Images to tick my boxes!

No rubber, no PVC, no Latex, no dungeon, no thigh high boots, no corsets, no above the elbow gloves, no nudity. I am not suggesting these things should NEVER appear, but it is so refreshing when they are all absent. (I have to confess I would now LOVE a dungeon in my home, full of the most devious contraptions. But when I was vanilla the thoguht and images of a dungeon would have horrifed me!)

So, simply a domestic scene in a standard room.

Could it be a submissive boyfriend and a dominant bi-sexual girlfriend with her lover? Or a pair of young lesbians who saw the benefit of a submissive, they keep locked in chastity, who they have visit their home once or twice a week, to do all the chores? Or a pair of young lesbians who discovered the submissiveness secret of their boss at work, and he has to visit their home once or twice a week, to do all the chores, (and has of course substantially increased their pay)? Or, the step father of one of the girls, caught and now blackmailed for spying on his step-daughter and her lover?









You can guess upon what she is sitting in the last image! I did have bitch-boy crop that, as images of face-sitting are I think, (ridiculously), illegal in the UK. Certainly that was a plan of the government. It is not cropped on my BDSMLR site.

I am pleased to say I have been in the place of either of the females enjoying exactly what the images portray, and I do so hope I will be again once the pandemic is all over.









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10 thoughts on “Images to tick my boxes!

  1. Face sitting is so hot! I can imagine you sitting on bitch boys face will kissing your female lover. I guess this was something you did with your former lover miss Lexi.

  2. I´ve always liked the objectification fetish as well! My earliest memories of lust was always fantasies of girls sitting on me. Which evolved into various other Femdom fantasies with time. I even used to make drawings of it from a early age, since it was before the Internet and i didn´t know anything about it either. In my teens, my biggest fantasy was being a carpet in the ladies´locker room and just lay there flat on my back while all of them walked casually all over my body to protect their feet from the cold hard tile floor…Women of ALL ages, shapes and sizes, in only thongs and push up bras…Walking barefoot all over my skinny body like i wasn´t even there while i just laid there with my arms straight out and totally motionless, just looking up at them and worshipping them…Or have them sit on me in the sauna all together side by side while talking about their husbands, lives and families – once again like i wasn´t even there…Especially if one of them sat right on my face. Female asses sitting on my face was always an incredibly exciting thought! Still is today.

    But other forms of objectification with no body contact whatsoever can be exciting as well. Just being a towel rack for a woman when she gets out of the shower, a clothes rack, even a human Christmas tree…The thrill is just being able to worship women in general and be anything she wants you to be, to make her life more comfortable! And the key for everything is for her to act like i wasn´t even there. Just an object in her house like any other.

  3. i have been really enjoying your BDSMLR posts so thank You for sharing. This set of images is no exception.

    i have been wondering about a couple of things with regards to You and bitchboi. Firstly i wondered if You had ever had a go with figging? i was reminded of this whilst daydreaming about nettles. i recalled trying it out myself a good whilst back so when i have enough home alone time will be giving it another go.

    Secondly i was wondering if bitchboi is ever made to make out when in his girl clothes. was thinking about how feminising it would feel to make out for ages dressed as a girl, being touched up over your clothes as if you had breasts below whilst tongues mingle.

    1. Yes I have dabbled with figging. Different ginger roots seem to ave different levels of effect though which makes it somewhat unpredictable which I do not like as I like to be in complete and exacting control.

      I do not really ‘feminise’ bitch-boy. I take ‘feminising’ to mean dress him as an everyday woman. I also would never french kiss him while I dominate him. His tongue may, if he is really lucky, be used to bring me off but it’s most likely only contact with me will be my shoes or boots and probably then, only the soles.

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