Canapes and Wretchedness

Lock down has brought me a new cruel pleasure through combining two of my favourite things.

The first thing, which I adore, is the niche activity best known as, ‘WHILE DOING SOMETHING ESLE’.  Having my little bitch engaged in some humiliation/tedium activity while he is mostly ignored by me; while I do something else. He may be in sensory deprivation bondage, or standing facing the wall – nose pressed into the corner, or cleaning floors with a toothbrush, (for the second time that day), or dressed as a parody of a schoolgirl writing punishment lines, or dressed as a parody of a little girl – having to play with his dollies in some way. While I, am on the telephone, or watching a movie or box set, or enjoying some Yoga or Pilates or on social media, or having a nap, or engaging in one of the many craft activities I enjoy, etc, (usually also involving some sporadic masturbation).

I have come up with a way of combining this with another thing I adore; GOOD FOOD and FINE DINING. So this is what I am doing.

At the most simple end of the spectrum, while I do something else, bitch-boy will have to kneel on the floor carefully peeling half a punnet of grapes for me, (and retaining the skins). Then he not only peels an orange for me, but with a sharp knife (refer to YouTube), removes the skin from each orange segment, (retaining the skins and pitch).  Then he peels an apple and/or pear and cuts the peeled items into bite sized chunks, (and retains the skins and cores), Bitch-boy wears a gag or pacifier padlocked into place while he labours.

The peeled fruit can then be presented to me on a plate with a little fork for me to consume at my leisure, while I do something else. And while I do, the destiny of the bowl of skins and pitch and cores is to be tipped onto the floor, spat on, trodden on and then eaten from the floor by my little puppet while I consume my delicacies.

At a more complicated level, is the preparation of fine dining canapes. Canapes that  are labour intensive. There are many recipes on the internet. I insist on neatness and uniformity as  well as the accurate proportion of each ingredient. Failure on any one of these facets results in harsh punishment.

One favourite is; blue cheese and peeled pear wrapped in Parma ham. Any left over Parma ham white fat, pear skin and core and the hard edge of the blue cheese is retained in bitch-boy’s bowl.

Another favourite is; a Blini topped with smoked salmon,  lemon juice, creme fraiche and a coriander leaf.

You get the picture. Very time consuming and tedious for bitch-boy while I do something else and then I get to consume the wondrous delicacies while he eats the spat on, trodden on crud. Such a wonderful way to illustrate status difference. A very small tin of caviar (blinis with caviar and creme fraiche)  is not out of the question cost wise, and is excellent for that illustration of status difference, while he is eating crud from the floor.

I am sometimes having a main evening meal entirely of a good selection and quantity of canapes with peeled fruit for dessert; while bitch-boy gets the crud. And it takes him as much as four hours to prepare my meal, (while I do other things). A little of my golden nectar gets added to his crud on these evening meal occasions.

Those four hours are a HUGE turn-on for me. I get on with enjoying myself while the ostensibly ignored bitch-boy labours in the corner of the room and we both know all that labour will be resulting in a delicious meal for me and a disgusting, degrading ‘meal’ for him.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.







9 thoughts on “Canapes and Wretchedness

        1. He has a huge problem with tinned sweetcorn. Even the smell almost has him retching. He has often gagged and retched being spoon-fed tinned sweetcorn in a ‘jus’ of my neat golden nectar. Cold boiled parsnips have a similar effect on him but not quite as bad.

          1. Lol. Wow. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not bad. Everyone is different but at least those are items real food items. What fun it must be looking for things that make bb gag and retch.

  1. I have always loved this aspect of femdom Miss Scarlet – the dom comfortable and relaxed while the sub toils away.

    I was wondering – have you ever considered automatic some of bbs discomforts? For example, while in sensory deprivation bondage a shock collar could be attached to his defect which you could trigger without even getting up?

    Or would that lack the visceralness of nettles?

    1. I have done exactly that; had him in sensory deprivation bondage with a shock collar attached to his defect, or to an electrode butt plug which I triggered without getting up.

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