Images of REAL Dominant wives and girlfriends

Well, not exactly, but…………………..

There are many submissive men who wish their wife or girlfriend was dominant, or who are seeking a dominant female. The internet, with 90% of its images of dominant women being professional dominatrices, can easily trick submissive men into thinking those internet images are what dominant women look like and behave like most of the time.

So here are images that represent what most submissive men see most of the time when those men are under the 24/7/365 domination of a REAL dominant woman. Not a Miss-World-super-model dressed in a selection from PVC, latex, corsets, above the elbow gloves, exotic lingerie, thigh high boots, sky high heels, etc. But a girl-next-door -type, dressed in everyday clothes, or sometimes alluring, but comfortable clothes. And not endlessly using BDSM equipment in her constant attendance to the male, but relaxing while the male, often in another room, toils on chores, or tedium torments, or becomes human furniture or waits quietly for an instruction.

And there will be vanilla times when a REAL dominant woman uses her male for his vanilla company. And there will be lots of orgasms – for her! (Why does all vanilla erotic literature and why do all vanilla sex blogs depict the women constantly enjoying massive orgasm after orgasm, while almost all femdom literature and femdom blogs are silent on the frequent, massive orgasms we REAL dominant women enjoy??? Far better and many more than when we were vanilla.)

Obviously there are punishments or punishment ‘sessions’ of one kind or another, to ensure obedience, and almost certainly torment sessions of physical discomfort and / or humiliation for the amusement of the dominant, possibly a maid’s uniform for him, possibly cuckolding and chastity, but,

I am interested to learn, you submissive males seeking to be under the control of your very own domestic tyrant, are these images representative of what you are expecting to see for many hours each week of your submission? And would your submissive core be content?




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18 thoughts on “Images of REAL Dominant wives and girlfriends

  1. Thanks for posting Mistress Scarlet. Yes, these images would be representative of what I’d expect to see, if I was lucky enough to be enduring hours of torment in a long term domesticated relationship. A maids uniform and chastity would make it super hot.The pictures of Dommes wearing latex and leather are a turn on as to me they represent freedom from day to day reality and usually favourably accentuate the female form. A fantasy figure that takes me into another world through the image. But, the key is the relationship and the degree of control the woman enjoys.

  2. Hi, some are more realistic than others. They could be any of the pictures depicted but it’s all to do with the mind and how you perceive it for me. If I had a situation where I was in a relationship with a truly mean, evil, dominant woman but knew I had her trust, general privacy and most importantly love (on some level) and care for me despite being so cruel then with that knowledge applied to the pictures, all of them are suitable outcomes should the dominant woman/partner request it.

  3. Somewhat agree to johnmarkfrost0307, but I also do respect and like to be of service to mistress no matter what she is wearing. The thing is for us, I do serve 24/7 and at times I can be a bit snippy with my yip yapping to which I do receive punishments for at a latter date. I think it comes down to respect and understanding. As a sissy which I am, I can respect that Mistress will not for the most part de dressed in the type of fetishwear that we sissies like to see. I can say for myself that the thing that most keeps my submission alive and pumped up is a more constant type of discipline and control type of attitude from Mistress. It does not have to be a lot just subtle reminders. For instance Queen Misty uses her buzzer device as she calls it. That thing gives me the assurance that I am only a submissive sissy and it really sends home the message. This pager is actually a shock device designed for training a dog, however it is highly effective at keeping this sissy in check.This sissy is reminded of this every morning while being instantly awakened form a deep sleep from the electrical charge sent right to the private area of the sissy. Mistress need only push one button to get immediate attention form her Sissy as I jump out of bed at once upon receiving this zap!! It may sound strange to some but if it is a long time between these zaps throughout the day I do tend to fall back on being my best sissy service submissive for the Queen Misty, We do have a blog as well which is

  4. I rather agree with Johnmark. The stylised images in BDSM porn can be very exciting for this sub, but they are far surpassed (at least for me) by the way an eyebrow is raised, or a particularly tone of voice is deployed.

    Of course the dominant should dress for her own convenience and comfort, but many ladies like to dress well and feel good about themselves by doing so.

    Also, if on occasion a dominant should choose to wear more glamorous or fetish clothing (for her own pleasure) it can be a useful weapon in teasing, and thus increasing feelings of submission in her lucky sub and dominance in her.

  5. Ms Scarlet – what you right is certainly true of the relationship i have with my Owner. We have been in an FLR relationship for well over 15 years now. She makes all the rules and decisions and controls all aspects of my life apart from my work. i do all the household tasks, the cooking, cleaning etc. i may never initiate sex, only She can and She disciplines me on a weekly basis.

    When we first started Owner would on a very, very rare occasion wear a skirt and stockings, but She soon decided (rightly) that this should be about what She wants and that She should wear what She is comfortable in. So She dominates me and controls my life in Her everyday attire, which for Her means jeans/tracksuit bottoms and a hooded top most of the time. She, on the other hand, likes me in stockings and a skirt, as i confess do i. When we got married i wore the dress and She the trouser suit.

    Obviously, what Owner likes and feels comfortable in may not be the same for other women. Doubtless, there are Mistresses out there who have 24/7 submissive partners who do dress in heels and a skirt or blouse if that is what they feel comfortable in. i am sure some do it knowing the effect it has on their submissive. Owner, however, is not that woman.

    As for me, i feel like i won the lottery when i met Owner. i could never imagine being actually able to live my fantasy 24/7, 365 days a year, but i do. i get to submit to a wonderful human being who loves me but who exercises, and enjoys exercising, absolute control over me. i truly am lucky.


  6. The woman with her hair pulled tightly into a bun reading a magazine is a ballet dancer. After 20 plus years in class every week in several cities, including NYC, I can tell. Ballerina dominants are rare, but they are complete tyrants. This is because men in ballet only exist to serve and support the women. They are kept in tights and used as chairs and ladders. Subjugated props, their faces are often obscured by tutus as they lift women and carry them around, but there little penises and sissy behinds are always on display in revealing tights. Menial servants in an artform dedicated to celebrating female beauty.

  7. Scarlet

    A wonderful and realistic post of true life femdom. As I wrote once before, never would I be seen dressing up in silly latex and plastic outfits to please my husbands fantasies.
    As with yourself, we dominant wives dress to please ourselves in everyday normal clothing, my own preferences being clothes from higher end quality ladies wear stores, Phase 8, Monsson or Autograph etc. Perhaps the only concession I make is often wearing boots which he likes, but mainly its because I enjoy wearing them.

    He did ask me once to wear heels around the house, asking my husband why, he told me he enjoyed me being taller. I soon put a stop to this nonsense and after giving him a sharp slap across the face told him he could keep his head below my knees all day if he wanted to look up at me, unless of course a core necessitated this.

    Thank you for posting.

  8. Domination is not a look. It is an experience. Submission is not a look. Submission is an action and a state of mind.

  9. The reality is something completely different.
    I remember the first time my ex-fiance used the cane on me, the pain was awful. and also the high heel trampling.
    Sometimes you have to worship your mistress’s toes while they are not polished or super clean and sexy as we see in videos, and that happens alot in winter :) and you can’t say no, you MUST do it.
    So, in my opinion, only the truly submissive men can tolerate a 7/24 DS lifestyle, because it takes more than a lust to be a real slave.
    Its about mentality, tolerance, dedication and total obedience.

  10. totally agree lifestyle femdom is the best, its the thought of your real life in a FLR, not just a dominatrix in latex.

  11. Nope. Never any latex, or leather, or any form of pro-domme look.

    So yeah, the normal looking woman reading is a good example.

  12. When you are in a 24/7 WLM, as we are, my wife will dress as she wishes every day. When we first started having slave days some 20 years ago, she would wear panties, bra, garter belt , stockings and high heels, all black as her domination outfit. But that was for one day. Now that I am her total slave every day, , she wears what she is comfortable in or going out in Very similar to the photos of these women. It is what she wants.

  13. i for one .lucky to serve a Mistress and Her Hubby who are 100% vanilla to the world but inside their house is another story. if their friends and family knew it would be very shocking. Mistress Kate has no leather or rubber clothing. She will on occasion wear heels but mostly sneakers. I was totally surprised when i found out and very happy to be able to serve Her. She was my secretary and driver for 7 years before i retired. She went on and worked another 5 years as a Police Officer before retiring and reaching out to me when She found out i was getting a divorce. We met over lunch and She told me She always knew i was a sub and over the next few months i started serving Her and Her Hubby. She is head of household. So i find these images You posted very intriguing as one never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  14. For me it is nearly a necessity that the women is in everyday clothing. Even on some of these pictures the women are dressed with shoes not many would wear at home.

    For me, these everyday clothing underlines the power of the women because they show clearly that they are not there to dress well for the slave.

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