It’s the little things

Some little moments from my routine life over the last two days. I hope I do not bore you dear blog follower.

Moments 1 and 2

bitch-boy was outside working on a DIY type chore I had instructed him to do. I was inside  enjoying some yoga and other exercise. After a couple of hours, I heard him entering the house and I went to the hallway.

‘Is the job finished puppet? ‘No Mistress, but it’s started to rain quite heavily.’

‘It seems to me the job can be finished in the rain without being spoiled. That is the case, yes?’ He paused for a moment and then answered. ‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Out you go then.I had a long relaxing bath and felt quite aroused when I got out; thinking about my life of power and unashamed, pitiless bitchiness. I went to my bedroom. bitch-boy had not long come back inside; the job was finished. I called to him to come to me. He entered the bedroom to find me propped up on the bed, my back against the headboard. I was naked, but for six inch heeled platform mules, . (My body is pretty  AMAZING at the moment, though I say so myself! For me, lock-down means: No takeaways, no eating out, minimal alcohol and so much exercise!) (Link to the post explaining the image.)

‘Does that make you desperate puppet, seeing my body like this? His response was a deeply emotional, heartfelt, gushing of how, I could not imagine how desperate he is, blah, blah, blah. I responded.  ‘But I can imagine how extremely desperate you are little puppet. I know exactly how cruel I am being and how much frustration you are suffering. It’s one orgasm in 16 weeks for you now isn’t it. And I know that orgasm did not clear the frustration of the the orgasm free 14 weeks that came before it. But I am utterly pitiless now. I have learned over this lockdown that you do not break, regardless of whatever I do to you. So I am a totally sadistic bitch because that turns me on. No guilt. No sympathy for you. No mercy for you. You introduced me to femdom, you were born a submissive, you can’t be content without being dominated. So you are dominated, but in the manner I CHOOSE, I’m afraid. My way or no way puppet.’

I switched on my wand. ‘Yet again, I am not going to allow you to lick me, but you can watch me bring myself off with my Lelo.’  After a VERY SHORT while, I began the climb to orgasm. My eyes were now shut as I spoke. ‘I have more orgasms every single week than you will have this year, don’t I puppet. And the day you did get to cum, I had more orgasms THAT SINGLE DAY than will get this year. And just think, the raffle tickets have begun to be ripped out now, so we are on our way to an orgasm-free life for you.’ I could say no more, as the climb had reached the mountain’s peak. My orgasm was overwhelming……………………

[NOTE: I don’t know if bitch-boy is unusual with this, but we have found, to my cruel pleasure, and his terrible levels of frustration, that if he has gone more than say two weeks without orgasm, then, even if I allow him a full orgasm, (under the sole of my shoe of course), within an hour or so, his frustration returns, pretty much as though he has had no full orgasm. In the early days of his chastity regimen, we found I needed to give him two orgasms the same day, to free him of the frustration levels he had built up. Although I did learn that, and applied it because I was merciful then, I have now evolved to my current levels of pitilessness. There is NO PITY! He will NEVER get to have two orgasms in a day on his current frustration laden journey to an orgasm-free existence.]

Moment 3

The next day, I was using bitch-by for his vanilla company and we were both cuddled up on the sofa watching a movie: UNDER THE SILVER LAKE. (A weird film, but some originality and humour.) There were quite a few VERY ATTRACTIVE and scantily clad female bodies which I did not mention as we watched, but I knew must have been a torture for bitch-boy. Then, in one scene, the dialogue between a beautiful young woman, who had been sunbathing, and a young man, was broadly as follows. She speaks first:

‘Were you masturbating while you were watching me?‘ ‘No, no of course not.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with masturbating. I do it all the time. I know you must do.‘ ‘Well yes, I do sometimes.’ 

Yes, Everyone does it.’ 

I did not even turn to look at my little puppet as I spoke. ‘Not EVERYONE does it though; do they  little puppet.’ Poor bitch-boy breathed emotionally a couple of times  out of his nose, before his whispered answer. ‘No Mistress.’ I chuckled and returned to watching the movie; contentedly feeling very powerful and mean. (I also made a mental note to pose and strut in my see-thru dressing gown and six-inch-heeled platform mules, for a minute or two before bedtime, to twist the knife of frustration deep within bitch-boy’s soul.)

Moments 4 to, goodness knows how many

I do not keep a count of each time I use a curt instruction during vanilla time, but I NEVER fail to get a brief moment of bitchy power-rush when I use one. (There have been four previous posts on curt instructions. The post to which I have linked above, has a link to the previous post, and that post to the post before that, etc.)

Believe it or not, There is quite a bit of vanilla time in my life, even in lockdown! Days with things like; deliveries of groceries, zoom get-togther’s with family and friends, minor illness for me like the common cold, major DIY work in which I have a role, mornings that start off with vanilla time by my choice, etc. By sod’s law, sometimes these days are consecutive.

The joy of curt instructions is that they, for a brief moment or two, elevate me to ALL my feelings of power and meanness, and for quite a considerable time afterwards, drop bitch-boy deep into feelings of being helplessly under the control of a domestic, tyrant. Given he is having to cope with his new, pretty extreme, caged and denial routine, during vanilla time, it is most appropriate that I keep up his feelings of subjugation to me; augmenting his caged denial.

I also think, if like me, a Domme is brought up to be VERY polite, ….. please this and….. thank you that….. without fail, that politeness is so ingrained, there is a  magnified thrill when issuing a curt instruction.

Another cup of tea.’ ‘Get my indoor Ugg boots.’ ‘Sort the laptop for my Zoom yoga session; NOW.’ ‘Bring me my cell-phone.’ ‘Get me my book.’ ‘Top up my wine.’ ‘Put my cell-phone on charge.’  etc.  Curt instructions; each one injecting subjugation into his submissive mind, but were they polite requests instead; each would be a wasted opportunity for pleasure for me and subjugation feelings for him.

And of course, the absence of a thank you when something is handed to me. That silence is remarkably aloof and dismissive! Or even better than a silence when something is handed to me, is to ask in a slightly irritated voice, ‘What do you say?‘ and have him humiliating himself as he answers, ‘Thank you Mistress’; thanking me for the privilege of that instance of serving me.


Link to my latest Journal.

45 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Oh Mistress, I love your total power and how you treat bitch boy. It must make you feel so aroused and powerful being so cruel. I just keep imagining your perfect body and beautiful high heels, it must be heaven and hell for bitch boy.

  2. Slave caged has learned to love being a chastity slave completely owned and controlled by MG Alanna. Slave is forbidden the smallest erection or orgasm and is constantly dildod.
    slave has accepted it’s role as total slave and property.
    Slave has no say in anything.
    slave must simply obey.

        1. Should you be referred to as slavecaged in the register or are you referreed to by another name by MG Alanna?
          Should MG Alanna be referred to as Mistress MG Alanna?
          What date did you becaome a BAV?
          Very briefly, why did MG Alanna choose to make you a BAV?

            1. Answer all questions.
              Should you be referred to as slavecaged in the register or are you referreed to by another name by MG Alanna??????
              Should MG Alanna be referred to as Mistress MG Alanna???????
              Very briefly, why did MG Alanna choose to make you a BAV???????

                    1. When Goddess chose slave to serve as Goddess as her slave and gave slave the name slave caged. slave its interest in serving as a chastity slave. slave did not count on being locked in permanent chastity.
                      Goddess Alanna stated that slave would be locked for a year on january 4 2015.
                      One full year later on january 4 2016 slave would be permamently locked cause slave cage was to big and allowed slave a partial erection.
                      slave caged tried several smaller cages and finally found the perfect cage called the prison mini with a depth of only 1.10 and prevents slave caged even tthe smallest erection whatsoever.
                      at first Goddess Alanna made slave wear a butt plug, but when the ran off with the butt plug slave was commanded to wear the dildo which slave truly hates.
                      slave was permitted to remove the butt plug to sleep, as Goddess has gotten stricter with slave, slave is only allowed to remove the dildo for bathroom use and slave must beg for permission first’

                    2. At the moment the moment the dildo is held in by extremely tight underwear.
                      Goddess Alanna has informed slave that it will have a harness locked on slave as slave will be fitted with an even thicker dildo that can only be removed with Goddess unlocking the harness if and only when Goddess wishes to allow slave relief from the frustration of being stuffed and stretched by the dildo constantly.Goddess Alanna knows that the dildo makes slaves frustration extremely worse as slave has for so long. the dildo keeps slave leaking constantly. humiliating slave must lick it up.
                      Goddess Alanna wants slave extremely frustrated and humiliated at all times

  3. your splendid and incredible ability to exercise your absolute domination with absolute mastery and simplicity of gestures!
    Especially in a relationship that, like yours, also includes many ‘vanilla’ moments, the splendid way in which you can subjugate b.b. with a single gesture or a single word it makes you truly unique.
    b.b. he is a very lucky slave!
    A strong hug
    Mistress Francesca

  4. Dear Scarlet,
    Reading the posts and comments on your blog, and one of the introductions to your splendid journals, I reflected on th life mine and of my sissy and I agree with you that in society there is still an unjustified and unjustifiable discrimination against submissive (especially submissive men).
    It is clear that, unfortunately, even Western societies are still plagued by prejudices and discriminatory attitudes towards almost all sexual inclinations other than traditional heterosexuality.
    However, it is undeniable that, fortunately, LGBT movements have achieved great results in their legitimacy and that today lesbian gay, bisexyual or transgender people can live, in many countries, a much freer and more open life than they once were, being fully recognized. right to their sexuality, even though they still have to defend themselves from old prejudices.
    For the BDSM movement, especially from the point of view of submissive and slave men, a lot is still to be done.
    Despite the fact that ‘BDSM fashon’ has swept into the media, music, fashion and design, the idea of ​​a Femdom relationship cannot yet be openly ‘confessed’ without the submissive man being the victim of heavy discrimination, offense and derision, similar to those that a homosexual had to suffer only a few decades ago.
    Paradoxically, the idea of ​​a BDSM relationship in which the woman is the slave is much more accepted and acceptable (even by many women), as shown by the success of the novels of the 50 shades series or the undying success of the histoire d ‘ O.
    (And this regardless of the fact that, in my opinion, histoire d’O is a masterpiece while the 50 shades series is, on the other hand, really mediocre)
    Despite this, ‘clearance’ in the mainstream world of BDSM, the idea that a man may wish to submit to a woman and become her slave and, even more so, the idea that a woman can intimately enjoy dominating her man, still does not ‘pass’.
    I had seen with interest the fact that the TV series ‘Bilions’ dealt with the theme of a man of power who, however, was submissive to his wife in private.
    And yet, while appreciating the intention, in the end the series fell into the stereotype of the woman in some way ‘forced’ to indulge her man’s sexual fantasies and, therefore, in the end, not free to live her own idea of ​​domination.
    It is as if we were unable to free ourselves from the cliché that female sexuality is always and in any case somehow subordinated to male sexuality.
    And therefore, even when the woman dominates the man, (which already sounds less acceptable than when she is submissive) she still does it for the pleasure of her partner or, otherwise, she is a whore because she is too sexually free.
    Even in the way of seeing BDSM, therefore, the sexism that is typical of our society applies in some way.
    A man who enjoys dominating a consenting woman is considered absolutely acceptable and is even admired; even among ‘vanilla’ women.
    At the same time, a woman who enjoys being subjugated is absolutely acceptable; even among ‘vanilla’ women
    On the contrary, a woman who enjoys dominating and subduing a consenting man is still experienced with suspicion and as an anomaly, even from a ‘moral’ point of view
    And in the same way, a man who seeks in submission not only the satisfaction of an erotic game, still seems weak and, in any case, not suited to his male role.
    I think this is very unfair and that people who practice Femdom but also have some social role should try to put the dynamics that push a man and a woman to choose this kind of life in the right perspective.
    In my opinion, in fact, the emotional dynamics that lead a man to accept to live a life of submission to his partner or, on the contrary, those that lead a woman to choose to fully exercise their dominion are absolutely identical to those that bring to any other choice in the emotional, sexual, work and, more generally, existential and life spheres.
    In essence, it is a question of understanding what, in concrete terms, is intimately more satisfying, what is the deepest desire, the one that can most satisfy our existence in the deepest sense and understanding what one is willing to do to live that desire.
    It is like this in everyone’s life.
    Any choice requires sacrifices and efforts and moments of difficulty to achieve the set goal and, even once achieved, living the desired life still involves sacrifices and commitment.
    The point is to evaluate to what extent the imposed sacrifices are worth the dreamed life.
    In our world it is the same.
    Both for me and for sissy slave m.
    My life, for example, is perfectly in line with my dream as a girl: a life as the absolute mistress of my destiny, totally free to live as I like without having to answer to anyone and totally free to be able to give free rein to my nature naturally sadistic and my innate cruelty and my sexuality.
    In the face of this, of course, I have given up some things.
    I gave up having children, and god knows if I adore children and if I do not miss being a mother (luckily I have two beautiful granddaughters who I love and who adore me)
    I had to adapt my friendships to an unusual lifestyle that many would not understand and I have had many unpleasant (even very unpleasant) encounters in the course of my research and growth in this universe.
    And yet these sacrifices and difficulties are amply rewarded by the life I now live, which is the one I have always wanted.
    I would say nothing more normal!
    For sissy slave m., and for any slave, it is no different at all.
    Sissy slave m. he has always yearned and desired, ever since he was a teenager, to be submissive to a cruel dominatrix, to serve and adore her, to live at her feet and make her happy with submission.
    His sexuality has always been dominated by the desire for submission and the adoration of the aesthetic and fetishistic symbols of domination and bondage.
    His deepest sexual pleasure and fulfillment, more and more than in orgasm, has always been in feeling submissive to me and in adoring me prostrate at my feet and making me happy.
    For this he invited me to go out, for this he accepted to be dominated and for this he followed and continues to follow his path towards the underworld of his slavery.
    The point is that for him the condition of absolute fulfillment lies in serving me, worshiping me and prostrating himself at my feet and being kept in my presence for life.
    This is what he always wanted.
    And his renunciation of every freedom and vanilla aspect of life (and the exception of work), his chastity, his condition as a BAV, his feminization, his forced bi, his almost perennial bondage, torture, humiliation and cruelty he endures is the price to pay to make me happy and to live his dream life in slavery at my feet.
    And despite the yoke of his slavery getting heavier, seeing me enjoy his suffering and humiliation, serving myself and being able to have the honor of being at my feet are things that make the life of a sissy slave m. full of meaning and worth living for him, no matter how terrible it is to experience so many of the things I impose on him.
    He made his choice and now, like everyone else, he lives the consequences.
    And I am sure, by the transport and gratitude with which he is licking my shoes under the desk as I write, that he is worth it too.
    So, Scarlet, my reflection is that our lives, however unusual they may appear to those who look at them from the outside, follow absolutely common and natural logic and mental and emotional patterns.
    We are naturally Masters and dominatrixes, they are naturally slaves and submissives and together we form an absolutely natural and beautiful lifestyle.
    A lifestyle that I invite anyone with an interest to try, because it is unique and wonderful!
    Sorry if this post is very long and, as always, arrange it as you like.
    Mistress Francesca

    In this month there has been a change in the chastity regime of sissy slave m.
    A simple thing but that goes in the direction, in the near future, of the end of every orgasm for the sissy.
    If you like I will update you about it.
    Thanks always for your contribution to the beautiful femdom universe.

  5. Greetings, Ms Scarlet!

    I think I am a highly atypical reader of your blog. I am a straight male dominant sadist, without a submissive bone in my body, so I have no desire whatsoever to experience any of the things you inflict on bb and others. But I truly love reading your blog because you are so sadistic. There is a saying, “Game calls to game,” and you have definitely got game. I’m in the process of buying and reading your journal entries, because I enjoy hearing about your cruel sadism. It inspires my own.

    So with that said, I have a question for you. It might be something you’ve already covered (I am still way way behind (though catching up) on your blog), and if so, I apologise. The question is: Have you made plans for what will happen to bb should you (heaven forfend) pre-decease it?

    From what I’ve read so far, it seems like bb would be lost without a cruel sadist like you to own it. So you might want to see if one of the other equally sadistic Dommes of your acquaintance might be willing to “muck in” if need be.

    It could even lead to a great scene, where you invite her to visit you, and of course to torment bb beyond all imagining, then at a suitable moment, announce that you have made contingency plans. “I have decided that, should I pre-decease you, you will be in the care of…”

    That would probably be quite upsetting to bb, as in your case, at least it once had a more conventional relationship, whereas with the new Mistress, it will be strictly about their sadistic desires, with no vanilla relationship at all.

    I hate to bring up such a grim subject, but in this time of COVID-19, we’re all thinking those kinds of thoughts.

    And again, thank you for sharing!


    1. Hmmmmmm. Three reasons I have not made plans for me pre-decease him.
      1. I am much younger than him so the chances are slim.
      2. I do not know a Domme who does not already have a partner.
      3. I really don’t want to think about such a grim subject. I am sure you understand.

  6. This is an amazing blog! And as a sub and life long Femdom-lover, this is exactly my fantasy! A Dominant Woman who liked to be really bitchy, mean, cruel and sadistic to me…I would be in absolute heaven if i was him.

    I love the thought of being out working for you in the heavy rain while you´re taking a long and relaxing, hot luscoius foam bath…And the last part, when you´re demanding things instead of asking and just making him serve you…And especially not even thanking him…Would be an immense thrill for me!

    I love to just serve Ladies in general…And i fully believe all Women are above me. I like to just open doors for Women, offer to carry bags, give up my seat, let Women go ahead of me in line and offer to pay too, use my umbrella while i get wet, sit on my shirt so they won´t get dirty, help with anything and everything they want help with…And the biggest thrill, would be someone gladly letting me do things for them without even thanking me.

    One thing that is an incredible thrill, is when i´m just standing around somewhere to open doors for Women, and someone doesn´t even thank me…Especially if it´s a sexy and posh mature upperclass-lady…The kind who spends her entire days just shopping with her husbands card, going to spas and pedicures and would see a working class guy like me as the dirt under her heels…The thrill of just opening the door for her and standing aside with a polite “After you, Ma´am!” and just have her walk right past me with her nose in the air, like i didn´t even exist…Just leaving me standing there with a gasp of excitement and a rise in my pants…And then just walk behind her and stare as she wiggles her ass as she walks and her expensive high heels clicking with each step…Just wishing she would sit right on my ugly face so she won´t have to see me. Or lay me out flat on my back over a mud puddle and catwalk all over my body so her sexy expensive designer stilettos won´t get ruined!

    One time, after opening the door for a Lady just like that who didn´t even thank me and then walked ahead of me wiggling her ass, i just said to her when i got up to her that “You could walk all over me in those heels to get over a mud puddle if you wanted to…” She then smiled at me and just said “I bet you wish i would…” and gave me a wink! That was absolutely amazing…Best day i had. Almost like she knew or could sense what turned me on and wanted to tease me…I had fantasies about her for ages.

    My fantasy is coming home from a long and hard full day at work, sore and tired and aching all over and be welcomed by a super-bitchy housewife who opens the door in just a thong and start to berate and belittle me from the moment i set foot inside! Asking me for all the things she asked me to buy for her, complaining on everything i did wrong and just being a complete bitch to me! Demand that i just lay down flat on my back so she can walk on me and just wipe her feet on me…Using me as a doormat in every way. (Afterwards, we would have the best sex ever…Her knowing exactly how to turn me on and help me relax after a long hard day at work. ;)

    1. Loved your comment right up until the last sentence! LOL. I may be wrong, but you are likely to find that a woman who would do all the cruel things you set out, is unlikely to have focus on relaxing you after your hard day at work, or give you sex that made you content. It is unlikely to be a game to her. Just a thought.

      1. I could do without sex anytime if i had a Woman like that in my life! :) The Femdom and domination part would suffice.

      1. Slave caged would honestly and truly give its left arm to be living the life as a 24 / 7/ 365 chastity slave at this very moment.
        Slave caged has gone thru two marriages for several reasons
        1. Loveless relationship on slaves part…
        2. Always had a burning desire / craving as a slave, especially a chastity slave.
        A terribly hard desire to ignore.

            1. It does not. That is 17 comments of a stream of consciousness so far today. Surely you can see that is not what I would want. You need to develop much more empathy. Put yourself in my shoes and those of other blog readers, and think about what would interest them or be informative. One comment that is considered and properly thought out is the way forward. Think about what it is you want to communicate and make a list of those topics before you begin writing.

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