Quiz site for ‘educating’ submissives?

Below she provides an account of another incident and also a link to an interesting quiz site which she used to ‘educate’ her hubby about an element of women’s fashion. (As he does all the laundry and ironing.)  I also found on the site, one quiz about Disney princesses’ outfits and another about Disney princesses first lines. It is likely that, sometime in the future, I will use one or both to keep bitch-boy occupied!
Here is Ms Joan’s account:
Dear Ms Scarlet
It has been a while since I wrote to you, and I thought this snippet of my lifestyle would amuse you.
Last we with my slave hubby we were out with a couple of friends for a meal. My friend complimented me on my new skirt (Phase 8), and hubby made an unwelcome comment about me having too many, immediately putting him in his place I told him then he would have to be careful if I have so many and remember  to read the care instructions. Of course this was of interest to the others and I explained that now he had retired he did all the washing and ironing, much to his embarrassment.
On Saturday it was the international football game, and meekly he asked, ‘please Mistress Wife may I watch the game tonight’, he always has to ask to watch any particular program as he is not allowed to use the remotes.  Telling him after his behaviour during the week I would consider it. After thinking of a novel way to punish him and with a search of the internet. I told him that if he could complete the quiz, which I have attached, in under 1 minute then he could watch the game.
He had over 2 hours before the start so he had plenty of time to practice, incidentally I couldn’t even do this myself for the first few tries within the 4 minutes never mind the 1 minute which I had set him.
Consequently close to the start he couldn’t complete the quiz within the minute, so while I had the game on in the background he knelt at my feet facing me frustratingly looking at the skirt types on his laptop. Being a benevolent Mistress I did let him have a retest at half time and he just managed to finish it within the time I set, so the lucky boy got to watch the 2nd half.
Not the wildest femdom session, but it amused me and taught him a lesson.
 Kind regards
Mistress Joan

10 thoughts on “Quiz site for ‘educating’ submissives?

      1. On the same site is an online book on how sissies can make their own dresses….so much opportunity for humiliation, not just wearing, but teasing on the fact the sissy made it for themselves…..

    1. Thank you very much for this this link.
      I haven’t read everything yet, but what I’ve seen seems interesting and funny to me.
      I’m not sure cucu will be as enthusiastic as I am when I do some testing.
      But it will be for later, for the moment he is overloaded with work.

  1. I have looked at the link provided by knightly devotion, very interesting indeed, I can see my little hubby having to take some typing tests and perhaps the English test at some time in the future.
    I never even knew this site existed, thank you Ms Scarlet and your followers for finding this.

  2. I found this site a few months ago, obviously to my sissy’s dismay. It is fabulous,she is regularly doing typing tests as I told her the skills would benefit her in a sissy secretary job. The chastity dice and other tests are really good as well. It is quite amusing to set her for a test or to write an essay on the essay writing portion of it. Absolutely wonderful to put her doing something to occupy herself instead of whining about her chastity cage.

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