Yellow Snow

25 January 2021  We have actually had a proper snow fall here for a few days. It is becoming rare for us. Yesterday, I heard a not very funny comedian, mentioning a few creatures that eat snow to keep hydrated, and do they know to avoid eating yellow snow.  Well the point of this post is not about what happens in nature, but what happens in my life and of course therefore, bitch-boy’s life. And the comment I heard gave me a wicked idea.

I told bitch-boy we were going for a walk in the snow. Before we left, unbeknown to him, I filled a small water bottle with my nectar. I was wrapped up nice and warm and had my waterproof rambling trousers on. He was also wrapped up nice and warm. I walked him to a very secluded spot we go to quite often.  At the edge of a field, there is a huge fallen tree trunk and a beautiful view can be seen when sitting on the tree trunk.

We arrived at the destination and the freezing fog rather reduced the view but it was still wonderfully silent, beautiful and totally secluded. (One of the benefits of living deep in the countryside.)

I sat on the tree trunk and told bitch-boy to remain standing. I burrowed my boots into the snow and then piled snow on top of my boots from either side with my ski-gloved hands. Poor bitch-boy looked confused. I told him to kneel because he was to lick my boots clean of the snow while I enjoyed the wonderful view and the peacefulness. He slowly lowered himself to his knees, looking submissive and miserable. He was about to begin when I stopped him. As I pulled the bottle of my nectar from my pocket I spoke to him.

‘Oh little puppet, that snow on my boots does look rather cold, and boring. Let me see if I can warm it up and make it more interesting for you.’ He knelt and watched silently, but looking distressed, as I distributed my nectar over the snow that covered my boots. I giggled as I finished. ‘Well, I think that’s a little warmer and a little less boring. And its a lovely yellow rather than boring white now isn’t it. Off you go maggot!’  He paused for a moment and then dipped his head down. I immediately pushed his head down with my hand on the back of his head until his face was deep in the yellow snow.

‘What a pathetic creature you are!’ I felt aroused now but that would have to wait until I got home. I let go of his head and sat back. He sobbed as he lifted his face from the snow. I felt no pity at all. (I have learned, rather late in life, that he is mentally and physicality indestructible when it comes to my abuse of him). I knew when his head hit his pillow at bedtime, he would simply be so in awe of his pitiless, sadistic Mistress, even if he was so, so sad and distressed right now. He began to consume the snow. THE YELLOW SNOW.

I sat back and looked at the beautiful view. And absorbed the silence. I could feel bitch-boy at his degrading toil and see his small movements in my peripheral vision. The minutes went by so pleasurably. A warm, energising  blanket of of power-rush. Yet another perfect moment in my life because I am a total bitch married to a submissive. I felt decadent, fortunate and profoundly contented. I thought about the view, the peace and tranquility, the massive orgasms I would be having when I got home and I thought about the continued chastity bitch-boy would endure. There would be no orgasm for him. (Four weeks since his last orgasm and counting. 13 weeks denial period before that, and 17 weeks before that.)

That wonderful DS symbiosis equation entered my consciousness. The more of a cruel, pitiless dominant bitch I am, the more pleasure and orgasms I have, the more adoration I receive, the better bitch-boy sleeps at night.

Life is good!

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27 thoughts on “Yellow Snow

  1. Mistress Scarlet – that is such a wonderful scene you describe and such a fabulous treat for ‘bitch boy ‘ to consume, and outdoors too for an extra frisson of fun. Owner and i both love the snow too and She will also occasionally treat me to a glass or two of Her golden wine. Unfortunately, however, we only had a light dusting of snow here in London. However, i immediately brought your post to Her attention in the hope to one day have an opportunity to experience a similar yellow snow treat.

    Do you make ‘bitch boy’ consume your nectar in other public settings? A steaming flask on cold winter rambles or a refreshing drenching on a warm hike. Have you ever made him drink his own? i for one love the different colour and flavours of my Owner’s. The dark, full intensity of Her first pee of the day and the clear lighter notes of an early evening half pint.

    Wishing you bith continued seasonal fun.

    1. I will take a very small bottle to a restaurant and surreptitiously tip it into his glass to drink at some point int the meal.
      He hates the taste of my nectar which is exactly how I like it.

      1. For me, drinking too much piss is bad for health, but that is not a reason not to use
        it often so I use it in small doses as a syrup for water or as a condiment for cucu food, I also use it in ice cream.
        I also love having cucu forced to suck on piss-soaked panties, or as a mouthwash. I do it several times in a row so that it keeps the taste for a long time. Obviously I forbid him to wash his mouth afterwards.
        One idea to make bitchboy drink it in a restaurant is to present the bottle as a medicine.

        1. I do agree it should not be drunk daily, but for me, that is because I do not want bitch-boy to become habituated to the taste. I want him to dislike it. Of course, it is not just the taste that is disagreeable, The degrading nature of having to drink it is important too.

          I love your idea of presenting a small bottle of it as medicine. Not just at a restaurant. Also when in the company of vanilla friends and relatives.

    1. He has to drink it quite often as a piss ice chunk when in sensory deprivation bondage.
      I think the subs that like the concept or fantasise about liking the concept unrepresentatively come to the fore when the mater is raised. All of the subs I have been involved with detest the taste. Which is how I like it to be!

  2. bravo – so simple, yet how wonderful, yet again real female domination at it’s best!
    this boy read in awe himself, longing all the more to find a Mistress with a similar mindset, one who would create the circumstances to be able to take a certain Schadenfreude from everyday life at this boy’s expense – how blissful!

  3. My Mistress used to feed me directly from the source also.
    Usually it was on “datenights” when She met a lover or took him home.
    i did know the night before, because on my bedside table there was a bottle with yellow liquid and a viagra-pill.
    In the morning when the alarmcklock rang, i had to consume it and make Her brekfast in bed.
    When She was ready She put the sheets to the side, parted Her legs. i know what i had to do.
    After She came She pushed me away with Her foot.
    The whole day She teased me with Her beautiful body.
    In the afternoon i had to attend to Her in the shower.
    Hard on viagra i hade to soap and wash Her body with my bare hands.
    When i was finished She grabbed me by my ears and aimed Her nectar against my mounth.
    -Open, She snapped, just like ordering a dog.
    When She had finished i had to lick Her clean.
    – Now put it inside and feel what my lover soon will feel with his cock…

  4. The grabbing by the ears to me was very humiliating.
    She twisted them really hard to get my mounth in the right angle and when i swallowed tears run down my cheeks.
    When She had finished She pushed my tongue deep insider Her still grabbing and twisting my ears.
    So humiliating also knowing what She would be doing only hours later.
    And what i possibly had to do when She came home.

  5. Have you had a chance to use any of the Home versions of the very expensive Laser Hair removal products released in the last few years? Mistress has me almost clear of any new growth thanks to this longstanding pandemic here in the states. The more dense area’s hurt much more than the light area’s. There are large and small heads for each unit based on the area of treatment – enjoy!!

  6. Have you ever thought of making bb drink his own urine? Like that would be the status quo and turn your urine into a treat for him? The humiliation of looking at the act of drinking your nectar as a reward when not so long ago it was a humiliating act unto itself seems interesting. You could feed him all sorts of things that would affect the taste of his urine to further the effect as well. Just a thought.

    1. I can see the theory but I am fairly certain he would never find drinking mine to be good on the basis otherwise he would be drinking his own. More importantly, I do not want him to like drinking mine! I would get little from him drinking his own, while I get LOTS from him having to drink mine, and hating it.

      1. I Understand completely. I dont think he would ever enjoy drinking yours i just believe drinking his own would be worse for him . You’re amazing as always

  7. Dear Scarlet, I love your blog and at the sametime I wonder why the framing of the feelings of the sub is in my experience often onesided: distressed, miserable, disturbed…because in that same moment he is probably also horny, in love with you, grateful and in peace with it. At least that’s my exprience after 11 years in a FLR. The emotions are sometimes mixed in the moment itself, and very often also just positive.

    1. I take your point but I wonder if you have deeply analysed the specific sequence of feelings involved. Perhaps I have not set put the sequence in a lot of my posts.
      My view is that the essence of submissives is: a craving to be helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant.
      The precise periods of real distress, misery, etc, are exactly that in those periods. But either immediately after the duress causing those feelings, or certainly by then time the submissive’s head hits the pillow that night, he is in submissive bliss. Why is he? Exactly because those durations of feelings of distress, misery, etc, gave him the proof he needs that he truly is helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant.

      Would you be in agreement with that? And does that explain why my posts are often as they are? I deal with the activities involving duress. I take for granted that when the duress is over feelings of contentment envelop submissives, and I do not write about that every time.

      1. Dear Scarlet, thank you for replying. Yes, I have. And my personal experience is that both distress and contentment play at the same time. That said, the degree to which distress or contentment is figure or background varies indeed depending on the time after the duress (more contentment later) as well the degree of the duress (more than more distress). However, I feel even during heavy duress that at the existential level of my being still contentment, while the distress takes plays on skill, behaviour or beliefs level of my being. But we are all different, and a bdsm relation is complex and full of paradoxes in my opinion, so it might just be different. Kind regards

        1. I have quizzed bitch-boy on this and you have made a great point! He too, during the worst moments, as well as instinctively needing to engage in heartfelt pleading, has at the very same time felt a trace of contentment deep, deep in his consciousness. He believes this is because, at those moments, it is unequivocally proved to him that his deepest craving is being met; of being helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant woman. He says though, that in the early years this was a huge part of his feelings because he had doubts about me. But as I have evolved and become much more cruel and exploitative, that feeling has proportionately reduced in intensity. I think indicating that by now, he needs very little proof, as he is pretty well convinced that his deepest craving is being met!
          Does that chime with you?

          1. Dear Scarlet, I recognise that when I’m confronted with absolutely no choice I feel that existential contentment (next to distress). Over the years I learned to go to, feel that contentment more in those moments. In the beginning I had a harder time accessing it because of all the defense layers build in by education and society. The more I trusted my Mistress that she wanted nothing be good for me (good on these deeper levels of my being), the more safe I felt to overcome the distress of my defense mechanism and embrace that part of me. Yes, I want to completely surrender my whole being to the will of a women. Than I feel content in my being. In addition, the experience that the distress will go the background again, and therefore I will be even more content also helped me to better access to the positive feeling in the background (despite the distress because I’m tired, afraid of failure or shame, etc) and therefore accept more what’s she asks from me. This process was obviously not a direct line but two steps ahead and one step back. I required a lot of work from her (and mine) part to find a route through the maze to build that trust of the deeper levels of my existance.

            I’not sure if that aligns with bitch-boys experience, as from the writing I’m not sure I understand what was a huge part of his feelings in the beginning: the distress, the contentment or something else?

            Kind regards

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