Francesca’s Constructions!

A few comments from me before another update from the fantastic Francesca.

First, I will comment that Francesca’s lifestyle and equipment may seem unbelievable. But if (1), I had the funds and (2), I had no interest in the vanilla company of bitch-boy because I secured that mode of companionship from another, then I would be doing EXACTLY as Francesca, with zero guilt or mercy. These things are very, very arousing and satisfying. And bitch-boy is capable of all the constructions involved as it happens.

And the camera in every room and cell and slave hole; I would do and adore that. I use a baby monitor in several circumstances and the multiple feelings produced when remotely watching  the discomfort of the slave from a comfortable bed or sofa while watching TV or reading or on the phone are delicious. Decadence, wanton cruelty, relaxation, exhilarating pitilessness, languorous huge orgasms, contentment and satisfaction with life, unashamed depravity and perversity.

I have a demountable dog cage which is very practical as it folds down and can be stored under a bed. I have not used it for a long time now, preferring having bitch-boy in hours of total sensory deprivation bondage, plus Linnex, plus piss ice chunk in the funnel gag, watched by the baby monitor. But Francesca’s post has me thinking about covering the entire floor of the dog cage with coir matting. Poor bitch-boy would be naked except for some bondage and possibly a blindfold, so he would not even know if I was in the room in which he is caged.

I would occassionally glance in his direction and watch as he found it impossible to find a comfortable position on the sharp bristles of the matting and listen to the sweet background noise of his miserable, whining and desperate panicky pleading. But he would have to keep the volume DOWN! OR ELSE he stays in an extra twenty minutes from each time I tell him to lower his volume.  I would be reading a book, doing crafts, watching TV etc.  And he would become more and more and more miserable and emotional but have to maintain his controlled very low volume. 

Anyway, I digress! Here is Francesca’s fascinating and hot latest update.


Dear Scarlet
After a few days of hard work, finally, sissy slave m. finished building his new bedrooms and the two surprises I had in mind for him in the garden!
First, the slave bedrooms.
My house has a large basement (where is located my dungeon) that is accessed by a staircase. The area under the staircase was empty and was unused. I made sissy slave m. work there. As anticipated in a comment, the grandfather of sissy slave m. was a builder and had a carpentry hobby. When the sissy was a young boy, his grandfather took sissy with him and taught him a lot and sissy had later cultivated the hobby. So he’s pretty good at these things.

I made him build, set against the wall under the staircase, a series of shelves and uprights in board for constructions (quite resistant), as deep as the staircase itself (80 cm). At the center of the structure, at the bottom, I had a space 160 cm x 80 cm x70 cm left between the uprights and shelves, closed outwards by an aluminium jail door with bars, ordered from a blacksmith, which I said was needed for a big dog. This is the new sissy room/cell.
In addition to the lock, I added a sensor to the door connected to the home alarm, which has a dual function. It can be activated to sound an alarm if the door is opened or it can record the times of each opening and closing of the door. It is very useful because I can leave the lock open at night, so that sissy can get up to go to work, without fear of unwanted and unrecorded exits.

I also installed in the cell, and in every room of the house, micro cameras, also suitable for night vision, connected to my mobile phone with an app. (they are conveniently sourced on the Internet at no more than € 40 each). From now on, I will always be able to control the slave from wherever there is a signal for the mobile phone.

On the cell floor and on the inside wall I had some rings installed to which the slave can be chained. I left the floor in rough concrete, with only a thin rubber mat on it. I had coir matting made to measure to be used as a floor covering at my will.

The whole area under the stairs around the cell is equipped as a wardrobe with shelves and hangers to hold the few men’s clothes and the whole sissy and bondage wardrobe of sissy slave m. (very much). The whole wall was then closed with wooden doors and, from the outside, it looks like a common built-in wardrobe.

The wooden doors are made so that the one in front of the cage can be removed.
In this way, everything can remain closed, with the slave inside and in the dark, invisible from the outside, or, always leaving the closet closed, the slave’s cell, with its contents, can be left in plain sight. A similar job I had the sissy do in the attic of the house by the sea.

As for the garden, I had sissy slave m dig. a deep cube-shaped hole lined with brick and concrete. The dimensions of the hole are 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. The top cover consists of a double door. One, below, with aluminum bars, and one above with heavy metal, like a manhole. The heavy one can be left open and let you see the bars and the poor contents of the hole.

Both have a round opening in the center through which the slave’s head can pass; to leave it with only its head sticking out. These doors were made by a different blacksmith, here at the sea, very intrigued by the hole in the center, but who dared not investigate further at my icy gaze.

The closures of the holes in the ground also have, in addition to the lock, the same alarm system as the cells and also inside the hole there is a micro camera. The upper opening of the hole is in the center of a small concrete platform, made together with the hole, round, 3 m in diameter. A synthetic grass mat the size of the platform can be put on to completely hide any presence of the hole.

Above the platform I put a small table (just coinciding with the hole) and 4 chairs.
Everything, seen from the outside and when the synthetic grass carpet is positioned, looks like a platform made only to accommodate garden furniture and I think it will be very fun to have neighbours or vanilla friends as guests, and entertain them right there, with the slave closed inside, gagged and invisible to all. 

The execution of the works was very hard for the sissy. During the week, in fact, he had to wake up before dawn and work until the time he had to go to work, before returning from office and work again in the evening. Over the weekend, however, he worked at the beach house from sunrise to sunset without interruption.

His work outfit was: his hessian underwear, a corset, a leather hood, a pair of old wedge boots with a 15 cm heel and a 5 cm platform and, above, to cover everything, a heavy work suit. Of course, the inevitable collar and chains on the wrists and ankles. To drink only tap water, left to heat in the sun, with the addition of my pee and my spit. All drunk from his humiliating cock-shaped bottle.

It was incredibly exciting to see him work hard, with the torrid fall of the Italian summer, in that miserable condition, while I enjoyed the cool of my air-conditioned rooms or sunbathed, half-naked, in the garden! Several times I approached him to incite him or insult him or slap him or simply to deride him for his inhuman and desperate condition, enjoying immensely his implorations and sighs and sobs of effort and despair.
I confess that I have approached the guard level of daily masturbations.

After completing the work, the slave moved his wardrobe into the closet and moved to his new room. For this first night, I also added the ‘coir matting’. I do not intend to always leave the coir matting, slave must be able to rest, even if in his cell, to be able to serve me better, but he did not know it and, knowing me, he had reason to fear the opposite.

Entering the small cell that will be his room from now on, the slave was in tears and sighed in despair. As usual, however, when I inserted in the cage my foot, shod in a splendid very fetish mule, the slave rushed to kiss and adore my shoe thanking me, swearing his love, desperate for devotion and excitement.

I confess to you that the first night I struggled to sleep because I continued to watch on my mobile the miserable slave who tried to find a comfortable position in his new room!
I masturbated twice! The slave, on the other hand, struggled a lot to fall asleep because of his painful condition and, at some point, he also burst into tears, certainly of happiness, judging by how he adored me with even more enthusiasm than usual the next morning!

As for the hole in the garden, for now the slave has only tried it for a short time, let’s say a trial stay. At the exit he was so desperate and terrified of both the hole and me that I believe the experience was truly cruel. And this, as you know, excites me to death! I believe that during the next summer holidays, (the sissy office is closed in August), sissy slave m. will spend a lot of time in the hole … I’ll update you on this and more!
A hug dear Scarlet and always thank you for your wonderful Blog.

11 thoughts on “Francesca’s Constructions!

  1. Dear Francesca,
    what wonderful equipments..The control of m. is amazing, I only have 2 cameras.
    I love the fact of forcing our subs to build the instruments that will force them more and more.
    As for the hole, is there no ventilation problem?
    I had also imagined a hole for j. but much more (too) cruel.
    Very narrow so that it is forced to stay upright not being able to bend barely and very deep, at least 3 meters, but it is really too complicated to achieve.
    But when I did talk to j. I had seen the fear on his face.
    Finally, for the cell I suggest you look at the side of the “carpet protector” it could amuse you.

    1. Dear Brigitte, thank you!
      No, there are no ventilation problems thanks to the opening in the upper door. When everything is covered by the synthetic grass carpet, holes in the carpet (almost invisible from the outside for those who do not go looking for them) create the ventilation toneded to make the stay in the hole safe but a real agony!
      thanks for the tip on the Carpet protector!

      1. Other questions dear Francesca,
        do you know the temperature in the hole and in what outfit sissy m will be locked there.

        1. Dear Brigitte,
          I don’t know exactly what temperature there is in the hole.
          It certainly gets very hot in this period (even if it is not exposed to direct sun during the hottest hours).
          Also for this reason I am increasing the duration of the stay of sissy slave m in the hole little by little.
          From what I am verifying, even in the hottest hours, the imprisonment in the hole is hellish and cruel but safe.
          The sissy tells me that the sense of isolation and mild claustrophobia is much worse than the heat.
          As for the dress of the sissy I have not yet established a rule.
          Yesterday afternoon sissy was in the hole for about two hours with a corset, stockings, high heels, big but plug, hood, penis gag and handcuffs on the ankles and wrists behind her back (in chastity of course).
          If I had to think of a rule, maybe I would go for something medieval, with uncomfortable dirty and worn clothes and heavy chains. For now, however, I believe that I will leave this aspect to my desire for the moment …
          Greetings my friend and thanks for your request!

          1. Thank you dear Francesca for these clarifications.
            I had pity for m. for a second, lol.
            I can’t wait to read you again.

  2. Dear Scarlet, thank you for your words and for the space you allow me.
    As you know, domination is the great passion of my life and my relationship with sissy slave m. has never been ‘vanilla’. So it is normal for me to devote a large part of my income (fortunately not small) to increase my BDSM wardrobe, equipment and furnishings more and more.
    I must say, however, that the works described have not even had a very high cost. Plasterboard, wood, brick, concrete and wood are quite cheap and, of course, I had no labor costs …
    The slightly more expensive things were the doors and sensors connected to home alarms, but let’s talk about a few hundred euros for a job that will last for years.
    I would say, however, that it was worth it.
    The final effect is, as you rightly said: decadence, wanton cruelty, relaxation, exhilarating pitilessness, languorous huge orgasms, contentment and satisfaction with life, unashamed depravity and perversity.
    In perfect symbiosis with the increasingly subjugated (and therefore in it’s true role) sissy slave m.
    Thanks again for the space you allow me Dear sister in domination!

  3. Mistress Francesca *bows respectfully*…. my Mistress, Serena has read Your accounts with great interest. Whilst much of Your regime is beyond O/our practicalities, She (Serena) has taken segments and areas of Your dominance and placed them aside Ms Scarlets, and hopes to apply similar in the forthcoming weeks. Please accept Her thanks, and my respect.

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