Easy Spike Turning

[29 December 2020] I have posted about the ring of spikes a couple of times before. The last post was on purchasing longer spikes from an online hardware store. This post is for any Domme who owns a similar ring of spikes. While bitch-boy was working on some DIY the other day, I noticed in his open tool box an array of what I learned are are called hexagon driver bits.

I had the previous day been using the ring of spikes to my great pleasure and bitch-boy’s squealing and whimpering misery, but the one annoyance being the unhelpful, L-shaped Allen key that has to be used to twist the spikes inward and outward. Shown on the right on the photo below. 


After testing a few hexagon driver bits I found one that exactly fitted the spike orifice. Below is the bit and below that the bit in action. It is now soooo easy to twist each spike in or out, or in and in some more! No more grappling with the L-shaped Allen key!











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19 thoughts on “Easy Spike Turning

  1. Ms. Scarlet, I actually bought one of these “spike collars” for my wife. When she saw it she said “you want me to use that on you?” Yes, we are still working on her being “meaner” to me.
    May I suggest using a Torx screwdriver to drive the spikes in, like this: https://www.amazon.com/Channellock-T153a-Professional-Torx-Screwdriver/dp/B00XNHSF5O/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&hvadid=78340257177814&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=torx+driver&qid=1609252758&sr=8-15&tag=mh0b-20 or like this: https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-Torx-Driver-T20-DMS18014/dp/B083T6CK3P/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&hvadid=78340257177814&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=torx+driver&qid=1609252550&sr=8-12&tag=mh0b-20. Most likely BB already has the screwdriver part that those Torx bits fit into,
    Thanks for your awesome blog and journals.

  2. Ms Scarlet,

    You can also use a ball-point hex key. This way you can insert the hex key in the screw while the axis of the two are disaligned.

    This video might explain it better:

  3. Dearest Ms Scarlett, i love the quotidian content of Your blog, the day-to-day life, and practical suggestions. This is a lovely example of this, and so different from other Domme content on the Interwebs. Thank You, curtsey, chrissie

  4. You can use a ball Allen wrench it doesn’t have to be straight to tighten.
    Btw I fabricated a brass tube to slide over a penis with a double row of sharpened Allen screws. You tighten the screws after you slip the tube on.

  5. I was just wondering on about what kind of subjugation do you put bb when on a whim you’d pop this on his appendix

        1. Words are mainly raising and dashing hopes.

          ‘Shall I twist them all in some more?’ lots of pleading NO.
          ‘Oh I think so, just one 360 degree turn each one.’ Which I do.
          ‘Shall I now twist this one, right at the top centre of your little shaft, in all the way?’ lots of pleading NO.
          ‘Well let’s try a few turns with it and see how that feels.’ Which I do.

  6. Ma’am, the bit seems to be very practical for you and frightening for bb. Perhaps you’d like him to paint it pink. 😇
    Happy New Year!

  7. First off, a Felicitous New Year to You, Ms. Scarlet!

    Second, i have to say that i’ve always found very appealing the idea of being denied even the opportunity to have an erection via a “forceful” method like a cage with spikes. Of course, i’ll never have such an experience in my life, so what do i know?

    Third, an amusing update. i was just talking to my wife about my urges towards submission, and i said (just as a matter of fact), “You really don’t understand it, do you?” (It wasn’t said in an accusatory voice, as maybe it sounds here, just a rueful statement of fact.) When she said something about finding it hard to do so, i blurted out, “Well, i sent you the link to that website” (meaning yours for vanilla women). i don’t normally pry like this and figure that whether she chooses to look at links i send her is up to her, but this was a quick interjection before i had time to consider it. So first she replies, “Yes, I looked at it” and then she added in a bewildered tone, “Well, I *am* trying.” Ha!

    i suspect that in my wife You’ve found somebody so uncompromisingly nice that she’s completely averse to anything like an FLR. i certainly have to give her credit for trying to be mean to me, but in the final analysis she’s only doing it because she wants to give me what *i* want!

    i’m feeling sort of amused about this predicament right now, but i have to say that sometimes i feel very despondent that there’s this gaping hole in my psyche that desperately yearns for something it can’t have. Oh, well, first-world problems, and all that…

    1. If you forgive me I have to say what I see, only because to do so might help. (Given you sometimes feel very despondent, and that saddens me so.)
      You seem to be totally lacking empathy and the communication between you two seems appalling.
      To have sent her the link to my alternative website without any verbal introduction that it might well be different to whatever she has read before; and without pointing her to the page/pages/sections that she may find most useful truly horrifies me. And then that is made so much worse by her saying yes i looked at it, and you not asking what pages/sections she read. And her having said she is trying, you then make an assumption about her failing being she too nice instead of asking what is she trying exactly and what is the nature of the difficulty she is having.

      I would have thought a MASSIVE apology from you would be a good start for emailing her link to a website with no guidance as to what of it was relevant and important, followed perhaps by you printing the whole website off and reading out loud to her the relevant bits for a first proper discussion one candle lit evening.

      1. Well, i screw everything up. i would say that i have tried talking about all of this very openly, and also that i find it very embarrassing, and under the circumstances, i’ve done the best that i could. But no doubt You’re right and i’ve gone about it all wrong. i’ve taken Your words here to heart, but now i feel like a complete jerk and am sort of feeling like it’s now irreparable… Before i felt bad about being an imposition for being the way i am, but now i also have to have the “meta-guilt” of having compounded the problem by going about it the wrong way. i apologize for having taken Your earlier advice and misapplied it in a such a stupid and thoughtless way. Maybe i should have picked the adjective “useless” for my pseudonym instead of “worthless”… Oh, well, indulging in maudlin self-denigration does nobody any good, so i’ll try to find a way to implement what You suggest. Thank You again.

      2. “To have sent her the link to my alternative website without any verbal introduction that it might well be different to whatever she has read before; and without pointing her to the page/pages/sections that she may find most useful truly horrifies me.”

        i think there may be some misunderstanding here. My wife and i been talking about this for eight years now, so it’s not a big surprise for her, and in our (i.e., Yours and mine) previous discussion, You mentioned sending her the introductory page for women like her on Your other blog, and that is specifically what i sent her the link to. She has a PhD, so i don’t think she was totally at sea when she read it. When i referred to her “bewildered” tone, all i meant was that the whole femdom thing just doesn’t “click” with her emotionally, not that she had no idea what was going on.

        i’m sorry if my attempt at presenting the story in a jocular way gave a misleading impression.

        1. More absence of empathy! Please think.
          Just because she has a PhD, you think that means she would not prefer to be sensitively led through what she is to read, how much she is to read, what she does not yet need to read, that she might have questions for you as she reads.

          When you apologise for ALL your previous attempts and ask for one more try, you can also explain how poor you have been at empathy and putting yourself in her shoes, but you now realise that and want to try to imporve you empathy and will be doing so, in all contexts.

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