Tests for subjugating Sissies

Sissy Punishing Tests

In the comments I have by, knightly devotion, been pointed to yet more  dreadful sissy tests to keep a sissy busy while its Mistress relaxes. They may be of interest to some Mistresses.

On the same site is an online book on how sissies can make their own dresses….so much opportunity for humiliation, not just wearing, but teasing, on the fact the sissy made it for themselves.



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12 thoughts on “Tests for subjugating Sissies

  1. The typing quiz is part of my weekly training. I have to write 100 lines while dressed in one of my maid’s uniforms. The lines come from a pre-approved list, but are all sissy maid or submission related. For example, “Serving as a sissy maid is my purpose in life.” My Mistress finds the test helps instill a proper submissive mindset.

    My Mistress has an escalating punishment scale for mistakes. Mistakes 1-10 are equal to the same number of strokes with a crop (10 mistakes = 10 strokes). Mistakes from 11-20 count double. So 15 mistakes equals 20 strokes (the first 10 and then 5 more times 2). Mistakes 21-30 are tripled and the punishment continues to escalate from there.

      1. Do future BAVs count for the register, Mistress Scarlet? Mistress C recently made it clear that I will be a BAV in the future, but she hasn’t decided when or at least hasn’t let me know. Once it happens she plans to install a points system for future orgasms. She wants to track the points on the refrigerator door along with the date of my last orgasm as a constant reminder.

        1. I can have a go at such an entry; especially if Mistress C would like that. She does sound wonderful. So can you briefly describe Mistress C’s reasons for making you into a BAV in due course?

          1. There are several reasons Mistress Scarlet, so I will be brief. First, Mistress C is interested in taking away things I enjoy (like penetration). Second, she has told me that in the bedroom I am equal to her vibrator (I’m to be used for her pleasure only). My hands, tongue, and feminized body are useful to her, my locked-away penis is not. I spend more time servicing her dildo than my playing with my own member. She enjoys controlling my sexuality by keeping me locked up and will enjoy it even more if I’m denied penetration.

  2. Dear Ms. Scarlet,

    It’s an honor to have my post highlighted on your blog, although I can’t help but to feel that I’m betraying my brethren. I set myself up to do 70 simple math questions over 20 minutes and can assure you that I would not want to be forced to endure these for an hour or more. Unlike other boring, tedious tasks where one can allow ones mind to wander, these will require your utmost attention…especially if there are repercussions for wrong/missed questions.

    The worst part about these tests is that there will invariably be questions that will trigger arousal and/or a spike in submissive hormones, but the male must simply move on to the next question and try its best to focus. The simplicity of the questions coupled with the humiliating topic, along with the invariable trigger questions is an effective tool in the toolshed to keep your male in its place.

    I’m not sure what state I would be in after suffering an hour or more of these questions, but I’m quite sure I would not feel very manly sitting there with my hands on my head dressed as you’ve described bb, staring at my results on the pink page as I eagerly await my Mistress’ return, yet dreading the inevitable.

    Thank you so very much for giving us this wonderful blog, and for giving me the opportunity to add to it.

    knightly devotion

  3. Books of practice arithmetic from Am*z*n are cheap and easy way to inflict hours of stress on the victim with minimal preparation on our part and no need for technology other than a biro (no rubbing out!)

    Just remember to remove the answers out from the back! No cheating!

    1. I’m not sure if you went to the site or followed the original thread, but the reason the site was brought to attention was the fact that all the tests are sissy themed. So while the submissive is essentially performing 2nd grade math, there is the additional humiliation that all the problems pertain to the position that the feminized male is currently experiencing.

      Technology provides the additional benefit that the Mistress can simply review the generated report; no need for her to waste her time checking hundreds of answers.

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