An account of long-term denial from a BAV

Although I try not to think about it, I really miss not being allowed in my wife’s pussy anymore. I am a member of your BAV , and have not been allowed inside my wife since September 2013, and she says I will never be inside again. Too great a privilege for a husband/slave she says. I miss it a lot especially since my wife is extremely attractive and sexy, very much resembling Heather Locklear.

It was in 2008 when the children had married and moved on, that my wife decided that I would now be her full time slave, not a couple of days a month when we had free time alone. I began doing all of the housework, laundry, ironing and preparing most meals. Since we now live in Florida on a golf course, she would golf with her new friends several times a week, have lunch and wine, come home and make me massage her and give her orgasms by licking her and using one of her many vibrators. Then she would nap while I did housework. Doing housework every day she has me wear baby doll nighties, she has bought me 6 in all colors although the pink is her favorite. If I please her during the week she may allow me to play golf once a week, but it usually ends up to be maybe every 3 weeks.

From 2008, my wife allowed me to enter her every month or so, telling me I was only allowed a certain number of strokes and then I must pull out. She would say, “ you may have 10 strokes, no cumming allowed, then out. You better hold back”. If she was pleased with my housework and attitude after 3 months she would say “you may have 12 strokes and you may cum into the cup.” I had to keep a plastic cup next to me and when I felt the urge to cum I had to take my cock out right away and put my cock into the cup and cum in it. No additional rubbing was allowed. A ruined orgasm every time. She said I had no right to mess her pussy.

Then in 2013 she decided that penetrative sex was too great a privilege for a slave, and that I would no longer be allowed in her pussy. In 2017 she decided that I would join the One Year Club, not cumming at all the entire year. Lots of teasing, and frustration. The first few months were terrible, then it got better and then the last 3 months were so very frustrating and difficult. I have a CB 6000 and went thru 2 of them that year as they would split apart a night when I repeatedly got night erections.

So now she allows me an orgasm maybe once every 4 months. I will lie on the bed in only my panties, she will remove the sleeve of the chastity device if I am wearing it, and she will say, “you have 2 minutes to cum. If you don’t cum in 2 minutes, it shows me you really did not want to cum and I am stopping”. She will then rub me thru my silky panties and I almost always explode and make a mess in them. If I don’t cum in the 2 minutes, (it has happened) then I miss my chance and have to wait another 4 months. My wife says 3 times a year is more than enough times to allow a man to cum. She has said probably in 2021 she will change that to every 6 months  / twice a year. She does not like the down time I experience after I cum, about a week, so she says the less I cum, the better slave I am. Being teased and kept horny all the time does keep me aroused and a better husband/slave.


Since my wife and I have had a WLM for more than 25 years, I am more than pleased to honor your request for more details of being my wife’s slave for that many years. My wife at this stage is extremely confident in her domination and does not allow any mistakes or whining on my part. She is quick to punish for bad attitude which truthfully I rarely show. But she does administer punishments, which I will describe in a further reply. As well as our lifestyle.
Thank you for this great site.


I am pleased to write some more details of our WLM that we have had full time since 2008. Prior to that, we had two or three slave days a month since our children were still in school. So anytime we could arrange days off together we had a slave day. Now as I mentioned earlier, we have the house to ourselves and I have been my wife’s full time slave since then.

My wife loves chastity for me, a lot of tease and denial. Her motto she tells me often, is, “a horney husband is a good husband.” She also says a wife should never be horny and it’s a husbands duty to give lots of orgasms to his wife.

My wife will get 10 to 12 orgasm about 2 days a week from me eating her and using one of her many vibrators. She just keeps cumming after the prior one. Then I massage her legs and feet and she goes to sleep. She keeps a small handle bell on her night table and rings it anytime she wants me. Since I get up before her, she rings the bell often telling me to lie on the bed. She will rub me thru my panties and stop just in time giving me a powerful edge. Then before I can fully recover, she will tell me to go get her coffee.

For the first few years, at my suggestion, I wore a CB 6000 chastity device quite a bit. But she never liked it, saying that it is an artificial method of orgasm control. She tells me that if she does not allow me to cum, her telling me should be enough. I must obey that, and promise that I will. She has told me I am never allowed to masturbate no matter how desperate I become. She owns me and that includes my cock and balls, so she decides what is best for them, which is very little chances to cum. So most of the time I am without my chastity device, which actually seemed to make long term denial a bit easier.

October of 2016, I was so horny and one morning I began to rub my cock thinking I could stop in time. Well I didn’t, and had a orgasm without permission, the first. I felt guilty and told my wife. She was disappointed that I disobeyed her, and I asked her to please punish me in any way she wanted. I just wanted her to forgive me. She waited a few days and then said she would tell me my punishment December 31 and not to ask before that date.
On December 31, in the morning she gave me an orgasm by rubbing me and telling me I had permission to cum and make a mess in my panties. I really thought she had forgotten about my punishment, silly me. Later in the day she said that since I disobeyed her several months ago by cumming without permission, she put my punishment in a form of questions to me. She said, “ I think you deserve a full year without any chance to cum because of disobeying me. I think you can handle a full year. Don’t you think so? Wouldn’t you like to please me by not cumming for a whole year? Do you agree with my punishment for you?” Of course I am never allowed to disagree with my wife, never. She makes the rules and is always right. She knows I can not disagree. So I said, “yes, I can last a whole year and I deserve that as my punishment.”

So in 2017 I went the entire year without an orgasm or even a wet edge. And I never had a wet dream either. She teased and denied me a lot, and all year she kept telling me it was my own fault for disobeying her. After about 3 months it got easier, but then after another 3 months, the last 6 months were awful, so frustrating. I was hard and dripping all the time. So my wife got me boxes of panty shields to put in my panties to keep them dry. And the teasing continued. Every time I saw her naked I would leak more. She loved it!! On January 1, 2018 she allowed me an orgasm in my panties. It was not very pleasurable compared to other ones years back. But the next one 4 months later was great again.

As for the health aspect of being teased and denied for a year, I do visit a urologist every year. Our area where we live has a free prostate exam and blood test every June. That year I did tell the urologist that my wife likes orgasm denial for me and are there any concerns of long term denial. Or being aroused and denied. Figured I should be truthful and get the answers. He said besides the scrotum feeling full and occasional soreness, the body will absorb much of the fluid and the rest is leaked out or expelled with urination. Last year I asked again, this time I had a female urologist and she said basically the same thing. I did say that I sometimes wear a chastity device. Her reply was, why we would do this? The discomfort I must have should be noticed by my wife, and her having many orgasms and me none is very unfair. I told her my wife enjoys it and it is now our lifestyle. Wow, I bet she had a lot to tell her husband that evening.



21 thoughts on “An account of long-term denial from a BAV

    1. Given what I have had from Brett but not shared, I do doubt that. Isn’t it more likely that the wife read Elsie Sutton and copied a good deal from the account she liked. I myself was certainly doing that a number of years ago. Had I been writing accounts then, some of my accounts of what I did would exactly match a lifestyle of someone else who had had an account of their lifestyle published on the net. Can you provide a link to the Elsie Sutton account to which you refer?

      And it seems to me that if it was a true account of a couple’s lifestyle from the old Elsie Sutton site, it retains all its value even if Brett had hijacked it.

  1. Hi if I could get a public opinion. Should a slave be allowed to rub his own nipples or finger himself while in chastity? Thanks

  2. To Anon. The above posted by Mistress Scarlet is a small account of our WLM. After many, many years of being my wife’s slave, my wife has really found out what works and what doesn’t. I know years ago she went to some on line sites to give her some ideas on domination and punishments. But mostly she just does what she feels comfortable with, like tease and denial for me, plenty of orgasms for her and punishments for me that she has to do on occasion that she exerts very little time and energy doing. More on those on my next post to Mistress Scarlet. I believe any woman involved in a WLM with a slave husband knows that orgasm control is probably the most dominating thing she can do to a man. It just comes naturally for a dominating wife to restrict or eliminate her husbands orgasms to maintain control. So Mistress Scarlet has it right (as usual) and my wife probably read and with her own thoughts established a great WLM. Thanks.

  3. Is there a way for me to add myself to the BAV register? It’s been over a decade since i gave up pussy forever to be a fuck toy for real men, and i’m so committed that i cover porn ads with my hand so i won’t see a pussy by accident. i don’t remember how pussy smells or tastes, and can’t get hard looking at women even if i try lol.

      1. Hmmm, maybe i didn’t explain myself well enough. i spent the first 20 years of my life attracted to, and in relationships with women. i only made the decision to live the rest of my life pussy free because i’m a total masochist, and going gay was one of the most humiliating things i could do to myself. It took me years of dedicated self-conditioning to become unable to get aroused by women, and to train myself to orgasm from anal and stay limp while doing so. i understand if You’d prefer not to add me to the register seeing as i’m 100% gay now, but having spent a decade with women, i felt like i qualified for the register. =P

        1. You present a tricky dilemma for me. I think, on close balance, as your BAV status is nothing to do with a current submissiveness to, or control by, a dominant woman you do not qualify, if that makes sense.

  4. Dear Ms Scarlett, it might be an unpopular opinion but I think you should be more careful with what “accounts” you consider genuine. You’re probably the only person in the www being genuine. Remaining that is your only USP. If you’re at all interested in that :) Have a good 2021 and stay negative (COVID wise).

    1. doggieslave… if you seek out any of my accounts on this excellent blog i hope you will appreciate my reports of Mistress Serena & myself are genuine and 100% true. I/we dont post as regular as i would like as our D/s, FLR has its ebbs & flows. But i am honest and true.

    2. Honestly it’s not her duty to research the authenticity of all the accounts. She genuinely cares about it but she can’t do much given that its the internet and if someone wants to fake it they can. Happily i do think a lot of genuine accounts exist online but sadly a good deal of sites got taken down so i do end up using the wayback internet archive to sometimes go back and find old texts. A good example was (and i do hope miss scarlet doesn’t minf me sharing) accounts of “chrissy”(mistress sophie and elodie) and “charlotte” along with quite a few others had shared comments and insight which i do recommend checking out. Another great example would be the old petticoat discipline which Mistress Scarlet had shared exclusively. Hope i am of help

      1. Thank you for the supportive words.
        Is it possible you could provide a link to the accounts of “chrissy”(mistress sophie and elodie) and “charlotte” on

  5. Dear Ms Scarlett, thank you for answering my comment.
    My owner suggested a verification process before marking accounts as genuine. We’re not sure about subs that cannot share their participation with your blog with their respective dommes.
    For dommes, a fun way to verify is to ask them for a specific picture that cannot be faked easily; i.e. both domme and sub in it, involved in any action you suggest (perhaps with specific colors, underwear, whatnot) and a newspaper, with the date they send the picture to you, visible. Apparently, no faces. That way you can at least be sure the account you’re dealing with is most likely not a lone wanker in the closet. They can send you a link to the picture that they put anonymously somewhere on the web (fetlife, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox) or you provide an anonymous email-address you make for that specific procedure.
    Thank you and I apologize for the long comment.

      1. Yes, we would. Would you want me to write lengthy stories about our life and claim they’re genuine and prove it with a picture?

        1. I might be getting the wrong message but you seem to be intent on being rather nasty and I have no idea how I could have invoked that. In your previous comment we had, ‘…that is your only USP….‘ And now we have this apparently sarcastic and nasty comment?

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