Butt plugs, gags and spacer bars

Brigite commented on the most recent post from Corrine which I felt appropriate to be part of this blog post. (Brigite’s comment is at the foot of this post).

(I will also mention, in rsponse to a request, that I have also grouped all of Corrine’s contributions under the tab, Domme’s letters. Hover over the tab to see the contents.)

Like Brigite and Corrine, I too like to have to have my puppet plugged both ends during various scenarios, including doing chores. And of course in his chastity cage. My preference for a butt plug is an inflatable one, (more on that later), and for a gag either inflatable, or a 5 inch dildo type.

I don’t know if other Dommes feel the same as I do, but a lovely warm glow of power ignites in me, seeing my puppet walking or sitting, looking like he is in minimal bondage, but I know, out of sight there is a dildo gag down his throat, an inflatable dildo deep in his butt and a chastity cage encasing his birth defect. There is just something so ‘complete’ about that trio and it all being hidden away that somehow makes it very amusing and neat and cruel.

I do wonder if I could be helped though with the sourcing of an inflatable butt plug exactly to my requirements.









I cannot seem to find a butt plug with a sturdy base plate and most importantly, one where the narrow portion DOES NOT inflate. I have bought several and in each case the narrow portion inflates, so the limit to inflation inside bitch-boy  is set by how much he can take of the inflation of the narrow portion. And just to be clear, I do not want to stretch him there. What I want is to have him feeling the length and width right inside him growing and growing.

Anyway enough on my ‘issues’. Below is the comment on Corrine’s post  from Brigite:


Thank you M Scarlet and Corinne for this interesting testimony of practices that are also my favorites. Making my sub’s life miserable is one of the most fun things I know. I present to you a small anthology of my practices. I have almost the same practices as Corrine, with a few variations.

I rarely use a ball or dildo gag, I’m afraid he’ll choke on it, so I prefer rings or dental gags.
As for the fetters, sometimes I swap the chains Corrine uses with long bars with various length  combinations. I also like to tie a hand to his back, or tape his thumbs.

I also like chained dumbbells (i did not find iron balls) on her wrists and ankles which makes her job very tiring and risky because the dumbbells can swing and break things. Imagine how tiring and risky it is to raise your arms to wash the windows with dumbbells (from 2 to 5 kg) which swing from the wrists .

For the shoes, I totally approve of Corrine’s options, I just regret that you cannot use the ballet boots, poor cucu tell’s me its a real torture. A little idea you may have had is to have him wear a flat shoe on one foot and a high heel on the other, this makes the walk very amusing for me.

To make her cleaning painful, I use a spiked and weighted parachute around her balls.
Another technique I use is to reduce his field of vision using blinkers which makes his vision even more difficult.

The ultimate goal being to make his work humiliating, painful and exhausting for my greatest pleasure. I love your idea of the heavy iron with no steam, I’ll try to find one. Is it electric Corrine?

Kisses Brigite

One thing I will mention Brigite, is wrist and ankle weights, ideally with some bells attached. There is no swinging of the weight, which would have me worrying something precious could get broken. But there remains the extra fatigue.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.


21 thoughts on “Butt plugs, gags and spacer bars

  1. Thanks Mr. Scarlet.
    Unfortunately, I can’t help you with inflatable plugs.
    As for the weights, you can use whatever you want. I prefer swinging weights because they cause a lot of stress for fear of breaking something and the punishment that would follow, and this considerably lengthens her work due to the precautions she has to take.
    For the bells, their noise annoys me, so I rarely use them only from time to time when cucu work alone and then i put a lot of them so that their incessant noise exasperates her.
    I use them more for control his punishment of immobility.

  2. I clean and do chores with 25 to 50 clothespins attached to my cock and balls. After each chore is complete I must find Mistress and do a little dance to indicate I am ready for my next chore. Dancing with the clothespins is excruciating and Mistress often whacks them while I am working, but they keep me focused and working efficiently. curtsy

  3. Dear Ms Scarlet,

    You can try wrapping a piece of tape 4 or 5 times around the base of the buttplug. Its an easy and quick fix to keep it from inflating on that part of the plug. I hope ive been of help.

    Greetings Alex

      1. Ms Scarlet,

        Regularly questions arise at your home and wisely so you ask your followers for help.
        What’s bitchboys role in solving your (technical) problems and does he get punished whenever he cannot solve them for you ?
        Just wondering…

        Again… Greetings Alex

        1. Whether he gets punished depends on the issue. Sometimes I know that asking all my kind followers with all their own links and friends and favourite stores will provider a more fulsome result than bitch-boy using google.

    1. Apologies on the delay in replying, for an unknow reason your comment went into the spam folder.
      Yes I mean must originate in the UK. I simply don’t like DS packages for me coming in from abroad and going through customs scrutiny and tariffs process. I once had a very embarrassing item opened and held by customs who contacted me to say the exporter had not paid the correct tariff and I had to pay to get my item.

  4. My mother has such a heavy iron.
    My grandma used it a few years ago.
    It is really heavy, about 5 Kgr, without electricity.
    You must put embers in it, and ironing is torture.
    It’s amazing.
    Imagine that for decades, millions of housekeepers had been ironing clothes with this heavy iron.
    I see no reason that more powerful male slaves, comparing to women, cannot use it and iron.
    Of course, ironing a load of clothes with this iron will take more time, and I am afraid of the result.
    But it is worth a try. For sure will make slave’s life more miserable :)

  5. I bought petanque balls that I drilled with small hooks, very easy to make and to wrap with a protection or a thick sock.

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