Mistress Brigite’s cucu is transformed

My last post that included comment from Mistress Brigite was the post: Mistresses’ variations of: The most-powerful-cruel-clever-chastity-scheme-ever.  Below is her account of a culmination of weeks of planning Mistress Brigite  had been emailing me about. (For background completeness, cucu is in chastity 24/7/365.)

This special day was delayed due to the delay in the arrival of my purchases. cucu knew that changes had been waiting for him and I set the big day for Tuesday. Monday night late, I chained cucu on his bed, lying on his stomach, and I told him that I wanted his agreement for the next morning, without knowing exactly what to expect.

Tuesday morning, I woke him up with a bang by 6 good strokes of the cane on his buttocks.
After releasing him I asked him if he was willing to give me great pleasure by accepting a new life. His response was immediate: “Of course Mistress.” I sent him to the bathroom, with the order to shower in cold water, to remove his body hair completely and to cut his head hair very short. When he came back I told him that now he was no longer a man, but a female and that he would, forever more, wear women’s underwear every day, from morning to night, even when he would be out to work; and only female clothes at home. I explained to him that I no longer wanted to ever see him in men’s clothes. He was devastated by this news, but I started dressing him.

To start with, I put on a tight silicone bustier with huge G-cup fake breasts. When he saw it in the mirror he was already desperate, but it was only the beginning. A female latex mask was the next piece, I also chose it tight. Then I put a corset on her in very narrow leather, which once laced, and I had some difficulty, reduced its size by 18 cm. (6 inches). It was a little difficult for him to breathe. He had the silhouette of a caricature of a female with huge breasts and waist very fine. A real treat to watch, even better than in my wildest dreams.

Diapers and one rubber panties followed, then stockings and ankle boots laced and padlocked with 10 cm, (4 inch) heels. To finish with the underwear I added a black bra and as I found his posture not very good, I added his bondage shoulder straps, which forced him to stand straighter. Finally as clothing; pink household gloves, a very fine white blouse, padlocked at the collar and cuffs, a hobble skirt padlocked at the waist, which descends to her ankles which requires her to take very small steps. A blonde wig, an apron and her shackled cuffs complete her outfit. When I was done dressing I saw her eyes shining with tears and her pleading gaze, I laughed.

I sent her to look at herself in the mirror, “Look how pretty you are honey,” I told her.
He remained looking at himself as petrified for a good little while. Then I asked him,
Didn’t you forget something?” He answered “Thank you Mistress ”  in  a very small voice.

It’s right that you thank me. While I gave myself a lot of consternation to imagine this very pretty and very comfortable costume ” She thanked me totally humiliated in the same term, but I told her that she would be punished for this disrespect. Then I send him to prepare breakfast, telling her that it was only for me, because I want him to lose a few pounds.

Once served, I sent her to his room with the order to wait for me in front of the mirror, motionless with his hands on his head. I had lunch very quietly. I had the idea of creating a new punishment book, on which I wrote down his disrespect. I dragged around for a good hour knowing that he must have been in pain from her still position in her high heels. Then I went to join her by bringing large trash bags, big scissors and a bag with accessories that he would find out about later. She had to go get me a chair and when I was seated I told her I was going to sort and reduce her male wardrobe.

I started with his socks, which she had to cut one by one. Then his briefs and his underwear suffered the same fate, as well as a good part of his clothes. She told me the next day that until that moment he still had a little hope that it was just temporary, but that when I had him destroy a large part of his clothes, she understood that I was really serious.

Once that was finished, she went to take the garbage bags to the garage with the order to bring back some strong glue. When she came back with the glue, I took a dildo out of the bag and told her to go stick it on the mirror at the height of his mouth when she is kneeling. It was a small job, but made difficult by the way it was held. I was delighted to see that the stress effect was even worse than i imagined. I was thrilled.

The vision of this dildo is totally obvious. I hope that seeing it every day will remind him of his condition of humiliated and submissive female. Then I sent her to clean my room and my bathroom. I was so excited that I had to give myself pleasure while she toiled in her constraining outfit.
When she finished and came back to see me for the next orders, she found me on the couch. I told him to go to my car and bring back the suitcases and bags placed in the trunk;
which contained her new wardrobe. I ordered him to put everything away which is new and to wash and iron all the rest that I had bought in thrift stores. When I called her to cook dinner, I noticed that she was starting to get tired and seemed to be in pain; to my delight.
I ate a delicious seafood platter while she ate a mixture of bruxelle sprouts and cold spinach with bread without dry salt. And to spice it up, 3 fresh olives which are as bitter as the product for the nails and whose bitterness stays in the mouth for hours. She needs to spit out the pits perfectly clean so I can be sure she doesn’t pretend to eat them and swallow them whole.
The afternoon passed quietly, I took a good nap while she was doing her laundry, ironing in addition to other household chores.
In the evening, after a good meal for me and the same lunch menu for him. I unlocked his clothes and allowed him to completely undress except for his soaking diaper and rubber panties. She was exhausted, sweating with her face all red from being covered by the mask all day. The marks left by the corset and shoulder straps  delighted me. I sent her to take a good cold shower when I got back I handed her her new nightgown which I had sewn myself with love, made of burlap bags.
Then I send him to fetch the washboard he kneels on in front of my chair when we talk. To begin with I asked him what he sincerely thought of his new outfit, he replied: “Horrible, Mistress” I answered him with a big smile: “Perfect“. That said, I gave him my new directives which are in addition to the old ones, but this one is totally unfair:
I don’t want to see her dress as a man at home anymore, and when she can’t help it when she leaves and arrives from work outside, 2 or 3 times a week; or when we go out together, he will get a punishment every time, because he will be in man’s clothes, even though he is not to blame. I also decided that she should give me a very low curtsey every time I enter a room where she is, or that she would enter a room where I am, and this is every time, even if there are only a few minutes between each. If she is in an outfit or a bondage which prevents it, she will have to say “Reverence Mistress“, but she will still have a punishment. And if she forgets she will have 2 punishments.
As for the dildo stuck in her bedroom, I decided that she will have to suck it every morning for at least 30 minutes. This is the first thing she should do as soon as she gets up.
Finally I also decided she would be punished for ‘sex’ once a month. I told her that I had thought about the usefulness of this incongruous thing that she had between her thighs and that the only usefulness to me that I I had found was it existed to make her suffer for my pleasure. No orgasm, just pain. The next monthly event will be the first time I will use the Linnex. (I hope it will be as painful as you describe it Scarlet). I’ll give you a little report next month.
With each command I gave, I saw her body sag and her head droop more and more, but she still remembered to thank me for each of them. I was in a state of excitement that I had rarely felt. To start this day, “I said kiss my feet and go to bed, and don’t forget that your new rules take effect tomorrow.”
Thus ended the first day of the new life of cucu the female.


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10 thoughts on “Mistress Brigite’s cucu is transformed

  1. That is a harsh, strict and restrictive regime to live, masking everyday, latex top everyday, corseted everyday, plus the bondage….

    Cucu will break….oh my….

    1. I might wrong but it seems you did not read the post accurately? A latex top, other then the hood, I did not read about?
      No corset or mask when out to work or out with Mistress Brigite I think.
      And perhaps you insult cucu thinking him weak enough to break under the regime? I know, for instance, bitch-boy would not break under such a regime.

      1. No insult intended, more reflective on how to endure the restrictions….I guess thinking if it was me I would struggle and most likely break.
        I appreciate the full uniform is for home only and not for work or wider social use.
        Thank you, cutsey

    2. Wearing a mask, huge fake breasts, a corset … etc are not for everyday.
      I wanted to mark this day with this outfit so that she will remember it all his life.
      My orders are that she be dressed in women’s underwear all day.
      The bare minimum is a brassiere, a tight girdle or pantygirdle, stocking or panty hose under his men’s suit when working outside.
      In addition at home, bras, wig, cleaning gloves, high heels, make-up are mandatory under a woman’s outfit.
      So you can see she can wear quite comfortable clothes, but also very punitive outfits like a spiked corset, shoes that are too small, very warm underwear, the mask … etc.
      It all depends on my mood, and my desire to change her costume.
      I admit all the same that my domination is not the softest for cucu, but I take too much pleasure in treating her so harshly to have the slightest bitterness.
      And even if I am a cruel and severe Mistress, I take great attention to the health of cucu and to her perfect physical form.

      1. You may be cruel but your affection and care for cucu is very evident and important. it’s good that cucu keeps providing a way for You to be pleased.
        Enjoy life and each other

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