Like it never happened!

There is a phenomenon reported to me by both bitch-boy and one of my email slaves. It is a phenomenon I have not seen much written about in femdom material and thought it worth a discussion on my blog. It is an issue for males that go at least, say, 4 weeks between orgasms, perhaps, at least a bit longer, say 6 weeks. (The period required is part of the discussion.)

Well it is reported to me that when there is such a long period between orgasms, pent up frustration is not reduced by an orgasm at all. Within half a day or less of the orgasm, the level of sexual frustration is like they never had the most recent orgasm. bitch-boy has had only 3 orgasms since 6 June last year. About half a day after his last orgasm, he whined and whimpered and pleaded to me that it was like his orgasms have never happened. His level of frustration is as though he has not cum since 6 June 2020. One of my email slaves reports the same phenomenon.

Of course, I have zero sympathy, zero pity, zero guilt! They should have been carful what they asked for. They each dreamed of, and asked to be, dominated by a cruel, pitiless woman, and now they are! They are getting what they asked for.

But the point of this post, is to ask others, is this phenomenon familiar? I do adore this phenomenon I have to say!

I will mention and provide a link here to a post about prostate health and the under 30s.

To provide some context to bitch-boy’s frustration, here is an image of a body just about identical to mine. I flaunt my body to bitch-boy, naked but for high-heeled platform mules, for at least a few minutes on a daily basis. First a lovely long, lingering, stretch of my arms up to the ceiling, with my butt pushed out. Then my hands caressing my breasts and then a hand caressing my pussy, as though the hands belong to a lover stood behind me, pressed into my back.

46 thoughts on “Like it never happened!

  1. I can confirm on that. When I am kept in chastity for four weeks, then the first orgasm I have feels like a 30%-Version of a “real” orgasm. My former Mistress used to call them “slave boi orgasms”, because they are not even close to “non-tortured” persons orgasms.

    When I was locked again after such an orgasm, my life felt exactly as frustrated than before … maybe even worse, because it then was the maximum time till my next orgasm and in addition I just experienced how unfulfilling my orgasms as a “slave boi” are and ever will be.

    Still … I LOVED the time, when we did this kind of lifestyle.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    From my own experience i can tell you that after 3 weeks of denial, it takes more than 1 orgasm to actually feel relieved for a longer term. Therefor 1 orgasm each 3 or 4 months doesnt help. It only temporary lowers the male libido a bit. For males older than oapproximatly 30 its no danger not to ejaculate as the body handles it healthy itself.
    There is in common sadists sense no possitive side for a slave to cum. It lowers his libido only temporary and keeping him horny is in my humble opinion a way better option for both D and s.

    With regards, Alex

  3. That observation is correct. I’ve been in cycles of 28 days, in cycles of about 80 to 120 days, cycles of 6 months, and once a cycle of 1 year (when where together for 10 years) without orgasms. The cutoff is indeed for me somewhere between 1 month and 2 months. The orgasm is just unbelievable good, but never enough to feel empty. Sometimes even after 1 hour I’m just as horny and craving again. When the period without orgasm gets into 6 months or more, the feeling is unbelievable intens, but not necessarily good. It is too intens, painful even. And indeed within hours I’m stable again. I believe it is very hormonal driven, but I’m not sure. I’m in my early 40’s now.

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    The same happened to me, when my Mistress B still permitted me to cum after a few weeks or months. I felt only a slight relief with my orgasm and after 30/40 minutes I was stiff again and felt the need to cum. (Obviously, that never happened!)
    This year, on October 16th, will mark the 8th year of my total chastity. In a way it’d be almost better… if it weren’t for Mistress that, taking off my spiked cage for a few minutes, crushes and rubs my cock with her boots, when she feels in a playing mood…
    She brings me to the edge, warning me to not spurt “accidentally” if I don’t wish her to take my skin off with her bullwhip, and then she stops, putting on the cage again.
    Often this causes a great pain and weight to my balls, but I know better than complain, as the first time I did, she smiled and said she would help me gladly: she took her galley whip, put herself behind me, ordering to stay with my legs wide open and lashed me with upward strokes that caught both my penis and balls, leaving some purple bruises with a few tiny drops of blood and asked:
    “There, I’m sure your balls do not feel weighty anymore, right?”
    I was almost in tears for the frustration and pain and I could see she was enjoying herself a lot…And this, in a way, gave me a small reward, knowing that my pain has given my beautiful, sadistic Owner pleasure.
    After all, that’s what we live for, right?

    doggy bitch

      1. Yes, Mistress Scarlet, indeed she’s an awesome Mistress and Woman.
        And I can say, like that song of the ’60s by the Temptations:
        “I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame,
        I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim
        Well, I guess you’d say
        What can make me feel this way?
        My girl, my girl, my girl
        Talkin’ ’bout my girl, my girl

        (Change that for My Mistress)

  5. I wasn‘t allowed to have sex since over 530 days and even i can masturbate as much as i want (mostly once a day) i‘m always horny and sexual frustrated. i has nothing to do with having a orgasm or not, its the pussy what makes man happy.

  6. Mistress I love this blog you are the best. I love that you do not believe in safe words to me they give too much power to the sub. I also love your extensive piss play with the ice cubes and yellow snow. Have you ever tried experimenting with duct tape the penis? And I was actually fantasizing about an ice dildo if you fill a condom up with water then let it hang from a rack in the freezer it should keep the round form. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t want to play anymore after 3 months of play she’s not into it. I still love my fantasies through this blog and your journals thank you mistress

  7. Hello Ms. Scarlet.
    When I read the post, I asked about this “worm” to tell me about his experience.
    Honestly though, you can’t rely on his opinion as it’s been many years since he was in a monthly orgasm cycle and his memory has certainly faded.
    I doubt he even remembers what the sensation and pleasure of orgasm feels like as he hasn’t experienced it since January 2020.
    The worm said he felt a medium pleasure when he had an orgasm after 1-2 months in the chastity belt. This led him to have a greater desire to have another orgasm. He believes that a single orgasm after such a long period of time did not give him the pleasure he expected nor did it reduce his desire for more orgasms in a row.
    Of course he never had a second consecutive orgasm while serving me.
    As I understand it, it may be more torture for the slave to experience infrequent orgasms after a long period of time. It certainly gives him the temporary pleasure of orgasm but it still leaves him irritated and unsatisfied physically, it doesn’t completely eliminate his feeling of sexual penury.
    Mentally it must be even worse to go through the waiting process and count weeks, days, and I’m sure hours when the time for his next orgasm will arrive.
    It’s the dilemma I have. What will give my slave more despair and frustration?
    If I decide to stop his orgasms altogether
    or if I allow him a very rare orgasm just to remind him of the pleasure he loses in the chastity belt?

      1. hmm let me think about this honestly. It has been since December 1st 2020 since last orgasm , I now just stay in constant slave mode and I do honestly have a much more servile attitude everyday. I see and view women as superior to me in many ways. I am not sure when Mistress will have me release the sissy juice, but I will post feelings when it happens. I do know from the past that when I did go for months, and then went off, it was not real satisfying and I too felt only about half an orgasm as well. I think then I wanted another the same day and days after. The problem is I also felt that I somehow failed and was ashamed of that as it took away from my servile attitude. This is the longest that I have ever gone so far,, Bella

          1. what I was trying to say is that after I do cum , any good feeling quickly subsides as I feel ashamed for cuming and I at that point feel like I did let down my mistress because I lose my intense feeling to serve and be my best slave self. It takes a few days then to build that back up. At least in my case. I know that when I do not cum at all that my feeling of being a slave stays strong. I do hope I explained this right.

  8. The one thing that never escaped the pandora box is hope. It is hope (and dashing it) that is worse according to the old Greeks.

  9. It is indeed, Scarlet.
    I really I would like to know the answer.
    I tend more to allow a very rare orgasm just to put him in mental agony and remind him of what he loses.
    Maybe more Dommes and slaves could contribute to this question with their experience.

    1. Dear Ms.Anne,

      According to my Mistress’ philosophy, men should be lifelong deprived of ejaculation, as that is the only way to keep them continuously on edge and totally focused on their Mistress’ desires.
      She says (Miss B) that the mental agony of waiting for an orgasm is more powerful when the period of abstinence is rather short, but when the chastity is extended for a lifetime, there are other ways to torture mentally the slave, bringing him fruitlessly to the edge, (depending also on his inborn fetishes) like showing herself nude or masturbating,wearing leather or lace lingerie, getting him sniff her at close distance, but without touching, rubbing his cock under the sole of her boots, etc.

      I must confess, with shame, that, indeed, the last time she allowed me to orgasm I “lost interest”, so to speak, for a few hours, seeing her only as the person I love and adore, but without that constant, spurring instinct to satisfy her every wish that I feel every day.

      1. Mistress B sounds like a most wonderful owner.

        I agree completely with her philosophy of keeping slave males like us in permanent, total sexual denial. Of course it is presumptuous of me, as a slave, to say that I agree with a woman. It implies that I could have some right to disagree with her or question her judgement. I mean that I am grateful for her wisdom and I welcome her commitment to keeping slaves denied and sexless. As we should be.

        My desire to serve is always deep, but the feeling of desperation and intense subservience that comes with being unable to feel any kind of arousal is irreplaceable. It helps me to become even more humble and servile, work harder and make myself more useful. And for that I know I must be truly grateful.

  10. Ms Scarlet,

    Maybe its an idea to have a poll for both Mistresses and denied slaves which timeframe gives the most pleasure for the Mistresses and the most frustration to the slaves and use that outcome in your advantage.

  11. Sometimes the first orgasm after a very long period is not that great, and you really want the second. It is like your body doesn’t know what to do the first time. Also, my Wife has grown accustomed to ruining them, which also leads to a shorter refractory period. Right after that, i really want that second orgasm and her denying it without pity really is the key to keeping me in subspace.

  12. Dear Mistress Scarlet, Curtsey, i am sorry this not in an email and you probably know of this but i felt i should mention it. You know of Ms Diane and sissy terrie, She comments here, this is her blog: She just got an amazing comment from a Domme Who just found Her blog. i believe Ms Sarah X would be interested in Your BAV register. Below is a copy of Her posted comment on Ms Diane’s blog. i hope i have not wasted too much of Your time. humbly, chrissie

    MS Sarah XApril 18, 2021 at 11:54 PM
    Hello everyone I’m new here after recently discovering Diane’s and Terry’s blog. What a delight to read and I’m annoyed I haven’t seen this wonderful shared relationship sooner.

    I myself run a strict female led household and although my methods and styles differ somewhat to this amazing arrangement its whats similar that strikes me the most, the levels of trust intimacy and connection seen in established FLRs our unrivalled and rarely seen in more traditional type relationships.

    I don’t for example cuckold or feminise my boy but he isn’t permitted to wear clothes at home or use any of my furniture, he’s kept in a cage at night and forbidden to enter my bed. He is in strict permanent chastity and I haven’t let him penetrate me in over five years and won’t be permitted that privilege ever again. Hes collard at all times at home and we have never been happier.

    Thank you for sharing your relationship guys I look forward to interacting with you all and bouncing ideas and thought’s with you all.

    Sarah x

  13. My wife only allows one orgasm per month, but it is always ruined. Almost immediately I crave another orgasm, and for a few days afterwards I’m more desperate to cum than I was before, and can’t stop thinking about it. But that might also be because of the way she makes me cum and the ‘shame’ involved, which is very affecting at the time.

  14. A dilemma is I hate leaving subspace by having an orgasm, but 5-7 days after an orgasm is a really heightened time. Sometimes I think it is better to go 14-28 days, because there is fun in starting over. But we have also had fun with extremely long periods of denial and denial can take different forms, different things can be restricted. Sometimes I wish Mistress would formally take away PIV.

    1. The question I would be grateful for an answer to, is if you go more than 28 days without orgasm and then you have one, how long is it before the pre orgasm levels of frustration return?

      1. I think I hit a certain height of frustration 3-7 days after an orgasm. The first couple of days can feel “down”. After 14 or so days the frustration tapers off. There are other factors to consider like stress, health, relationship issues that can all impact how the erotic denial feels to me, whether the last orgasm was ruined, whether I had more than one orgasm. Sometimes, after the 28 days, it can seem like it takes a bit longer for the frustration to builds up – more like maybe 2 weeks. But it really depends on how much we are “dancing” together with the frustration. If my Wife insists I wear certain things or dress certain ways, the frustration comes back faster.

  15. Mistress Scarlet: Please forgive me, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to include me in your BAV register, and I didn’t know where to enter my data. Thank you very much. Yours, Sesla.

    Here is my information:

    Owner: Angel

    BAV: Sesla

    Since: March 22, 2015

    Notes: Although my last intercourse was in 2015, I did not realize it had been my last until October 2018 when my wife informed me that she would keep me permanently locked and denied. In between, she released me from my cage twice for orgasms. On July 10, 2016, I received a fantastic blow job to mark an important chastity milestone. On April 15, 2018, I was given a very painful hand job.

  16. In 2020 I got three orgasms, and in 2021 there was one in February. An orgasm is indeed “lost” after two to three hours when the cage is put on again. Then this wonderful feeling of being owned is back.
    This is why I beg my Mistress sometimes not to finish me off, as after about ten years of chastity an orgasm simply is not necessary for me. It is enough to dribble during torture.
    When she insists on going on till the explosion comes, it is more torture than heaven for me and only satisfies her will to do what she pleases with my body. Being in the cage after that is kind of soothing, at least for a couple of hours. In the night – however – the cage works its wicked magic again.
    A really strong frustration only sets in when for one reason or another I was without the cage for two or three days. Having had a sense of the freedom of long ago and then experiencing the anguish of another indefinite time in the cage makes the first nights after the click very strenous.
    If I make a remark I am either ignored or get a sarcastic answer. compassion is out.

  17. Mistress Scarlet, my (online) Mistress usually gives me permission to come after about three weeks but to answer your question, my frustration and feelings of being horny return within hours. I always get the feeling that after three weeks one orgasm isn’t enough to “fully flush my pipes” to use an analogy.

  18. . The phenomenon does exist. I have cum twice this year and can confirm, like Your husband, that it feels as though I have not had a release.

  19. If BB is thinking his orgasms are now ‘Like they never happened’ perhaps to compensate for this, you could contrastingly, especially considering the season, make sure he doesn’t feel the same about this season’s new Stinging Nettles with daily application giving him a ‘Like it ALWAYS Happened’

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