to Dash Riprock and John  Mark Frost for their wonderful, intelligent reviews on the Amazon Kindle site for my Guide For Beginners publication. A Guide specifically written to help persuade vanilla women to try domination. No dungeons, no leather, no chains, no whips – nothing that may be scary or distasteful to a vanilla woman.

Thank you Dash Riprock and John  Mark Frost! I set out the reviews below.

Dash Riprock


5 thoughts on “Thank you Dash and JM Frost

  1. Thank you for featuring my review Ms Scarlet. it is no more than is deserved. I genuinely believe that your Beginners Guide could help many couples explore and deepen their relationship. All that is required is the desire to explore, be open and most importantly communicate. I am looking forward to reading your latest journal, which I see is now available at Amazon.

  2. I concur with John Mark Frost about your Beginners Guide. But it’s I who should be thanking you. I was looking for a reason to write to you. I think you should know how your guide and replies to my post questions has helped our Femdom relationship grow. My wife read your Beginners Guide and I also read her your reply to one of my posts that really seemed to move her in the right direction. Yes it’s a slow progression and we’ve had a few bumps on the way, but we are moving forward, partly thanks to you.
    I recently had an accident and my wife stopped dominating me because of it. A week later, my wife turned to me and said, “I want my servant back”. So, slowly, I am back to serving my wife. She’s happy now. I thought you would like to know how you are helping fledgling dominants grow.
    Also, just downloaded Journal 17. Great read!

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