When to finish a sex session??

The other evening I was enjoying a very funny female comedian’s stand up routine. One routine was both funny and for me resonated around my sexuality and relationship with bitch-boy. So probably also applicable to a number of DS couples. The comedian had mentioned she was bi-sexual and then talked about how a straight forward aspect of sex with a man was that it has a natural end point;  when he cums, often quickly arrived at!

But good sex with another woman just goes on and on unless there is a reason to stop. And it is a difficulty to stop without a reason.  This brief routine sparked so many thoughts in my head when applied to my and others’ DS lives.

How wonderful it is to be a dominant woman so sex with a male does not have a natural end point, because the male either does not cum at all, or only cums when I the Domme is ready to end the sex session. How wonderful that that phenomenon, of itself, raises arousal and orgasm intensity for the Domme.

How wonderful that I now only like mutually rewarding sex sessions with other women and I can remind bitch-boy that when I used to have mutually rewarding sex sessions with him, a very long time ago, they were sometimes over rather quickly, while my  mutually rewarding sex sessions with women go on and on and on.

And finally, loosely linked to all this, I thought about how, under my ‘new’ denial regimen for bitch-boy, during the frequent full-on DS days I enjoy, I have more orgasms during any one of those days, than bitch-boy will get in a year. Then as I pondered on that, and I realised that, more accurately, I have more orgasms during any one of those DS days, than bitch-boy will get in TWO YEARS!  I don’t know why I had not recognised the actual extent of this disparity before! I could not wait to tell him!



18 thoughts on “When to finish a sex session??

  1. Oh a new picture of facesitting. I can see that this is something Ms Scarlett really likes. And for good reasons. It is hot!

  2. Last evening I gave my wife a long massage and then used her Lelo massager on her clit after applying a clit lube stimulant. She had about 11 or 12 orgasms, which she is normal for her. She has a very intense first one, and the rest are almost as good she says, and they are one after the other. I have often thought, as you mentioned, that she gets more orgasms in one session than I will be allowed in 5 years. It arouses me so much to see her cum so intensely. I am never allowed to ask to be allowed to cum, I just have to wait my 6 months and hope I have pleased her enough.

  3. Yes, it is so emancipating to not require a penis! I think of how often in the past things ended with disappointment, and rarely lasted ten minutes! And, I certainly don’t miss the mess! No more stained sheets either, the only stains I see are tearstains; and they quickly dry :). Using a male who knows it is so utterly futile to even entertain a moment’s thought about his own selfish needs, thus ensuring his total devotion to pleasing his Mistress; is LIBERATING.
    I often enjoy him for two hours or more between my legs, directing his tongue to my caprices, e.g. slower, faster, deeper, DEEPER, softer, gently, harder… with him devoted to diligently striving to delight me. I will be ever so relaxed, listening to my classical music, enjoying a glass of fine wine and perhaps some expensive Belgian chocolates! This may even follow a ½ hour or so of me lying on my front, while he first ‘laboured’ deep between my cheeks!
    I finish in a state of absolute euphoric, languorous bliss, having had more orgasms than he will get in several years! David is usually exhausted, his tongue and jaw aching greatly, his lips lightly chafed and (if worn) his make-up smeared. Though he never complains, I know from his confession times, that he will have been yearning for me to be sated and stop, long before I do!
    David is ever so good with his tongue and, despite the above, genuinely wants to please me; and takes great joy in seeing I am left gratified. It’s also sweet to see his doe-like eyes at the end, stupidly hopeful that he might be rewarded with a release for pleasuring me so well.
    He will usually be allowed to retire to bed with me; though sometimes I will drowsily tell him to redo his make-up and get back to his chores. Very occasionally, I might be feeling ‘mischievous’, and it will amuse me to scold him about how he looks like a slut, with his make-up all smeared and ‘deal with’ his shamelessness.
    The last time was 6 or 7-weeks ago. After a particularly lengthy session, I stared down into his wistful eyes, noting too that he seemed ever so pleased with himself for serving me so well for so long, no doubt yearning for a small word of praise.
    I couldn’t help myself. I sternly scolded him over his effrontery in presenting himself to me looking like a slut, telling him to take a shower immediately, iron a clean uniform, and apply his make-up properly. He could then get straight back to finishing his chores… “And to teach you not to look so slatternly; you can fetch a bag of your punishment ironing and complete that as well! I’ll inspect it in the morning before I cane you! So make sure everything is neatly folded!” The poor dear was heartbroken.
    I however, then enjoyed my wand in bed! I was so satiated, I didn’t even hear him when he finally came to bed! I do like this life-style!

  4. Thank You for sharing this Mistress Scarlet. The differences in Your sex life and bb’s couldn’t be more pronounced. He is most fortunate to be privileged to be denied for Your pleasure.

    1. An initial expression of shock that turned into a realisation of my pronouncement’s accuracy. Then, I think him noticing how pleased I was with this new more accurate and damning measure of the disparity, and my obvious pleasure and absence of sympathy or guilt, pushed him to a state of sad helplessness, but also, there was a glint of him being in awe of me.

      1. so pretty much perfect then :)
        thank you for sharing, for all things considered, it is quite a contrast!!

  5. Christine M, your writing skills and talents make it sound so hot!
    I wish I could have half your talent to express my thoughts in English.
    This is one of the reasons why I don’t often participate in writing my daily dominant activities here.
    I have started writing about the first anniversary of the slave’s ;total denial and how we celebrated it, but it seems I will never finish it…

  6. Miss Christine, I’m always amazed at the new and inventive time wasting activities you have! First the lines, now ironing! What other devilish, and completely useless, tasks do you implement?

  7. I don’t know if this is the right blog for me I am in a femdom TPE marriage , I am a cuckold and my wife only goes with black men , I’ll tell my story my wife had quite a few lovers over the years but this started as a girls night out, my wife went to the club with 3 of her friends , they smoked some weed and went in and had a few drinks and it was girls gone wild after that , they get out there and dirty dance the 4 of them and try and out do each other , well my wife ended up with a handsome black man and they went to a motel for the night , he dropped her off at 6pm the next day , my wife said she really liked him and she planned to start dating him on a regular basis , well the next Friday he comes to our house and picks my wife up and they go out , I figured that they would be out the whole night that’s understandable for two lovers that are excited about each other , well they finally come back to our house on Sunday and he comes right in with my wife and they go in her bedroom for the night , well this is a TPE I don’t have any right to complain I obey my wife if she wants him to say over it’s really none of my business , well he stays over for a week , I’m on the sofa they are in the bedroom making love all the time, they go to work but every night the are going at it , I do the house work and go to my job and I am their servant , my wife gets Micheal and me to stand by each other my wife tells me to take my little dicklet out and she reaches in his pants and pulls his big black cock out , it wasn’t hard but my wife says look at this slave I have to hold it with 2 hands she said this is so you understand and Micheal moved in they are sharing our bedroom , so they are really having fun the are always going out dancing parties romantic weekend get always , her girl friends love him he’s like part of their group, when they’re here at the house they are running around naked teasing each other playing around really sexy and they are fucking all the time it seems , well it’s a month then 2 then 3 he’s moved in like permanently and then something happened that really was unbelievable , I have3 older sisters and the oldest one Jean is in town snd she comes to see us , Jean is very conservative and I’m thinking she’s going to freak out my wife is living here in our house with this black man and I’m their servant , well when she comes in the 3 of them are talking I’m not part of the conversation ,I cant tell what’s being said but Micheal got his arm around Margo that’s my wife my sister is smiling they’re talking Micheal kisses my wife in front of my sister and I could see her smiling like she approves of it , well they come to the dining room and I serve them cake and coffee my wife points to a chair that’s away from them and I sit there I’m not really a part of the conversation but Margo keeps me on this speak when your spoken too regiment so I really can’t really talk , what part of the conversation I hear is my sister said I like how you trained my brother my sisters and I always bossed him around when we were growing up so you took up after us and they all laughed that’s all I heard , when she was leaving she kissed Margo and Micheal said goodbye I walked my sister to her car and she said to me you know they’re in love Margo said that Micheal will always come before you but Micheal said it’s ok that you can stay but you have to be submissive and remain their servant and my sister said really this is the best thing for you do just obey them and you’ll be just fine

    1. Thank you.
      Yes this is OK for my blog. Any chance when you write again, you could put in some full stops? No matter if you are unable to though.
      how do you feel? Submissive and content?
      are you ever locked in chastity cage? How often do you get to orgasm?
      Would you get punished if you did not do the housework?
      If yes, how?

      1. Hello Ms Scarlett , well as far as the housework goes yes I would get punished if I didn’t do it . Mostly I’ve been punished for not doing it correctly . Mistress Margo loves the riding crop that’s really her favorite implement for punishments , she used birch switches before .
        I guess at first having a Master who was living with us was different . My Mistress and Master are mostly concerned with my complete emasculation and that really takes care of chastity , I’m unable to have sex like a man. I’m too submissive . I’m in love with my Master, I worship him, I love when he cums in my mouth and he does that about once a month .
        Ms Scarlett , I’m-not on schedule I get an orgasm when they both decide I should get one . Well requarding my orgasms Mistress gives me a hand job . I don’t know if she will ruin it or if she’ll let me cum , but I have to lick up my own cum afterward . I like to say it’s great to have a Mistress and a Master especially a-black God like Master Micheal , my wife and I are BBC only , I guess you could say I’m submissive and I love it

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