Another Malevolent Phrase

A comment from Mike detailed another wonderfully malevolent phrase I thought for completeness it should be added to yesterday’s post; which I have done. I set it out below too.

(I would love to hear more details of the regimen Mike endures!)


Would you like to make me happy?

The sub has just finished a miserably monotonous,  tedious 500 lines. The Mistress inspects the lines, then speaks. ‘Yes, these lines are satisfactory. But it would make me happy if you now wrote another 500 of them. Do you want to make me happy?’ The sub is almost in tears as he answers in the way he knows from his training he must. ‘Yes Mistress I would like to make you happy.’ The Mistress smiles in cruel contentment as the sub, still on the verge of tears, begins the next 500 lines. The Mistress walks off; swathed in the warm glow of pitiless power-rush.

15 thoughts on “Another Malevolent Phrase

  1. Would you like to make me happy?

    I also use this sentence, but when i tell it, he has no idea what to expect but it’s still a very bad surprise
    As the only answer he can give is “oh yes Mistress”, he is stuck.
    Over time he has understood that this does not bode well for him, for example: this is how I announced to him the ban on my bed, the limitation of his orgasms, his plug training …
    And in addition he is obliged to humbly thank me for these kindnesses

    As for the lines example, even though its job is well done, I prefer to use injustice and cruelty.
    I tell him: that I don’t find this perfect job, I tear up the pages after just a little glance and I order him to start over with additional lines plus a penalty which for example can be straps on his hands.
    I enjoy seeing his despair, and often his tears, as he resumes his thoughts.

    1. Very hot. About one time in 10 I go through the lines in fine detail. Find errors, apply several cane strokes for each and every error and he has to do them again. Other times I take them from him, rip them in two without even looking at them, drop them to the floor and tell him to put them in the bin. Other times I do as you, glancing only at the first page ripping them up and throwing them to the floor and tell him to do them again.
      I always strap his hands at the beginning of line writing and sometimes every 15 minutes during the line writing. On the untrue pretext, we both know to be untrue, of helping him ‘with good blood circulation’,

  2. Hi dear Scarlet
    I have been on holiday during summer time and I don’t participate in the blog as often as I would like to.
    But I always read the wonderful new posts as well as the comments.
    When I want my slave to do something heavy in duration and burden of work I use the phrase
    “Make me proud of”.
    For example I wanted him to paint all the house,doors, windows, etc, so it would cost me cheaper and he would be put in hard and long time work.
    He was working full time and he also should serve our needs, mom, do the ironing for my girl friend’s clothes, in a few words to carry all his usual duties and additionally the painting.
    I called him at my feet and I announced my plans for the house and assigned him the duty. I told him I wanted the house finished in a week time, for this reason to help him finish by the deadline and avoid any other punishment, I told him that I cut off his sleeping time by two hours for the next week as well as his breaking time.
    He was stunned by this dad news, he is trained to obey without hesitation and of course, he replied “Yes Mistress, thank You Mistress”.
    I could see his disappointing and desperation, so I spread my foot and pushed his balls and chastity, I rubbed my sole and toes on his balls and I told him.
    ” Slave you want to make me proud of your ownership, don’t you? Let’s make me proud then, that us what I want from you’.
    He rushed to kiss my feet with enthusiasm and passion, I knew I had him LOL
    He finished the painting half a day earlier than the deadline date LOL.
    Needles to say he was exhausted, barely he could stand on his feet but it was such a good hard working slave all the week.

  3. I wish my girlfriend was like all the wonderful woman commenting on this blog. I love to pleasure her, especially between her thighs, and she is happy about that, but otherwise very much put-off by any notion of domination, she rather gets dominated by me. I am not sure I would put up with all the regimes I am reading about, since I don’t belief I am a true submissive, but boy, it would be wonderful to experience it from time to time, the elegant cruelty some of the commenters expound is very arousing.

    1. I don’t know if you have read this post.

      Or have had her read my alternative blog.

      Perhaps she is submissive and could be persuaded to try being a switch. Many submissives are very good at spells of dominance because they know the feelings needed to be generated in their temporary slave. And you dominate her from time to time in reciprocation.

      Just some thoughts.

      1. Thank you, I have read those, I have mentioned I like to be dominated as well, and left the ball in her court, but I think it’s a combination of being a bit hesitant, not finding it attractive and not being her thing. Which I guess is fine as well, as you mentioned somewhere I think, it is about what she wants ultimately, so if she doesn’t like to than that is what it is.

      1. Because it perfectly encapsulates the fulfillment of a sissy slave. Desperately in love with his domme, he will do anything for her. She knows exactly what to make him do for maximum humiliation, and he knows he will do it because it’s the most pathetic display either of them can think of at that moment. And when utterly embarrassed and degraded, sissies cry the purest of tears.

          1. My wife often read your blog and after some years my punishments of writing 200 is now on sometimes 1000 lines a day.

            1. My Misstress even reading your blog maintain my punishment of line writing in 100 each I deserve it, or less!
              Last lines punishment because she decided full car tank with 98 gas instead of 95 as usually.
              I daren’t backtalk but single comment is car is old was enough to be punished with lines 98!, otk spanking 98 with her flipflop, 2 hours kneeled her feet clothes clams in my nipples and severly pair of face slaps before and after apologize.

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