Humiliation, chores, subjugation, devotion.

Another wonderful account of a life of long-term female domination of a submissive male. Daniel is happy to answer questions on his account.


I met my wife through my mother’s church circle. She is ten years older than I am and she remembered me when I used to read Lessons. At that time, she was twenty and I was eleven and she recalled how smart she thought I looked in my school uniform, with short trousers and knee socks.

She asked me out on a date when I was 21 and we got on very well, particularly as she said she did not usually like males because she found them rude and insensitive; but sensed I was different. This could not have been more accurate. I had always been shy and aware that females are very special people. My mother always reminded me of this when growing up.

We fell in love and my wife told me she wished to marry me, but that I would have to meet her demands. She would always expect me to be respectful and do as she wished and said that she firmly believed men need to be punished sometimes, if they forget themselves. I agreed. Fifteen years on, I am still so pleased that I did.

She has developed a very strict regime over this time. My wife, whom I now call Ma’am, has a very high-powered job and I remain at home to address domestic issues, including all household chores. Ma’am is very much in charge. She has very strict rules which must be adhered to at all times.

I have to run Ma’am’s bath each morning and make her breakfast. Before she leaves for work I am allowed to relieve myself, then my diaper and rubber pants are locked again until she returns between 7 – 7.30pm. I must wear a nappy during the day, which Ma’am changes on her return. I am then allowed to go diaper-free – but in my locked rubber pants – until I have cooked dinner, washed and dried up and taken my bath, when I am allowed to relieve myself again.

In the house, I am expected to wear my ‘indoor’ school uniform of short, grey skirt and white knee socks. When carrying out my household chores, which are written down for me each day. I also have to wear my rubber apron. Chores are inspected every evening before I serve dinner and if they have not been done to Ma’am’s satisfaction, I have to do them again.

I receive a weekly maintenance punishment of six strokes of the leather strap on my bare bottom every Sunday evening. In addition, if chores are not to Ma’am’s satisfaction at any time, further summary punishments are delivered immediately, with either the strap, hairbrush or riding crop according to the seriousness of my lapses.

I am allowed to wear short trousers when out in public, including church, and Ma’am believes that it is more effective for me not to appear ‘sissy’ as this enhances my humiliation and junior, subservient status as a ‘ boy under constant correction and tuition’.

However, there have been occasions when she wishes me to learn a particular lesson and so invites friends for supper and I have to serve them in my ‘indoor schoolgirl uniform’.

I serve them with drinks and food, waiting on them as Ma’am’s maid. Sometimes, if I have an accident or do not serve quickly enough, Ma’am slaps my legs and has in the past invited her guests to slap me as I pass them – rather like running a gauntlet of punishment, which they find very funny. Because Ma’am is so busy, she has guests about four times a year. It is all particularly humiliating but Ma’am rewards me afterwards. I am allowed to masturbate after Ma’am’s guests have left and everything has been cleared away.

She insists that I remain under chastity 24/7/365. I am allowed to orgasm on those occasions that I am given permission to masturbate under Ma’am’s supervision; that is 4 or 5 times a year.

Ma’am gains her sexual satisfaction from my total obedience to her needs and instructions. This happens every Sunday after my maintenance punishment when she instructs me to lick her to orgasm. If I do not satisfy her, she gives me extra rounds of the strap until I do.

If and when she requires entering, this is something that she gets from one of her male friends.

I love Ma’am very much and will do anything to please her.






25 thoughts on “Humiliation, chores, subjugation, devotion.

  1. Such an appropriate lifestyle for a submissive male. The consistency of such a regime is obviously what makes it work. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, Daniel is such a good boy, and so lucky to have a wife who treats him so well. I think she has struck the perfect balance between stick and carrot.

  3. Daniel, congratulations!
    Lucky guy, find a woman like yours is 1/1.000.000, in average, you can believe it.
    Perhaps your mother’s guidance to the success of her son marriage, shy needing regular punishment that your wife provide weekly and when you desrve it.

  4. I have to ask, how did you get from

    “She would always expect me to be respectful and do as she wished and said that she firmly believed men need to be punished sometimes, if they forget themselves. I agreed…”
    to 24/7/365 chastity etc.? I occasionally read this website since I first came across it accidentally and find it shocking. Did the intensity of your subjugation grow slowly? Did you realize what you were in for when you got married? What is the appeal of NEVER having sex with your wife? Is that what you want/ed? I am glad you seem happy but have trouble understanding.

    1. Your comment confuses me. It seems you are not submissive, but you keep reading this blog. Why? Especially why if you find it shocking?

      I think you have answered your own question BTW. Long term domination submission relationships just about always evolve up the spectrum toward ever more intense. Two reasons come to mind. The first is habituation. For both parties, what at first seems exciting and fulfilling becomes the norm and so little step changes take place because both parties prefer exciting and fulfilling to ‘normal’. And secondly, the Domme sheds inhibitions and guilt and society’s fettering ‘rules’. She becomes free to explore whatever she wants. And, just about always, the submissive finds this evolution has them sleep ever more soundly and ever more contentedly; as they spend their days filled with the feelings they have craved all their lives. Feelings of being helplessly under the power of a cruel, pitiless woman; FOR REAL. Not a game.

      1. ” It seems you are not submissive, but you keep reading this blog. Why?”

        ~I am not in the least bit submissive but enjoy this blog very much! All the creative punishments and predicaments are a thrill to read about. I do dream of femdom day and night but unfortunately, only non-consensual has any appeal. And although you noted how many things are possible in this world of multitudes, -THAT- is not one of them.

        For Daniel: I would also like to know how your regime progressed to your present restrictions? Did things start as suggestions or were they decreed? Thanks!

            1. You write you are not in the least submissive but you dream of non-consensual femdom day and night? I, of course may be wrong and I apologise if I am, but I find it almost impossible to believe you are not submissive given you dream of non-consensual femdom day and night. Particularly given you find the creative punishments and predicaments are a thrill to read about. I guess the big question is does that’thrill’ include becoming sexually aroused???

              My interactions over 20+ years with submissives is that 99.9% of them, often between the ages of 7 and 11, begin experiencing their submissiveness with fantasies of non-consensual submission to women. Often their patriarchal family and societal upbringings psychologically preclude them having acceptable thoughts of giving consent to a woman to dominate them.
              Until they can no longer live that life of discord and they go against the their society’s stereotype male role of dominance in order to get the life they really crave. But some submissives are so indoctrinated with the ‘males are dominant’ theme, they can never accept who they really are and live their whole lives in discord. This is just what I have learned over 20+ years of interactions, if it does not apply to you, then it does not.

              However when you write that non-consensual femdom is not possible, you are mistaken, although it is not common and always involves blackmail. So IT IS unlawful. I have come across instances of wives and mothers-in-law and female subordinates at work taking an opportunity that arises and taking control of a male through blackmail and going beyond simply extracting money and/or material benefits and actually going down the sadistic routes of punishment and humiliation simply for the womens’ pleasure. I think this has and will become ever more common now phones can take audio, photo and video recordings, people put their identifying personal details on Facebook etc, and more societies bring women up to be empowered rather than submissive.

              Of course I am not suggesting you OR ANYONE engineers such a situation. It is madness to do so. You might however find a source of accounts that meet your requirements from rare and unscrupulous on-line dominatrices in general and often Findom on-line dominatrices. The unscrupulous dominatrices to which I refer are obviously not representative of the vast majority of honest and ethical dominatrices out there.

              One example account I remember vividly of an on-line dominatrix is as follows and screenshots were provided to prove veracity. We will call the victim Fred. First she played along with Fred’s fantasies and he became quite enthralled. Then over time she got his employers name and address and email, (which she checked out by phoning them and asking for him, then hanging up when they said they will put her through). Using that information, she forced him to give her his wife’s name and number. He of course, being a submissive was deeply affected and aroused to be truly under her power at that point. Then it all went wrong for him because she was a REAL SADIST. A very exciting woman for a submissive BUT!!!

              Obviously her fees went up and became mandatory and regular. Then the cruelty began on top of that. The incident that sticks in my mind is when she instructed him to go to a huge supermarket and buy a large cucumber, a packet of condoms and a tube of KY lubricant. AND NOTHING ELSE. He had to send her a shot of the receipt. And it had to be done peak time on a Saturday – date and time being on the receipt. The screen shot of the DM exchanges between them are quite the turn on. As he pleads and pleads not to do this, offers money which she takes and then carries on with the same instruction anyway. Totally gratuitous cruelty and a truly helpless male with no option but to comply. Which he eventually did and the supermarket receipt was displayed on her website.

              In my last post, Joe ends up being blackmailed into doing what he is told because he had sent the gang a shot of his driving license. In my next post on Joe I will go into that.

              So, there is the unethical blackmail scenario and then there is, if this is possible, EHTICAL BLACKMAIL. The online dominatrices who advertise as blackmail mistresses. Most of whom do not take their power too far, but some do. Of course, you would be right to argue that this is still consensual because the submissives do not need to pass over confidential information to the dominatrix in the first place. But having made that mistake, it does become non-consensual.

              So I suggest it is the blackmail accounts of on-line femdom, including the unethical dominatrices that will be for you the main source of accounts of real non-consensual femdom.

              1. ” guess the big question is does that’thrill’ include becoming sexually aroused??? ”

                Ahem, that is a rather personal question to ask that I will refuse to answer. However, were I chained to the wall, a woman with certain types of skills could probably coerce an answer out of me.

        1. As I have said, I accepted from the start that my wife (then girlfriend) would wish to punish me, and this was something I was used to with my mother. However, the current regime in its entirety is something that developed over the first eighteen months of us being married.

            1. Ma’am has instructed me to share, with your permission, what has happened over the Christmas period. Ma’am bought me a new rubber raincoat and some brand new Wellingtons which she presented to me on Christmas Day. She told me that, as I have been well-behaved over the past few months, she thought I deserved a reward. On Boxing Day she took me for a walk in the woods so that I could wear my new presents. As usual, I wore my boy’s school uniform under my new raincoat. Unfortunately, I forgot myself during our walk as I found myself becoming very excited. On returning home, Ma’am changed my nappy and discovered that not only had I wet it but made another mess. Ma’am was very angry and gave me an extra beating. Now, she has confiscated my new raincoat and boots and will not let me have them for the foreseeable future. I am very sad about this, but know it is my own fault for spoiling things. I am currently under what Ma’am calls ‘special punishment measures’ which include having all my clothes taken away and I am allowed only to wear my nappy and rubber pants until further notice. Despite this,
              I know that I have displeased Ma’am and welcome her censures as I know, too, that this will go some small way to gain her much longed-for approval again.
              I cannot stress enough how lucky I am to have Ma’am’s continual love and guidance, especially when I have repaid it with a typically male lack of control and selfishness.

                1. Ma’am does and it is something that she has encouraged me to have too.
                  She considers it an important part of my training and, I must say, I have
                  learned to appreciate the feel and smell of rubber over the years to please her.

  5. May I say respectfully as a long time sub that this is the first post I’ve read on your blog which I have trouble believing?

    1. The bottom line is the only accounts for which I can 100% guarantee the veracity, are those about my life. I would say a couple of things though. Firstly, in the twenty years I have been involved in BDSM, I have seen or been associated with people who I can guarantee did at least one of these activities on a regular basis. Secondly, statistically, the perfect storm scenario has to exist. Ignoring gender; there are probably thousands or tens of thousands of couples in the world’s population of 7 billion where both are dominant. Perhaps let’s say being pessimistic, ten percent have a live-in slave they do not love, but cherish as a slave, and for whom they have zero pity. Perhaps let’s say being pessimistic, ten percent of those indulge in all these public humiliations. And just one of these Dommes has found my website.

      I have learned by the sheer numbers of people in the world, almost everything that could be happening in relationships is happening; somewhere.

      1. Ms Scarlet This is so true “by the sheer numbers of people in the world, almost everything that could be happening in relationships is happening; somewhere.” After working with the police for 20 years, i can tell You that “strange” things happen all the time. Things that one would not ever think. So anything that doesn’t seem probable can be someone’s reality. So i have learned anything is possible.

  6. Dear Mistress Scarlet. I thought I’d make a comment on something you’ve written about before on the “evolution of Dommes.” I have mentioned on here before that my wife and I have (even by DS lifestyles) a possibly unconventional approach. We have an either “all in” or “all out” lifestyle where we are either 100% vanilla, living normally, or 100% DS where my wife owns every aspect of my life. This happens organically and we transition into DS at her behest when she is feeling that way and it usually goes on for 3-4 weeks. During this time I have almost total orgasm denial, all chores, regular punishments etc.

    We started not long ago in the last 1-2 years as total amateurs and I’ve been surprised by my wife’s evolution. Mild spanking and a few days chastity have become heavy flogging, dickie discipline, forced feminisation and much longer term chastity. My wife is interesting in that she detests chastity devices. She feels if I can’t be chaste on my honour then I am no slave of hers and she finds them unsightly (unusual I know!) My wife seemed so uninterested in domination but gave it a go to please me…I could never have realised how she’d evolve

    The interesting part is she reached out to slap me “in between the legs” the other day when I was cleaning as one of my usual chores. She now often does this as a reminder of her dominance and it does hurt! She then suddenly paused and looked a bit confused.

    I asked her what was wrong and she said “I actually want to hurt you.” When I enquired further, she said she didn’t just want to slap me to play up to a DS convention…she actually wanted to physically make sure I felt pain. She even said “I feel like I’m a sadist” and she felt uncomfortable that a bit of fun before had morphed into a desire to actually hurt me. She even said “what has happened to me?” I dealt with this by explaining about symbiosis, how her desires would wildly please me despite my screams and whimpers, and this seemed to reassure. She now has quickly moved into upping her actions that cause me significant pain (obviously nothing causing serious injury)

    My wife never came across as dominant before, but was willing to experiment. Now, she has realised she actually gets a thrill from physically hurting me, and has amplified her behaviour in recent days. This is a transition I could never have believed would happen. Especially from a woman who refuses to countenance the idea of physical chastity.

    On the chastity front (as a side note) I must admit i’ve actually begged for a chastity device. Showering alone means I will never break my vow to my wife but knowing I can if I wanted is like torture, I wish I was locked away! Maybe this is her being smarter than even I realise! I think a device taking the choice would be bliss (he jokes!) Mentally it does more to me than maybe a device could but i guess I’ll never know

    Thanks as always for tolerating my ramblings on your most wonderful blog!


    1. I am sorry about the delay in replying. For a strange reason your interesting comment ended up in my spam folder.

      You might inform your wife about a couple of my experiences.

      I too did not like accepting I was a sadist early on in my evolution. I could not even say the word out loud about myself although I knew deep down it was what I had become. I then reached where I could comfortably say it. Now I am really proud I am a sadist. I have no guilt and no shame. I am proud to be such an exotic, decadent creature. And I have certainly learned that if you say to any submissive you are a sadist, they virtually fall to their knees and kiss your boots there and then! She might want to cut out the evolution time, and start relishing being a sadist like I do, immediately!

      On the issue of chastity devices, another thing that happened during my evolution was experimenting with things I thought I would not like. Thank heavens I did! It started at a fetish fayre with platform shoes. I never liked platform shoes, but all the Dommes at the fayre were wearing them. I did see they could wear very high heels, making them much taller, while the platform minimised discomfort from the heel height. So I experimented. I tried on a pair and immediately fell in love with the effect such comfortable high heels had on my appearance and how good it felt to tower over bitch-boy. I now adore my collection of elegant platform high heels. SimilaR EXPERIMENTATION HAS BROUGH GREAT PLEASURE. making bitch-boy deep throat a dildo. I did not think I would be happy making him gag and retch. I experimented with it. I loved it! Especially how shocked and in awe of me he was that I ebnjoyed it.

      So you could suggest she experiments. I love seeing bitch-boy walking around all locked up. I even love to hear the padlock clicking when he walks around. I hold his caged bundle in my left hand while he watches me bring myslef off with a wand in my right. She does not have to commit to it. Just do an experiment.

      1. Dear Mistress Scarlet

        Thank you for the reply. I have suggested experimenting before after doing my own research. There is a device called the “Holy Trainer 4.” It is entry level and made of clear resin style material. It has an internal lock so there is no padlock visible and made of malleable material so it’s good for those experimenting as it is one of the least obtrusive for newer dommes who might find a full metal padlocked version a bit much

        However, it has its edge as it has been redesigned since earlier versions to make even partial erections impossible. It also has even edgier versions such as the tiny nub version or even a spiked version (don’t worry I’m in no way affiliated with the product!)

        So I suggested we try this from the HoD website as it is relatively inexpensive and I could simply dispose of it if she didn’t like it

        However, to say her reaction was vehement is an understatement and she could g be more clear she will not countenance a device. So sadly I think I need to let this one go!

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