Remote monitoring of tiffanymaid

[2 September 2020] Following on from my last post about a recent endurance by tiffanymaid, his Mistress now has a camera linked to her smart phone so she can monitor her maid when she is out of the home. It is fair to say this development has made things somewhat worse for tiffanymaid and added considerably to Mistress Serena’s dominant pleasure. I provide an account below.

Mistress Scarlet curtsy… a brief update. “You and your blog, (MsScarlet),  have quite an influence on the activities Mistress Serena imposes!”

Mistress, in the past week, i have been subject to

  • my schoolgirl line writing (3hrs),
  • Path of Humiliation (3hrs)…which was so hot in my pvc/hessian uniform we had to pull & peel the uniform from my body when finished, and,
  • even more relevant we purchased a rubber paddle! ( Which as you pointed out to “Aunty” Joyce…does hurt intensely.

However, what has made the most major impact to O/our D/s, FLR has been a new camera monitor that is connected to Mistress Serena phone. In the three days since purchase, Mistress Serena has controlled me remotely from various locations, including when out on Her daily runs. She has embraced this development more than anything that has gone before, and finds it both arousing and a power rush. In turn, i am now “on duty” for longer periods and attentive at all times.

You are aware that I am cuckolded. Friday afternoon, Mistress left me a list of instructions before leaving to spend the evening and overnight with Her lover. 

  • 16.00 Maid uniform, housework.
  • 17.30 Schoolgirl uniform, line writing
  • 20.00 Dismissed (meal break)
  • 21.30-23.00 Gag, blindfold, sissy attire. Kneeling hands on head.
  • 23.00 Instructions to be relayed for tomorrow, before dismissal.

I was already resigned to Mistress Serena spending the night with Her lover, and expected to be assigned household duties, however my heart sank when She presented me with Her/my schedule. Realising my entire evening was to be spent serving and monitored, I pleaded with Her to reduce the time, even if only by an hour or so. Her reply was instant “One more word out of order and it will be extended”. Again, my heart sank as I lowered my eyes and submitting to Her command, and thanked Her for Her kindness.

Mistress Serena displayed Her pride in Her plan, presented as She was preparing for Her date. She observed me in Her mirror, as i knelt, reading the schedule. She verbally reminded me of both my status and of Her evening ahead. “You will be humiliated and spend many tedious hours while I will be wined and dined before I get the pleasure I desire and you cannot supply”. My brief glance at Her in Her mirror, displayed what i took to be a smile, or smirk.

Trying to buy favour, I then set about preparing the attire and items required.

I recall two hours into my two and a half hours line writing, I was dismayed, subdued and my hand ached. “sissy schoolgirls must learn to respect their Mistress” was the line I had to repeat over and over. On the occasions I glanced at the clock, I wondered what my Mistress was doing, and indeed where She had gone for Her evening’s pleasures.

Mistress Serena told me that while she was away, she looked at the monitor four times. Twice during my line writing, twice early on during my kneeling tedium. She didn’t check thereafter, and my tasks for the following day where sent by text.

Mistress Serena has disclosed to me that the app has given Her an intense feeling of power and makes Her feel most aroused. The app allows conversation, Her words were short and direct. “Straighten up bitch” on one occasion, followed later by “I am watching you” and (laughing) “I have better things to do.”

For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.

8 thoughts on “Remote monitoring of tiffanymaid

  1. Dear Mistress Scarlet. As always thank you for this really interesting blog and it’s so good to see the D/S relationships on here evolve with dommes in particular borrowing ideas from others to develop their domination of their subs. With my wife and I we have a system of “phases.” This means we have long periods of vanilla time, which we both love. But also we have intense 100% 24/7 phases of D/S where we live the life fairly to the full. It might be unusual but works for us.

    I thought I’d share one of my developments, as something very simple I found unusually mentally torturous. My wife used boredom punishments (tied to the bed with eye mask, ball gag and white noise or irritating things like the Peppa Pig Chrismas song on a loop through headphones.) My wife will then watch a box set, read a magazine etc. Despite everything I have ability to “zone out” and let the punishment pass without too much bother.

    My wife however changed tack. I had everything applied as usual, but no earphones. Instead, my wife had found an old, cheap but quite large lounge table style clock. To this, she had stuck cardboard over the face so I had no idea of the time. However, it being an old clock it produced the most loud, annoying and intensely penetrating “tick-tock.” This meant I was painfully aware of the passing of time but had no idea of how much time. It was like a needle into my soul! I could also hear my wife watching tv, getting a drink very faintly in the background to remind me of her freedom compared to my torture. It sounds so strange but it was truly awful to endure!

    Just thought i’d share as of all the pain, humiliation, boredom type activities this one affected me way more intensely than anything in a while!

    1. The phases system is interesting and I can see how that would work as your wife gets your vanilla time and your submission. One question though. If your wife decrees it is now time for a DS phase, I assume you cannot say no.

      Fascinating how well the clock ticking works. It reminds me of two things.
      (1.) The ‘Chinese water torture’ which I think dates back hundreds of years. The victim, bound and immobile. And there is a slow but constant drip of water hitting the centre of their forehead hour after hour, which apparently became insanely awful to endure.

      (2.) I am not sure I can remember it correctly. A sub told me about his wife, I found to be wonderfully cruel. When he was in sensory deprivation bondage, she used to play a loop recording of her asking three questions, with appropriate gaps in between each question. He had to answer each question out loud with an answer she would be perfectly happy with. The questions were something like. ……. Should you be denied sexual release and be cuckolded often? …………………………………. Should I punish you harshly often, just because I can………………………………………………………. Should you suffer this deprivation torment for hours every week?
      He would have to answer out loud. ‘I should be denied sexual release and be cuckolded often Mistress.’ ‘I should be punished harshly often, just because you can Mistress.’ ‘I should suffer this deprivation torment for hours every week Mistress.’

      His Mistress would pop in on him on a random time basis and if he had stopped answering, she would coat his cock with Linnex. He found this repetitive question answering to be a truly distressing ordeal, that was impossible to zone out of. I imagine it was a distressing ordeal.

      1. Yes mistress that sounds even more extreme! It was the inescapable ticking making me so aware of the slow passage of time, combined with literally being able to hear my wife’s freedom faintly in the background made it particularly torturous and inescapable. Whereas white noise can be disorienting but also sometimes quite pleasant to zone out. The relentless, slow tick-tock of a cheap clock was unbearable! It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever had to endure strangely!

        In terms of the phases it can be months without D/S time but yes I have no choice when the D/S phase is invoked but being naturally submissive I usually am glad of it!



      2. Hi!

        A clock is ok in one place but I have had smallbear listen, wherever he went, to a loud ticking, using the “game phone” with a metronome app. If set slower than 60bpm, time does pass slowly!

        smallbear made a mp3 version of Terry Pratchetts irregular Vetinari clock. G**gle “vetinari clock audio”. He didn’t realise how much he would come to regret it! It is seriously odd and unrelaxing.

        (PS Lockdown isolation plans didn’t really work, events elsewhere intruded a great deal.)

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