My New Twitter Account and some humour

My New Twitter Account

From time to time I get pointed to some fantastic dominatrices on Twitter, such as @MJosephineDrake, whose client Sissy Ballerina alerted me to her wonderful cruelty. Not so wonderful for Sissy Ballerina at the time, but very good for his soul no doubt.  So I thought it was about time I began a Twitter account.

Mistress Scarlet    @MistressScarle8


However, are there any dominant women I can follow on Twitter who are not professional dominatrices? (Not that I have anything against professional dominatrices, I love their role in society.) It is real life dominant women, like me, who dominate males for the pleasure of it that I most wish to hook up with.


On a different note. Some humour.

Possibly with a message to the fanatical feminists that not all porn is an abuse of women.

5 thoughts on “My New Twitter Account and some humour

  1. Happily, dutifully following, Mistress Scarlet. I follow a wide variety of dominant women, professional and personal, and would be delighted to share suggestions.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet, I’m very excited to hear about your twitter I will follow you immediately. Also if any of the other Dommes who contribute to this website have Twitters I would love to know so I can support! Thanks!

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