Two more, current, Real Life Accounts

[5 December 2020] Two accounts, martialled and edited from recent comments on this blog; as I know many blog followers do not read all the comments although reading all the posts.

NOTE: I have ordered a pair of vampire gloves. (Mentioned in the second account and pictured below.) bitch-boy is seriously fretting, as he should be; given my devoted, deeply sadistic  attitude when applying any form of dickie-discipline!

The fantastic Mistress-wife in the second account clearly enjoys raising and dashing hopes and I hope her husband has brought to her attention my various blog posts on this important topic; first instigated by the amazing Lady Jessica and found by a search using the phrase; ‘dashing hopes‘.  

Tease, ball-kicking and Denial

To keep me submitted, interested and also for letting me blow off some steam has been the strap on. She uses that for my needs while still leaving me craving her and wanting to do everything for her. It started with her only allowing me to cum from masturbation when she was butt-fucking me. Once that was etched into my brain, it went to the next level of only allowed to cum from anal stimulation. But is hasn’t happened yet. Now I’ve come to crave her butt-fucking me over anything else and when she’s tired and doesn’t want to put in any effort, I’ll either straddle her or do it on the floor in front of her for her to watch.

She has let me out of chastity twice over the last 5 months to try and penetrate her. But I could only manage a semi and she laughed, kicked me in the balls a number of times and locked me back up. I was disappointed in myself to not be able to perform for her but that still was one of the most intense teases that ever happened to me. With the strap-on I get frustrating pleasure while helping my prostate and never losing the urge to want to pamper her; and she gets whatever she wants with minimal fuss

Our relationship is just as normal as anyone else’s except I’m in chastity and she’s the key holder.

She was always dominant and I was submissive deep down. It just took years to finally get to a place where it worked. I’ve always worshipped her and always will. We/I found that once I came, especially when I done it myself I became very irrational and cranky. And it put me somewhere I didn’t even want to be mentally. She enjoys having me under her and I want that urge always burning in me to satisfy her. So chastity was the logical next step. We dabbled on and off over the last 10 years but it slowly became more permanent recently. She’s been using the strap-on on me for longer than chastity so the two just went together. It was her that actually introduced anal into our relationship. She has always enjoyed her being the giver and enjoys leaving me feeling used. Of course oral is a big part of our relationship and is my favourite thing to do. Always has been. It gives her pleasure while automatically making me more submissive. As I said before, our relationship is normal. We’ve kids and the both of us work. It’s not some fantasy of her running around with a whip. It’s normal most of the time but I pick up more chores now than I’ve done before as I’ve got that extra drive to please her and she has more time to relax.

When the kids are in bed she does enjoy being pampered however she wants. If we had more space she has said she would buy a fucking machine with a remote control so she could use it when she’s tired but still wanting me to feel her authority

As things stand, the only chance of orgasm for me is through a strap-on butt-fucking, which is going to be the way for the foreseeable future as it seems to be working very well for us. As of writing this, I am completely in sub space and love her treatment of me, so I can’t see us wanting to change it.

It has an unbelievable mental grasp on me that I cannot shake, and in all honesty I think she can do it better than I ever could. It’s really all on her terms that I get fucked to be honest. She normally wouldn’t go any longer than two weeks. Sometimes a few times a week, sometimes once a fortnight and then it’s really up to her as to how long it lasts. If she wants to butt-fuck me for half an hour or 5 minutes is really in her hands. Sometimes she will tell me when my balls are full that she will try to make me cum from anal and other times, like a few weeks ago, she might do it in the middle of the night in bed while I was sleeping. She just rolled over and started fucking me. So that’s completely for her pleasure and not mine. I still leak a fair bit so she still has me thank her for milking me and releasing the pressure. If I’m uncontrollably horny and I want her to butt-fuck me, I have to beg, which also is a great way to keep my mind submissive.

She has also started using kicks to my balls as a way for me to ask. If I ask her to fuck me, I have to take 20 kicks to the balls and then she will do it. I haven’t been able to manage that yet. 13 is as most as I’ve got. But on a good note is, I stop pestering her then and almost immediately fall to her feet uncontrollably kissing them. If she wants me to go down on her, it’s 5 kicks and I get to do that for her.

Well that’s some of our routines and I’m in heaven pleasing her to be honest. I’m very lucky

Tease, torture and denial

What is your criteria for being a BAV? I’m asking as I think I might be one. My wife no longer allows me to enter her. When I interact with her pussy she insists that I am caged . Primarily I service her with tongue and fingers. However when she wants penetration, she has a strap on for me to use on her. She edges me extensively; however I’m only allowed orgasm when she decides; via three methods.

1. humping her patent high heels. She makes me kneel in front of her, holds them up for me to hump, while she laughs at me and masturbates with her wand.       2. She locks me in my cage and takes me anally until orgasm.     3. When she feels most cruel, she heavily restrains me and stimulates me with her vampire glove . She frequently asks me, if I miss being inside her; when I say ‘yes’, she says ‘good’.

After a long period of edging the vampire glove produces the most intense and painful orgasm imaginable, though the post orgasm torture is worse. As to why I’m a Bav, we have been toying with BDSM chastity for years. she has always loved teasing and denying me. She adores playing with my penis but vibes on not letting me inside her. She has no desire to cuck as monogamy is important to her, she still enjoys penetration, hence why I service her with a strap on. For a long time i was allowed inside provided I didn’t cum; however her constant edging and teasing of me has rendered me incapable of the hard animalistic fucking she likes when she’s being penetrated, becuase I would cum instantly I was inside her. We also had a period where I was being totally denied penetration as she was training me to orgasm solely from anal penetration.

It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to be allowed inside her anymore is probably the best summary, as she has rendered my penis incapable of giving her what she needs. It is probably the defining factor of her domination over me. My last penetration was fairly recent; 28th of August 2020; however prior to that we are talking maybe only 3-4 times in the previous 3 years.

This path has been going in this way for some time and it even if it’s not the direction I would have chosen, if you ask someone to truly dominate and control you, you cannot complain when they do so their way. I’m certainly lucky that my fantastic wife allows me more orgasm’s than many of the subs mentioned on this blog. 

As requested by you, I spoke to her at length about me being in the BAV register and last night showed her the register and your blog. She asked me a question ”How many times do you think I have told you in the last few year that I will allow you inside me or said I’m going to suck you” I thought about it and answered “lots; maybe three figures” . “And how many times have I?” The answer was six for inside her, and zero for being sucked.

She then explained that for her letting me think I was going to get lucky and then denying me was a massive sexual rush. That I may or may not be a Bav for the rest of my life but she won’t tell me, as she wants me to always have a tiny hope to use against me. But that she reserves the right to ad me to the register if and when she so chooses and if she so chose, it would be in my full and with my real name. She found the BAV tattoo interesting, as she discussed with me having me marked in a similar manner. She is working on the design herself. She is favouring a design which is essentially a combination of two keys entwined with with roses with a heart with a lock in the middle . It would cover the entirety of the front of my pubis. I have been put on a diet and exercise regime so that it will look attractive rather than awful.

30 thoughts on “Two more, current, Real Life Accounts

  1. Two fantasitc comments, both very exciting thank You for sharing them.

    i am also in a situation where i am unable to get an erection good enough to last for penetrative sex so now use only my fingers mainly and when allowed love oral sex.

    i get the feeling i will now be in chastity more often and for longer, at least i hope so we shall see and i’ll update in comments as often as necessary. Its two weeks today and no sign of let out coming soon.

    During our sexual encounters my Wife is becoming more forceful, this morning she lay over me from the side and as She forcefully kissed my i moaned in appreciation like a girl. not sure if that was the motivation but She was soon groping my nipple and chest like a breast, it felt amazing i felt like a girl under Her leaking away.

    She came to my fingering Her whilst she slapped my balls getting harder and harder. Again my moans, this time pain, really excited Her.

    i would love to share some private stuff with You MsScarlet to give more context to our relationship, please do email if interested.

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t understand … clicking on the link will take me to my blog’s edit page ….
        I hope only for me and no other “interested party”.:-))

  2. My wife has said often that in a WLM one of the most dominating things a wife can do is to be the one who decides, when, where, how and IF her husband may be allowed to cum

  3. It is not that , I can not sustain an errection it is rather my wife has destroyed my ability to enjoy piv thought continuous edging and hype stimulation. What this means is she frequently brings me to the edge and abandons ruins it. The manner in which she handles my junk is incredibly rough so I need even more stimulation to achieve orgasm. While at the same time meaning the constant edging leaves me very vulnerable to a very wet pussy. It’s reversible but it’s how the boss likes it constantly dribbling but needing extreme penile or prostate stimulation to cum

    1. Which paragraph do I need to amend?
      What do you mean, leaves you very vulnerable to a very wet pussy??
      What is hype stimulation??
      Can you clarify what piv is and explain why you cannot enjoy piv?

      1. 😂 piv means Penis In Vagina. What an utterly stupid expression for something very intimate. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned. Thanks for you blog!

  4. Sure piv simply means penis in vagina. Because she edges me constantly as soon as she climbs on top or I start to enter I’m vulnerable to tumbling over the edge and prematurely ruining or premature ejaculation. Hyper stimulation is a technical term,orgasm%2C%20which%20is%20called%20anorgasmia. It simply means due to ever increased rough stimulation you need it even tougher to achieve orgasm. So a warm wet moist pussy means I ejaculate way to early premature ejaculation, while at the same time requiring ever increasing Extreme penile or prostate to achieve orgasm

    1. OK, so hyper stimulation is very similar to habitualisation. I have amended the post regarding the vulnerable to tumbling over the edge and prematurely ruining or premature ejaculation

      1. Yes that’s right. The only reason why I am not locked more than I am currently is due to the fitness regime that she has me on . As part of that I have been deprived of the use of my car for commuting to work, and must cycle the 20 round mile trip a day to work. This has only been going on for 12 weeks and I’ve lost a stone and a half in that time. However it has proved impractical for me to be caged while doing so do to some very nasty cuts/ chafing caused by my device. So I go pantied which she is perfectly happy with. I am locked before bed if she wishes to take me anal or service her pussy. Otherwise it would be characterized by snuggling and heavy edging. She always makes me sleep spoon her so my arms are trapped and nowhere near my penis. On top of the cycling she has started making me do what she joking refers to as bitchercise. It’s basically the type of lower leg and floor exercise you see ladies do in the gym. She takes great pleasure in publicly scolding me and correct ing while doing so. It’s a very discrete form of public play humiliation. It’s all for my own good apparently and also so the area where she eventually plans to have me tattooed is firm and toned

  5. Thank you for the info ☺️ Not sure if it’s my cage or if it’s simply a case of 400 miles a month of vigorous cycling not being compatable with being caged. It may be the case that I need a custom made device at some point in the future it’s something we have discussed thought I think she would rather focus on the body modification at the moment. I am due to have one of my nipple’s Peirced as a ‘birthday presents’ next month she is greatly looking forward to observing covid restrictions allowing.

  6. How does he apply the gel while caged or do you unlock him for that ? We have discussed penile peircings but she is not really sure keen on them. My nipple’s on the other hand are already planned 24/01/21 my right one will be done and the left one will be done 24/01/22 and in between the tattoo on my pubis . Maybe she will want to Peirce my penis in time but obviously that is not decision , currently she likes playing with it too much to want to deny her self the use of it due to healing times

  7. Those spiked gloves are better than a cattle prod. He might pay total attention to you now but I guarantee he will pay even more.

  8. Spanking with needle gloves does get bloody. Although wearing any leather gloves – as you doubtless know – will break the skin. Suede carpenters’ gloves for instance are very abrasive. Needle gloves are a restraining device. Using them to hold any part of the anatomy, let alone clutching, is arresting, to say the least. You will be able to control him literally with a touch of your finger.

      1. They are used on me after I have been edged for a considerable period of time. I will be asked if I would like to orgasm if I say yes which I am 100% supposed to say. I will be told it’s by glove. I will be gaged my hands are cuffed behind my back , manually stimulatied to achieve errection then she put the gloves on . She likes to cup my balls with one spiked hand while roughly wanking me with the other she straddles my thighs to stop me squirming while doing so. It is simultaneously heaven and hell. It is not short because of the pain it can take 15-25 mins for me too climax she will not stop until I do. I will be told but you want we to cum so cum for me. I will be ungaged and fed my mess. There is normally a period of post orgasm head of penis torture which virtually has tears in my eyes

          1. She is absolutely. I do envey the time you and bitch boy have. We have a teenager and a live in mother in law which complicates matters and I work long shifts 10-12 hour days. she has plans for Christmas, I have three days of apparently I will be spending them caged pantied and plugged under my elf costume 🤭. She will not be wearing a Mrs Claus costume 🤣 A glass of fizz while the elf prepares the food

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