Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever

[24 September 2020] Well, THE SCHEME I was advised of, and posted about,  The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever, has prompted many, many responses and was generally received with the admiration and wonderment I felt; and foresaw from others. As many of you understandably do not read comments on my posts, (as there is no threshold moment when a post has accrued all of its comments), I set out below comments from people who have now adopted THE SCHEME, with Mistresses’ own individual variations, (including mine), and those that have modified existing schemes to incorporate elements of THE SCHEME.

44 thoughts on “Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever

  1. Miss, are you going to tell him when you remove tickets, or just let him discover when he looks in at the book, or maybe just let him find the discarded ones in the bin, not your concern how or if he finds out….a level of contempt for his concern of orgasms that is most cruel.

    1. I will always do it in front of him. Five, ten, even twenty tickets in one go perhaps. (The tickets are in pages of 5.) I want to see his expression and I want him to see my amused, pitiless expression.

  2. Hi Scarlet,
    I really like your method.
    cucu, the new name of j. diminutive of cunégonde had her last painful orgasm last weekend. He doesn’t know it, but it’s the last one for a long time. I developed a system of drawing lots with balls (ping-pong) numbered from 3 to 12 plus a “0” ball for an orgasm. So he can always hope.
    The balls are in a bag and he pulls one out, I blindfolded him so that he doesn’t cheat, but he doesn’t know it, I cheated, I replaced the ball “0” by a ball 12. The number on the ball determines the minimum number of months before he can have a new draw. For his first draw after his last orgasm, he shot a 6, he was crestfallen, but he humbly thanked me with a ” thank you Mistress”.
    This is part of the new disciplinary regime that I am putting in place for cucu. I’ll tell you more soon.

  3. Dear Ms Scarlet

    Would it be OK to have discussions on fetlife. There seem to be a few very active dominant women who would enjoy discussion groups. Along with submissives. It could be useful for support and development.

    I believe the groups can be setup as private with only verified participants. Perhaps post Covid meet ups etc could be arranged.

    My wife found such groups really useful when we lived in The Netherlands. If this idea has potential my wife can direct message you on fetlife to discuss. You’ll also see some of the support groups she has been part of, which may be beneficial.

    If not, no worries, but if any other submissive is interested they I am open to such a discussion group.

    King regards

      1. Thank you for your reply. If anyone is interested can you reply here and as it’s planned to have two groups, one for dominants one for submissives, can you indicate which group would be of interest.

        If there isn’t any interest I’ll not start any groups.

        The plan is to have closed groups where we can work out some kind of verification process to allow entry. Any ideas welcome.

        The aim of the groups will be to promote discussion amongst Ms Scarlet admirers and arrange meetings.

        Kind regards everyone

      1. Excellent, do you follow Ms Scarlet UK already on Fetlife? I can post a similar message in the Femdom Forum so we can find each other?

        Just let me know

          1. I wouldn’t unless we’d met and she approved. She has mentioned her handle in these comments. Best bet is if your partner posts a a question in the group called “Femdom Forum” which only allows females to start conversations and we can go from there.
            My wife may also do the same.
            I don’t think there are any sub men only groups, as most groups are usually dominated by Male writers anyway.
            The other caveat is that we must inform Ms Scarlet of any posts, the best method is probably a direct message to her on fetlife from your partner, though Ms Scarlet doesn’t use fetlife much.
            I wouldn’t post my handle in an open forum, I’d not advise anyone else to do so either.


  4. Scarlet,

    The Scheme is wonderful! Every serious chastity regimen needs structure, otherwise it lacks the seriousness and attention it deserves. “The Scheme” does that. I’m also a proponent of keeping good records and data. My hubwife is tasked with keeping a daily spreadsheet that documents how much time she spends in and out of chastity. The spreadsheet shows daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date and “lifestyle”-to-date percentages. Every morning, she updates it and shares a copy with me and my alpha lover. It’s an exercise in humility and obedience for her to do this. She’s been doing this since January 1, 2015. It’s repetitive, nearly all the days show 24 hours in and 0 out of chastity.

    Her orgasms are also noted on the sheet (on average she’s been allowed one per month) along with her daily weight and a few other disciplinary items. Last year we moved to google sheets instead of excel, giving me and my lover access to the documents at any time.

    Thank you for what you share here on this blog and in your books.


      1. Scarlet,

        I’d be glad to have a BAV register entry. Please let me know to proceed. You may contact me directly via email. Thank you.


          1. Thanks Scarlet. Here’s the information for your BAV Registry: Owner: MDDiane, BAV: sissy hubwife Terrie Since: March 2005 Notes: Hubwife in chastity since 1/1/2015, she’ll remain lovingly locked and a born again virgin forever.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Does BB get to ask you for an orgasm or is it only at your initiating?

    It would be interesting if you allowed him to ask if he felt he was worthy, but if you felt he doesn’t deserve it that you automatically say destroy 5-10 tickets for having the impertinence to ask when he clearly doesn’t deserve it

  6. Why not generously *share* the raffle between bb and yourself? Imagine his emotions when he knows you are using a ticket each time you orgasm, further reducing his prospects.

  7. fast approaching a boy’s 1st year of being a BAV and self-locking, it is so nice to see the pleasure the most important partners in FLR really liking this scary idea :)

    Been inspired to redouble my efforts to find a lady to serve on FetLife and hope this might be something she likes the idea of too :)

  8. Dear Scarlett
    I find your version of this type of chastity regimen very interesting.
    Equally interesting is Brigitte’s regime based on ping pong balls (and the tranquility with which brigitte has decided to cheat is wonderfully cruel!).
    As for the version described in my comment, it is currently only a hypothesis … even if I am seriously thinking about it.
    for now the next chance of the poor desperate sissy slave m. is set for October 5th.
    A hug and see you soon!

  9. Interesting, my boy has just turned 46, we do a variation.
    I’m not inclined towards him never having an orgasm – but I do ruin them
    He is wilful and taming him til he begs is delightful :)
    While he is now in chastity, I do enjoy unsung him when I want.
    I’m not a fan of a vibrator and he’s hot so I use him as a stud :)
    I like the idea of hearts, or tickets
    Over a year rather than forever

    Currently we use dice
    He rolls A D4 ( for the non gamers it’s a 4 sided die)
    He rolls it 4 times 1 roll for each week he might get 3 1s and a 4
    So 3 orgasms 1 week and nothing til week 4
    The variation could be a D25 x 2 = a year
    He does need to stick to our rules and mind his manners.

    While I am a more maternal mistress and less inclined towards strict punishments.
    I do enjoy tease, denial and chastity.

    1. I confess I do not quite understand how your dice system works. I am being thick. ‘He rolls a 4 sided die. He rolls it 4 times. 1 roll for each week he might get 3 1s and a 4.‘ Does he roll it four times in a single rolling session once every 4 weeks?

      Your comment about, not being a fan of vibrators has prompted me to make my next blog post on exactly that subject. I myself was not a fan of vibrators at all until someone introduced me to the Hitachi 5000, which literally changed my (sex) life. And as a consequence made my puppets (sex) life rather more subjugating. Over the last 5 years or so, I have prompted 5 other Dommes, all NOT fans of vibrators to try the Hitachi 500 style of vibrator and they all became fans and as a consequence, all their male subs became more subjugated because of the changes that followed. That is 5 out of 5 as I have yet to make the suggestion to a non-vibrator using Domme who has not then converted! (My favourite massager vibrator is a LELO now. More about that in my next post.)

      Every type of Mistress is very, very welcome here Miss Quill. Thank you for your contribution.

      1. Thank you,
        Oh Ive tried that type and simply found I get numb, and as I’m a more sensual sadiat I’d much rather have my slave get me off or as I said I adore using him.
        Dicated at my whim, I’m rather partial to a rough and tumble hard fuck.. He has to oblige which in some ways he finds somewhat of a headfuck from sissy to stud :)

        Yes sorry he rolls 4 times in one go
        Each roll is essentially splitting the weeks 1-4
        So he could roll 4 1’s and would get 4 orgasms in 1 week, the type is my choice, they might all be ruined
        And then nothing for the reminder of that 4 week period.

        I play around with it, we have done a dice roll for the number of times he’s released and gets to cum in a given time frame.

        But if the brat in him surfaces well then he accepts the consequences.

  10. Oh my god this is the most powerful femdom post I’ve ever read!

    Would absolutely love to hear each of the slaves thoughts and feelings when they were informed of their new regimes.

    Thanks for all you do MsScarlet

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