I have mentioned in the past that I like to cook and bake from time to time and I have also mentioned that bitch-boy has to get up early enough EVERY morning to return the kitchen to an immaculate state before I get up, whether I have cooked or, as is more normal, he has.  It is very enjoyable to cook and bake with no regard to clean-up afterwards, knowing you have a little kitchen slave to do that.

The other evening I was cooking for fun. When I had finished, I required bitch-boy for his vanilla company to watch a movie and then to come up to bed with me. The next morning, the kitchen greeted him looking like a bomb damaged conflict zone! And in particular, this greeted him.

Before I started cooking, the immaculately clean grill tray had been lined with aluminium foil which I had removed at the commencement of my cooking exploits, just for the subjugating effect that would have on my kitchen-slave.

He found next to the grill tray a little note on which I had written. ‘Clean this disgusting item until it shines! I removed the aluminium foil because I am a bitch and last night in bed, thinking about that, made my orgasms more intense.’


Indeed the previous night when I had summoned him to bed with me to lick me to a couple of orgasms, thinking about what a bitch I had been and how he would feel the next morning greeted by the tray and note, as well as my usual thinking about his defect all locked away and his orgasms being so scarce while mine are so frequent, my orgasms had been seriously enhanced!


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11 thoughts on “Kitchen-slave

  1. This is wonderful, I really enjoy this content. Would love to hear more about your day to do servitude tasks which you leave and make more difficult for bitch boy.

    Would you ever consider making your slave write his own blog to keep your readers entertained and informed of his daily servitude?

    1. I will include more content of my day-to-day life although it seems to be like Marmite. Many blog followers love it, many find find it boring.

      I will not be having him write his own blog as I need his time, when I instruct him I am using his vanilla company, for serving me on hand and foot, and hours enduring my torments.

  2. I bet he was thrilled to be able to lick your genitals. Which makes me wonder.. how long had it been since you allowed him to lick you?

  3. Reading this really turned me on. It was such a Dominant act. Just one action – the removing of the foil – which would make it so easy to remove the following morning & perhaps a light wash. But instead having a much bigger task!

    An even bigger turn on is that You do not have the slightest feeling of guilt – so deliciously mean (in a nice way of course)!

  4. Love the photo. Especially how she has her whip handy in case she is displeased with his work. That could be my wife sitting on the sofa while I am cleaning up after dinner wearing only pink panties. But she does not carry a whip anymore. If I displease her, which is rare, she will give me additional housework to do, and I have to do the same job over and over again, usually taking most of the day. Or hours tied up in her walk in closet, hands high over my head, completely naked.

  5. I bet BB appreciated your thoughtfulness with regards his submissive state and emotions Ms Scarlet :)
    May a boy inquire, while you enjoy your considerations as to: ‘his orgasms being so scarce while mine are so frequent’ have you ever quizzed BB over how often he thinks about this from the opposite end of things and how it must seriously enhance his significant emotional submissive experience?
    keep up the awesome work :)
    from fluffy
    p.s. on a walk in the woods yesterday (Hertfordshire area) a boy clocked the 1st signs of fresh, new season nettles appearing – so something else for you both to look forward to…

    1. I know he thinks about it a lot. Every time, day after day, I have him him stand next to my chair and I hold his cage in my left hand while I have yet another orgasm.

  6. It’s the little things that count a wise person once said.

    A FLR isn’t all about large, well planned, flamboyant gestures (tho there’s nothing at all wrong with these!). This is a fantastic example of a tiny off the cuff act by a lifestyle dominant lady which ends up generating a long, tiring chore for her slave and it’s delicious and wonderful for that. Perhaps a close inspection of the grill afterwards by you could have led to further suffering consequences for him …. ?

    1. Rather than a close inspection, remembering I need no excuse or reason to punish him, (just my whim), I completely ignored the cleaned tray and the nasty and enduring work he no doubt put into the task. No acknowledgment at all. He would have been aware I had purposely chosen to ignore it.

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