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I have mentioned I am working on an Addendum to my very popular BDSM manual. The addendum covers new activities and techniques I have come across and technology that has been developed in the 4 years since my BDSM manual was published. One small section of the Addendum No.1 is on visual teasing.  I have not  devoted many words to this topic in my BDSM Manual as I frequently stress that having a great body is totally unnecessary for creating a perfect symbiotic dominant/submissive relationship; but a good proportion of dominant women have a great body or a spectacular body part, hence this post.

So this post is for research; asking about experiences involving Dommes using their body or a specific body part, or indeed a submissive’s visual fetish, to visually tease their, locked in chastity, sexually desperate, submissive. Most males are deeply affected by visual stimulation! I am interested in experiences of Dommes or subs.

I have refined what I do as a visual tease by watching bitch-boy’s pained, frustrated reaction to things I have tried. I now use two or three specific poses and a routine where I pretend to myself that my hands belong to  a lover pressed into my back behind me, who is reaching around me and caressing my breasts and cupping and sometimes fingering my most special item. I have been close to having bitch-boy in tears with this honed and refined routine and I aim to actually have him in tears. That would be so amusing!

Slightly related to the thrust of this post, I will mention something that very much amused me I remember reading about; perhaps 25 years ago. A very dominant  older Domme, with  a very average body who married a much younger submissive, found he had a stash of Playboy magazines, purchased before he met her, and was secretly jerking off to them. She instituted a chastity regime with a waist and gusset chastity belt which was all that was available then. The submissive found himself, for the first time, suffering weeks of sexual denial which he seriously struggled to cope with. To ram home her position, once or twice a week, she would have him kneel at her feet where she sat on the sofa and she would go through his Playboy magazines, page by page, pointing out the various assets of the naked beauties, comparing beauties, asking him which he preferred, which butt and why, which breasts and why, driving him crazy with unrequited lust.

Such was her pleasure with this, punishment fits the crime, that she actually took out a postal subscription for the monthly magazine so she could bring new beauties into the punishment each month so he did not become habituated to the repeated views of the same beauties.

18 thoughts on “Visual teasing

  1. You have asked for comments from dommes, but probably an episode from the bottom may also be enlightening.
    Over the years bodies are prone to change, but submission is first of all a mind game, so clothing and lingerie help to give that extra kick.
    Some time ago my mistress took me to an upscale lingerie shop to find a new bra and panty set.
    Seeing and hearing her prolonged exchange with the sales lady, looking at all the wonderful items displayed before me, her comments and smiles with me in rigid chastity, imagining how she would look in those pieces was a very heady experience.

  2. One of my wife’s favourite activities is have my hands cuffed behind my head while I’m in chastity straddle my chest and use her magic wand and have multiple orgasms while verbally teasing me. She will then uncuff my hands and come and rest her head on my chest while holding my cage and squeezing my balls until she falls asleep for a nap . I have to remain perfectly still until she wakes up . My cage has been upgraded since we last spoke I now have a steel one which seams to work much better and I’m spending more time in it.

  3. My wife makes me give her massages while she is only wearing sexy panties. She will ask me if I would like to rub her tits and of course I say yes. When I do so becomes excited and tells me to take off her panties and begin licking her. I am dripping from my cock and making large wet spots in my panties. After her orgasms, she will look at my panties and say, ‘“I guess you liked that a lot, you have some large wet spots. Did looking at me make you do that”? I tell her it did and she says “good, I like that you get aroused by looking at my body. But that’s all you are allowed to do, have wet spots”

  4. Sadly, being so much older than David, and on the large size; I do not have the same opportunity to practice visual teasing.
    However, he does adore it when I wear one of my long, silky nightdresses. He adores the sensuous feel and look of the fabric, and especially being able to caress me when I am dressed this way. So I do delight in sometimes teasing him by attiring myself so, whilst not allowing him to touch me, until we go to bed. Sadly for him, I have by then changed into something more comfortable, made of cotton.
    I also like to tease him about the glamorous, svelte young ladies he used to date; or if we see an attractive young lady that I can tell has caught his eye, I’ll remind him of how untouchable she is; and that he really should learn to look the other way; given his life of ‘abstinence’.

    1. Thank you, quite wonderful.
      I too like to mention attractive women that may have caught his eye, especially partiality clad on the TV. It is one of the joys of a DS relationship that there is no envy of possessiveness felt by us, unlike vanilla women in that situation. The attractive women are simply tools we use to torture our little puppets and humiliate our little puppets by reminding them of their denial and BAV status.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I’ll try to avoid this response meandering as much as possible. But my wife is highly dedicated to removing all forms of pleasure for me. In the early days, she created “unpleasant” punishments for me such as cleaning her sweaty feet with my tongue, armpit worship, and ingesting a lot of her spit.

    However, as a sub I think I’m not alone in being very able to fetishise the conventionally unpleasant. My wife started to realise this and started to swiftly remove things I’d clearly started enjoying. This would include asking me to kneel and asking if I liked her spit. I’d reply “yes mistress” and she’d ask me to open my mouth. She’d act as though she was about to spit and would then note my erection and say “you enjoy this slave don’t you.” When I replied I did she would say “then you’re never getting it again.”

    When she gets in from a run she would put her arms above her head and say “time to clean me slave.” I would lick her armpits. Then one time as I went to lick her armpits, she pulled away at the last minute. She said “you’re erect, you enjoy this, you will never touch my armpits again.”

    This was likewise for feet. I;m no longer allowed to smell or kiss them. She gets me to beg but always refuses. The exception is I’m allowed to massage her feet with oil. She got me a massage course for my birthday along with a massage table so I’m now quite adept at this.

    She loves to flaunt herself in front of me when naked, when she sees me swell, she simply laughs and says “never again!”

    She enjoys honour based chastity as she loves me feeling the swell and frustration and also enjoys being able to see it herself

    1. Bearing in mind my definition of a submissive being; someone wo can only be truly content when they are helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant, it is an interesting and novel form of domination. As I understand it, your Domme stops using a degradation if or as soon as soon as it brings submissive arousal to the you. I am thinking this makes you contentedly submissive and in awe of her because it is sooooo cruel and you are helplessly in her power! It does beg a question though. Do you no longer endure any degradations at all?

      (The usual state of affairs is the submissive truly dislikes the degradations they endure at the time of enduring them, but when they are over, helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant because of being subjected to things he does not like at the time he endures them.)

      1. Dear Mistress Scarlet

        I endure degradations but ones I’m by nature not able to fetishise. I am absolutely not a “pain slut” and as such whippings etc have increased

        Additionally tedium and mind numbing tasks I am not able to make into a turn on (for instance 3 hours of ironing)

        Removal of all pleasurable experience and sensation is her priority. So if I suddenly make that submissive development where I learn to enjoy something previously seen as unpleasant then it is immediately taken away

        Another example is using my fetish against me. I used to be made to smell her panties whilst in honour based chastity. I love the smell and even the partial release of an erection without orgasm was nice so it was stopped as an activity

        However, my wife used to make me bring her to orgasm whilst she was wearing her panties. Then she would put them on my nose with the leg holes hooked over my ears and instruct me I couldn’t take them off

        She immediately then fell into a post orgasm sleep whilst I lay there in a tortured aroused state but being unable to touch myself meaning I was lying there for some time unable to settle which she enjoyed asking me about the next morning

        So sometimes things that give me pleasure are cruelly turned against me to further increase submissive suffering

          1. This is a little bit in line with what I talked to you about once. I was saying at the time that it would seem the most sadistic thing a domme could do is make a slave do things when he’s not in an aroused state. I guess I understand it better now as two ways of this happening. One is that the slave truly doesn’t like doing the task therefore doesn’t get aroused at all and a worse scenario I would imagine is the slave getting “milked” or having so many ejaculations that he cannot get aroused and his sense of submissiveness is gone because of it. It’s like the basic reason to keep the male in chastity. To keep them in an aroused state. His wife taking away all things that arouse him does seem more on sadistic side and might be harder to maintain for a married couple I might think. Some of the attraction I think between couples doing this is having that “kept on the edge” feeling, meaning having things done that arouse the male too, not just being forced to do things that doesn’t arouse. Seems in your relationship with BB you have a nice mix of both.

          2. I guess my question to tinyman would be is how are you getting your own orgasms? Is it by something that arouses you? .taking away all the things that get you aroused seems closer to being like a eunuch, which is a fantasy for some but in no way would want to become a reality…..I am just interested though so you understand, no way judging you in anything. If this is working for you and your wife then congratulations in your finding something that makes you both happy. That’s all that’s important .

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