Nurse Nasty’s new brush

17 April 2021

Following a tip from a fellow Domme, I saw this advertised in a magazine and immediately thought it may be a particularly effortlessly effective tool for Nurse Nasty to use during cleaning phases of naughty, little, stiff birth-defects.

It arrived; and holding it in my right hand and using a light scrubbing motion on the underside of my left forearm, certainly gives me the feeling I was right when I saw it. The bristles are quite sharp and It will indeed be a particularly effortlessly VERY effective tool for Nurse Nasty to use.

The underside of my left forearm is where I try most new toys to be used on birth-defects. It is sensitive skin, but perhaps not quite so sensitive as the skin of a birth defect; but I get a good gauge. It’s a while since a fully restrained and gagged bitch-boy, (with legs secured wide apart in the gynecological stirrups), and he has endured a thorough clean and treatment session from Nurse Nasty. And after the thorough cleaning, as the nettles are now at their most stinging this time of year, I think, to start, a herbal, organic nettle ‘treatment’ will be very thoroughly applied after the cleaning; followed by a skin invigorating ruler smacking, then a ‘soothing’ Linnex moisturise. Of course, pleading for the treatments to stop will not be of value because, as we all know; NURSE KNOWS BEST!

During this first treatment session, Nurse Nasty will no doubt have to sit and rest several times, with her Lelo wand in hand, such will be the patient’s whimpering and pleading and sobbing, she will HAVE TO satisfy her own resultant symptoms! While the patient is suffering the Linnex and feeling so very, very sorry for himself, he will be told he is to get a rest of half an hour, to an hour, and then treatment session two will take place; exactly the same as treatment session one. (I do think double-downs are so good for submissives that need to be left in no doubt they are: truly helplessly in the power of a pitiless, cruel dominant! It helps them sleep so soundly at night.) And bitch-boy is SOOOOO lucky to have all this free private health care!

[The double-down concept is included in my published, Addendum No.1. Simply put, a double -down is when a sub is just finishing enduring a particularly tough time and is feeling VERY sorry for himself, the Domme immediately announces there is forthwith to be another very horrible thing for him to endure. No sympathy, no pity – The Double-Down. Regular blog readers may have noticed Christine M frequently uses double-downs and sometimes even triple-downs!]

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14 thoughts on “Nurse Nasty’s new brush

  1. Please , please my severe and beautiful Miss.
    Is it possible to indicate the source of that green brush. Thank You slutsusan

  2. I find this forum overall interesting and a relief from the tedious of covid. However I really do not understand why Ms Scarlett posts are so impersonal. Ms Anne, Sonia, Jennifer and others feels way more interesting because they describe in details particular aspects of their day to day femdom life like dinners, trips, punishments etcetra. Ms Scarlett, your posts are instead very anonymous, mostly showing tools or philosophical theories of femdom. Why instead don’t you post about something that happens in your day to day life like a dinner with my sun and my girlfriend, or a week end away, breakfast with my sub….It really feels that Ms Scarlett is a brand not a person.

    1. I assume your sense of entitlement and lack of courtesy arise from your misapprehension that this free blog is a forum. Usually, if a blog follower wishes to influence what I post, they start by thnaking me for the large amount of time put into this free blog. Then they respectfully make they request. I will always try to meet that request.

      You start by branding my posts less interesting, you mis-describe all that I post as I think many of my posts meet your demands, (see below), and you insult me that I am somehow, (I have no idea how), making myself a brand and not a person????? Did you think such a comment would motivate me to meet your demands for this free blog? I am intrigued. How do the posts below fail to meet your personal needs? For which I apologise.

  3. Perhaps your readers would be interested in hearing how my wife used similar methods to train my penis. She used to release me from my chastity device once a month to shave my genitals. The shave included my penis although there was no hair growing on it. She would cover it with shaving crème and repeatedly drag a sharp razor over its sensitive skin until every last dob of crème had been scraped off. My entire penis was shaved—shaft, head, corona, and frenulum. Then she would thoroughly wash it with a washcloth soaked with scalding hot water and dry it by abrasively rubbing it with a stiff towel. Once it was dry, she would slap on a generous application of an alcohol-based aftershave. With my penis on fire, she would mount me and ride me to my monthly orgasm. Every stroke was painful, and sex became increasingly unpleasant for me. It seemed she was conditioning me to dislike vaginal sex. I felt relieved when she finally returned my sore member to its cage, and it would feel safe and protected when it was once again encased within its stainless-steel armor. In effect, my chastity device became a refuge from her torture. After a couple years of this treatment, she concluded I would be happier if my penis were left alone, and she quit releasing me. I have now been continuously locked for over three years, and she has shifted her attention to torturing my testicles regularly. She has always enjoyed playing with them while she has considered penises symbols of female oppression.

    1. No I have never used a horse. Two reasons. One is the large amount of room they take up, how accurate the height has to be and how difficult they are to hide from vanilla guests. The other is that I do have a broadly similar, increasing time equals discomfort, activity which is having a slave sit on coir matting on a chair. Especially on a previously well thrashed butt, it does in time become unbearable for the slave. This alos has the benefit of allowing humiliation to be added like colouring-in with dolly or writing lines dressed as a parody of a school-girl.

      1. I have spent some time sitting on a choir matt and it certainly isn’t comfortable. Although from what people describe the horse is way worse.
        As for the problem of space and hiding it from vanilla people I think that is very easy to slove by getting either the IKEA desk stand or foldable saw horse and just having a triangualar beam you can mount on top. This way it will look normal and you can put it aside when not in use.
        Something like this for example:

        1. Yes, useful ideas, but at the moment I prefer the coir matting with the benefit of humiliation to be added like colouring-in with dolly or writing lines dressed as a parody of a school-girl.

  4. OMG I would love a Dominant female to use this brush to clean my genitals and between my bottom cheeks as a punishment for masturbating without permission, then give me a good hairbrush spanking!!!

    On Sat, Apr 17, 2021, 2:07 AM Mistress Scarlet’s Blog wrote:

    > msscarlet9015 posted: ” I saw this advertised in a magazine and > immediately thought it may be a particularly effortlessly effective tool > for Nurse Nasty to use during cleaning phases of naughty, little, stiff > birth-defects. It arrived; and holding it in my right hand an” >

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