Update from Christine M

A wonderful update from the amazing  Christine M. I think one element of her real life, which is very many submissives’ ultimate fantasy, (1),  is having zero option to negotiate, AND (2), zero leeway for failure to comply EXACTLY with instructions without serious punishment resulting.

I recall in the early days of bitch-boy introducing me to femdom, he talked about reading of this style of regimen as being very affecting. I confess I lack the attention to detail to apply such a regimen all the time, but on the occasional day I do so, I find it VERY AROUSING and I can see how deeply it pushes bitch-boy into subjugation and awe of me.

David has now been added to the BAV register.

Christine M – Latest Developments – August 2020 

I thought I would update your readers on David’s current situation which has been adjusted over the past few months.

Before I do, I would first like to address some of the concerns raised by a couple of readers. David is made of stern stuff. He is physically and mentally very strong. Yes, I drive him very hard, but I never push so hard as to ‘break him’. He is actually pretty unbreakable, and deep down he needs my ‘care’. I carefully observe his health and stamina at all times and pull back if he is too exhausted. This applies to punishments too. I am not interested in causing lasting harm.

I also make sure his career is never jeopardised. David is someone who has always thrived on less sleep than most people. Thus, the times when I might appear to deprive him of sleep, are well within his physical capabilities, if not those of others.

I might further stress, that when we introduced Linnex, we tried it on a non-sensitive skin area first. We then graduated to a small dab on his gristle. Over time this was increased to the level we are at today. One must always be careful. Everyone is different and one must always start with great caution.

It takes a very strong mental character, albeit a rather unusual one, to undergo a strict, life-style disciplinary regime. The submitting partner forgoes many pleasures, pleasures they still desperately yearn to enjoy. They would change many aspects if they could, but of course, they CAN’T. In a sense they choose these restrictions and though they often hate them, they know they need them. There is also the dichotomy, they are ‘excited’ to be in the control of a dominant partner, knowing they have no say in these matters. This latter aspect is a core value.

In my husband’s case, when we met, I doubt he was smitten by my looks, but he clearly needed a dominant woman in his life. He was, and remains, a handsome, athletic man who looks younger than his age. In those days, he was active and sporting; played golf (including the 19th hole!), cricket and tennis; was a regular Scuba diver and loved to take part in anything ‘adventurous’ e.g. skydiving, bungee jumping, he’d done both. He was single and quite gregarious, he dated attractive ladies; and with me being significantly older than him, and far from glamorous; to his friends, I am sure it must have seemed an odd relationship.

He explained that he had an unappeasable ‘need’ to be strictly raised in a manner that might have befitted someone in an ultra-strict Victorian household. Our lifestyle evolved from him initially sharing his desires and detailing what he understood as ‘ultra-strict’. He fantasised about having to do exactly as he was told or be severely punished; which is where we are now.

The Victorians designed and patented many extreme devices to prevent masturbation and were equally fervent with their punishments for same. The latter included fiery chilli caps and hot mustard and bran poultices. We might also note that their punishments in general were most severe. I have never read of a teacher from those times asking whether a culprit would prefer if he whipped him a little less harshly! Punishments were meant to hurt and hurt they did. They also practised petticoat discipline and many a boy found himself in a velvet little Lord Fauntleroy suit!

Our regime is therefore innately safe and consensual. David is submissive only when in the presence of a truly dominant woman and he needed a relationship where he felt he had to submit, one in which he was dis-empowered. This has created a lifestyle that not many could cope with. Proverbially speaking, the line had to be drawn, and if he so much as stepped over it by 1 mm, he would suffer dire consequences. In our very early days if he was told to do something, he would be like a child at school. He needed to know that if he didn’t do it, he would in fact be punished. He quickly learnt!

I think he now regrets expressing this as it means there is never any leeway in his life. Excuses are never ever accepted. It has become natural for me and he genuinely has no choice but to be totally submissive. He knows full well he is in my control.

For David it provides restrictions he loathes, but this is preferred to a life without domination. Consider the below aspects of what this entails.

Freedom He could do as he wished whenever he wanted. Literally every minute of his life is very strictly supervised and under my control. If he is out-of-my-sight, this means electronic surveillance. I review tracking logs of his movements and he must have accounted for where he went in his diary. He must ask to do anything outside of his provided routines.
Music He loves music and had an extensive audio collection. He is forbidden to play any music and has no audio files nor access to any streaming services. His digital devices are regularly checked.
Films He would of course love to watch films, stream Netflix, watch blockbuster movies on flights. His viewing is strictly monitored, and he is forbidden from watching anything that I consider ‘inappropriate’ or not rated for family viewing. E.g. No Marvel films!

On flights, I issue him with reading material on which he might be required to write an essay or complete an exam. E.g. on one long flight he had to study the Book of Isaiah. He was then given an in-depth, closed book, exam over several nights.

Sport He would love to take up sport again. This will not happen, not even a ‘business’ golf game! Housework, especially scrubbing and ironing are his new sporting pursuits!
Housework He used to employ a cleaning lady, and he dropped his washing off to a professional laundry service.

Yet when we met, he shared how he fantasised about being made to do all the household chores!

Well, his fantasies have come true, he literally does all the household chores and, outside of cooking, I do none!

He is required to complete his chores to the highest standards. I fully recognise that it must be a real challenge to arrive home after a hard day at work, only to face a mountain of housework.

But he only has to do what I used to do. And the high standard is no more than the standard I used to do it to.

I do not find fault for the sake of it, as one reader suggested. We actually have a written standard for each room/ chore, so he knows exactly what is expected of him.

Adventure He would love to have the opportunity to do exciting challenges that he often gets the opportunity to do on business trips e.g. a safari game drive was offered when in S Africa, Scuba diving in the Philippines, a 4×4 drive out into the desert with camel riding when in the middle east, rock-climbing in …. Things that in his past life he would have accepted with alacrity. These pursuits I tell him are far too dangerous and therefore, forbidden. They are for ‘grown-ups’. E.g. a couple of years ago we were on holiday with a tour group in Italy and there was a trip to a monastery in the mountains. We were warned it was a not a beginners’ walk and there were some steep drops, but the views were spectacular and not to be missed. David was required to stay in our hotel room and write a 6-page essay, “Mummy Knows Best”.
Language He played rugby! I may, sometimes too often, mutter an expletive, he had better never use any crude or inappropriate language!

He must never raise his voice to me nor address me in a condescending manner.

Alcohol He drank socially and enjoyed drinking with “the boys”. When travelling he would have a glass of wine on flights, go to bars, restaurants and karaoke clubs. These are past pursuits on travel trips, and remember, I can track where he goes while travelling. He has to report all travel details and is subject to random video calls to check on him. He could of course sneak a drink in, but woe betide if I ever found out!

He is not allowed any alcohol, nor any soft drinks, nor tea or coffee. He drinks water only.

Sex He was quite active and could also masturbate whenever he desired. He has been a BAV for a few years now, has rarely enjoyed more than 4 – 6 releases a year, and currently is undergoing at least 12-months without release!
Finances He was fully in control of his spending and enjoyed the benefits of his good income. He has no access to our banking details. I manage our financial affairs and do not discuss anything with him.

He has a corporate credit card and a personal debit card. The latter has a limit of $100. He has guidelines on what he may use this card for and any expenditure above $10 must be first authorised by me.

These personal expenses must be fully accounted for and, together with his company expenses, are checked at the end of the month. Full documentation including detailed invoices must be attached for my inspection. Woe betide if there is expenditure he can’t explain.

With meals out, the invoice must show the details of his order.

With hotels, he is not allowed to access the mini bar since he is not allowed chocolates, crisps, snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. If bottled water is not provided for free, he needs to drink tap water.

With the above said, his recent Covid-19 regime changed after about 6-weeks; partly due to government restrictions being eased, meaning he goes into the office again, though there is still no air travel; but mostly the changes were made to suit me. Updating from my prior email in which I detailed this, changes are summarised as follows:

  1.  His hard chastity lockdown has been extended for a further 6-months and will not be reviewed again before February 2021. He has now been in permanent chastity, without hope of release, for 6-months; and has at least another 6-months to go. This means no milking either! As I mentioned above, when we first met and explored his fetish desires, chastity was at the top of the list. He related tales of Victorian measures to curb onanism and even had some old copies of a magazine Scarlet has referred to before, Madame in a World of Fantasy. This had some wonderful letters on strict chastity regimes. I guess he should be really pleased that his past fantasies have been so well fulfilled, though I fear he is regretting such shares! Fantasy and reality can be so different.
  2. The weekly cleaning routine for his appendage, followed by a Linnex application has stopped. This became a chore for me and, since the Linnex is so effective at encouraging good behaviour, it became obvious that I needed to reserve it for punishments only.
  3. The scrub down of the toilets, laundry, porch and kitchen are now only required once a day, in the evening.
  4. His muzzle is now only worn on my whim, it does not go well with his updated maid’s attire.
  5. He is no longer confined to the house, but he may only leave when he is in my company or when going to work.
  6. His previous daily written assignment is now only required on Saturday and Sunday mornings; though he may be excused if we are going out. It remains the same Latin prose. This is to make up for him ‘missing out’ on his written travel assignments.
  7. When he returns home from work each evening, he must immediately change into his maid’s uniform. He is still acutely embarrassed about this.

The latter requirement has led to a changed dynamic in our relationship, since I have revelled in stripping him of his masculinity. He now wears his chastity device permanently. Last year, I changed him into a Lori 12a, in which a full erection is impossible, and I can tease him mercilessly and not worry about him accidentally ejaculating. He does get the occasional night-time emission, which I believe is more than enough to keep his ‘pipes clean’; and since this occurs in his sleep, there is no pleasure derived.

Since he no longer travels by air, he has been wearing this for a greatly extended time. I do hygiene checks and I am sure he would report to me if he had any issues. We have found it causes no chafing and that he can keep everything clean without removing it. So, it is rarely removed! As an aside, since he always looks so distressed when I do remove it; I find it amusing to tease him about how much comfort it must give him, before promising that he’ll soon be locked back inside it. Mind you, the only reason it’s been removed of late is for the Linnex!

To create a further disconnect, he now wears a pair of vintage-style, tight-fitting girdle panties at all times, even to bed. They are a long-leg, high waist design with a front and rear panel made of a thicker, non-stretch fabric (satin in some pairs). These panels flatten and smooth out the butt cheeks, and the frontal view! Coupled with the design of his cage, one does not see the slightest evidence of an unsightly bulge!

When referring to his appendage, he is required to exclusively refer to it as his ‘lickle winky tinky’. This he must do regardless of company (or avoid any reference to it at all). He knows that if I overhear him using any other term for it, he will deeply regret it. Of course, I laugh uproariously when he mentions his lickle winky tinky. It’s hard to appear manly when dressed as a housemaid and referring to one’s lickle winky tinky!

A final change has been for him to wear dark-coloured seamed stockings (no socks) during the day. He has to be careful when going out, or at work, to be decorous and not allow his trousers to ride up when seated. His daytime pantie girdles have six garters to hold up his stockings. These can show through his trousers or jeans, especially when sitting down, which he finds acutely unnerving.

He is of course frustrated beyond belief! I spend time teasing him every day, whether it be just a few strokes of his nipples, a gentle caress while he works, or a full-on teasing session in bed. This sends him up the wall. He describes it as the ‘sweetest torture’. He yearns for, and revels in, the teasing; yet it also drives him almost insane.

He explains that it leaves him with an absolute and totally encompassing NEED to come. His whole world simply becomes an intense mix of indescribable rapture, wrapped up in the most agonising torment of being unable to explode in a joyous release. I will also taunt him about his lickle winky tinky and wonder whether it will ever get to release again, or whether it might shrink from being locked up for so long. I fondle his groin and tease him about how I can’t feel anything at all, if he doesn’t have a stiff lickle winky tickle I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

He will tell me how he can’t cope, and he simply has to come! He can’t be denied for another minute never mind 6-months. I smile and take perverse pleasure in reminding him that we will only be reviewing the possibility of recommencing his release program in 6-months’ time, not giving him a release! On review, he might be provided with a further 6-months’ extension. And even when we do reconvene his release program, his spreadsheet currently only gives odds of a release every four months; so, it might still be four months or more before he draws a release!

He needs this teasing to maintain his deep reverence, and I enjoy teasing him immensely. He often sobs aloud since his craving to come actually becomes painful. Despite this, when I cease my ministrations, he always wants more, even knowing he’ll not be allowed a release. Regardless, I abruptly stop and advise, “That’s enough, it doesn’t look like your lickle winky tickle is going to rise to the occasion!” This is maddening for him given it is impossible for it to rise up in its prison. It is usually then time for him to slip down and pleasure me, his tears of frustration only serving to arouse me more.

38 thoughts on “Update from Christine M

      1. I did say risk….and whilst I acknowledge there is no medical research done, as far as I’m aware, the old phrase of use it or lose is if issue here. The elasticity of how an erection is created within the penis and abdomen will reduce it it is not exercised, hence the risk…many variables.

          1. Yes true…..maybe it depends if you’re a ‘shower’ or a ‘grower’ …mine is smaller than it use to be, I’m a grower and it doesn’t grow as much as it use to, my chastities are tiny now, smaller than they use to be too.

            We are all different!! Fortunately!!

            Thank you

      2. I must say, he always manages to pop up like a steel bar when the Linnex comes out! And I doubt a month passes without the need for a little taste of the Linnex.

        1. I bought my owner some Lennex from EBay. It was shipped from the UK (I am in the US and they don’t sell it here). I had read the reviews about it and they said it burned (even a shoulder). So I figured on my genitals it would really burn. She applied it like 3-4 times (and big amounts ) yet I just felt a tingle. After our session I showered and then it burned.

          In your experience, is it a delayed sensation? I was not sure if mine was a bootleg or expired.

          Thank you Miss.

    1. In my experience there is no risk of losing erection ability. Sissy slave m. it was once 13 consecutive months in chastity, to date it is almost 9 consecutive months.
      Furthermore, in the 19 years of slavery, he was very often in chastity without being released for periods between 8 and 10 months.
      And always his pathetic cock desperately tries to have erections and always, when he is freed, he immediately becomes erect even if subjected to the most cruel humiliations and punishments (or perhaps for this very reason).

  1. Dear Cristine M, thank you for your splendid description of your slave’s slavery regime! It is a further example of ‘true’ domination.
    It was a pleasure to read and it was also very informative!
    Thanks to you for sharing it with Scarlet and thanks to Scarlet for sharing it with us!

      1. Yes, Mistress Brigite. Thank you for ordering me to get ballet boots. I am sure dancing in them will be very painful, as will hours of scurrying around cleaning and doing chores. whimper, sob, curtsy.

        1. It wasn’t a sissy ballerina order, just a statement. No question of interfering in your relationship with your dom.

          1. Yes Mistress Brigite. Sorry Mistress Brigite. It’s just that when someone as smart as you says something so right and proper it naturally feels like a sissy ballerina order I must carry out. Thank you, Mistress Brigite. curtsy

  2. oh my – extended chastity is one thing, that is part and parcel of being a beta male submissive, releases, if any at all, determined by a significant other – but the loss of coffee and a cold beer too – oh my, oh my!

  3. Thank you M Scarlet for sharing this new report from Christine M. with us, thank you too a Christine M for it.
    It’s interesting to know the activities of other Doms, even if I find many similarities with mine.
    The more I read this blog, the more I think j. will soon join his B.A.V.

      1. No, he doesn’t know what I’m writing here.
        It will be a surprise just before what was her Christmas present. He had the same birthday present and one as a reward for 100 punishments.
        I am thinking about how I will go about announcing this new restriction to him.

  4. You and Christine M might get a laugh out of two short video clips I just posted. In the first the pain from 75 clothespins is too much to do ballet jumps. But after several dozen strokes with the cane I know my only hope of relief is to do it perfectly and you can hear Mistress Georgia’s surprise:


  5. I adore Christine’s approach to controlling, correcting discipline, especially how she leverages imposed punishment writing — lines, copying. She truly is brilliant in this respect; she has turned it into an art form. In a year, I wonder how many pages are written? More than a thousand, for sure.

  6. I have a suggestion for Christine she might like to consider. A week before a birthday or anniversary, give David a present. When he unwraps it, it’s a new unused linnex stick. Tell him you’re going to use it every hour on his birthday/anniversary until it’s all used up. However as you’re a very generous mistress, he can come to you any time during the next week and request a linnex treatment to use some of it up before the big day. If you consider he’s been a good boy, then you can grant his request.
    This should pose a terrible dilemma for David and will also reverse the psychology such that he gets a linnex treatment for being good rather than for punishment!

    1. This would be impossible. A stick lasts for hundreds of applications. I would also never be that cruel. You have obviously never received a Linnex application. As I mention in my email, this is strictly reserved for punishments only now.

  7. Hello Ms. Christine & Ms. Scarlett,

    I wonder if this level of cruelty is really necessary in the long run? He seems like a well trained slave who does everything you desire. I guess my question is where does it all end?


    1. If you think having a slave well trained is the objective, you have very much missed the point of a symbiotic relationship between a truly submissive male and a cruel dominant woman. The male needs and craves things they do not like, (at the time), happening to them and they need to be sure that the dominant woman will not compromise because they plead as they need to be clear in their own minds they have zero control or influence. Being trained is not what they are after, although it is usually a side-effect.

      sissy slave m. has a job. David has a job. They can walk away any time and could have done year after year. They do not because they need what they are getting in order to be truly content. And the Mistresses get huge pleasure from the power and the depravity of wielding cruel power. Perfect symbiosis.

      What does, where will it all end mean? I have no idea what your question means? It suggests a relentless progression but to what I do not know. To what progression do you refer? I am keen to know what you have in mind.

      Were either to leave, there would be a long queue of truly submissive males begging to take their place. How do you explain that?

      1. Hi,

        I am grateful for your response and it is much clearer to me know. The slaves want this level of harshness and cruelty.

        I suppose I was just wondering when Ms Christine says he Loves music but she takes it away, that seems to be suffering that isn’t needed, but maybe that in itself is what make the power exchange so real.

          1. Thank You again (and always)…

            My goal as someone who wishes to belong to and serve a dominant woman has always been to serve well, and make her life easier / better. However your valuable and appreciated post has led me to realized, that my suffering can also be a source of happiness for her.

            I guess my earlier question then “where will it end” stems from the fact that at some point many us of, myself included think of an age when we will retire and start to relax and enjoy the life of someone no longer in the work force (or rat race) as they say.

            I think that as both You Ms Scarlett and Ms Christine have pointed out, for us it will never end, and in fact that ability to serve without any outside obligations is probably the springboard into a true life of real slavery.

            Thank you both! :)

        1. My husband wanted an ultra-strict Victorian upbringing. I think playing rock music and modern music would have been out of the question under the care of a Victorian governess?
          He still hears music, we have plenty of Vanilla time, we go to concerts, etc, he listens to music with me. Music is not taken away, it is controlled.

  8. I thought I was tightly controlled. I’m not even close. David is so fortunate that Christine, and he met, and that he is getting the true Victorian experience he’s wanted his whole life. I think it’s wonderful for you both to be able to go through this together Christine.

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