2 year chastity anniversary – Mistress Francesca

More from the wonderful Francesca. No further introduction is needed.

Dear Scarlet,
My summer is going splendidly, as I hope yours! I have read your Journal 17 and it is splendid and very interesting as always! The sea has always had an extremely aphrodisiac effect on me and this, combined with the presence of so many beautiful guys on the beach and in the nightclubs, is causing the number of my lovers and the consequent cuckolding of sissy slave m. to grow exponentially.

Fortunately, thanks to recent work, I am spoiled for choice on where to store my poor sissy when I’m busy with my lovers. I add that, perhaps for the spirit of adventure that accompanies the summer holidays, I have found more than one willing to participate in my activities with sissy slave m! I wanted to talk to you, however, about something else.

Yesterday (18.08.2020) was an interesting anniversary: two years since the last unspoiled orgasm of the sissy. It is not his record; (between august 2009 and November 2012 he reached 3 years and 3 months) but it is still a considerable time; destined to increase, given that the next card game will take place on 2 September. Add that her last spoiled orgasm (without even removing the cage) dates back to the November, and you can imagine the level of desperation frustration from the sissy. It therefore seemed right to celebrate with a session of intense teasing and denial for my sissy slave and, in contravention of my usual rule, the teasing also concerned his poor cock (obviously always in a cage).

After a day on the beach for me and at home in chains as a sissy for him (including almost three hours of bondage in the hole in the garden), in the evening I started the session:
Called sissy slave m kneeling in front of me, sitting on my favorite chair, naked and with only my fetish patent leather mules, 6 ” heel and 5cm platform on my feet, I immediately started teasing her nipples with my fingers and the tongue:
“Happy anniversary of no cumming!” I then continued to tease her nipples immensely enjoying her pathetic moans of despair and I continued talking.
“That really is some accomplishment. You must be very proud! 2 years and not a single real orgasm! Tell me, does it still ever hurt, I mean, do you ever still feel frustrated or has that all kind of just gone away? “.
“It gets worse all the time Mistress! There is never a single moment that I’m not aware of being incredibly horny. There is just a constant burning in my testicles. And it only gets worse every time you dominate and humiliate me Mistress. Every time burning gets much, much worse Mistress.”  “Oh, poor sissy slave!” I replied in a condescending tone continuing to lick his nipples
“That doesn’t sound good at all for you! You mean all this time you’ve been frustrated?”
“Yes Mistress!” he replied almost with tears in his eyes from despair.

So I started, in addition to stimulating his nipples, to stimulate his cock in his cage and his balls with my feet, producing a devastating effect of arousal and frustration.
“Do you know why I tease and deny you like this?”
“Because i am just a pathetic sissy slave who doesn’t deserve to cum Mistress”
“Yes, too! But for that it would be enough for me to keep you in chastity! The real reason I like to tease and deny you is … that I’m just … a sadistic bitch. And I love to excite and deny you! I really am a sadistic and cruel bitch, I like the fact that I get to keep you in constant pain. I love knowing that I get to deny you sexual release, sexual pleasure. ”

I started looking straight into his eyes and, after spitting in his face, I continued, still stimulating his nipples and cock in the cage.
“I love denying you specifically and then I love being a bitch and a cruel mistress. I love what I’ve turned you into” So I started stimulating his caged cock with my hands, while I licked his nipples, enjoying his suppressed desire, the pain his incredible erection was suffering in his cage and enjoying bringing him close to a painful point of no return.
Closer, but not close enough.
“You’re so close. So close, and yet so far, sissy. Tell me how frustrated you are right now.!”
“Do you feel that burning you were telling me about?”
“Yes, it’s totally burning right now. It’s a red hot burning coming from inside my balls and spreading through my cock.”
“Oh good, I love it when you tell me how much it hurts. My pussy just starts bubbling when you tell me that!” So I continued to touch and stimulate and ask:
“Do you ever get mad at me because I don’t let you cum and I don’t ever let you fuck me?”
“No Mistress!”, He replies sincerely, with tears in his eyes, trembling with despair “I am a sissy slave and I have to submit to your every will Mistress! But now I am suffering so much!”
“Poor sissy! But you know how much I like to hear you suffer!

So I took one of my fetish mules, and started masturbating him with that, bringing him again and again close to orgasm
“Oh look, your balls really are blue! That’s not just an expression after all”
In doing so, in the desperation of the sissy, I took him 10 times to the limit of a pathetic poor pleasure and then denied him it.

His body was shaking and sweating, crying and begging unable to make sense of his pleas, desperate, frustrated and in total pain.
Once satisfied, I suddenly stopped all stimulation and said:
“I’m horny! All of this teasing and denying you has got me hot. Kiss my shoes while I pleasure myself.”

So I put on my shoes and there, and while the slave devotedly licked my feet, I masturbated with my favorite vibrator and I cum very hard three times!
“Mmm. That was such a nice! I was so horny.”
The poor sissy, still upset and desperate, kept licking my shoes.
“Do your cock and balls hurt from all that teasing?”
“Oh yes Mistress. It hurts terribly. My balls are burning. My cock aches, and I feel a combination of tremendous desire coupled with intense frustration. Frustration so profound that my balls and cock feel like they are being held over an open flame. ”
“Oh, poor sissy! I have a solution for your suffering! Get on all fours and spread your legs. ”
“Do your balls hurt from all the frustration?”
“Yes, they ache terribly.”
“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?”
Before the sissy understood what was happening, I gave him a violent kick in the balls with my shoes while the slave, surprised, moaned his pain and started to cry.
Sadistic and amused, I then asked:
“Do your balls still hurt from the frustration?”
“No, now they hurt from being kicked.”
“Well, you said you were frustrated and you didn’t like it. I’m not through relieving your frustration, however. I’m going to kick you five times. That was just a practice kick. Now there are five more!”
I swung my beautiful foot back and then slammed it into his balls. And then another kick, and another, and another and another. Sissy was disoriented by all the pain. Was nauseous and woozy from having his balls kicked so cruelly and I was more and more exited.

So I went back in front of sissy slave m who, in desperate tears, resumed kissing and licking the feet that had just tortured him while I masturbated again before sending sissy slave but sleeping in his cage, with the addition of coir matting.

Mistress Francesca



Mistress Scarlet’s Journal 17 now published

My Journal No.17 is now published. It contains more words than any previous journal.

It is quite amazing that I have been publishing journals since December 2010, but there is still a strong appetite to read in detail about the activities I pursue in my depraved life. I guess there are three reasons for this.

1. Because I, like all lifestyle dominant women, evolve. I have become more cruel. Even during lock-down I can confirm my cruelty has significantly increased in a number of activities. (And amazingly after all these years,  my pleasure increases, as my cruelty does.)

2. New activities arise. Either as a result of circumstances, like lock-down, or I read of what another Domme does that I have never done but want to try out, or new technology opens a new avenue, and;

3.  Women collaborators in my life come and go. New women join me in double-domming as others drift away for various reasons, (usually house moves or domestic private life circumstances).

So the domination activities and intensities do not stay the same even if the core principles do.

THE FIRST REVIEW (On Amazon Kindle US)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

Journal 17 is available on Lulu.com as a paperback and as an eBook.

It has been available for some time on Kindle. Kindle links below for the various countries Amazon serves directly.

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Hopefully soon it will be available hard copy and electronic versions for other devices in other outlets including Barnes and Noble, Nook and iBooks. (But Lulu.com, the distributor has had a disastrous distribution module  relaunch and I cannot promise further distribution of electronic versions other than the options above.)

I hope you enjoy Volume 17.

21 thoughts on “2 year chastity anniversary – Mistress Francesca

  1. Mistress if I may maybe your sissy would benefit with a viagra pill to further his pain in chastity I am sure a that would help

  2. That was amazing. I love the total cruelty. How you are just in total control and take immense pleasure at your slaves suffering.

  3. “There is just a constant burning in my testicles. And it only gets worse every time you dominate and humiliate me Mistress. Every time burning gets much, much worse Mistress.”
    Does he mean actual physical burning sensation there?

    I also get it although very rarely. When I have not ejaculated for 5-6 days and when I get horny along with an erection, I feel a burning sensation in my testicles and urethra after some time. It is not harmful but painful and the pain is very frustrating because of the constant burning. Luckily (or unluckily) I just masturbate after that and the pain is gone until I don’t masturbate again for extended periods of time.

    Sometimes I go a whole week without orgasm but don’t feel any pain because I didn’t get much horny during that time period due to some reasons. But I am sure that after a few weeks I will get the pain even if I don’t get horny regularly.

    1. I have edited your comment as (1) blue balls is a phenomenon that is obvious and visual and not usually associated with any pain, and (2) I would want medical source evidence on the issue of unused sperm dying and what then happens. I hope you understand.

      Out of interest, I have interrogated bitch-boy and he does not get any burning pain.

    1. I agree, there are some very similar passages of speech, although there is a lot of divergence of activity. Perhaps you are right, only Mistress Francesca can say for sure.

      1. Yes, I actually took inspiration from that text, which I recently reread, to torture sissy slave m.
        Very often I get ideas to apply to sissy slave m. from stories I’ve read and this was one such case.
        As for the words used, obviously the dialogue between me and sissy took place in Italian and the one reported was not literally, however for the translation (which is my weak point) I helped myself with the text.
        So the idea and the writing are not entirely original, but the experience is absolutely real.
        Thank you very much.

  4. Dear Ms Scarlet
    From the standpoint of a fantasising and avid fan of the blog, male enforced chastity seems to me misses one vital factor. Let me explain. My tastes include a desire to cross dressing (especially forced) and submissive feelings towards women but after the release of orgasm these desires plummet and if wearing woman’s undies, etc I need to remove these immediately. This state remains until I become sexually aroused again. I can’t be alone in reacting like this so how much more delicious to be made to don these garments when all my desires are absent.

  5. Dear Scarlett,
    Dear scarlett,
    I practiced an activity very similar to what I had read in a text and I used parts of that text to describe it.
    I shouldn’t have and I apologize to you and your readers.
    If you think I am a fake I can safely stop writing on your blog without this changing my admiration for you in the slightest.
    I have lived my life and sexuality for many years without writing on your blog and I am confident that I can continue to do so in the future if necessary, even if I would miss it.
    Likewise your blog was great before I started contributing and it would still be great without my contributions.
    Having said that, and waiting for your opinion (the only one that interests me) I wanted to express my opinion on another topic, hoping it is not my last small contribution.
    I found your post on domination immediately after orgasm for slaves very interesting.
    I find that, at least for the genre of truly Femdom relationship your blog is about, imposing punishments and / or humiliations and / or tasks and activities on the slave immediately after orgasm is absolutely useful, as well as a lot of fun.
    In particular, I find it very funny because it is much more difficult for the slave, both physically and emotionally, to endure the treatments required immediately after cumming and, this, because of the well-known phenomenon of the decrease of the desire for submission that occurs after orgasm.
    At the same time, I find it very useful to impose this kind of post orgasm treatments also in order to bring the slave back to his correct submissive soul as soon as possible.
    Moreover, I find that this practice is also very ‘merciful’ towards slaves.
    To what sissy slave m. repeatedly told me, in fact, he hates with all his being not feeling submissive tied to post orgasm and, therefore, no matter how hard and cruel it is to undergo post orgasm treatments, the fact that these impose and accelerate the re-emergence of submissive nature in the slave they make them, in some way, desirable also for the sissy.
    In this regard, however, I had, years ago, a long relationship via email with a dominatrix who had a totally different approach in this regard.
    She wanted her sissy maid to experience her condition of total submission without in the least having the aid of sexual arousal (albeit repressed by chastity).
    In particular, according to the thesis of this Mistress, the sexual arousal and frustration of chastity would be very useful in the sissy training phase, but once the right level of submission has been reached this phase should be overcome and replaced by a submission phase in which the sissy is deprived of even the only excitement and must serve, in essence, in a constant down phase.
    According to this Mistress, this management of the sissy is even more cruel but makes the sissy even more docile, humble, submissive and defeated.
    For this purpose this Mistress forced her sissy to be ‘milked’ through anal prostatic stimulation, even several times a day in order to always be at the minimum level of sexual desire and natural submission (and at the same time without receiving particular sexual pleasure) but, at the same time, the sissy still had to serve and undergo any treatment – punishment imposed by the Mistress. I have always found this path very fascinating, although probably more suitable for older slaves, but I have never actually tried it. I’d like to know what you and your readers think about it. Mtsress Francesca

    1. To be brutally honest, anything you submit in the future regarding your activities is now open to mistrust as to its authenticity. Even whether you are a female or actually a male. That is where we are.

      I created this blog to fill a void of TRUE accounts of the real lives of dominant women for several reasons. One is/was to set out what a true dominant relationship is like, hopefully encouraging more women to take up the lifestyle by showing it is not at all about catering to men’s desires, women needing to be all dressed up in hats, corsets, rubber and latex like a dominatrix with a full-on dungeon. Another reason was to share ideas between us all. I got almost all my ideas of dominant activities in my early dominant years from only one magazine and only one website; neither of which now exists.

      So, if fantasies appear on my blog, it could stray away from its primary purposes. BUT, what you have submitted to date has included good ideas that are worthy of sharing. My knee-jerk is to continue to publish what you submit but perhaps with a caveat that it may be fantasy but it is still of value to read. My blog followers can then comment with their views on the approach.

      I hope that makes sense yo you.

      1. Dear Scarlet,
        I’m a female and certainly not a man!
        And the reflections and experiences that I shared on your wonderful blog were not and are not fantasies.
        I was certainly wrong in using part of that text and I am sorry for that.
        I fully share the spirit and nature of your blog and that’s why I started posting my little contributions; contributions which, I believe and hope, are precisely in the spirit of promoting a truly feminine Femdom and not only femdom as a satisfaction of male fantasies.
        I understand very well your present point of view, which I have caused myself, and therefore your decision seems reasonable to me.
        I will continue to post my experiences and reflections leaving you in control (as you have always been of course) to do with it what you prefer.
        A warm greeting
        Mistress Francesca

        1. Dear Francesca,
          I really loved your posts and would love to read more of them. Please let us know what has been going on lately!

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