Chastity in French

I received a link recommending me to a Mistress’s blog in the French language and a post regarding enforced chastity.

A benefit of being a mistress-wife is one has a husband-slave; so I immediately instructed him to use Google Translate and produce and tidy up an English language version of the post. I do like the style in which it is written; so here it is, in English.

The blog in Questions is entitled : JDM.

The day my husband’s chastity level went up a notch …

I offer you a little step back in my life, because it was a key moment in our evolution, my husband and I. We talked about it recently, and it was as if two old friends were talking about exploring together in their youth. Except that in our case, the story was made at its expense and that the exploration in question will have been that of a more explicit submission on its part, which I immediately transformed into more supported domination on my part, with an irreversible ratchet effect.

This evocation had the effect of reminding me of what had happened, what had been said. I remembered for a long time the words exchanged in detail, and then it had sunk a little into the great number of my memories on this theme. But it all came back almost instantly, and I realized the same was true for him. We could have replayed it, so to speak 🙂 It means one thing: this moment, for him as for me, will have been a turning point. To the physical dimension, sex and the chastity cage, was added an intense psychological dimension. It would therefore be a shame not to tell you about it, it may inspire some sisters.

At the time, we had a rather imperfect chastity cage. Too closed, too large, too primary ring. We had made extra holes with the drill! And laid out the ring with resin. This is the Casto session, one of my specialties. I still have this cage, I’m going to dig it up to take a picture of it, just for fun. But I’ll put it at the end, it’s not very nice … In the article, I prefer to illustrate with personal photos of the key carried, since we are talking about chastity.

So back then, I used to cage my husband from Monday to Friday. Release on Saturday morning, if he had been obedient, or a little later to frustrate him, but never beyond Sunday noon.

That week, he was still in a cage on Sunday morning, around 10 a.m., and began to wait seriously for the end of the ordeal. Without having specially prepared my shot (for once!) And as I found him a little confident of him and of the near release, I said to him while putting on makeup in front of a mirror in the living room: “I am sure that at the bottom of you would like to stay in a cage longer ”.

There is like a blank, a kind of swallowing, and a whisper… “well no, I would like you to free me…” (I would point out that at that time my husband was fucking me, which is now totally excluded). I continue, while putting on makeup: “Yes, I will clarify: you would like me to release you, but deep down, you would like me to FORCE YOU to stay in a chastity cage”

I hear him stammering that no, he doesn’t see why. I explain to him that his body, which wants to enjoy, which is legitimate, wants liberation, but that psychologically, his brain is certainly dreaming, secretly, that I force him to go through and force him to go on Monday without liberation ”.

As he continued to denigrate (although more and more softly …), I turned to him by asking him a simpler question: “if you consider the fact that I could impose it on you, since I have the only key , you find it exciting, you can’t deny it! ”

He replies that yes, it is true, and especially since he is already in a cage and it is cruel. Very good, good answer. Second question: “And what turns you on, you necessarily like it, right?

Yes, of course, he said. “So the prospect of me imposing this cruel exercise on you excites and pleases you, which means that you secretly dream about it without daring to admit it to me.” When he admitted that it was true, he lost an important first run. He could never go up the slope, especially with what will follow.

But already at this stage, at the time of release, with more than 3/4 of a day to enjoy his sex before being put back in a cage, no key, no hold on me, evoking his excitement, c ‘was coming to throw myself into my net without being able to resist the rest. It was cruel of me, but I love to indulge in this cruelty so much. So I tightened the net…. “So say it, in full, looking me in the eye!” “.

He did not immediately formulate it completely and I had to do it over several times, adding what was missing, but finally, facing me doing my hair and tying my hair, eyes in the eyes. eyes, he complied:

“Yes my dear, I wish you could keep me in a cage longer, without freeing me, even though I want to be able to cum. I would like you to impose it on me.” At this point, as if I was hesitating … I asked him to come up with 5 arguments for me, 5 good reasons, 5 convincing advantages, so that I would agree to impose a much longer duration on him. And that he would tell me that in the early afternoon, while reminding me of what he had just confessed to me.

I have already written an article on this idea of ​​making the companion ask for these own tortures (“the paradoxical management of the submissive”, from memory). You will have noticed that I have introduced the term “sharply” at this point, and let it marinate with it all looping through the brain. It’s a phase of accepting the domination of the other that’s important, I think, and you have to allow time. Like when you marinate game before cooking it: it has to work, the resistance must soften.

At around 3 p.m., seeing that I was not taking care of him, he came to me to talk to me on his own. A very good point. He reiterated the sentence above to me, and he listed the 5 arguments for me. I remember it well enough:

“You have to keep me in a cage longer …

– because you want to control me and it’s a form of control

– because it will make me more attentive

– because it prevents me from masturbating

– because you like to carry the key with you

– because it accentuates our D / s relationship ”

It was okay, but I wanted to win a second round, and an idea came to me at that point, which I hadn’t had. I asked him to rephrase without using neutral forms, and with him as the subject. We had to explain, but we had time… I had put him in front of me, 10 cm lower than me, with very high heels, a tight outfit and the key securely in place. After a while it was better, like:

“I think you should put the cage on me longer and not release me because if you release me:

– I would no longer be under your control in the same way

– I risk turning away from you

– I risk masturbating

– so that you can keep the key

– so that our D / s relationship continues to progress ”

It might sound a bit the same, but it actually isn’t, especially eye-to-eye. You certainly understand that said like that, it becomes impossible for me to release him. He feels it, and he’s lost this round.

And why not push it in a little more. I decide to focus on the 3rd point and ask him: if you feel that we are not going to have sex right away, are you likely to masturbate, or is it likely that you will masturbate? Or even certain?

It was hard, but he admitted that depending on the time, it was probable or certain… So he had to formulate correctly, eye to eye and hands behind his back “if you release me, it is very probable even certain that I will masturbate ”

So I told him that I was going to keep him in a cage, and that for it to be a real chastity session, I was going to order a tighter, smaller cage, and that I was going to focus on locking it down. and audits.

In the morning, he was sure to be released, and a few hours later, he asked me to keep him longer, and especially not to release him because he would go straight to masturbate, knowing that this is one of the things that angry the most.

He was in the cage for 4.5 weeks, whereas so far he had not exceeded 7 or 8 days. It was cruel to him, but there had also been sincerity. And so as I indicated in the title, this was the time when we made a big step forward in the use of the chastity cage, and consequently in other aspects.

Looking back, he told me that the most terrible thing for him had been that it had been demonstrated that durations of several weeks, even several months, were perfectly possible, and that I would have no restraint in imposing them if necessary, including repeatedly.

A bit long article, but I wanted to detail the mental journey, which is always done in two

16 thoughts on “Chastity in French

  1. Do you have the original French version? Even with Google, some meaning can be lost in translation and is no substitute for language fluency. Thanks

  2. Dear Ms Scarlett,
    a lot of professionals rely on for translations. It’s free and very high quality.
    Thank you!

  3. It’s kind of funny how submissive men are wired. We want to cum, but prefer being denied. We don’t want to be punished, but enjoy the domination.

    Many years ago, after a session where I had licked my wife to orgasm, she expected me to enter her and orgasm myself. I remember asking her to keep me horny for another week. She was surprised as I never asked her that, and she said why. I told her I kind of enjoyed the feeling of her having control my orgasms, that she would decide when and if I would be allowed to cum. And the horny feeling of being aroused and denied was something that I would like to experience for another week. She easily complied, and I went another week, then another month.

    She really began to enjoy the control, but she asked if I would masturbate if she denied me too long. I suggested a chastity device, and had her read a site that I was checking out. She said she would try it and I ordered the CB 6000.

    That was really the beginning of our WLM. It progressed to me doing all of the housework and pampering her for a chance to get out of the cage and enter her pussy. She told me that my orgasms would be very limited, to about 6 to 8 a year. They are now limited to 2, possibly 3 a year. She would tell me that maybe on the upcoming weekend she would unlock me and allow me to cum, but there would be no chance if I didn’t buy her a nice gift and present it to her. So during the week I went shopping and bought her some nice jewelry, designer pocketbooks and clothing. If she did not care for what I bought, I would have to return it and lose my chance to cum. So I had to be very selective.

    Now, years later, my wife is so dominant. We have a wonderful WLM. And as I stated earlier, I really don’t like being punished, but when she ties me up for hours in her walk in closet or makes me do housework, doing the same job over and over again all day long, I am excited by the fact that she is dominant and punishing me. I don’t like doing it, but it is her control over me that makes it very worthwhile.

  4. Jedominemonmari is an amazing ressource for FLR in French. It has not been updated for a while, but a lot of content is amazing, especially on control.

        1. I really like her style and attitude very much, but even when using the English option tab (top right corner) I was still left with questions on each post. For instance, in the financial post, the applicability of Claudine Forks, and what is a distributor? So, as my blog is for English language readers, I regretfully don’t think I can use her posts. There will no doubt be some of my blog followers like you, who are fluent in French and so please always provide such links which will be enjoyed by some. Thank you.

          1. hi,
            a distributor is a “ticket dispenser” .distributeur automatique de french
            If you have probleme of translating, you can ask me without probleme.

  5. His mistress made him ask for more cruelty, a wonderful idea

    On Tue, 30 Mar 2021 at 08:06, Mistress Scarlet’s Blog wrote:

    > msscarlet9015 posted: “I received a link recommending me to a Mistress’s > blog in the French language and a post regarding enforced chastity. A > benefit of being a mistress-wife is one has a husband-slave; so I > immediately instructed him to use Google Translate and produce and” >

    1. Brett`s observation on the strange twists of a Sub`s mind are quite to the point.
      I am the best example:
      Ten years ago I became the Sub of my Domme. From the beginning never inside and CFNM were standard, and after 10 days the first cage was introduced.
      In the beginning just as a bit of fun to spice up things – or so I thought.
      I had misread her completely, for she kept pushing the time spans and reducing my orgasms.
      Yes, I did rebel inside and did ask myself from time to time, whether I should continue as the cages became shorter and tighter, preventing the fun I used to have. But astonishing enough – a new kind of excitement developed, no orgasm but a continual buzz of arousal.
      So being not only submissive but also a painslut provided the answer: YES and PLEASE MORE.
      Therefore after some years and great hesitation I asked her to keep me in permanent chastity.
      No outward reaction from her, not even a smile. Obviously this was what she had long expected. From that moment on I have been freed only for cleaning and our SM-sessions.
      A nice little routine has developed after my “free” time: When she orders me to be locked up again, I have to do it myself, slip ring and cage on and present myself to her. Then she inserts the lock into the Looker 01 and turns the key.
      Right at that moment she looks into my eyes, and we both know, it is perfect.

  6. Because of the ultra feminist movements the wearing of the male chastity cage becomes a common practice, at the beginning I was rather hostile but my best friend obtained incredible results with her companion, naked thus rigged up in front of his wife and myself, he was going straight under the orders of his companion I was in awe. My next companion will wear a chastity cage under my control that’s certain

    A cause des mouvements ultra féministe le port de la cage chasteté masculine devient une pratique courante ,au début j etais plutôt hostile mais ma meilleure amie à obtenue d incroyable resultat avec son compagnon ,nu ainsi affublé devant sa femme et moi-même il filait droit sous les ordres de sa compagne j etais en admiration. Mon prochain compagnon portera une cage de chasteté sous mon contrôle cela est certains

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