Tiffanymaid endures

Another account from Tiffanymaid detailing what he endures at the hands of his wonderful Mistress, Serena.

I make further comment at the end of the account.


Mistress Scarlet curtsy

Recent activity has been intensified, and everything is good, with Serena enjoying more leisure time, while She has demanded much more of me than previously…which, in turn, i am more than willing to do. During, and since the lockdown was eased, Mistress has increased Her running to about 4 – 6 miles on each outing. W/we now have a ritual whenever She engages in Her runs.

On return (even in vanilla role) i will have a bath ready. i am required to remove Her running shoes and socks, lick/kiss her feet, toes and soles. We then adjourn to the bedroom “chamber”, were i undress Her, lick and worship Her armpits, worship Her panties before She fastens one of Her shoes tightly with a belt to my nose/mouth inhibiting my breathing as it forms a “seal”, wrists locked behind me, i spend 30-60 minutes kneeling in the corner until such time i am required to clean the bath.
Respectfully…. tiffany

Last night, Mistress Serena worked a night-shift, and as is the custom i was double diapered ( this was introduced many years ago to prevent me from drinking any beer whilst She was absent, i now only drink occasional beer when allowed ). For some reason, last night was the wettest nappy i have ever had. On rising at 7am to prepare for Mistress Serenas return the weight was immense, and i knew i was soaked. Doing my morning chores was difficult as every move shifted the piss and caused leakage despite my 2 plastic pants and nappy cover.
This was more than confirmed when, as usual, i lay aside Her bed, nappy over my face/head my eyes stung and the piss flowed over my face and ran down my neck. The nappy was heavy on my face, the taste and scent extreme. I shuddered as the piss ran from the nappy and ran down my back, my moans were initially ignored, but as I attempted to lift the material from my nose Mistress Serena snapped “Don’t you dare..i was about to dismiss you but now an extra 15 minutes wont harm”.(This was only drawn to a close so soon, as Mistress had been on a 12 hour night-shift).


As recently as this afternoon, Ms Serena put me in my pvc, hessian lined maid uniform, leather hood, posture collar, ball gag, heels, ankles cuffed together…and a leather parachute about my ball sac (beneath my CB6000s) with a weight attached. Two hours of dusting, hoovering and cleaning left me drooling profusely, aching and totally soaked in sweat, balls aching, with the weight often swinging and knocking onto my shins. Punishment followed for misdemeanors after my two hour cleaning session consisted of a dozen strokes with Her wooden paddle, and eight strokes of the crop. During the punishment Mistress Serena commented on this (Uniform and form of cleaning) becoming more frequent and punishment will always follow “because it can”. I yelped loudly as Her crop lashed over the glow of my paddled ass.

Wednesday evening, MsSerena set me the task of my “Path of Humiliation”. Whilst nowhere near as long as Mistress Francescas’ slave m suffered, i was dressed very similar to above and set about the triangle of humiliation, worshipping as slave m, my Goddess’ heeled shoes, Her golden nectar and a phallus worthy of a slaves attentions. Her recently purchased monitor kept Her informed of my progress. my body ached and my feet were agony. After 2 hours i was all but sobbing as the sweaty monotonous task became more painful and dulling. Mistress Serena entered the room and observed for a period, laughing as She encouraged me with Her Agitation whip. “Excellent….another hour should suffice”, my heart sank and begged Her for completion, six repeated lashed of Her whip answered my request, and so it went on.

my first ever experience in schoolgirl uniform. As if Wednesday was not bad enough, it was followed the following evening by a session of school punishment and line writing. Summoned to Mistress Serenas’ room She had positioned a very low stool with a coir mat on top, a desk, two pens (black & red) & paper. In Her reach were a cane, a crop, leather flogger and a strap.
After removing my regular slave attire (aside from my bra/breast forms) i was dressed in white panties and stockings, black shoes, a white shirt, school tie, black pinefore dress and a straw hat. ironically, despite being tv/sissy orientated, i did not embrace the attire and felt quite awkward, with a degree of humiliation. 5 strokes of the flogger were applied to each palm and likewise 5 strokes of the strap followed.  When Mistress Serena flogged my palms I cried aloud as the final lashes were applied, the following strokes of the belt caused me to cry even louder as my palms burned a lot more than I expected. Mistress Serena told me to look Her in the eye as each stroke of the belt was applied, for some reason I felt hurt as my eyes welled and face reddened. (She actually applied a further two more to each palm, after the initial five).

Mistress ordered me to lower my panties and sit on the coir covered stool. “Sit slut!” She brought in a small blackboard and had me read aloud “slut tiffany is a sissy and must be punished”.
my task followed, writing out the lines in alternative coloured ink after each letter. After 50 lines (one hour) my ass cheeks were very, very sore as i reported and presented my work. Inevitably the odd error and unfortunate smudges resulted in a dozen strokes of the cane, and a repeated punishment off my palms. My punishment an hour in to my writing lines was agony. My ass was already very sore from the coir mat (being concentrated on such a small stool) I cried out at every stroke, as Mistress Serena repeated the “line” slut tiffany is a sissy and MUST be punished, as each stroke was delivered. The punishment to my palms hurt as initially adding to the ache I was experiencing.

“Another 50 girl ! ” was Her response after my punishment….i requested a break which was met with a look of disdain, and so, sitting in agony on the coir i set about another 50 lines. Sadly, my concentration was waning as my cheeks burned and hurt so, so much. The obvious outcome was a further punishment and a strict verbal dressing down. Despite being a relatively short period compared to some, it was my first such experience as a pupil ( I last did lines as a submissive some 15+ years ago). I was exhausted, aching and slightly disorientated. My punishment was harsh and I sobbed at its conclusion. “Pull up your panties slut” Her demeanor was one of superiority and accomplishment.

It took a total time of 135 minutes to complete 100 lines, my palm ached, my ass burned and i felt more than miserable by the time i completed my task…
my first escapade as a schoolgirl was indeed painful and tedious, with Mistress Serena present, yet showing zero concern, what concerns me most is Mistress Serenas intent of setting me the goal of 200 lines next time!
Despite all this, i adore my Mistress, and have absolute respect for Your good selves and all superior ladies who seek a flr.



I adored the moments in the account that most display how Mistress Serena is utterly pitiless and exhibits a cold, harshness to her demeanour. (Reminds me of me!)

  • At the end, while tiffanymaid sobbed, ‘Pull up your panties slut!’
  • Explaining that punishment will always follow long cleaning sessions, ‘because it can.’ 
  • After an hour of the ‘path of humiliation, Excellent….another hour should suffice’, my heart sank and begged Her for completion. Six repeated lashes of Her whip answered my begging.

There is something especially hot, that always provides me with a BIG power-rush when bitch-boy may well be expecting a tiny bit of sympathy or pity because he is so upset, probably sobbing, but the words and attitude from me he receives are cold, hard and harsh. When I do this I see deep subjugation in his eyes.

I very much look forward to more accounts from tiffanymaid.


Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal.

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

US       UK       DE      FR       ES     IT      NL     JP     BR       CA      MX     AU      IN

Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.


8 thoughts on “Tiffanymaid endures

  1. I liked your tiffanymaid report.
    Thank you, your Mistress for me for treating you with so much love.
    Otherwise, I can’t open your link:
    “path of humiliation”

    1. It is half way down that page. I provide it below.

      Path of Humiliation

      I saw the panic on his face. He pleaded on his knees, desperate, crying. I let him plead for some times and then, hard, I told him not to get me bored and to follow me to the attic of my house, very hot in summer and very little ventilated.
      I put him in a postural collar on which I hung a pair of handcuffs with a padlock, in which I imprisoned his wrists. Handcuffs also to the ankles, in order to limit his steps to a ridiculous wobble. In addition a large but plug.
      I have prepared his path: on three sides of the room are three small altars. On the first is a pair of my shoes, on the second a bowl full of my golden rain, on the third a large and realistic dildo.
      He trembled like a leaf, desperate and in tears.
      He implored me to shorten the duration of his punishment. I slapped him and ordered him to begin his journey.
      “It is now 19:00. Start your path pathetic subspecies of slave! Know that the application is active and I can see and control you! At 02:00 AM you can stop and free yourself with the keys of the handcuffs that are down in your bedroom. I want to be woken up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. The usual breakfast. Start worm!”
      With tears in his eyes he replied “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress!” and walked.
      Staggering he reached the first altar, he took the shoes and then and recited his mantra:
      “This useless sissy slave is unworthy of licking the mistress’s soles! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy lick your noble shoes!”
      So he licked each sole five times and moved on.
      In front of the second altar he took the bowl with my golden shower and recited the second sentence:
      “This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being the human toilet of the Mistress! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be your living toilet ”
      Then he drank a drop of golden rain.
      In front of the third altar he took the big dildo and recited the third sentence:
      “This useless sissy slave is just worthy of being turned into an unworthy cocksucker! Thank you Mistress for letting your sissy be an unworthy cocksucker! ”
      Than he has to deep throat the dildo 5 times.

      I can’t describe the feeling of power and supremacy that I felt and leaving him to its long seven hours of ordeal.
      As soon as I got off, I confess, I took my favorite vibrator and I masturbated to two splendid orgasms. I then had dinner with the light cold dinner that Sissy Slave M had left for me in the fridge and I dedicated myself to my Outlander evening.
      Every now and then I got an eye on my cell phone, from which I checked the misery of my pathetic slave … a great saturday Scarlet!
      Now I am writing to you comfortably lying in my bed, happy as a million euros, while sissy slave m is gong on with his ordeal.
      I guess I’ll masturbate again before sleeping…
      Goodnight my new friend!

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