Eminent Dominance by Christine M

Below is a wonderful account of a short exchange that no doubt was hugely affecting for both parties. I adore the final words of, ‘You’re dismissed.’  I find it such a power rush to calmly dismiss one’s despondent and frustrated submissive to their fate; while utterly relaxed, I continue to move towards yet another orgasm myself. . .

And the cloud of anxiety for David that will now float over him during all future vanilla entertaining! Making sure, despite the vanilla ambience, he does not forget he is helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. And we all know that submissives are at their most content when fully aware that they are helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman.

Christine’s Account

David had a marvellous surprise the other Tuesday night! We had a vanilla night, with some close friends round for canapes and drinks. It was a wonderful evening and we all had a great time with lots of laughter. They left a little after nine, and I warmly cuddled David as we bid them goodnight, advising that he could clean-up tomorrow since I wanted a little fun in bed.

David spent an hour or so pleasing me, before I teased him to the brink of agony for a good ½ hour. It is so challenging for him to be driven to such levels of yearning while he can’t even erect properly! I was having a glorious time, laughing loudly at his antics and teasing him about not being able to get an erection. He was literally being driven mad with craving……………    until I suddenly stopped and coldly advised,

“That’s quite enough fun for one night David.” He looked at me in utter frustration, his balls no doubt swollen, as I continued, “What are your chores on a Wednesday?” He was ever so tremulous as he advised that Wednesday was a big night as he had to do washing and ironing, as well as clean the dining room, the hall, stairs and landing. “Right then, you’d better get to it!” I curtly ordered. He looked at me in utter disbelief, his doleful eyes pleading for him to be allowed to remain in bed. He was clearly yearning to just cuddle up to me.

Seeing the resolute look on my face, he entreated that the laundry alone was a couple of hours work. His dismay was so very evident as the tears welled over, when I dismissively ignored his entreaty and advised, “Well you had better start right away. It is indeed a very big night you have ahead of you! …as the lounge and kitchen are very much in need of your attention too…”.

He was lost for words as his face turned ashen, before he finally managed to mumble about how I had said that the latter could wait for tomorrow. “David,” I sharply reprimanded, “By the time you are dressed and made-up it will be almost midnight! With everything else you have to do, I would suggest it will indeed be tomorrow before you get round to cleaning the kitchen and lounge! Now I will not tell you again… You chose to join us earlier knowing full well you had chores to do. You also well know that your maid’s job takes precedence over all else.’

He then asked whether he might be excused from applying his make-up since he would be the only one up. I very crossly retorted, “Most certainly not! And don’t let me hear another word of complaint!”

I laid back in bed and contentedly watched him in his utter misery, as he painstakingly took the time to carefully dress and then apply his make-up. He hates this so much, he feels especially silly making himself up, and considers it so unnecessary. This makes it all the more amusing for me!

He would have been able to observe me in his mirror, looking on, so relaxed and at ease, smiling… as he morosely considered the hard night he had ahead. Such a contrast to my gratified state. His make-up finished, he rose, turned to face me and gracefully curtsied, as I cruelly subjected him to one last task to further emphasise his deprived status.

Though it was in easy reach in my bedside drawer, I ordered him to pass me my wand. I grinned as he curtsied and handed it to me, I switched it on and slid it under the covers as I noted, “One more orgasm before I fall asleep….” I then closed my eyes as I advised “You’re dismissed!”

He didn’t finish until gone four o’clock in the morning! He had a late start the next day, which I had taken full advantage of!

These exceptionally cruel events only work if they are done rarely. This was a first time, but it means that on future vanilla nights, it will always be in the back of his mind that he might still have to do all his chores before bed. I love this feeling of power I hold over him, knowing he is always fearful, especially nowadays, as I gradually tighten up his domestic regime.

18 thoughts on “Eminent Dominance by Christine M

  1. I like the practices of Christine M,
    it’s good to put things back in place after
    vanilla moments. The sub must never forget
    who’s ordering.
    M Scarlet, I take this message to wish you a happy new year and the participants of your blog so interesting.

  2. I felt David’s pain, anguish and heart breaking disappointment….

    Oh my, the cruelty of it…have me butterflies in my tummy of how wretched David must of felt….wanted to give him a hug…..

      1. Oh what a dilemma Miss Scarlet… A part of me says yes, but the other part says be careful what you wish for.

        Not sure I could live under such a strict regime…but they have developed and grown in to it.

        I admire them both as I admire yourself and bitch boy, as well as the other couples here who manage to live the lifestyle.

        So yes I do wish for, but it scares me too.

        Humble curtsey. Sweetie.

          1. Dear Mistress Scarlet

            I think this really demonstrates the power of the visual. What I mean is, in this case, is David having to wear make up provides a visual representation of the power of the Domme

            However, for newer DS couples, this doesn’t have to be as intense as make up and wear maid style clothing and I’d encourage newer Dommes to try based on my recent experience

            Often, at bedtime during DS time my wife will send me downstairs to complete tasks once she has had an orgasm and ready to sleep. Often, this was naked, which causes a submissive rush in itself and I would have to film myself on time lapse and text her the video to prove task completion

            However one time, which was even more powerful she shouted “stop!” and called me back as I set downstairs to clean the kitchen. She then made me put on her ladies “active wear” style lounging trousers and simple ladies vest top she’d been wearing that day. It really made her giggle and the submissive rush was way more intense

            So it’s certainly something that can be experimented with and can be very powerful if people aren’t ready yet to explore the fuller sissy maid style approach

  3. The title you have set to this subject is the most appropriate, dear Ms. Scarlet.
    Congratulations on another example of eminent dominance from Christine M.
    She has an elite style of dominating David, and he is fortunate to have found a determined but also wonderful wife.

    I also agree with Brigite’s comment, that is very true.
    A slave has to be in the slave mode and slave mind every moment of his life, or there will be a failure at some point.

  4. Curtsey,
    I would like to apologize for my poor English first.
    I’m a 35 years old now, and I’m a born slave male.
    I always remember my self as a submissive person, and I’ve tried to live as a slave for my ex-fiancee but we broke up for other reasons.
    she had a dominating nature and she used to treat me in cruel ways, she was obsessed with the idea of owning me but the problem was in her ways of applying that control over me.
    She always wanted to torture me mercilessly and to humiliate me in public and she knows that was not acceptable for me, because my life could be ruiend if something like that happened in public. (especially in our conservative society)
    Such things made realise that the 7/24/365 lifestyle is something also related to awareness and responsibility.
    and I’m here to politly ask, shall I ignore my nature or shall I search for another dominant girl who can respect the effort I’m making to make a succesful career without destrying my reputation just for fun!!

    1. As I write and make clear in My BDSM manual there are some hard boundaries that most Dommes will accept that, that do not reduce the potential pleasures for the Domme because there is SO MUCH DS ACTIVITY that can be done anyway. Not involving or risking involving, the sub’s family, not involving r risking involving the sub’s employment, nothing that is in public that could cause arrest,etc.
      I suggest you seek a Domme, (who is OK with these boundaries), because I think you will find it impossible to ignore your nature.

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