Christine’s David draws a ……

I have nothing to add to this fantastic account from Christine M other than to provide a link to the related previous post from Christine. Enjoy; I certainly did!

We made David’s Sunday draw in bed around 9-30 am, after he had spent quite some time pleasuring me to several orgasms. I am not sure who was most surprised, when his draw popped up, granting him a release! One of his two possible releases in a year. It seems there had been purpose to his prior expectations of early success. He was wide-eyed with elation after 13-months without a release.

We had been out together all-day Saturday and had had vanilla nights at home on both the Friday and Thursday evenings so; David had a full-on day of chores ahead. I advised him he could plan on getting his release ‘this evening’ and that, since he had gone for so long without a release, ‘I would make it very special for him!

He worked tirelessly all day, but it was still close to eight o’clock before he got around to starting on the ironing. He still had a good two-hours’ worth to do, when I went in a ½ hour later. I pleasantly advised him that he could “leave that for now”, as I had everything ready for his release, if he would like to join me in my office. He of course followed excitedly behind me.

I was dressed in a long, billowy cotton kaftan, with a floral design. Nothing sexy, I like it as it is stylish and kind of conceals my large behind. On entering the room, he started to tremble, and his smile vanished, as he stared in dismay at the full screen image displayed on my large computer monitor. This showed by sister, who was connected by FaceTime! He looked at me aghast but knew better than to complain.

I smiled over at him and warmly advised, “Since this is such a rare and special occasion, I just knew you would want to share it… And (my sister) was pleased to accept your invitation. We’ve been chatting for a while and, as you can see, in honour of the occasion, we have both opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate… in fact, we’re each three glasses in, and probably a little tipsy! Now… don’t be rude, say ‘Hello’ to (my sister) and let her know how glad you are that she could join us.” Blushing profusely and stuttering, he reluctantly, but politely, did as he was told. 

I then explained how everything had been set up. His flesh-lite was secured tightly to his punishment bed, so he could kneel in front of it and penetrate it without needing to hold it…. “and… I’ve turned the bed round, so you will be directly facing your audience.” He was looking terribly uncomfortable and tried to plead that he really was too embarrassed to come in front of someone else. I dispassionately dismissed his concern.

In front of my giggling sister and her ‘cat-calls’, I had him lower his three pairs of panties to his ankles, and then pull his skirt and slip up high and out of the way at the front, where I secured them in place with two large safety pins. That morning, I had had him wear a garter belt, rather than his usual girdle, to hold up his stockings; so, his chastised appendage was now fully exposed. I then cuffed his hands behind his back, before unlocking and removing his chastity device. Needless to say, a few tweaks of his nipples and his defect sprung proudly erect. “Well,” I grinned, “your little bit of gristle certainly wants to show off to (my sister)!”

My sister was by now joining the conversation with various disparaging remarks, mocking that. “.. it wasn’t anything to ‘show off”; but it did look all girly and cute being so clean shaven, “It certainly doesn’t look like it belongs to a real man! And it’s so small!” she snickered as he went a deeper shade of red.

We then mocked him about being a BAV and laughed at how he only got to jerk off twice a year at most. “What a little Nancy you are!” she laughed as she sipped her champagne, “It’s a good job you have a tongue!

I then put two condoms on it before advising that, since it had been so long since his last release, I had better remind him of his rules. I sternly warned, “You have one-minute. You are not to let your organ so much as brush against the flesh lite until after I press my stopwatch and tell you, ‘Go’. If you start even a fraction of a second too early, your release will immediately end, and you will be punished. So, keep it at least 6-inches away. Once I say ‘Go’, you can start thrusting away to your hearts content. I will countdown the last five seconds, and you need to have pulled out BEFORE I advise, ‘Stop’, or you will be very, very severely punished.” He was looking ever so nervous now, trying to not look into my sister’s smiling face, positioned right in front of him.

“My, my” she laughed sarcastically, before breathlessly proclaimed in mock wonderment, “…what a stud you must be… can you really last a whole minute?” If it were possible to blush a deeper shade of red, he would have; especially as I added, “I very much doubt it!” giggling, “we don’t call you the fastest gun in town for nothing, do we, David?” 

Snapping that it was not a rhetorical question, he was forced to shamefacedly agree with me, as my sister laughed even louder. Turning to my sister, I joked, “HE thinks he’s a real stud if he manages thirty seconds, … Don’t you dear?” He nodded shamefacedly with a whispered ‘Yes’, as he knew he dare not disagree with me.

My sister nearly spat her drink out, she thought that was so hilarious. “No wonder you keep it locked away. He must be a real embarrassment to you.” Addressing David, she then mocked, “You must have disappointed a lot of girls over the years? The ladies may turn and admire you**, when they see you out and about, but they’d roll their eyes at you in contempt if they knew about your little problem and how quickly you spurt! No wonder Christine dresses you like a sissy at home. Is that what used to happen when you used to date all those dolly birds? Did they look up at the ceiling in frustrated annoyance?” He was too crimson faced to speak, but gently nodded his head to avoid challenging her. 

     ** This referenced the fact that David remains strikingly handsome at 6 feet tall with an athletic, muscular stature. (In contrast, I am a classic bell shape and, though just two inches shorter, I weigh about 1/2 again what David does.) 

With our laughter still ringing in his ears, and my sister mocking him contemptuously, it was time to let him have his release. I smiled, “Are you ready to go David?” as he knelt before the flesh lite… “Now one more rule, you are not to close your eyes. If you close your eyes, your release is cancelled… and you will be punished… and… you are to keep looking into our eyes.” He was squirming and trembling and terrified of making a bigger fool of himself.

“OK….” I then pressed start and advised, “Go!”. He lunged forward as my sister roared with laughter at his pathetic gyrations, mocking how it was just as well it was only a piece of plastic tubing as he wouldn’t be doing too much to please a woman with his bit of gristle. I counted the seconds, … “25-seconds, …” as he started to look anxious, he was struggling to come with all the humiliation.

“30-seconds, …. It looks like you’re trying to impress my sister,” I teased, …… “40-seconds….

My what a stud you are!” scoffed my sister.

Fift…y” At this point he let out an almighty roar as he powerfully ejaculated. I know he would have loved to get the post orgasmic pleasure that flows from remaining with his organ enveloped by, in his current case, the flesh-light, but he gets a release, not relief, not a long orgasm. “fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fift…” I continued as, with tremendous fortitude, he pulled out, before I got to say ‘Stop’. He was sobbing in humiliation and frustration, his organ still twitching and screaming out for more. Instead, I stepped in with an ice pack, quickly removed the condoms and pushed him on his back to better apply the ice pack; before again securing his appendage in its stainless chastity cage, in which it can’t even erect.

He was then told he had five minutes to tidy himself up, fix up his make-up and get back to his ironing. We were still giggling as he departed the room.

That night in bed, I grinned as he entered the room and he squirmed embarrassedly before me, as I lightly noted how “At least we got that out the way for a while”. He couldn’t get close enough to me and begged me to let him pleasure me!

Christine XXXX

35 thoughts on “Christine’s David draws a ……

  1. The dark side of me is almost disappointed he managed to orgasm …… Would have been so cruel to lock back up having missed the opportunity, so close, yet so far….

  2. Incredible story, congratulations Christine.
    The art and manner of transforming a reward into terrible humiliation. I think David did not expect this, he is very lucky to have such an imaginative mistress.
    I take this post to show you very “sexy” panties for our submissives.
    my translator cannot translate the word: flesh-lite. i think i see what it is, but ??

      1. Just an FYI. We do tease him as the “fastest, fastest gun in town”. This is from the Roxx Gang song, …
        “Need some whiskey and a woman, one thing’s for sure
        I’m the fastest, fastest gun in town
        I ain’t foolin’ around I said
        I’m the fastest, fastest gun in town”

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet, thank you for this excellent account

    A complete side note but a song came up on shuffle the other day “Dominated Love Slave” by Green Day. It is a very old, rather crude song where the band are spoofing a country and western “ho-down.” But the lyrics are very amusing and could be a hilarious one for dommes to have their puppets learn and perform dressed in appropriately humiliating attire! I remember hearing it as a teenager back in the early 90s and it made me laugh then

    I think it’s available on Spotify, YouTube etc

    Like I say it’s a joke song clearly recorded quickly on a low budget but the image of a dancing, caged sub with a pink fluffy cowboy hat came to mind and had me chuckling away in the car!

      1. The lyrics in themselves sound quite graphic but set against the intentionally ridiculous hillbilly music it brings more context if that makes it’s a silly and intentionally obtuse song. Especially as it was a punk band performing it! I’ll copy them below. The YouTube music link is


        I want to be your dominated
        Love slave
        I want to be the one that
        Takes the pain
        You can spank me when I do
        Not behave
        Mack me in the forehead
        With a chain

        Cause I love feelin’ dirty
        And I love feelin’ cheap
        And I love it when you hurt me
        So drive those staples deep

        I want you to slap me and
        Call me naughty
        Put a belt sander against my
        I want to feel pain all over
        My body
        Can’t wait to be punished for
        My sins.

  4. Dear Christine M,

    I have a question if you don’t mind. What are the things you generally do in your day to day life to keep yourself engaged other than spending quality time with David and going out? Do you ever get bored?


    1. Do I Ever Get Bored?
      My goodness! No, never, ever. My life is so rich. There are never enough hours in the day!
      I compete in equestrian competitions at a high level for my age. This is very demanding and requires lots of training and practice. I adore both the sport and working with my horses.
      I am a ‘would-be’ artist and greatly enjoy painting. I also attend an art class.
      I am involved with a few social interest groups and charity organisations.
      And, as if that alone is not enough, I enjoy fine dining, the arts and theatre, classical music and opera, reading classical literature, shopping with friends; and trying out new things. I went gliding before Covid hit!

      1. Ever consider making him drink his cum to add to his humiliation? Especially doing so in front of your sister? Just a thought to take his next one one up a level. I truly felt his pain when I read his sister in-law was on face-time. I had hoped he wouldn’t make it. Or couldn’t stop himself so he not only blew his chance but also got severely punished on top of no relief. He’s so lucky to have you.

  5. Wow, what a session for David. After 13 months I’m not surprised that he came in 50 seconds. I know the pressure he was experiencing to cum within the one minute he was given. My wife also gives me either 60, 90 or (rarely)120 seconds, when she allows me to cum every 4 to 6 months. I am a member of the BAV, so no pussy for me. She will have me lie down and rub me thru my panties telling me I have permission to make a mess, as she calls it. But she usually only gives me 60 seconds to do it. If I don’t (it has happened) I miss my chance and have to wait several more months. She will say “I guess you did not really want to cum after all, otherwise you would have,”. “I gave you a chance, it’s your fault.” What frustration that is, and she loves it.

  6. Also, he was able to pull out just as the most pleasurable part was beginning and endorphins were rushing. He was so high on emotions and carnal pleasure simply because his orgasm was starting. And that combined with 13 months of desperation could have easily clouded his mind for a few seconds.

    But his extraordinary traning helped him maintain calm and discipline even in extraordinary circumstances and that credit solely goes to you. He can follow your tough orders so precisely with very high success rate because of your high quality training.


  7. Such an inspiring and arousing post I have read it again several times. Even more powerful when one reads the preceding posts and David’s denial. May I suggest that Mistress Christine’s posts are grouped together under Domme’s letters for easy reading Mistress Scarlet? Thank you.

      1. Thank you Mistress Scarlet. Using ‘Christine’ in the search box is very effective in bringing up all the posts together for a ‘binge read’ as good as listing in Domme’s letters.

  8. I’m sure David showered Ms Christine with the gratitude She was due for Her generosity…I’m sure it’s a frustrating but rewarding life and no doubt the one he asked for! I am in awe of the amazing Ms Christine and thank Her most respectfully for sharing Her wonderful lifestyle. Thank You, Mistress Scarlet for this wonderful site that You have provided.

  9. What wonderful incredible story Christine. Thank You for sharing David’s humiliating release with us. There is always some degree of humiliation to masturbating in front of other’s, particularly clothed and particularly Women.
    i was somewhat surprised that David did not put the spent condoms in his mouth to savor his release.
    i always lick up my mess when permitted to release cum, and others if ordered to perform that task.
    Ending his pleasure at the 60 second mark adds to demonstrating Your absolute control of his orgasm. Almost as good as a ruined orgasm.
    Again, thank You, and please keep posting about that lucky man’s humiliation.

      1. Good day MsScarlet90,
        this male meat had the honor to serve a Dom couple, M F, for several years, About once a week. They, rightly, had control over my erections and when i would be permitted to release my cum, and i always licked it up. i can truly say that i never actually enjoyed and orgasm in Their presence, although i always wanted to be given permission to release.
        They would occasionally have week end gatherings with Their friends and i was expected to perform for Their guest’s amusement, and clean up, serve drinks and prepare & serve hor d’oeuvres, etc.
        There were times when a Dom would be using one of the subs and some of His semen would leak on the floor, etc. when He pulled out, or He would cum on a slave’s ass cheeks. As one of the servants, i would sometimes be ordered to lick up that semen.
        They moved out of state about 5-6 years ago and i have lost contact.

  10. Dear Christine M,

    Thank you for such a wonderful story. Do you mind if I ask how you first met David and turned him into your chastised, panty-wearing, maid/slave? I am sorry if you have already told us this story and ask that you simply direct me to the correct post. But if not, I would love to know a little about how you got him into such a humiliating, helpless, pathetic position to begin with. Thank you.

    sissy ballerina

    1. I recall David told Christine, ‘he had an unappeasable ‘need’ to be strictly raised in a manner that might have befitted someone in an ULTRA-STRICT Victorian household. With zero pity shown.‘

  11. How much more humiliating it would have been to remove his full condoms and then drain them into his mouth in front of your sister… he would have wanted to fade into the woodwork…

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