Do you miss that puppet? Good!

The comment below was included in an account featured in my post of 5 December 2020.

She frequently asks me, ‘…. If I miss being inside her’; when I say ‘Yes’, she says ‘Good’.

I found the principle of this simple Q&A, to be rather powerful and it is something, with great pleasure, I have taken up myself. I realised there is a nice list of things I can ask bitch-boy; and then, once he has said, ‘Yes’, which he will,  I can enjoy saying, ‘Good!

Given his identical answer whenever, for years and to this day,  I have asked, ‘If there was one rule of mine you could change, what would it be’. He still does and has always answered, ‘To be allowed to penetrate your beautiful body Mistress.’ Given this, then my top pleasure comes from:

‘Do you miss penetrating my beautiful body with your stiff little birth defect puppet?’ ‘Yes Mistress.’ ‘ Good!’

The following are examples of questions I have been asking. He always answers, ‘Yes’, (usually sulkily and wistfully), And I always respond to his yes, with, ‘Good!’ Which gives me a lovely little thrill of gratuitous spite. And sometimes I add, ‘And that will never, ever happen again will it maggot?

Do you miss cumming every 10 days to two weeks like you generally used to before lock-down?

Do you miss running your hands over this beautiful body, caressing me just however you wanted to?

Do you miss your birth defect being free of its cage when you washed before the lock-down regime?

Do you miss getting to cum by me using my skilled hands instead of only every under the sole of my shoe like now?

Do you miss me skillfully sucking your stiff little birth defect like I used to?

This little pleasure is such so enjoyable and sometimes even arousing that as well as using one of the half dozen questions above every two or three days, I am wracking my brains to think of other things he might miss.

18 thoughts on “Do you miss that puppet? Good!

  1. If i might make a suggestion, You seem to be starting from things he actually did use to like and is now denied, but perhaps another way to look at it would be things he positively dislikes now. Could You frame the question in terms of the nice way such things were before, that is, in the absence of what he dislikes?

      1. My apologies for not being clear. You speak of, say, denying him vaginal intercourse. So that’s something he liked to do and now can’t. But You actually inflict on him “positive” things he must undergo now that he used not to have happen to him. Like having his defect tied up in a bag of nettles. So You could show him a bunch of nettles waiting to be used and comment on whether he didn’t like things in the past when he didn’t have his defect tormented with the sting of thistles?

        Sorry if this is a bad idea. It sort of occurred to me that one could phrase it a bit different, but i could well be mistaken.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    Re “Could You frame the question in terms of the nice way such things were before, that is, in the absence of what he dislikes?”. I *think* worthless male means something like:

    “Did you like it before I learned about applying Linnex to your little birth defect?”

    Whether that would produce a similar effect to your current questioning for both You and bb is another matter.


  3. Although I try not to think about it, I really miss not being allowed in my wife’s pussy anymore. I am a member of your BAV , and have not been allowed inside my wife since September 2013, and she says I will never be inside again. Too great a privilege for a husband/slave she says. I miss it a lot especially since my wife is extremely attractive and sexy, very much resembling Heather Locklear.

    It was in 2008 when the children had married and moved on, that my wife decided that I would now be her full time slave, not a couple of days a month when we had free time alone. I began doing all of the housework, laundry, ironing and preparing most meals. Since we now live in Florida on a golf course, she would golf with her new friends several times a week, have lunch and wine, come home and make me massage her and give her orgasms by licking her and using one of her many vibrators. Then she would nap while I did housework. Doing housework every day she has me wear baby doll nighties, she has bought me 6 in all colors although the pink is her favorite. If I please her during the week she may allow me to play golf once a week, but it usually ends up to be maybe every 3 weeks.

    From 2008, my wife allowed me to enter her every month or so, telling me I was only allowed a certain number of strokes and then I must pull out. She would say, “ you may have 10 strokes, no cumming allowed, then out. You better hold back”. If she was pleased with my housework and attitude after 3 months she would say “you
    may have 12 strokes and you may cum into the cup.” I had to keep a plastic cup next to me and when I felt the urge to cum I had to take my cock out right away and put it into the cup and cum in it. No additional rubbing was allowed. A ruined orgasm every time. She said I had no right to mess her pussy.

    Then in 2013 she decided that penetrative sex was too great a privilege for a slave, and that I would no longer be allowed in her pussy. In 2017 she decided that I would join the One Year Club, not cumming alt all the entire year. Lots of teasing, and frustration. The first few months were terrible, then it got better and then the last 3 months were so very frustrating and difficult. I have a CB 6000 and went thru 2 of them that year as they would split apart a night when I got an night erection.

    So now she allows me an orgasm maybe once every 4 months. I will lie on the bed in only my panties, she will remove the sleeve of the chastity device if I am wearing it, and she will say, “you have 2 minutes to cum. If you don’t cum in 2 minutes it shows me you really did not want to cum and I am stopping”. She will then rub me thru my silky panties and I almost always explode and make a mess in them. If I don’t cum in the 2 minutes, (it has happened) then I miss my chance and have to wait another 4 months. My wife says 3 times a year is more than enough times for to allow a man to cum. She has said probably 2021 she will change that to every 6 months and twice a year. She does not like the down time I experience after I cum, about a week, so she says the less I cum, the better slave I am. Being teased and kept horny all the time does keep me aroused and a better husband/slave.

    1. wow, I love the attitude of your wife.
      Thank you for the accounts in the comments you have provided so far. I think they are becoming easily worthy of a blog post. Do you ave any more details and background to add?

      1. Merry Christmas Mistress Scarlet.
        Since my wife and I have had a WLM for more than 25 years, I am more than pleased to honor your request of more details of being my wife’s slave for that many years. My wife at this stage is extremely confident in her domination and does not allow any mistakes or whining on my part. She is quick to punish for bad attitude which truthfully I rarely show. But she does administer punishments, which I will describe in a further reply. As well as our lifestyle.
        Thank you for this great site.

  4. Oh so cruel….

    How about giving away favourite or treasured items, cuff links, pens, watch…. Tell him he doesn’t deserve such things.

    Have him go through the Argos or Smyth’s toys catalogue and mark up all the sissy girly toddler toys he would like for birthday or Christmas, with a threat that if you deem them unsuitable there will be consequences….

    Take away his favourite drink or food and constantly remind hike what they taste like and does he….when he can, you say that’s a shame you’re looking forward to when he can’t, and when he can’t you can say good!

    I’m sure I’ll think of more

    Curtsey, Sweetie

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    In response to your Weekly Digest “GOOD” here are some questions my Mistress/Wife has asked me. While they may not apply to your situation, the questions asked by you to your submissive do apply to us.
    My Mistress has asked me the following (In no particular order)

    “Do you Miss being able to wear boy clothes in my home?” GOOD!
    “Do you miss wearing male underwear under your clothes while at work?” GOOD!
    “Do you miss being a man during our house parties, where you got to have all the attention of women and men as their equal?” GOOD!
    “Do you miss not being able to call me as “sweetheart,” “Honey” or “Dear?” GOOD!
    “Do you miss flirting with women in secret on-line or in your work place?” GOOD!”
    “Do you miss having access to your own money instead of the kiddy allowance I provide you with?” GOOD!

    We hope you find these comments of interest to you, even if they are not relevant to your relationship with your submissive.

    i sincerely appreciate the gift of being able to receive your updates as part of my education into becoming a total owned and feminized sissy slut for my Dom/Wife, Mistress Sensual.

    sissy jasmine

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