Christine M hardens her chasity regimen

Another fascinating post regarding the details of Christine’s evolving regimen. 


Dear Scarlet

Like you (and so many of your readers), I was intrigued with Ms C and JJ’s post on this topic. The post and subsequent comments show how our community benefits our submissives with wonderful, fresh ideas. I loved the ideas that flowed so much, that I couldn’t wait to revise David’s chastity spreadsheet, even though it is still many months before he will be allowed the opportunity to draw for a release.

I have already shared with David what his new regime will be. I initially eased his feelings by advising that he will definitely be released from his current 12-months period of abstinence after February 2021, regardless of the Covid situation, and that we would recommence using his chastity spreadsheet on the first Sunday in March. He was so very relieved to hear this though, I am delighted to advise, he showed no enthusiasm for his updated regime, when it was later revealed

It is so amusing to remind him how he used to yearn for the strict chastity regimes he read of in old copies of Madame magazine! Mind you, in those days, after his dreams, he could go off to play! In our first year or so together he went from weekly pleasures; to monthly; to monthly with occasional longer periods of abstinence; until more recent times, when he became a BAV with at most 4 – 8 releases a year; leading to his current full year of abstinence.

One of your readers lamented that David “has not touched his own cock for years. He cleans it either inside the cage or using a brush and tongs. The only time he gets a human touch is before Miss Christine applies Linnex.” Let me correct this misunderstanding. When I administer Linnex I wear rubber washing up gloves. But he will still get his relief using a flesh-lite, which I am sure makes him the envy of BB, feeling only the sole of a shoe!

Anyway, his spreadsheet regime, which I wrote of before, was designed to randomly provide around four releases a year. He had of course expressed grave concerns at this, but that was neither here nor there.

So I guess it was understandable that he was rather despondent when I advised him that I had now come to the opinion that four releases a year was going over-the-top. He did try to reason with me, but I reminded him that I do have to put up with a few days after each release, when he is less committed to his submissive position, even after spoiled ones. We concluded his begging for more releases by ‘agreeing’ that he was really being very selfish and he should be grateful that he gets to please me so often, rather than thinking of his own venal pleasures all the time!

David is in his late thirties, so I did not want to provide a finite number of releases before no more would be allowed, and instead comforted him with the surety that while he will never again have more than two releases in a year, he will not face a life-time of no further releases, like some others… at least not yet. Nonetheless, he was panic-stricken.

Our new regime is more based on Francesca’s idea of using a deck of playing cards, only I use the spreadsheet, as I was concerned that he, or I, might possibly see the ‘removed’ cards. Also, since he is a protege of the digital age, I like the impersonal approach of the computer randomly determining the result! What I like about this approach is the cruelty of him not knowing when or ultimately if, he will get a release.

I reassured him that his new regime guaranteed he could get two releases each year. I then showed him the new speadsheet. The below screen is the home screen. Column A shows all the options (cards) from 1 – 52. Column B is hidden, but shows the result relating to each of the numbers, 1 -52. Fifty of these show ‘Try again next week’ and two show ‘RELEASE APPROVED’. The reason for column B being hidden will become evident as I explain further.

Basically all he has to do is click on the APPLY button. He then instantly sees the computer’s selection. The Reset button takes us back to the above home screen. When he clicks on Apply he will see one of three results…

or, on two possible occasions, this…

The cell to the left of his advice, shows me the line number that the program randomly selected. I then remove that line from the spreadsheet. So over the full year, he is guaranteed to draw his two releases as the number of options reduces by one each week. As I explained this, he was still distraught at only getting two releases a year, and looking a little teary eyed and demoralised. So when I mentioned the big B word, but…, he was left ashen-faced and shaking.

I calmly advised how the apparently blank cell to the right of ‘Behavioural Performance During Past Week’ affected his result… “This cell contains hidden text,” I explained, “the default text is ‘Pass’. If you have behaved well during the week, this will remain. But… if your behaviour is undeserving of a release, I will have changed this to NA (not acceptable). The text is hidden, so you will not know how I have graded your behaviour, until you click ‘Apply’.”

I did tell him that if he received a Linnex in the prior week, he was guaranteed to score a Fail. He was looking piteous at this, trembling, the colour had fully drained from his face and he was showing his best ‘please don’t do this to me look’.

If I enter NA, he will get this third screen…

I then explained how this means his draw would not count, but the option would still be removed from the system, without him knowing what it was. Hence column B is hidden, so we do not know what is removed. He is a smart man, and he quickly realised this meant he might lose one of his two releases. He stammered about how he seems to get a Linnex at least monthly, so that meant at least twelve times when he might lose one of his release options! Ever more distressed he noted this could mean he might get to the end of the year and find he does not get any releases. He was devastated by this prospect, two releases were few enough but, he whined, “You said two releases are guaranteed but they’re not really.”

He continued to beg and plead for me to change the system and allow more releases and not allow any releases to be lost. I was of course quite dispassionate about it all, smiling with pleasure seeing as he had realised so quickly the cruelty and uncertainty of his new program.

I starkly advised, “I am being generous in providing you with two releases in the first place, and you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t get them! They are both guaranteed, provided you behave yourself and don’t let your male ego get in the way! Now, I don’t want to hear any more snivelling! Two releases is plenty, and it’s no concern to me if you choose to lose them.

We had been lying in bed together, in what had started as a vanilla moment. He was now clinging tightly to me, lamenting about how he simply can’t cope with so few releases, he was so desperate it was eating him up inside, especially since he was now permanently in his steel cage and can’t even get a proper erection.

He was equally in total awe and adoration of me and telling me how much he loved me and wanted to please me…. “But I need to come too”, he sobbed. I was implacable as I dismissively advised, “That’s enough David, you know chastity is good for you, it keeps you submissive, loving and caring, and stops you wasting your energy and exhausting yourself. I really don’t understand the fuss, we’re talking of two minutes in a year! If you just focus on your chores and pleasing me it shouldn’t present a problem. You don’t need to come, it’s such a selfish male trait. Now, I don’t want to hear any more grumbles, I want you to focus on the positives and show me some gratitude.” Obediently he slipped down to deliver me the most wonderful orgasm imaginable.

     To those who believe releases prevent prostate cancer, I note that the body will naturally exude semen by way of night-time emissions (wet dreams). David has an ‘exudation’ at least monthly. The body knows what it needs. 

[Mistress Scarlet note: The medical research on males over 30 years old.]

In a later update, I might share how our conversation evolved further.


15 thoughts on “Christine M hardens her chasity regimen

  1. Great work dear Christine.
    I really love your style to dominate David as well as your talented writing.
    I also think that comment is great and very well put!

    “I really don’t understand the fuss, we’re talking of two minutes in a year!”

    Every one slave must realize that his orgasms gives him a few seconds of pleasusre while serving us is a constant pleasure that last for years :)

    1. Serving a Superior Dominant Woman as a Chastity slave can be extremely frustrating for a slave. Especially when kept locked for long periods of time.
      But being a slave means. One has no say in these matters and must submit.

  2. Thank you very much Christine for your interesting method.
    We each have our own way of controlling the sexuality of our submissives, but with the same goal of reducing their sexual pleasure as much as possible, which in my eyes is only futility and waste of time. The denial of his virility is so pleasant and joking and marks my omnipotence over this almost eunuch.
    I take this post to notice that several Mistresses write that their sub are trying to discuss, to haggle over their Dom’s orders. It’s one thing I can’t stand, my orders are irrevocable and if cucu wants to discuss them, which he does now very rarely, the only thing he will gain is that it will be worse. The only answer I’m waiting for is “yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

    1. It is hot when a plea is met with a worsening of the ‘sentence’. I am always torn, : On the one hand, I love to respond to a plea with a ‘worsening’, but on the other hand I love to hear desperate, heartfelt pleading, that eventually gets dismissed.

  3. Truly a diabolical scheme. Poor David will spend all his time striving to serve his Mistress never truly knowing if he’ll get his desperately wanted release. All the while having to face the reality one tiny slip up can see it removed, and acknowledging however desperate he becomes in reality his precious releases are not needed just so desperately wanted.

  4. Oh my! Ms. Christine is so cruel, and yet as a submissive male, I find I am in awe of Her! Thank you for sharing this, Ma’am. I do hope David doesn’t lose his two minutes of pleasure!

  5. Slave caged has learned that. Superior Dominant Ladies can be extremely strict when training a slave. To serve them properly.
    Superior Dominant Ladies are especially strict with slaves kept in chastity.
    Only the Superior Dominant Goddess / Mistress chooses when or even if a slave is allowed relief.

  6. Dear Mistress Christine M,

    Does David kneel or stand to penetrate the flesh tube when he gets an orgasm?
    If he thrusts the flesh tube while standing, then he can spread his ankles to remain firm while penetrating. If he does it on his knees, then he can spread the knees to remain firm.
    You can tie his ankles and knees tightly with a belt before he starts thrusting the flesh tube. If both are tied up then this will make it harder for him to balance and focus on his orgasm. A slight misstep will cause him to misalign and he will lose precious time if he is not careful.

    As you said, he gets a Linnex application around once per month, why doesn’t he improve his behavior and be more selfless in your service to reduce the frequency of getting Linnex. What causes him to commit the follies that make you give him a harsh punishment? Can you list some examples of misbehavior which earns him a Linnex? Are they a result of his male ego, carelessness, or something else?

    Thank you.

  7. He is usually seated on the edge of the bed to use the Flesh-lite.
    I never understand why he keeps on misbehaving either!
    He usually only gets the Linnex when his male ego gets in the way. This might be if he is found sulking over a perceived ‘wrong’; if he is a little argumentative, if he acts a little too big for his britches, if he fondles his caged appendage. if he makes a chauvinistic comment, or is a little too cheeky,

  8. I can not even imagine being allowed to use a flesh lite. I am allowed a monthly release and am observed preforming a humiliating “sissy”. I must use what Mistress Linda calls the tea cup method. That is the thumb and forefinger on just the glans area. Mistress says go and stop to prolong the humiliation. when the release happens, I am required to consume the product and thank Mistress Linda for the added protean in my diet. I am in a tiny device that Mistress Linda thinks is cute and looks like a dolphin, she has of course dubbed it Flipper. My chastity and humiliation is not a secret to Mistress Linda’s two adult daughters and some select friends.
    I find chastity very embarrassing I am reminded of the privilege men have in society and that I gave up that privilege when the device went on..

  9. What a very imaginative and deliciously unfair method! David must find the whole arrangement incredibly frustrating and emasculating.

    To be sure of achieving his best possible outcome (of a pitiful two minutes of physical sexual pleasure per year) he must now strive for completely uninterrupted obedience and high levels of servitude 24/7 365. No let up in his servitude! No wonder Christine delivered this news with such glee. What a cruel and heartless bitch she is (and I mean that as a compliment!).

    I wonder what was going through David’s mind when he buried his head between his Mistress’ thighs and “brought her to the boil” to thank her for her cruelty.

  10. Mistress Christine’s chastity regime is a work of genius.

    This system leaves the slave in a state of complete ignorance and constant fear, desperate to avoid losing either of the releases he may be allowed. He doesn’t even know if the spreadsheet still contains any ‘Release Approved’ cells left in column B.

    He simply has to work as hard as possible every single day, all year long, and pray that he can do well enough to satisfy his owner’s requirements and maybe, just maybe, be lucky enough to get one or two minutes of freedom.

    Mistress Christine has guaranteed that her slave will work tirelessly all year round and try his very best to provide her with outstanding service.

    The reduction of his possibilities for release to a maximum of two minutes per year may seem harsh, especially since his penis cage allows no room for erection and so these are the only times in the whole year when he can enjoy any form of arousal.

    But as Mistress Christine so rightly explains, why should she suffer from any lack of service or poor performance while her slave recovers his submissive devotion and high energy levels after an orgasm? The fewer releases he is allowed, the more efficient he will be, and the better service she will receive.

    The ideal scenario would clearly be for the slave to have no releases at all. So it is truly generous of her to allow him as much as two minutes of freedom a year.

    She has written in reply to another post about not wanting her slave to have an erection so that he can concentrate one hundred percent on the task in hand. Why should she ever have to put up with a reduction in the quality of his service just so that he can enjoy totally unnecessary pleasure?

    The addition of relatively frequent Linnex punishments – hours of excruciating pain – only serve to increase the slave’s jeopardy. It is wonderful to think how much more time he spends in agony with the Linnex burning his birth defect and testicles than he will ever enjoy having an erection.

    Mistress Christine’s wisdom, creative imagination, her pitilessness when punishing her slave, and her insistence on the very highest levels of service are absolutely wonderful.

    I hope she will continue to share many more episodes and details from her life with her slave, and that they will inspire other dominant women who read this blog to impose even stricter control over their own slaves.

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