Domination à Trois Part 2.

Following receipt of the wonderful account below, I have requested Mistress Corrine does indeed go yet deeper with the detail on a number of aspects. I cannot wait!


Dear Scarlett,
My wife (Mistress Carmen) and I are honored by the evidence you gave to my comment and we are honored by your interest in our menage. I will try to give a concise answer to your curiosity and then, in the future, it might be interesting to deepen some aspects with you and with the other Dominatrixes who follow your wonderful blog.
Following the order of your curiosities:

His chastity regime:

The slave chastity regime is extremely simple: He is in constant and total chastity 24/7/365 without any kind of orgasm. In particular, the last orgasm was the day before my wife moved to our house: April 25, 2010.

That evening, for the last time, ‘slave’ masturbated while licking my shoes and while I whipped him. After reaching what he knew was his last orgasm, he licked all his semen off the ground and, not without desperate sobbing, put on his chastity belt.

Slave had been in chastity long before, of course, but, until I met my wife, he even had the honor – albeit very rarely – of making me cum with his cock (even if that was never one of the my favorite ways of achieving orgasm). His last penetration, in order to insert it in your BAV register, dates back to a few months before I met my wife, I would say late August – early September 2009. Unfortunately I can’t be more precise. Obviously I would like you to insert it in your BAV register.

Slave has two pierced rings on the foreskin of his cock and another pierced ring in the perineal area between testicles and anus. There are two ways in which her chastity is ensured:
First of all, a neosteel shemale classic hip chastity belt, with the possibility of adding rear shild with anal dildo. He wears it regularly 24/7 (it took a few months to fit this beautiful bespoke item) and is taken off once a week while the slave is in bondage for more thorough cleaning.

Every 2/3 months slave passes a period of 7/10 days outside the belt and, in that case, chastity is ensured through a padlock that joins the piercings on the foreskin to that in the perineal area.

Finally, if there was a need to go through metal detectors, then he would wear a common chastity cage model CB6000 until it was possible to return to more effective tools.
It goes without saying that his total denial of orgasm is particularly painful for him, given that he lives in a condition of total slavery to two cruel lesbian masters, which excites him immensely.

And needless to say, my wife and I enjoy immensely in making his frustration more and more cruel through domination, getting us served at times while having sex and through teasing and denial sessions which, of course, are not about his cock.
In this context, often Slave is also forced to take Viagra to make his frustration even more cruel.

No pathetic male erections and no disgusting male orgasms in our house.
Slave undergoes regular visits to the prostate (we care about his well-being) and shows no signs of any kind of clinical disorder related to abstinence. In the early years she had some sporadic nocturnal ejaculation without orgasm and, sometimes, he had ejaculations, always without orgasm, in case of anal penetration.
In recent years, however, none of this.

Does he do all the chores and is he punished, (and if so how), if there is inadequate performance:

Slave takes care of all the household chores and cooking, as well as home maintenance work, looking after my and my wife’s wardrobe, our shoes, making sure that the house is always stocked with the necessities of my wife and mine .

He must follow regular protocols and is obviously severely punished for any slightest lack.
The punishments are quite varied and range from beating with the most varied tools, to sessions of predicament bondage, to the use of clamps of various kinds on the most various parts of the body, to carrying out housework without the aid of appliances or tools or from performing them in more severe bondage, the use of stinging or painful materials or substances (nettles, hessian dresses, painfully small shoes or with insoles with pins or stones or the like) or undergoing particularly cruel public humiliations or a combination of all these.

Is he tormented in any way simply for the pleasure of you and / or your wife:

Obviously slave is punished, very frequently, even if only for the pleasure of my wife and mine. We have probably not explored the idea of ​​Mistress brigite11 of give him contradictory or simultaneous order with due attention … it is really interesting!

What does he do if you and your wife are engaged in activities like watching TV or going out for the day?:

If slave is not busy with his chores and is not with us for direct service, there are usually 4 possibilities:
1) He is forced to remain in a position expressly assigned until further direct order (for example he can be placed on his feet or kneeling in a corner of the house, or prostrate face to earth in front of a pair of our shoes or in front of a our garment or similar).
2) He is forced to carry out boring and humiliating rituals and / or activities (for example repeatedly licking the soles of our shoes, polishing with his tongue some part of the house or some furniture such as the toilet, cleaning the tile joints with a toothbrush, perform, in uncomfortable bondage, humiliation rituals).
3) It is kept closed in a cage.
4) He is held in his accommodation with the obligation to follow courses related to his service on his tabet (controlled by my wife and I and with access allowed only to certain sites).
5) He does his half hour of daily gymnastics.
If my wife and I are away from home for more than one day (no slave holidays or weekends) slave receives a program which is a mix of the above activities and which my wife and I can control through baby cam or documentation that slave us must send from time to time.

What are his sleeping arrangements?

Normally, a slave sleeps in a small room (formerly a small bathroom) without a window, equipped only with a cot, a wool mattress and, during the winter, a blanket.
Normally he sleeps at night in some kind of bondage but not immobilization, since the next morning he must be able to get up to serve.
Sometimes, for punishment or for our enjoyment, he sleeps in one of the cages we have hidden in the house. On some occasions, then, it may happen that he sleeps in total bondage or in our room, on the floor at the foot of the bed.

What is his dress code?

In addition to the chastity devices Slave always wears also some elements of bondage.
He always wears, 24/7/365, a ring-shaped metal collar, 0.7 cm in diameter, from which a ring hangs in the front.
Attached to the ring is a pendant, like those of dogs, with the words ‘SLAVE’ on the front and ‘property of Mistress Carmen and Mistress Corinne’ on the back.
On his wrists and ankles he wears similar bracelets and anklets, always with rings.
Slave has four different dress codes.
The most stable and frequent one, used for domestic services, is that of a Victorian maid, with a long uniform, corset, petticoats, apron and flat shoes.

He also has some sissy maid uniforms, but they are mostly used for humiliation games because they are impractical.
During the Slavic domestic service he is always chained through chains that join collar, bracelets and anklets.

The other domestic dress code, which my wife loves, is that of a ‘gimp save’ one-piece suit in latex, with a hood designed to dehumanize, and the use of all kinds of bondage gear and torture tools. If he’s not on duty or used as a gimp, he’s normally naked.

If we have ‘vanilla’ guests, he wears a male hotel waiter’s uniform, and is presented as our servant, or is locked in bondage in his quarters. The last dress code is the one for leaving the house. Jeans and t-shirt in summer or jeans, shirt and sweatshirt in winter. Sneakers. Winter jacket. All strictly black.

Normally slave is not allowed to leave the house (and I don’t think he would really want to go out in chains or in one of his household estates anyway). However, he can leave the house three times a week, in the morning, to supply the house with the necessary. For this he has a credit card, of which my wife and I obviously have complete control, and of which he must provide an accurate account. The evening before he goes out, he must present to my wife and me the program of what to do, the itinerary and the estimated time needed.
The morning in question, instead of being chained as usual, he wears a GPS tracker bracelet so my wife and I can track his whereabouts.

Back home he goes back to one of his usual outfits and in chains. The only other circumstance in which he can leave the house is for medical needs or for public humiliations.

22 thoughts on “Domination à Trois Part 2.

    1. It is one of the topics on which I promised Mistress Scarlet to explain better ….
      Just have a little patience …

  1. Thank you Corinne,
    i like the way you dominate your sub.
    We have many similar practices.
    A small idea, from time to time exchanged his chains by long bars, at least 80cm, that will make his work more difficult and more fun to watch.

    1. Thank you Brigitte!
      I also love’s the way you dominate cucu!
      Exchanging slave’s chains by long bars sounds like a great idea!

    1. I would have thought the huge emotional reward is living the dream fantasy life of many, many submissive males.

      What do you consider is aftercare. I know many submissives, including my bitch-boy, need REAL dominant cruelty, from a truly cruel woman, to be properly content. And ‘aftercare’, (if it is what I think it is – but I may be wrong), significantly erodes the feelings they crave and is therefore abhorrent to them.

      1. (Shivering). A reward would be to be allowed to clean your ass while your wife flogs him. Aftercare would be to curl up at your feet for a while at the end of the day. His submission is a gift — please take care of us.

        1. I am afraid I have always had rather a problem with the notion of the submissive gifting his submission to the dominant. As it is simply inaccurate.
          For so many Dom/sub couples it simply is not that dynamic. In my case, and I believe many of the Dommes who regularly contribute to this blog, the submissive has asked to be dominated and he can’t live contentedly without being dominated and so, in fact, the Domme is gifting the sub her cruelty and her domination.

          Notwithstanding that reality and not related to it, we Dommes always take care of our subs. They are a well trained and convenient, sometimes adorable, servant, pet and plaything. Their constant reward is they get to be cruelly dominated to satisfy their craving.

  2. Hello Corinne
    Nice job my dear!
    Congratulations on you and your wife for doing your best to take advantage of what the slave can offer to you in his everyday service.
    I impressed by the fact he has not got any orgasm since 2010. I think it is an incredible achievement and the credits go to you and your wife.
    I am interested in knowing more about his feeling and above all how his body reacts after such a long time in denial. I think 10 years are just amazing.
    Does he get ofter wet dreams?
    Does he over drip during the sessions?
    Did he unconditionally accept your decision and this permanent denial?

    1. Dear Ms. Anne
      Thanks a lot for your compliments.
      10 years is certainly a long time and total orgasm deprivation is certainly the hardest part of my ex-husband’s condition of slavery (along with some particular public humiliations which I will talk about).
      To answer your questions, slave had to choose between being our slave on my terms or totally giving up on me.
      So, in a way, he unconditionally accepted my decision.
      His body’s physical reactions went through various stages.
      In the first two years his erections were almost continuous (as well as the pain and frustration associated with them) and he often had wet dreams or ejaculations without orgasm when anally stimulated.
      Over time, physical reactions have changed.
      Now he has no more ejaculations (of any kind) it is as if his body has somehow adapted to his condition.
      his other erogenous zones (nipples, neck, butt, lower abdomen) have become immensely more sensitive, so much so that even just rubbing his clothes is enough to excite him immensely.
      However, his erections are less painful, although still very frustrating.
      Emotionally, however, the combined effect of his desperate arousal and the cruelty with which we deny him any pleasure make him docile, submissive and terribly humiliated even in my presence alone.
      I confess without problems that, of all his condition, this is the one that most sadistically excites me and which I will never give up!

      1. Thank you, dear Mistress Corinne, for the answer and the information package it contains.
        I believe that you and your wife are doing excellent work in other areas of your reign and control over your slave ex-husband.
        It is a life I would like to dream about. Mrs Scarlet knows and understands what I mean, but it is difficult for me at this time and in the situation in which I live.
        But when I read your messages, I took courage to believe that my dream could come true.
        I am sure that my husband – only in the papers husband- would be more than willing to follow the steps of your ex-husband and include his life and future in my plans.
        I assume that your slave must be in his late fifties or early sixties. Is that correct?
        My slave is in younger, I wonder if his body could adapt to a permanent denial of orgasm at his age.
        Since December 30th he is without any orgasm or prostate milking, without any ejaculation and I do not plan to let him cum before next March. I want to observe his physical activity and compare it with the reaction of your slave’s body without orgasm in the first years, that is why I asked my questions.

        PS. Dear Scarlet, I am not sure if this is a correct message to display, as I am adding some personal information, but I leave it to your judgement to take this into account. If you wish, you can also send it to Mistress Corinne. Thanks a lot, my dear friend :)

  3. May I offer my most humble congratulations to Mistress Corinne and Mistress Carmen on their domestic arrangements.

    What a wonderful description of your lifestyle. Thank you for sharing these inspiring words. Your slave is truly fortunate to have the honour of serving you both.

    It is wonderful to read that he has gone without an orgasm since 2010. Your insistence on complete denial is a tribute to your determination and the effort you have put into making him a really useful and well-trained slave.

    Even though he must sometimes regret being sexless, I am sure the joy of devoting his life to you through never-ending service and total obedience far outweighs his frustration. I hope he is truly grateful.

    Some of us can only dream of belonging to women who are so fully aware of your superiority and choose to exercise your rightful dominance over us so completely.

    Thank you again for allowing us to read about your life together.

  4. What an incredible account of your D/S lifestyle. I devoured every word. I simply love hearing about real life dynamics. I’m so excited to know that this is a real life situation. What a dream it must be to be in your slaves position. Thank you Mistress Corinne for giving us this delicious look into your life, and thank you to your wife as well. I can’t wait to hear more. Every detail is gold. And as always thank you Mistress Scarlet for providing a platform for this content. It fills my life with so much hope and joy.

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