That joyful (for me) clinking sound

Just a short post on something I have been meaning to mention for sometime. Since I introduced bitch-boy’s rather extreme, consecutive, chastity denial periods, there is a vanilla time sound that never fails to delight me and give me a warm glow of a power-rush and sense of being a total bitch.  Delightful feelings.

That sound is the little clinking sound of the top padlock on bitch-boy’s inescapable chastity cage. When he is naked and getting dressed/undressed/in the bathroom. If in loose jogging bottoms for exercise or because of an instruction. I must hear a moment of the sound perhaps 20 times a day and each time I get those delightful feelings. In vanilla periods I often instruct bitch-boy to wear loose jogging bottoms and he is never allowed to wear underwear. So clinking as he walks he brings me delight and he is humiliated whenever I point out my delight at the sound.

And I am not surprised he is humiliated. A grown man; a BAV – never allowed to fuck, never allowed to masturbate and almost never allowed an orgasm; WHILE married to a wife with an amazing body that she shows off very often.

9 thoughts on “That joyful (for me) clinking sound

  1. Thank You for answering my last post Mistress yesterday was another breakthrough in the morning I asked her if I could ware the panties all day. She said depending on what choirs I plan on doing. I said I could vacuum and mop the entire house then she said yes. Last night I thanked her for letting me be her sissy slave and she said I’m welcome. I told her I was in awe of her and she smiled. I often use your words in conversation with her and I think it has helped open up her mindset. I also typed up an affirmation statement that I gave to her to read and she liked it.

  2. I am a dominant wife
    I am a strong confident sexy woman
    I am the leader of my family and myself
    I will never allow anyone else to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.
    I own my body and I can choose to do as I please. Even if I want to have sex with another man or woman it is my decision alone to make.
    I own my husband’s body he has given it up to me and I shall dictate how and when he is allowed to cum or at all.
    He shall worship me and I will feel no remorse for what I choose to do to him because he wanted it this way.
    I understand that this abuse makes him feel whole and I will continue to push him mentally and physically as I explore my own expanded boundaries.

  3. On this post just the thought of the clicking sound makes my pee pee twitch. I’m in a holy trainer now with an internal lock so I no longer get the oh so wonderfully tormenting sound of the clicking lock when walking around.

  4. i had complained to Mistress about that very same tapping noise as i went about my da. Her solution was to put a few jingle bells on my cage for a week. Not exactly the solution that i was seeking. She removed them after a ball beating. i won’t complain about that nice clicking sound that pleases Mistress so much again.

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