100% chastity – à Trois Part 3

Well, the wonderful Mistress Corrine has responded to the first of my requests for more detail of her fantastic lifestyle. This one provides  more detail on her ex-husband-slave’s 100% chastity regime. Enjoy and please comment.


Dear Scarlet, I follow the order of your requests and try to explain this aspect better.

As mentioned, arousal and frustration are constant companions of slave, given his total abstinence and given his natural submission, which makes his condition as a slave arousing for him. For this reason, my wife and I love to make his frustration more extreme whenever possible. Prolonged abstinence has made slave’s body and mind extremely easy to arouse and, of course, my wife and I regularly take advantage of this to make his condition absolutely miserable and desperate.

It is truly splendid, for two sadistic and cruel creatures like us, to be able to enjoy not only the cruelties that we inflict on slave every day, without any kind of pity or sense of guilt or hesitation, but also being able to enjoy at the same time, the pathetic desperation of slave,  who lives immersed in his sexual fantasies without being able to have any kind of sexual satisfaction.

In this sense, having slave assist and participate when we have sex is incredibly exciting for us and extremely cruel for him. Obviously, slave can’t always play a role when my wife and I have sex. We often like to simply enjoy our mutual passion without slave being directly involved. More often, however, slave is present during our lovemaking and his role can vary.

It can be a mere spectator. Tied up and gagged, often in very uncomfortable or tiring positions, observing his two naked mistresses enjoying each other for hours while he is denied any pleasure. In these cases, after a very short time, we realize that Slave begins to tremble with desperate excitement generated to the show he is watching.

Imagine Scarlet, the paradox that the slave lives. He is in bondage in the presence of two cruel mistresses who are having sex in front of him. The pain of bondage and the humiliation of the scene excite him, as a slave and submissive, yet his desperate erection, often fueled by the wise use of viagra, is denied him, as denied, for over 10 years, has been every orgasm! There is enough to go crazy with frustration, and in fact, invariably, not a few minutes pass before the slave starts sobbing in despair, producing the effect of even more incredible arousal in my wife and me.

Or he can play a helper role.Instead of being held in bondage, he is relatively free, and is at our bidding to pass us towels or sex toys, to serve us drinks in breaks, to help us become more aroused by his submissive acts. For example by kissing my feet, (I love it ), while I am having sex with my wife.

One of the things I love carnally is when we use slave as a human fan. If the temperature is not so hot as to require the air conditioning to be turned on, one of the ways the slave can help us is to wave a huge fan while we are in bed. All while looking desperately at what he cannot have. Again for the poor pathetic slave it is pure agony! Submissive and at the service of two cruel mistresses, yet perpetually denied any slightest sexual pleasure!

One last chance to serve while we have sex is that of a human dildoAs I told you, sex with penetration has never been one of my favorites, however sometimes it’s nice to have a nice hard cock inside (and my wife likes it a lot) and therefore, in addition to using our vibrators and dildos on each other, it may happen that we force slave to wear a big dildo gag and we use it to give ourselves pleasure. The use can be twofold.

We can tie him on the bed and ride him, or, on his knees, we force him to give us pleasure while the person receiving the dildo is comfortably lying with her legs apart on the bed or on an armchair or sofa. In this mode, often, the mistressnot being penetrated enjoys torturing slave by whipping him or, in some cases, taking him with a strap on. This situation is for slave, by all means, truly inhumane. 

His face, in this case, is really close to the source of his desire and his submission. Very close, even in contact with the female sex! Part of our arousal yet denied even the slightest pathetic pleasure of an erection!

And things get worse when it is penetrated with the strap on, since in this case a direct stimulation of a certain erogenous zone such as the butt is also added, with the addition of the excitement that humiliating act generates in a true submissive!

At the end of these fun sex encounters, slave is always, invariably, reduced to a desperate and weeping mass of distress and hormones, and of frustration and despair. And of course we immensely enjoy his desperation by mocking and humiliating him, cruelly reminding him of his condition and its irreversibility.

Often, we enjoy sexually torturing slave with intense teasing and denial sessions. These can happen before or after my wife and I have sex, or can happen just for our enjoyment and regardless of sexual purposes for us.  (In fact, we often get aroused to the point that we still have to enjoy the slave’s suffering in some way. ).

As mentioned, in these tease and denial sessions there is never direct stimulation of the slave’s cock, which remains strictly imprisoned.

The milestones of the sessions are of four types:

  • The ordinary contact
  • The use of slave fetishes against him
  • The erogenous contact
  • The use of words.

Usually slave is in some form of bondage and, to start with, is gently brushed by the hands and / or feet of my wife and mine all over the body except for the most directly erogenous areas. Slave has a very strong fetish for women’s stockings, for shoes (especially with very high heels and platforms) and for women’s underwear.

It is therefore not uncommon that, in these circumstances, while we gently touch and graze him, we use these fetishes on him. A foot shod with seamed stockings or fishnets, rubbed on the slave’s legs or face can create a chastity belt suppressed excitement that leads the slave to tears, moans of despair, pleading and convulsion-like body spasms!

And while one of us touches him, maybe the other offers him a shoe to lick, or puts a pair of used panties or an old sock on his face, while whispering humiliating phrases in his ear. The submissive nature that makes him crave this kind of arousal and that it is the sadism it unleashed in me that has led him to his current eternal suffering and frustration.

Slave sinks deeper and deeper into his desperate excitement! He begs us to let him have an erection, he begs us to stop, and immediately afterwards he begs us to continue, to make him suffer even more for our love, all in a desperate crescendo that excites us in an absolutely impossible way to describe. And then the contact passes to the erogenous zones.

Brushing and stroking of the neck, behind the ears, on the nipples (especially the nipples) or caresses alternating with spanking on the bare ass. Several times slave, at the height of frustration, begged us to castrate him, to make him a eunuch so as not to have to suffer this frustration anymore. (I know well that he does not really want it and I, on the other hand, of course, would never do it!) But it is an index of the kind of frustration that slave reaches under these circumstances and how desperately she would like her frustration to end!

I am pretty sure, dear Scarlet, that the very pain associated with his frustration and these teasing and denial games are, (together with the public humiliations), by far the hardest thing for slave to endure! And as you know and you will read in my next installment of answering your questions, his punishments and humiliations are certainly not a joke!

Add of course, Slave is cursed by his desperate excitement, frustration and suffering only increasing his need to be enslaved and submissive, and treated sadistically. This excites, upsets and terrifies the slave, because he understands that there will never be pity or sympathy or concern. Only cruel domination!

What about my wife and me? Well, for us, Scarlet, using this kind of sadism on slave is pure pleasure and pure joy! His desperate agony is pure pleasure! It is the pleasure of having such total power over slave and the pleasure of exercising it with absolute cruelty! It is a pleasure to enjoy his desperate tears and his pleading for mercy! It is the immense pleasure that comes from the obvious and total disparity of condition, even sexual, that exists between him and us!

It is the sadism of knowing that the life of slave would be immensely more tolerable, even in its total slavery, if only it could have even sporadically a minimum of sexual relief and, for this very reason, sadistically decide to deny it just for the sake of increasing his suffering! 

Everything is for our pleasure.

After all, slave chose to live his life as our slave because, within him, that is his nature and now he must be grateful for the domination, cruelty and sadism he receives. And I assure you Scarlet (but you know it well) that Slave is much more satisfied than many so-called free men.

Mistress Corinne



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10 thoughts on “100% chastity – à Trois Part 3

  1. A very detailed and quite scary account.

    Now that he hasn’t had any emissions for some years, that must of given you Ladies a sense of accomplishment. Knowing whether or not his mind accepts its new status his body accepts. Would be curious to know whether he could actually achieve orgasm now.
    Have you considered using a Tens machine to stimulate his prostate, I gather it gives no pleasure and in fact some pain during the involuntary release of fluid.
    Curtsey, thank you

  2. What a wonderful post, full of scintillating detail. Thank you so much for sharing.
    It is so wonderful to observe their utter frustration and beseeching for release. I have written before how David refers to it as the sweetest torture.
    The initial pleasure of being played with develops into an all-encompassing desire to come, before evolving into such an intense need to come that it becomes such a throbbing ache deep within him that he literally becomes hysterical in his sobbing for release, tears flowing as the agony of his frustration exceeds his comprehension and all his pain thresholds. Yet, whist he cannot even describe the depth of the pain he feels, he his shattered when I stop teasing. I play especially with his nipples, as well as stroking his inner thighs, his testicles, rubbing his groin, often with slinky fabrics. It is delightful to observe and to be so pitiless.
    It is over 9-months since he last came, and it is so much worse for him as a consequence. He is permanently caged with his only released being for ‘ego punishments’.
    I can but imagine what your boy must be go through with ten-years of denial behind him and no chance to ever come again. I related your tale to David, who is not allowed to browse adult sites, and explained just how generous I am being in allowing him up to two releases next year!

  3. Wonderful post dear Mistress Corinne.
    Thank you for providing us with details.
    Once again, all credits go to you and your wife.

    A total mind fuck to your slave, which leads him to a hysterical point of pure agony, despair and frustration.
    I cannot even imagine what it means for one to live in total celibacy and denial for 10 years. Even for a real slave it is too much LOL.
    My slave tried to explain to me his feelings and frustration, how his body reacts and how painful it is both physically and mentally.
    OMG, compared to the situation of my slave after only 10 months without orgasm and your slave who endures this torture of 10 years… hm, I am ashamed of my leniency and so true generosity to him. LOL.
    As dear Christine wrote above, I read your experience to my slave and insisted on how good and generous I am to him. Needless to say that his eyes were the mirror of his inner feelings, they were wide open, blurred and filled with pure fear and anxiety :)

    I sometimes wonder how the slaves can endure such torment and denial mixed with stimulation, while they are daily fulfilling our needs, being in physical contact with us, we are like a Goddess to them. We are their object of desire and lust.
    That must be hard. I cannot imagine being without an orgasm for a week, no way!
    Only during my time of the month I do not mind having at least one orgasm a day.

    Dear Mistress Corinne, you live an ideal life, at least for me. I am jealous!
    Please do me a favor, I have a proposal. Instead of having your slave as a human fan, make him a candle man one night. LOL! Let him hold candles and create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom while you and your wife have hot sex in bed. If you are kind enough (lol), you can attach some weights from his balls while he stands with open legs and holds the candles for you. A butt plug would be nice too.

  4. Dear Mistress Corinne. Thank you for sharing that wonderful scene. It is torture to realize this sub cannot experience you in this way. It is delicious when we are compelled to cry out in desire and frustration.

  5. I know that my opinions are meaningless, but I must congratulate Mistress Corinne and Mistress Carmen once again on the effectiveness of the chastity regime they impose on their slave.

    The fact that he begs to be castrated (even if that is not really what he wants) demonstrates just what a powerful effect continuing denial has on him, and how it helps to deepen his subservience.

    It is, of course, entirely at his owner’s discretion how often, if ever, a slave should be allowed sexual arousal and release. Some Mistresses naturally prefer to allow their slaves occasional releases, and there are many wonderful descriptions of creative and cruel chastity regimes on this website.

    Far be it for me, as a lowly slave, to question – even by implication – the superior wisdom of any of the amazing Mistresses who contribute to this website. Every Mistress will practice her own favourite methods of denial and schedule of release for her slaves, and that is exactly how it should be.

    But total chastity as practiced by Mistress Corinne and Mistress Carmen – no relief and no arousal whatsoever for the slave – to me seems ideal.

    No matter how challenging it is for slaves to endure such intense frustration, I believe it is right that we should be kept completely sexless at all times. We have no right to any kind of sexual relief or pleasure.

    I can never thank Mistress Corinne enough for sharing this amazing, detailed account of her life with her wife Mistress Carmen and their slave, or Mistress Scarlet for publishing it.

  6. Thank you Ms. Scarlet for this your truly wonderful blog, and thank you Mistress Corinne and Mistress Carmen for sharing such wonderful details of your exceptional lives with us.

    I cannot remember a time when I didn’t consider women as superior to myself, all males and sissies like me.

    When I was married, my wife cucked me often, but primarily with women. It seems natural to me that women should be attracted to each other and keep a submissive male as they see fit.

    One point you made here was “words.”
    As a submissive sissy male, one point which truly and unstoppablly drives home the point of a male’s infrority to women is when a wife dumps him for another woman, once and for all.

    Males are generally raised to know there will always be other males in competition,  but when it’s the true and superior love that only 2 women can share or understand, the male’s submission is forever cemented as his new and forever place beneath not only the 2 superiors, but all of womankind. 

    There’s only service and submission,  no return to any semblance of and old and misguided ways of thinking or believing, just true mental castration. as had happened to me as well. A total destruction of the silly and useless false male pride. A total rise and glorification and elevation of womanhood as it should naturally be. He now knows a woman has divorced him, the one he married now has divorced him. Another woman is now her forever love and has won her heart.
    My ex is now married to another woman. Her wife did not want any males around.

    I was once asked how it felt to know not only did she have a fantastic sex life, while mine was dead,, but how it felt to know she now loved a woman and no longer had any use for me or any male,, or even a feminine sissy like me How could I have ever thought I’d had a chance against another woman?

    The reality forever hits home, the women enjoy, inferiors serve and please in ways the women see fit.

    Once a male us put in this place, it’s proper place,  it is forever rendered submissive and subservient to all women, while many like me wish to be near and bringing service to women, and in my case, to strive to be more like women, even though we can never be.

    Thank and appreciation all the women who share here with us, and show us the future, one of Female Supremacy.

  7. Wow.

    I am starting to see why your slave was so willing to give up so much to you. (Starting, mind you – the whole thing is still a bit mind blowing for me).

    Thank you again for sharing, and much respect to the three of you for making such a lifestyle work so well.

  8. There is absolutely no way to argue that he made the proper life decision. He could have carried on through life with all his hard earned possessions, and been miserable. But made the right choice of poverty, and servitude to his owners pleading through tears to be castrated, and feeling content. This possibly once in a lifetime opportunity arose, and he was intelligent enough to take it. I have no sympathy for him/it because he doesn’t need any. I have only feelings of admiration, and jealousy that It’s him living this life of misery, and ecstasy, and not me.

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