Extreme Public Humiliation – à Trois Part 4

Unless you live in one of only a few large cities in certain countries, most of the described public humiliations below would not be accepted by the vast majority of passers-by.
In my experience it would need to be the right part of a large city centre in; Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, or perhaps Soho or Camden Town in London, or I imagine, possibly, small areas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or New York City. I asked Corrine for her location and I was not surprised that she came back with a location in the list above.
This is the 4th account from Corrine regarding her femdom manage à trois.      Account 3.    Account 2.        Account 1.


Account 4

Dear Scarlett,

….. I will gladly return to the subject of punishment for the slave and, following the order of your interests, I will deal with the public humiliations. Obviously, the slave suffers a certain degree of public humiliation every time he leaves the house. It’s collar, although not sensationally explicit, does not go unnoticed, just as the plaque that hangs from the collar does not go unnoticed, especially in summer, and it’s bracelets do not go unnoticed. However, living in a large city, Slave can hope, in his weekly shopping outings, to blend in somehow with the cosmopolitan crowd.

True public humiliations, on the other hand, are something else. A first, milder form is to take him out with us, (especially for shopping in some mall or in the evening to some club), in explicitly slave mode.

When we take him shopping, he wears his usual uniform for when he goes out, but his wrists are connected with a short chain and he is led on a leash by me or my wife. We usually do this in shopping malls in a city not too close to ours, to limit the risk of meeting acquaintances. Slave walks on a leash behind us, with his head down, naturally carrying all the bags containing our purchases.

When we stop to sit and rest or for a snack, he has to get on his knees next to us and, under some circumstances, we even force him to massage or kiss our feet. Obviously, we call him slave and he must respond by calling each of us, Mistress. It is very fun and extremely exciting to see the effect this has on the people we meet.

Imagine the scene Scarlet: two elegant ladies, dressed in designer clothes and shoes, dripping with jewelry, perfect makeup, flawless hair, and on a leash, like a little dog, a mature man, in perfect shape, also good looking, but evidently totally submissive. All in a situation, at least from the outside, non-erotic. There are no whips; there are no insults or dramas of any kind. Two beautiful ladies and their slave. Slave totally ignored and used like a car roof rack. The reactions of the people who meet us are the most varied.

Ours is now a rather ‘liberal’ society and, therefore, most people tend to ignore us, (or pretend to ignore us), even though everyone, invariably, turns to look at the slave. Some, on the other hand, mutter some unpleasant comment or, in extreme cases, a whispered insult, especially to the slave. Others look at us amused and surprised.

In the eyes of many, however, there is a clear and evident light of excitement, envy and fear;  this, both in men and in women. The interesting thing is that the segment of people who show the most amused interest are youngsters. Especially the girls! Often groups of girls turn to look at us and approach us. In some cases, they also ask us for information, which of course we are happy to give them. Three or four times it has happened that young couples approached and the girl told her boyfriend that this seemed to her an excellent accommodation for couples and, to my great joy, a couple of the boys even agreed!

For my wife and I this kind of trip out is a lot of fun as we find the possibility of showing the world a very small part of the kind of domain that we can use on slaves enchanting. Slave, for his part, finds these exits incredibly humiliating.

We experience  looks of admiration and envy, ignoring the (fortunately) few negative comments. For Slave it is the opposite. For him every glance and every comment are the confirmation of his abject inferiority and are experienced by him as looks and comments of contempt.

Even more incisive than these are the public humiliations we impose on slave when we take him out with us in the evening in some club. In these cases, in fact, we certainly do not take it to elegant and trendy places where my wife and I usually go, but instead we take it to more kinky places, even if not explicitly hard. Slave, for these outings, is always dressed in his ordinary going out outfit, only we often add some accessories to humiliate him more, such as, for example, high-heeled shoes, earrings, heavy make-up with false eyelashes and so on. Slave has his hands chained to the front and is led on a leash by one of us.

Whether we take a table, as often happens, or we are at the bar, the slave must kneel next to us in plain sight, normally ignored except for sporadic orders to go and order something for us, or again, to kiss or massage our feet. In these cases, the environment and the music, together with alcohol, (Slave obviously cannot drink alcohol), make everything more fun for us and more humiliating for slave. It can easily happen that someone approaches and makes explicit comments about the slave, and we laugh, having fun insulting and humiliating the slave together with the stranger who has approached.

It happens (and I’m happy about this) that sometimes a girl or lady approaches me and my wife. We are really happy to invite them to sit at our table to drink with us, having fun humiliating slave, telling our incredulous guests about our ménage and the cruel regimen for slave (I confess that most, despite our assurances, remain convinced that it is just a one-off erotic game). We have fun inviting our guests to humiliate Slave themselves, for example by insulting him, making him kiss their shoes or, for someone more adventurous, slapping him or spitting in his face or similar.

Even in these places, I have noticed that often our dynamic also attracts couples – both on the initiative of him or her – and I find this encouraging. Again for my wife and I it’s a blast! It is the realization of a certain level of exhibitionism that we have. It is the thrill of excitement that, sadistically, comes from showing our power and our contempt for slave.

For him, on the contrary, the humiliation is even greater, as are the humiliations that he must undergo even from perfect strangers. It is not uncommon for slave to be reduced to tears during one of these evenings, for our amusement and excitement.

However, there is an even more extreme level of public humiliation. That is, when we force a slave to show himself totally sissified and feminized in public and, in this condition, to perform more or less humiliating and awful, tasks depending on the circumstances.

This does not happen, as you can imagine, in broad daylight and / or in places that are too ‘normal’ or where it is easy to meet minors. Therefore, usually, public humiliations of this kind take place late in the evening or at night, in more or less isolated areas and in the most ‘red-light’ neighborhoods of the city.

It happens, for example, that we dress sissy like a street whore, with corset, fake boobs, miniskirt so short that it shows off her chastity belt, fishnet stockings, pole dancer shoes, extreme makeup and wig. In this humiliating outfit we get him out of the car, ordering him to come to us on foot in a specific location, and we drive off to wait for him in the location. All that time he has to walk in a city that is still crowded, with open clubs and, especially in summer, people on the street; exposed to the amused gaze of those he meets, who easily mistake him for a transsexual prostitute no longer young and express the most humiliating appreciation for him.

The worst humiliation, however, is when slave is forced to prostitute himself for us. We take him, obviously dressed as a prostitute, in a peripheral and isolated ‘red light’ street of the city and we make him stand there; walking back and forth like a real whore. My wife and I are in the car, close enough to have him in sight; ready to intervene in case of problems. The chosen street is far enough from the regular places of prostitutes to avoid any problem with pimps. The road is therefore not very busy. Also, even if kept in perfect shape and perfectly feminized, Sissy version of Slave is quite passable but certainly not attractive. 

If you add that we usually do this for a couple of hours maximum, you can imagine that the slave certainly doesn’t have many customers and, often, nothing happens. In these cases, of course, we go home, and severely punish the slave for his ineptitude. 

But it happens sometimes that someone stops and, in that case, if the customer agrees to pay the rate we have set, then slave, just like a real whore, has to satisfy his customer; usually with a blowjob but, sometimes, even more. We insist slave insists the customer wears a condom. You can imagine, Scarlett, the thrill of power and sadism that, in these cases, my wife and I feel when slave, devastated by humiliation (and because of that, excited and frustrated beyond belief) must give us the money he earns.

For us it is pure thrilling sadism and pure exhilarating joy to see to what level of degrading subjugation we have brought a man once free, beautiful and rich, and this, only thanks to the power of our domination. As for a slave, I don’t think there is anything more submissively affecting for an ex-man, now a slave, to experience a role reversal so total that he is even transformed into a whore pimped out and forced to give his earnings to his cruel Mistresses.

I believe that from my descriptions you can understand why public humiliations are the punishment and treatment that slave most fears.

And despite this, when the public humiliation is over, Slave invariably, and without receiving any order, prostrates himself at our feet to thank us for the cruel domination we subject him to.

Mistress Corinne

19 thoughts on “Extreme Public Humiliation – à Trois Part 4

  1. Whilst slave appears to be living under an extreme regime, the element I find most frightening is his potential to gotten rid of at any moment. Should the Mistresses have a change of heart at any point, slave could be gone (sent away permanently) and left desolate and utterly alone. All the time he is enduring, there is a sense of being needed.
    I suspect if this were ever to happen, the Mistresses would feel no guilt. Much like feeling no guilt at throwing away old furniture when replacing it with new furniture.

    1. You make a pertinent point indeed. Although I wish there were enough dominant women for the number of submissive males, we know that is not the case; yet! That fact though gives us Dommes the wonderful power to be able to say, (even if we do not mean it), ‘You had better be obedient slave, and find a way to endure what I impose, because there are 100 submissive males desperate to take your place and I could replace you at a moment’s notice.’
      This is perhaps the ultimate source of power.

  2. Yes….creating a dependency within the relationship where all the power is with the Domme has the capacity to psychology to truly break the sub.

    The submissive must have true love, devotion and trust to live with sword of Damocles forever hanging of him.

    A living threat that you could be discarded at any point…..Candy Floss in the Madame magazine articles has been promised that future when she becomes old and new younger maid is wanted, but to also train up your demise would be heart breaking too.

    Curtsey….a sacred maid.

  3. First, your blog is an incredible resource. You write with a withering intensity and you kindly share the stage with other Ladies.

    Second, while this boy relishes the accounts from Mistress Corrine, he has persistent doubts as to their veracity. These accounts track various Femdom tropes so perfectly that suspicion is aroused (among other things 😉). Life is just a bit messier than what is portrayed. Are these and other “real-life” accounts perhaps semi-fictional, wrapping the prosaic “truth” in stimulating and inspiring enhancements?

    Thank you.

    1. I would be interested in having some examples of the various Femdom tropes to which you refer. I am not sure what that sentence means.

      The bottom line is the only accounts for which I can 100% guarantee the veracity, are those about my life. I would say a couple of things though. Firstly, in the twenty years I have been involved in BDSM, I have seen or been associated with people who I can guarantee did at least one of these activities on a regular basis. Secondly, statistically, the perfect storm scenario has to exist. Ignoring gender; there are probably thousands or tens of thousands of couples in the world’s population of 7 billion where both are dominant. Perhaps let’s say being pessimistic, ten percent have a live-in slave they do not love, but cherish as a slave, and for whom they have zero pity. Perhaps let’s say being pessimistic, ten percent of those indulge in all these public humiliations. And just one of these Dommes has found my website.

      I have learned by the sheer numbers of people in the world, almost everything that could be happening in relationships is happening; somewhere.

      1. I second that. I had a mistress a lot of years ago, in one of the mentioned regions, that loved to display me publicly esp. in torn jeans after being severely marked by her dressage whip (she was an expert). I wore a collar 24/7, when we went out of the house together, wearing it was a must.

  4. Another great article! I always look for signs of public Femdom displays – no mather how subtle they might be…A man carrying all the bags while the lady carries nothing, or holding the umbrella over her while he gets wet…Or a girl who hesitates to sit somewhere in fear of getting dirty and then sits on her boyfriends´lap instead (seen it!) It´s not often you see them, but it´s a thrill every time you do! I always try to serve women in any way i can too, and let them use me for anything they want. Always dreamt of a woman who rather sits on my chest if there´s no bench, to not get her pants dirty…

    One thing i´ve always wanted to do, is to lay flat on my back in a puddle for sexy and elegant ladies to walk on so their expensive designer heels won´t get ruined…Like that old tale of chivalry when gentlemen were said to lay their coats over puddles for ladies back in the day, only using myself instead. I think it would be a perfect illustration of how much i value women and how far above me they are! Or what do you think?

    1. I have bitch-boy open and close the car door for me and, especially as I ignore him when he does so rather than say thank you, I think it sends out a very Domme/sub vibe. I always have him carry ALL the bags in shopping malls and I sometimes have him stand outside a coffee shop window with all the bags while I go inside and sit and have a cup of coffee during a shopping trip. In the shops he must hold any outer clothes I remove, like a coat, if I wish to try on another coat, or if I am collecting 3 or 4 items before going to try them on in a changing room, he must follow me and hold the items and follow me around until I am ready to go and try them on. I have had him kneel and help put shoes on my feet to try on in a shoe shop, where all the assistants were busy, which was very Domme/sub.

      1. Sound like an absolute dream…I think you would know exactly how to treat a doormat like me!

        Before the pandemic, i liked to stand outside upscale malls or luxurious department stores on my spare time, where i knew there would be lots of classy upperclass women, and just open the door for them and stand aside with a polite “After you, Ma´am!” The recations was very varied. But the biggest thrill was always when someone just walked right past me and pretended i didn´t even exist! I loved when they didn´t even thank me. There´s no need for a lady to thank me for letting me carry her bags either – it´s my job as a male! The only thing that matters is that she is as comfortable and carefree as possible. Men like me are meant to be used by women. Wish i would meet a lady who would gladly walk on my body to get over a mud puddle and protect her heels…Who knew herself how precious she is and liked being spoiled, pampered and treated like a princess at all times.

  5. Sorry this is unrelated to the post but any advice on how to alleviate the aches/frustration (particularly first thing in morning) having not ejaculated or orgasm in just over 2 months would be appreciated. Not used to a this length of time without one… thank you

    1. Surely the whole point is those aches/frustration should not be alleviated but should be channeled and focussed on the worship of a dominant woman or dominant women in general?

  6. Have you ever made Birch boy kiss your boots in public? Its something I’ve always wanted to do. It just shows pure devotion on the slaves part, and I imagine a rush of power and excitement for you

    1. Out in the countryside while walking, outdoors in gardens of houses we have stayed at on holiday with limited privacy, at Club Pedestal and Fetish fayres, in multi-story carparks between my car and the adjacent one. Never in front of a large vanilla crowd.

  7. Mistress has directed this slave to convey to You Her opinion that “feminizing” a male slave is hardly a humiliation, but rather an inappropriate glorification of the inferior gender, a worthless male creature pretending to be a member of the Superior Sex. For such a sub-human worm as me to even suggest that it be considered similar to a Goddess is, Mistress believes, is an abomination. Naturally, this slave agrees with Her, and would say so even without Her approval. In fact, it is impossible for this miserable male to even imagine what it is like to be a divine Woman, or even dare to look like One of the Goddesses.

    1. I do understand your Mistress’s position. I have thought about this issue a lot.
      Firstly, that is why I only dress my toy as a female skivvy or a female child – a parody of a schoolgirl or a parody of a little girl. Never an adult woman.

      But having said that. If a male is deeply humiliated by being made to dress as a female adult, The I would do that to him as a perfect punishment for what nonsense he has in his head. No wig or subtle make-up though. I would want him clearly looking like a male purposely being humiliated.

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