Miss Anne’s, worm’s and mother in law’s lockdown life. Pt 2 fine detail.

In response to requests relating to the previous account from Miss Anne, she has generously provided a very detailed and fascinating account of one aspect of her life in lockdown. Here it is:

To give you all a better understanding of the environment in which we have been living for the last 6 months during the quarantine, it is a country house, my husband’s family home, where we used to go for a week in summer. The house is spacious, it has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, large hall, basement and 2 bathrooms, one outside in the yard. It has a large yard, a garden with trees, it is surrounded by a wall of cement blocks 80 cm high, and is secluded with the nearest house at 100 meters but it is uninhabited.

Because we only used it in the summer it has no central heating but wood stoves in each room. Let me begin my description of the slave’s daily life on this aspect. I doubt there are many of those who read the blog using wood stoves for heating. This requires a large amount of wood to be burned daily especially when the stoves are running 24 hours a day, as is the case in my house.

In practice this means that the slave has to chop-up with a large axe the already cut but unsuitably sized wood, to a size that will fit in the woodstove . It takes the slave at least 1 hour daily to chop and prepare the wood we need for heating every day. Usually this very laborious work is done after lunch and if more wood is needed, he continues the work the next morning.

From day one my mom suggested, and of course I agreed, that the stoves in our bedrooms should be left on when we sleep since the temperature drops at night and we would be cold in a room without heat. Several days, especially the sunnier ones, during the day we let the stoves go out for a while to let the ash be cleaned away and the stoves cool so as not to wear out from constant use, but every night for 6 months in a row they have been on.
The problem is that the wood in the stoves burns out every 2.5-3 hours and new wood has to be put in the stoves to fill them up to be burned all over again. Fortunately for all difficult issues there is a solution when you have a slave to do all the hard work!

The slave sleeps on a fold out bed in the kitchen. Of course we allow him to have the stove on there at night too, we care about his health and comfort! Unfortunately for the slave and fortunately for us, from midnight, which is usually our bedtime, until morning, he is forced to wake up every 2.5 hours, to enter our bedrooms quietly, because woe betide him if he disturbs our sleep, and to put wood in the stoves. As you can see for the past 6 months the poor boy has not slept any night uninterrupted hours of sleep until the morning and even at this moment the stoves are being lit daily in my house. Because the village where we live in quarantine is at altitude and it is still cold and it will certainly continue at least until mid-May. Think about it for a moment, waking up every 2.5 hours at night, filling the stoves with wood, lying on your bed and by the time you fall asleep you have to wake up again to fill the stoves. Every night he wakes up 3 times to his alarm clock to fuel the stoves.

It is by no means an easy situation and this routine was not magically held, nor is the slave exactly a robot to program and mechanically do this chore. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. In our case it took exactly 3 days to impose this routine on the slave without further postponement and delay. This happened thanks to the fierce determination shown by me and my mom and of course the “holy cane”.  “Holy cane” is a terrifying-looking cane, thick with knobs, which offers a painful, merciless stinging and pain. I can’t show it in a photo but Ms. Scarlet has seen it and can assure you of what I write. The «holy cane» belongs to my Mother and she first used it on my slave and now husband-slave “worm” 9 years ago. Of course I have also used this cane on the slave’s buttocks a lot of times during those last 9 years.

On the third day of our stay at the cottage, the slave got lazy and allowed the stoves to go out at night, so my mom and I woke up with a cold. I was furious and wanted to whip the slave but my mum told me to be patient. So I had a civilized conversation with the “worm”, something like this.
Α. Why didn’t you keep the stoves on in our bedrooms at night, worm?
W. Sorry Mistress, I couldn’t wake up. You understand yourself that it is almost impossible to put wood in the stoves and keep them lit all night.
Α. Why is it impossible, slave?
W. Because it is very difficult for me to get up every two and a half hours to perform this duty. I don’t get enough sleep and rest and it affects my performance the next day.
Α. You sleep adequately the rest of the night except for two short breaks to put the wood in. Do you think I’m being unreasonable? That my orders are unreasonable? Because that’s exactly what you’re implying when you say it’s almost impossible to perform a simple task. I object to your impertinence!
W. Sorry Mistress, you misunderstood me, I never said or thought that your orders or You or Mrs. R are unreasonable.
Α. I see… let me buy that… Then what is your excuse for negligence of the duty or to put it properly for disobeying my orders last night?
W. I have no excuses Mistress. I hope I don’t let you down again. I am very sorry for what happened.
Α. No worm you are not sorry yet but believe me you will be soon. Go back to your duties and I don’t want to hear another word from you today until further notice. Am I making myself clear?
W. Yes my Mistress, You are crystal clear! Thank You Mistress.

After lunch, I discussed his punishment with Mom after I had calmed down while the slave was chopping wood in the yard. After Mom and I napped, the slave served us coffee in the living room while it was getting dark outside. My mother coughed twice and turned her head to me.
R. I must have caught a cold last night, Anne.
Α. Sure mom since that idiot got lazy and didn’t do his job.
R. Really worm, what happened last night? I’m sure you have a good excuse for letting us sleep in freezing cold bedrooms.
W. I have no excuse Mrs. R. I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I apologize.
R. That doesn’t change the fact that we were freezing and cold last night. Does it change it?
W. It doesn’t change it Lady R.
Α. I think it’s only fair that he should get a little cold too so he can experience what we felt Mom.
R. I would totally agree with you my daughter.
Α. Put on your uniform and go out in the yard and slave away.
W. What do you mean, Mistress? What am I to do in the yard at this hour?
Α. You’ll be left out in the cold like we were last night!
W. But Mistress, it’s cold outside and…
Α. Get out now, you worm! I don’t want to hear any noise! (Of course the slave didn’t dare protest any further, he put on his uniform, warm enough to keep him alive and thin enough to keep him cool.)
Α. I’d advise you to move in the cold so you don’t freeze, worm, run, walk, exercise, whatever you like best. Where are you going? Aren’t you going to thank me for my valuable advice?
The slave was evidently displeased with the punishment we inflicted on him, but he did not dare to protest; on the contrary, he knelt down and humbly kissed my slippers.
W. Thank you very much for your valuable advice and your concern for me, Mistress.

The slave went out into the yard. I could see from the window that he was doing some light strolling and some exercises, e.g. jumping to keep warm while mum and I were having our coffee and talking. After about 50 minutes had passed I opened the window and invited him in.

In a matter of seconds the slave was inside the house, freezing and flushed with an obvious feeling of relief in his eyes. He didn’t even have time to thank us as I abruptly yelled at him to pull down his sweatpants and get into a spanking pose. He looked at me in amazement but silently obeyed my command, bent over and cupped his shins with his hands, remaining motionless in his position. I stood up, took the holy cane in my hands, made a circle around him like a hawk looking at its prey, lightly tapping the cane in my palm. Even the light tap of the rod on my palm caused discomfort and slight pain, and I thought about how the slave manages to endure our strong blows and he must suffer every time. I paused for a few seconds to swing the cane up and down with force on his buttocks, the slave swayed from the force of the blows in the uncomfortable position he was in but was able to keep his balance. Besides, he was well aware that if he fell he would have to start the spanking all over again.

After about 20 strokes, with his ass turning a deep red colour I stopped the spanking. The worm immediately knelt down, passionately kissed my hand in which I was holding the holy cane and then kissed my feet, thanking me for the punishment as he does every time.
Α. Get dressed and go to the yard worm!
W. But Mistress….
Α. Not a word! You go to the yard, what did you think? You still haven’t even felt the chill that mommy and I experienced last night because of you!

Obediently the slave left for the yard again. We could watch him from the window as he tripped and walked hurriedly back and forth across the yard to get warm. After 45 minutes I called him to enter the house, he was in worse condition than the previous time. The same ritual followed with an additional 20 blows to the buttocks. Then I sent him to serve dinner for me and my mom accompanied by Caesar salad and red wine. While we were eating I sent him to the corner of the room to think about the neglect of his duty and the consequences it had. When we returned to the living room I ordered him to bring our wine and then he lit my cigarette.

Α. So did you think about what you did last night and the consequences of your act?
W. Yes Mistress, I promise it will never happen again.
Α. What do you think, Mom?
R. I don’t think he fully realizes that he disobeyed our explicit order, neglected his duty, got lazy and left us freezing last night.
Α. I tend to agree with you. What do you suggest?
R. Another walk in the yard will certainly help him Annie.
The slave immediately fell to the floor and on his knees he begged us, snivelling, to forgive him and not to send him back to the courtyard. He assured us that he had learned his lesson and that he would never again neglect this duty. Hunched on the floor, humble and desperate, he begged with all his heart. I exchanged glances with my mom and we peeped and silently giggled, it really was a very funny sight.

With a sharp order, raising her tone of voice my mother sent him into the yard, the slave crawled to the door, stood up and walked out into the yard surrendered to his fate. Enjoying the wine and the warmth of the house I would occasionally look out of the window to see the poor slave staggering from exhaustion back and forth across the yard, warming his hands with his breath. This time I let him wander around in the cold night for a full hour before calling him back inside.

When he came in he was flushed red, tears were welling up in his eyes due to the cold, and he looked really pathetic. I felt a little pity for him! But I had to teach him a good lesson so that he would not repeat his mistake. I grabbed the holy cane, I didn’t even have to say a word, the slave immediately pulled down his sweatpants and took the pose for spanking. I bounced the cane up and down with great force on his buttocks, as you know when the body is cold, the pain from the spanking is more intense. Quickly the slave was roaring in pain and tears were streaming down his eyes and falling to the floor. When I stopped beating him, he immediately fell to his knees frenetically kissing my hand and feet and begging for mercy and to stop his torment. My mom called him and the slave crawled to her feet looking at her in agony and anticipation.
R. I hope you won’t repeat your sin, you worm.
W. No Lady R, never again, I promise you. Please very much forgive me Lady R. Don’t send me to outside again, please don’t do it, divine superior Lady R.
R. ha-ha how pathetic you are right now you can’t realize it. You really are ridiculous and the sight of you is hilarious the way you cry and humbly beg your mother-in-law, because that’s ostensibly what I am to you. Your mother-in-law! Shame on you! Have you not a shred of dignity? Pride? Self-esteem?
W. Not at all Lady R. I am a worm, a worthless loser beta male slave, I am not a man. Please don’t send me out again, please don’t do it amazing Lady R.
R. The next time I sleep in a cold room you will make the trek into the freezing night every night. Am I making myself clear, worm?
W. Yes Lady R, You are crystal clear, always your room will be warm.
R. Annie I forgive him this time and I am going to sleep because I am tired, I am no longer young like you guys.
W. Thank You very much Lady R, I very much appreciate Your kindness.
My mother stretched her right leg towards him, the slave immediately passionately deposited resounding wet kisses of gratitude on her slipper. After my mother left, the slave knelt before me, I looked into his eyes still wet with tears. Slowly I lit a cigarette, I sat comfortably on the couch cross-legged with my right leg over my left, my slipper dangling in the air in front of his face, he looked at me and my slipper with agony painted on his face. I enjoyed his fear but also my power as with one word I could send him out into the yard in the freezing night even for the whole night if I wanted to. Indeed that thought made me very wet.
I could no longer endure the sweet torture I felt in my belly and between my legs, I put out the cigarette and threw it in the ashtray.
Α. I need your tongue right now, bitch!
The slave immediately brought a scarf and I placed it over his eyes. Except for rare exceptions when his behavior is exemplary, I do not allow him to see me naked. Clearly it was a day when his behavior was not appropriate and he did not deserve the privilege. So blindfolded he started licking my wet pussy.
Α. I want you to show passion, precision and reverence, slave! Lead me to a powerful pleasurable orgasm if you don’t want to go out in the yard for the rest of the evening.
It was an incredible orgasm! One of the best of my life as the worm worked his tongue as best as he could on my labia and clit. Of course I was in a good mood and very aroused already, anticipating the pleasure. I really couldn’t deny him that he deservedly earned with his tongue his stay inside the home for that night, haha.

I lay relaxed from orgasm while the slave as always thanked me for the privilege and licked my soles, still blindfolded. I covered myself with the quilt and he took the scarf from his eyes, he looked at me with mixed adoration, fear, awe, anticipation, I smiled broadly and cheerfully.
Α. Good night worm. When I wake up in the morning I want to read a 1500 word essay with your thoughts and feelings about what happened that led to your punishment as well as the punishment itself. Clearly I expect you to express your gratitude for all of this.
W. Yes Mistress, thank you very much Mistress.
Α. And don’t forget to keep the stoves going in our rooms, of course.
W. Of course Mistress, thank you very much for reminding me. I shall never forget it again.
Α. Now get out of my sight and feel very lucky that I took pity on you.
W. I am pathetic and grateful that you showed mercy from your kind heart, Mistress.

Needless to add, that 192 days later, to this day as I write these lines slave has not ever again neglected his duty. The stoves remain lit every night in our rooms and the slave sleeps intermittent hours of sleep every night.

First conclusion: Do you remember how it began? My slave thought it was impossible to manage to do this task every night. Well, he was proven wrong, with the right encouragement nothing is impossible for a human being.
Second conclusion: Life is good and it gets even better when I have a slave working hard and relentlessly for my comfort.


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16 thoughts on “Miss Anne’s, worm’s and mother in law’s lockdown life. Pt 2 fine detail.

  1. Dear Miss Anne, thank you for a wonderfully vivid account of your circumstances during this difficult period. It’s disappointing to hear that you and your mother had one uncomfortable night due to your slaves selfishness but clearly this won’t be happening again! You and your mother seem to wield the most incredible authority over worm which he seems clearly grateful for. Do you think you and your mother will ever entertain the idea of bringing more slaves into your household so that there is always one on hand every second of every day and night to attend to your every whim? Thank you

  2. Ms Anne,

    thank you so much for this delightful, detailed account of your life in lockdown with your mother and your slave.

    He is very fortunate to have the privilege of serving you and belonging to such a demanding owner. Thanks to your high expectations and strict discipline, he has the chance to become a more useful and competent slave.

    I hope he is truly grateful for all the training and motivation you give him, and for the effort you put into improving his performance.

    It is instructive to learn about all the tasks he performs for you, how hard he works every day and every night to serve you, and how you speak to him. Thank you for including the detail of some of your conversations with the slave.

    I particularly admire the way you force him to admit that he has no excuse for failing to serve you properly, so that he understands how serious and unforgivable his laziness is and feels grateful for the punishment he receives.

    Even though his life may be difficult, painful and exhausting, I cannot help but envy him. He is living the dream of every submissive and fulfilling his true purpose in life by working as hard as possible to serve you.

    Thank you once again for sharing this with us.

    slave 307

  3. @ malfsub

    Thank you for your sympathy about the hard – I would say inhuman – night my mom and I experienced because our slave got lazy and thought selfishly.

    I live in a conservative country that is not open-minded, especially in the relationships of female dominance and male submission.
    I don’t easily trust people to confide in them about the status of my life with my slave husband.
    Only a handful of my very close people, 3 women and 1 man know my real relationship with the worm.
    I want it to stay that way.
    Possibly I could consider a foreign slave if he proves his worth.
    But that implies that he must leave his country, his life, his family and friends, come to my country and serve in almost total isolation from his surroundings.
    Let’s be honest.
    I don’t think there are many such slaves in the world, are there?

    1. Of course you are correct Miss, it would be hard to find such a slave but imagine the fun you and your inspirational mother could have if such an opportunity ever presented itself. Please could you tell us a bit about your morning routine after worm had kept your rooms warm through the night. Do you and your mother take breakfast in your rooms or together and what does worm have to prepare for you both? Thank you

  4. If you are your wife’s slave 24/7, as I am, then you have many extra duties to take care of to make your wife’s life pleasurable. Just like Miss Anne.
    Besides doing all of the housework, washing, ironing and most cooking, slaves must attend to taking care of their wife in any way she requires.

    For example, we live in Florida, on a golf course, with a pool in the rear yard. My wife does not go in much, but she really enjoys floating on her pool chaise lounge. But she says she gets enough sun when golfing. So every time she decides to relax in her floating chaise, she has me bring her a cold glass of wine and ice water. These fit into the cup holders on the chaise. And because she does not want any more sun, I must go into the pool and hold a large golf umbrella over her while she floats and reads or tries to nap. I may have on a woman’s two piece bathing suit or a one piece. Makes for interesting tan lines. She will purposely float in different directions and I must keep up with her and keep the umbrella over her at all times. She may stay on the chaise for 1 to 2 hours in an afternoon, and all the time I am not allowed to put the umbrella down. Drink refills are done from an ice bucket at the side of the pool.

    We have thick bushes between us and the golf course hole behind us, but on occasion a golfer will come thru the bushes looking for his lost ball. He will see us and usually say he is sorry and leave right away. I am sure he sees me in my one or two piece bathing suit, and my wife just laughs. “Perils of being a slave” she says.

    1. Congratulations on your Mistress/wife

      We live in a very hot area (not now during the lockdown but under normal conditions) with high temperatures.
      Of course, I have A/C in every room in my house but when I feel in the mood, or for punishment, or just to have fun, in the summer several times the slave produces cold air and cools me down with a big fan attached to a big pole.
      He confessed to me, not daring to complain of course, that it is a very tiring chore for his muscles. From a certain point on every minute added while he is ventilating me is an unbearable pain for his arms and back.
      It happens the same holding the umbrella a couple of hours I guess brett. Right?

      P.S. It’s more economical with the fan than the A/C haha.
      Plus I only wear panties and rarely tank cropped t-shirts, and I know it’s really torture for my slave besides the muscle pain to suffer in the narrow chastity belt from unsatisfied lust and desire.

      1. Dear Miss Anne, it has just struck me that despite the extreme punishment You and Your mother dished out to worm, he still thanked Your mother humbly for Her “kindness” and respectfully kissed Her slippers when She eventually decided he had learnt his lesson. That is true power and Your mother sounds like She is a natural dominant, someone who simply expects submission and deference from lesser humans without question. Wonderful!

  5. Revered Miss Anne
    Considering that your worm is living the dream life of many men, one which can only be found with extreme luck and no amount of money could buy, I strongly believe that it will be worth abandoning one’s life at his home for and serve you with utter and complete devotion. My question is would you consider the possibility if a man was ready to abandon is life at home and serve you in return for being provided with just the basic necessities like food etc. just in order to be alive to serve you and nothing else?

    1. @ gravinggynarchy
      @billy kid

      It is not a game as you understand, such decisions determine the present and future of your life.
      And let’s not kid ourselves, a slave to devote his life serving in harsh conditions not only needs to meet his basic needs but other conditions are required for both parties.

      If and when interested parties come forward to beg for the privilege of filling the position then there will be a questionnaire to answer and if the answers are satisfactory I may be interested.
      This means that we should get to know each other better and explore the possibilities for harmonious coexistence, with it being clear from the start that my word is the law and that is all that matters in my house.

      1. Ms Anne, allow me to have the privilege and the honor of filling this vacancy. I promise to obey all your orders and do everything to make your life better.

      2. Bowed Down Greetings Miss Anne
        You are correct to state SUCH A RELATIONSHIP IS NO GAME but I would like to make the following submissions.
        While it is true thatone may need more than one’s ‘basic needs’ but in my opinion(correct me if I am wrong), those all are not guaranteed and are at the mistress’s will. For example there may be a new iphone out, one may require new clothes or wanna have a pizza some day all those things will require the ascent of the mistress, in some cases the basic necessities may also be accessed only after the mistress’s ascent. What I meant was that when in such a relationship, the priority is the mistress and her pleasure and everything else takes a backseat and for the mistress’s needs the only thing a slave needs is to be in sound physical and mental health, assuming the finances are sorted out. I agree 100% percent that both the parties meed to have compatibility.
        As for the harsh conditions part for some those harsh conditions are true happiness in life and same goes for uprooting one’s previous life. Human beings can and will do anything to find true happiness and for some such life is the true and ultimate happiness.

      3. Dear Madam Anne, I am a 35-year-old male slave from China. I clearly understand that this mode of life is not a game, but real power delivery. I sincerely apply for this position and would like to answer your questionnaire honestly. I hope this message can get your attention.

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