Flattery or fantasy; from imitation?

Well I cannot deny being quite shocked by this image on BDSMLR. Shocked because it must surely be more than just a coincidence that the male in the photo wears EXACTLY the same head harness, dress and mincing ribbons as I often have bitch-boy in. The head harness also sports a pink satin bow atop, although bitch-boy’s pink satin bow is about three times the size.

Just to be clear, I don’t mean these three items are very similar, I mean they are EXACTLY THE SAME. And in the background, there is a blow-up doll which of course bitch-boy once used to have as his ONLY sex partner.

So I do wonder, what is the story? A MASSIVE, MASSIVE coincidence, or a male submissive who follows my blog and reads my journals or, fingers crossed, a Domme who follows my blog and reads my journals and has forced her little puppet into this attire. The photo is on BDSMLR here.

(For complete accuracy I must point out, I had the dress shortened for bitch-boy by one row of frill, just to make sure is was maximum humiliating!)

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37 thoughts on “Flattery or fantasy; from imitation?

  1. You are quite the influencer. Hopefully sissies everywhere are delightfully suffering everywhere because of You and Your inspired posts, whether it is a short term scene or long term lifestyle. Few blogs have posted so much consistent content over such a long time.

  2. Flattery or real puppet Ladies should be satisfied that at least another male knows or is coerced into behaviour that exquisite humiliation and control. More of us should follow this example?

  3. Wow that outfit seems really over the top. Is he wearing a diaper too? Have people seen bitch boy in such an outfit? That must be so so so miserable for bitch boy. I feel truly sorry for him. As my girlfriend of 7 years and I begin our search for another girl for her to cuckold me with, it’s hard to imagine ending up in such a state. But I guess if we meet a girl who is super dominant and cruel then who knows. Thankfully my girlfriend prefers me masculine

    1. There are a couple of tiny drawings in this post that best show how SERIOUS is the HUMILIATION of the effect of a little dress that comes down only to the hips, when he is naked apart from; frill topped ankle socks, Mary Jane shoes and a penis cage. I think far worse than being in nappies and stockings. If memory serves he has been introduced to three different women in such an outfit. It is no wonder he literally trembles in the half hour before they arrive, as he is made to stand in front of a full length mirror and look at himself. And of course the ribbon bow he wears atop his head in the head harness is so so much bigger! Its a shame you do not live near us, I would love to be the girlfriend to your girlfriend!

  4. Dear Mrs Scarlett,
    I follow your blog for probably 5 years, I read all of your books, my owner your manual. We never had the faintest idea how a person would actually look like in the outfit you describe so often. I do now, finally, understand why bb is so embarrassed showing himself to others like that. It’s hilarious and very strong at the same time. And I don’t like the look in my owners eyes right now.
    Thank you very much for sharing, you’re an awesome inspiration, always!

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words. But I feel compelled to correct what seem to be inaccuracies and could be misleading to embryonic Dommes. Perhaps my post was poorly written given your comment about which I would say the reasoning for your explanation is just plain wrong Peter. As a person who wrestles with the choices of what to enforce I can assure you there are hundreds of items and thousands of combinations. My BDSM manual lists many of them. It is a long list!

    There seem some clear errors. Firstly, to say, ‘the outfits look similar‘, is inaccurate. The fact I made clear., is the dress and head harness and mincing ribbons are not similar, they are identical. EXACTLY THE SAME. Secondly, you say, ‘the reason for that is more or less the availability of items.’ This is not valid. Just taking the one shop ‘Birchplace‘, they sell 150+ different sissy dresses. And with each dress, you can choose various colour combinations, lengths, fabrics, etc.

    I do not use panties and diapers, I have bitch-boy exposed wearing his chastity cage, so NOT, ‘check’ as you write. And I have him in only frill topped ankle socks, so NOT ‘check‘ for stockings. Bitch-boy no longer has to endure his blow-up doll, but he does have a real huge little girl’s doll, so not, ‘check’ on this.

    And why the rather patronising words, that made me sad, implying I felt I invented the look? I merely pointed out that three items were IDENTICAL (that means -colour, fabric, edging, length etc). I was saying I chose this combo. I feel I should have included the words in brackets in retrospect. My error. I made that point taking account that there are 150+ sissy dresses on one site alone all of which can be ordered in different colour combinations, including several different shades of pink; very few people have even heard of mincing ribbons, and Birchplace alone sell 20 different main colours and 6 different edge colours for mincing ribbons, they sell head harnesses in both PVC and leather and in 6 different colours of each. So I pointed out the chance of that being a coincidence seemed to me very, very low.

    Again though, thank you so much for the kind words you included.

  6. Dear Mrs Scarlett,

    I truly love The total domination in this picture. Its truly fascinating to look at all the different working parts of it.

    I would truly be fascinated to here more about bb’s blow-up doll days as I cant seem to find this on your blog.

    The person in the picture looks like they have a rugby player physic and they are clearly undergoing some sort of de-masculine training. With the possibility of being demoted to being a born again virgin with release only in a doll.

    I can only imagine what they must be going through there mind. Especially if like david and Christine they have surrendered to there innermost desires with all that goes along with that and have gone from a stud to a vigin.


    1. My accounts of when bitch-boy’s only sex with with a blow-up doll are in one of my early journals. Of course, now, his only sex is with the sole of my shoe.

      1. Sorry its ment to read:

        Dear Miss Scarlet.

        Do you have a idea which journal the accounts about bb and sex doll are in. as I would love to read a account.


          1. Thank you.

            BB, I need to read about your time with a blowup doll. Litarly it sounds so ridiculous to me!

            Born again virgin like BB and David who seem to have put them self’s in these situations, are seriously fascinating to me.

            I can see that it all starts off slowly with fantasy and has then evolved over time into somthing that is pure madness that there is no way they planned on it becoming.

            I can’t imagine being told that’s it. Your a Born Again Virgin now, that’s it and then having the releases cut down to in BBs case a raffle book and in David’s case 2 a year at best.

            David with all his Lines & essays and Ironing/housework is truly dreams for me.
            The bags of Punishment Ironing is such a smart idea, and the Lines on Lines that he must do as well ontop of the hours of house work.
            The school and maids uniforms being plain functional/frumpy.
            And all while only having up to 2 releases at best a year which is not even really given a second thought when it happens by Christine.

            Thank you for this blog it really has helped me personally in understanding fantasy from reality and in turn has made crave reality of a true DS relationship.


            1. Can you explain how you arrive at the phrase, ‘pure madness’? I am interested in how you come to that view. These are two males, like hundreds of thousands of others, who cannot live contented lives without feeling they are helplessly under the power of a cruel, pitiless dominant women. They have that feeling and are utterly content. Where is the, ‘pure madness’?

              I particularly ask this question as I think you are also saying your dream life would involve hours and hours of punishment lines and punishment ironing? Pure madness?

              Thank you for the kind words about my blog.

              1. Hi

                Its more that pure madness is a reference to my self more than anything.

                I personally think that getting to the level both David and BB find them self’s in is almost impossible for me due to my current relationship and current life circumstances.

                I just like to stay in the realistic so I don’t end up sliding into some fantasy world that alot of people on the Internet seam to do.

                I guess to close. I have so much respect for the Dom’s and subs here and I am enjoying reading about your/there lives.

                And if its ok keep asking questions / comment on the posts instead of just lurking.


                1. Ahhhhh, I see.
                  Yes, please do keep asking questions / making comments on the posts instead of just lurking. One of the ways my insatiable lust for learning as much as I can about the DS world is satisfied is via questions / comments on my posts

                  1. Dear Miss Scarlet.

                    Thank you I will.

                    I have read Christine’s “be carful what you wish for” more times than I care to admit and understand the totally life changing things that have happened to David.
                    But I also see the human side that comes through of both of them with David sulking and bratting. It’s great to see that they are not robots.

                    Or in bb and your case the subtle dominance in vanilla time and your day to day simple stuff that comes though making a complete picture and not just one for fantasy land.

                    Your Blog is amazing the doms and subs who submit here are also amazing to me.


  7. Hello Mistress Scarlet.
    I would first like to say a great big thank you to you for all of the wonderful work you do with this blog, your journals, your manual and the guidance and inspiration you give to many experienced and aspiring Dommes.
    I wish you continued success on your journey of helping women discover the pleasures that can be had through a Female Led Relationship.

    To quickly answer Tom’s question. The 6 November 2011 entry in Volume 4, the 23rd March 2013 entry in Volume 5 and the 20 July 2014 entry in Volume 8 are the journal entries relating to his question. (I am unsure about Volume 7 is I couldn’t find that.)

    With regards to the dress, head harness and mincing ribbons being the exact same, I believe that you were defiantly the inspiration behind those items being chosen and without your blog, that photo may look quite different if it would exist at all.
    In the post “Bitch-boy’s dress – photo” you mentioned Birch Place Shop as where you bought the dress from and I’m sure the person who bought the dress in the picture was led to that site by you wanting to purchase the exact same dress.
    With your glowing endorsement of “It is probably the most humiliating dress it is possible for me to use” from Journal 11 why would someone looking to purchase a dress for humiliation need to look any further.

    With that being said, there is little coincidence for the head harness in the photo being the exact same as the one you own as up until this blog post and picture no one who reads your blog or journals could know that you owned that exact type of head harness, or based on the information available if someone tried to purchase your exact head harness they would have ended up purchasing a different one. Please hear me out.
    In the post “Photos – shoes, bows, bells, sissy dress, etc!” there is a image depicting bitch-boy’s head harness with a note that it is pink and not black as in the photo.
    On Birch Place Shop that image is for the “Pet Trainer Gag Harness.” The harness in the photo in question appears to be called a “Head and Mouth Harness” on Birch Place Shop.

    I would guess that when you wanted an image for your “Padlockable Buckles” post (I agree, Padlockable should defiantly be a word) you used the image from Birch Place Shop from the “Pet Trainer Gag Harness” as it showed the padlocks in the hasps as where the images for your “Head and Mouth Harness” did not.
    7 months later in your post “Photos – shoes, bows, bells, sissy dress, etc!” it would have been convenient to just re-use that same image.

    Possible a coincidence because without knowing you had that model they purchased the exact same one even though it may have appeared on your blog as you owning a different one.

    All that being said I could very well be completely wrong with my assumptions. Does your harness have the ring connecting the 3 straps at the forehead and the bell below the chin strap?

    Thank you very much for finding and posting that photo as it is a nice visual of the type humiliations that bitch-boy has to endure.
    The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind.

    Thank you again for all you do.

    You may be pleased to know that because of discovering your writings this world now has another woman enjoying the pleasure and advantages of domination.

    1. Wow you have certainly gone into quite some level of research, I am very impressed. I may be wrong but I believe at the time I bought the head harness, Birchplace only sold one type. Not the one with a bell. Mine does not have a bell. I thought in journals I had gone into quite some detail as to the head harness I have. Perhaps I am wrong. If those involved in the photo had a choice of two they had a 50/50 chance of getting exactly the same as mine, which they did. Yes mine has the ring connecting the three straps.

      Can I ask, are you in the UK?

  8. Just clarifying that the journal entries for the question Tom asked are the entries for the inflatable sheep not the inflatable doll.

    The only mention I could find of the inflatable doll was in the “6 November 2011” entry in Volume 4 where it was decided that the doll was too good for bitch-boy as not only was he not worthy to ever fuck a real woman but he was also not worthy enough to fuck a plastic imitation of a woman.

  9. Ms. Scarlet,
    Hello. Below is a ‘Table of Contents’ of all of your Journals. I made this for myself to make it easier to fine certain stories in all 17 of your journals because going on Amazon to fine a particular story is a pain. Not sure how this will look on your blog. I thought Tom could use this to fine which story he was looking for or other blog followers to use. Bitch-boy should use his time serving you. If you do not want this on your blog just disregard it. Thank you.
    Ms. Scarlet’s Journals of Real Female Domination
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 1
    Volume 1: Introduction Diary Entries
    6, 7 and 8 September 2007: Helen’s visit
    16 October 2004: A typical Saturday for a sub-human slave
    16 January, 7 March and 6 May 2006: Girls’ Nights In: The lifestyle is revealed to my sisters
    12 and 13 September 2009: Nurse Nasty treats her patient; she has to be cruel to be kind
    26 June 2010: A household of three; the demotion of bitch-boy
    31 March 2007: My sister Sarah’s attention to detail
    4 July 2010: Nadine and I holiday abroad: Bitch-boy is babysat by Sandra
    3 Sep 2005: His first and only instance of gross misconduct
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 2
    Volume 2; Introduction Diary Entries
    6, September 2008, A Saturday of housework and humiliation
    22 April 2007, Rainy Sunday, electricity box testing
    4 September 2010, A new level of obedience is sought..
    5 September 2010, My sister Sandra stay over.
    17 November 2009, A typical Weekday morning
    2 June 2007, Walk in the country
    14 October 2010, Nadine invents a game
    4 February 2004, Having it beg with all it’s heart
    4 December 2010, An apt punishment
    16 October 2005, The dominatrix visit
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 3
    Volume 3: Introduction Diary Entries
    1, 10, 11 February 2009, A night alone for bitch-boy
    27 February 2010, The gift
    13 September 2009, Day two of Nurse Nasty
    5 June 2008, Recycling makes him unhappy
    2 to 5 July 2008, A visitor on our holiday
    6 July 2008, Keeping up the levels of subjugation
    7 July 2008, The pouch
    29 March 2009, Alison evolves
    8 May 2011, The Sunday afternoon visitors
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Vol. 4
    Diary Entries
    17 October 2010: Subjugation in vanilla times
    6 November 2011: A degrading new low for bitch-boy
    28 April 2012: The frustrated, tormented table
    12 February 2012: Prolonged Total Sensory Deprivation
    25 March 2012: The debut of a new play-toy
    13 May 2012: Obsessed with Total Sensory Depravation Bondage
    14 April 2012: My New Bathroom 10 months previously 14 April 2012
    12 August 2012: New Maid’s rules The Next Day
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 5
    14 July 2012 – A very Hard Day for bitch-boy
    4 May 2013: Gimp Hung From A Beam
    23 March 2013: The inevitable evolution into extremis
    6 April 2013: The Appeasement Sunday Afternoon
    21 April 2013: A new DVD box-set
    24 November 2012: My new friend
    27 April 2013: Dominant Baking Introduction On the day
    16 July 2011: Look me in the eye
    11 May 2013: Sissy maid at home alone
    Christmas 2012 The Run-in: November 10 – Christmas Presents
    The Run-in : December 6 : More Christmas Presents!
    December 22: The new shoes arrive, I couldn’t wait….
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day
    Boxing Day
    16 June 2012: The Sub-Human Slave Day
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 6
    Journal Entries
    8 October 2013: Working at home – a pleasant background distraction
    22nd September 2013 – The flying visit
    27 September 2013 – The Soiled Thong Returns
    14 September 2013: Winter Default Rules
    2013 (Month withheld to protect our anonymity): Bitch-boy’s real birthday
    21 July 2013: A New Play Partner.
    28 July 2013: Madame Victoria’s first visit to me
    11 June 2013: Another working at home day
    30 December 2013: More Christmas Break Subjugation
    19 October 2013 : Belindakins Thoroughly Humiliated
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 7
    Journal Entries
    6 January 2014: Workday morning subjugation
    12 January 2014: Chores, extreme humiliation and teasing
    18 January 2014: Agitation whip
    10 February 2014: Schoolgirl Detention Day
    15 March 2014: The Paint Colour Chart
    20 March to 26 March 2014 – Learning the Alphabet
    20 March 2014 – The Letter
    23 March 2014 – Pigtails Prudence is involved
    26 March 2014 – The Phone Call
    26 May 2014: A sissy in the garden
    Summer 2014 – Holidaying With Dollies
    Summer 2014 – More holiday fun
    The walk in shower
    One element of my Evolution
    Meals from the floor – and fucking the mule
    So much sewing!
    6 July 2014 – The First ‘Devoted-To-Dolly-Day’
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 8
    Journal Entries
    April to June 2013: Two Birthdays
    April 3rd 2013
    May 6th 2013
    June 2nd 2013
    7 February 2014: The Hotel Stay and the Agitation Whip
    19 February 2014 – Ornament Day for bitch-boy
    20 July 2014: Sarah and the Sunglasses Pouch
    9 August 2014: Another Visit to Madame Victoria
    17 August 2014: Madame Victoria’s Visit To Me
    11 October 2014: bitch-boy’s Ironing Little Helper
    25 October 2014 – Mistress Jane visits
    Saturday 25 October 2014
    Postscript comments
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 9
    Journal Entries
    14 December 2014: Mistress Jane’s Second Visit
    Christmas 2014: Relentless Subjugation For bitch-boy
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas day
    Playing With His Boy’s Bits
    Cream for his Christmas Pudding
    16 December 2014: My First Visit To Mistress Jane’s
    22 February 2015: Mistress Jane’s Third Visit
    The Run-in
    The morning of Mistress Jane’s visit
    23 March 2015: Play-toy’s First Visit
    16 May 2015: Sarah Visits For Some Nettles Fun
    23 May 2015: A Perverted Day Foursome
    June 2015: Summer Holiday
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 10
    A Change for Readers to Note
    bitch-boy’s Full Little Girl Outfit.
    Full Total Sensory Deprivation Bondage Details on the BDSM Bed.
    bitch-boy’s Rotary Clothes Line Duty Arrangements.
    4 May 2015: Play-toy’s second visit
    26 June 2015: My Second Visit to Mistress Jane and her slave-boy
    28 June 2015: Play-toy’s Third Visit
    25 July 2015: Play-toy’s Fifth Visit
    15 August 2015: Mistress Jane’s Fifth Visit
    29 August 2015: The Visit of the Sadist: Mistress Justine
    Real Life Female Domination: Volume 11
    Journal Entries
    5 September 2015: bitch-boy is Cuckolded Overnight
    Late Summer 2015: Slave-boy is Double-dommed
    3rd / 4th October 2015: Play-toy’s Second Overnight Stay
    18 October 2015: Governess Lexi and The Wheels on the Bus
    Halloween 2015: Licking the Wet Patch
    15 November 2015: Bitch-boy babysat by Governess Lexi
    22 November 2015: The visit of Mistress Sonia
    12 / 13 December 2015: A Taste Of Semen For Him
    2016: An Update On The Day-to-day Life Regime
    Mistress. Real Life Female Domination: Volume 12
    Journal Entries
    August 2017: Another Tearful Virgin is Born Again
    March 2018: Postscript
    7 September 2017: Mistress Nicola’s second visit
    24 February 2018: Pansy-piece’s birthday meal; both husbands cuckolded
    Leaving bitch-boy home alone
    ‘Celebrating’ the birthday of pansy-piece.
    Spring 2018: bitch-boy’s Birthday: A Harsh and Painful Cuckolding
    Governess Malice
    Real Female Domination: Volume 13:
    The Institute
    Journal Entries
    The Invite
    The Friday Afternoon of the Bank Holiday Weekend
    The First Pupil
    The Second Pupil
    Back to Client one – Little Pansykins Peterkins
    Back to Slug, the first client.
    Back to Peterkins
    Peterkins bedtime
    The third pupil
    Betsy Cum Bucket
    Betsy Cum Bucket
    Slug’s bedtime
    bitch-boy becomes a servant
    The Saturday
    Slug and the wheelchair
    Peterkins Orgasm and going home
    Going home
    Real Female Domination: Volume 14
    Journal Entries
    20 December 2018: Mistress Nicola’s Xmas visit
    31 December 2018 : New default rules for 2019
    1 January 2019: My own New Year’s resolutions.
    12/13 January 2019: Cleaning the disgusting traps
    12 January 2019
    13 January 2019
    February 21st 2019: Mistress Nicola visits yet again
    4 March 2019 : Insisting on and Witnessing painful treatment
    24th March 2019: Concatenation of events leads to deepest shaming humiliation
    A refreshed parody of a little girl role
    8th April 2019 : First time with the new regime for the parody of a little girl role
    15th April 2019 : A new sissy whore money-maker role
    16 April 2019: bitch-boy Used and Abused: Part 1
    16 April 2019: bitch-boy Used and Abused: Part 2
    25/26 April 2019: The Second Deep Throat Lesson and more
    30 May 2019: Most Depraved Orgasms
    9 June 2019: A new form of dicki-discipline
    13 June 2019: Potty-Heels-Dilemma-Time
    Real Female Domination: Volume 15: The Institute Revisited .
    Journal Entries
    Shit-stain’s first meal
    bitch-boy meets the Governesses
    Pupil Two
    Poor bitch-boy
    Pupil 3 – A woman
    Willie’s distressing toilet break
    Willie and Skivvy
    A night with Skivvy
    Skivvy, Day 2, Bondage Day, Position 1
    The 10:00am New Pupil
    The 11:00am pupil
    Skivvy, Day 2, Bondage Day, Position 2
    Fifi Fellatio departs
    The Next Visit, The reluctant Sissy Sixty-nine!
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 16
    Journal Entries
    10 July 2019: The push chair
    2 August 2019: Long Day Of Sport
    9th August 2019: Thirteen Inches
    11 August 2019: Triple S again.
    Entry Postscript
    13 August 2019: Alone with dildo padlocked
    1 September 2019: Another regime step change.
    4 September 2019: Nursery rhymes for the dolly audience
    11 September 2019: 24/7/365 Chastity Control
    Bitch-boys chastity regime
    17 September 2019: Unexpected Distress and Embarrassment
    18 September – 6 October 2019: A Local Domme Materializes
    How Joyce first became a ‘Domme’
    4 October 2019: Packing the hire car
    5 October 2019: The Cottage
    bitch-boy and Aunty Joyce meet for the first time
    Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 17
    Journal Entries
    7 October 2019: The first double-Doming with Joyce at my home
    9 October 2019: Joyce babysits for the first time. (Wednesday)
    Time for me to leave
    25 October 2019: Joyce and the mind-fuck babysitting session
    12 March 2020: An excuse for some extreme ‘activity’
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Toilet Roll Lines
    Day 3
    10 April 2020: Outdoor Subjugation – Moss
    20 May 2020: Bitch-boy is overwhelmed with hours of fretting
    The Big day
    After the first Big Day
    Week 1 of July 2020: A new punishment position
    Advert breaks
    Enjoying my craft work and reading.

      1. Ms. Scarlet,
        If it would help (less work for you or BB) I have that file in .PDF format. I just didn’t know how to send it to you. The PDF file is much neater and the one I use.

  10. Hello Mistress Scarlet.
    You would be correct. I did not consider that the number of models available may vary or that there could be variations to the types of harnesses over time such as the addition of a bell or different straps used.

    You are correct again in having detailed the type of harness in your journals, particularly in Volume 16. As you said, a 50/50 chance after almost certainly being inspired by you to purchase those items.

    Reading back through the final paragraph of my comment I now realise the potential ambiguity regarding my gender may have resulted in your interest in if I live in the UK as I am aware you enjoy meeting new Dommes local to you for double Domming.
    If potential double Domming was the reason for your question then I am sorry to say but unfortunately I am not currently living in the UK and perhaps more importantly I am not female. Being called Kelly as well would not have helped with this. I am sorry for any confusion about that.

    The woman enjoying the pleasures and advantages of domination I was referring to in the comment is a good friend of mine.
    She is very attractive but would always be unsatisfied with her dating and sometimes sex life. Having previously read your advice on your blog on introducing women to the idea of a female led relationship and when she said she was on a break from dating I decided to speak to her about the advantages that she could have through submissive men including not even from a dating perspective but just to help her out with busy work as she was quite busy at the time.
    Being open minded and willing to give it a shot she posted on an online fetish site stating that she was looking for someone to run errands for her and clearly stating to expect nothing in return.
    She was surprised with the response she got of several guys willing and wanting to help her.
    Choosing one of them she found attractive to see if he would follow through or if he was just saying he would but was really after something else she was once again surprised when he followed through with the task given.

    Having a guy (who if she were dating would make her single girlfriends look upon with envy) be willing to go out of his way to please her whilst getting nothing in return (except the pleasure of pleasing her) further opened her mind to the idea of submissive men.

    Today she is now in a relationship where she enjoys being in full control over what they do and is with someone who is entirely focused on pleasing her.
    She also has the occasional lucky slave run errands for her when needed.
    She has said to me that she would not go back to dating non submissive men.

    If it were not for the advice on your blog I am not sure if she would have ever went down that path leading to where she is now.

    1. Is it possible for you to ask your friend if she would provide a detailed account of her experience. It is EXACTLY the sort of experience we need to be published on my alternative blog to help encourage more vanilla women to try dominance.
      Is she in the UK? LOL

  11. *curtsy*
    Greetings Ms. Scarlet,
    I was linked to this from another site. l mush say I was very surprised to see myself on display on your site. It is both extremely humiliating, but role affirming that people see me in this state. I am glad to hear that your tastes in how you dress your own bitch-boy are so similar. I am sorry report that I had not seen your blog until today. It would appear that great minds think a like though. The frilly creature you see in the picture is the result of years chastity, humiliation, training, and conditioning at the hands of Ms. Natasha Strange. Thank you Ms. Scarlet for posting. I could give a more full account of the story of the picture if it would please you.

    1. What an amazing coincidence. So I am confused though. Did you pick all the items or Ms. Natasha Strange? Has Ms. Natasha Strange seen my blog or read any of my journals?
      I would certainly like a more full account of the story of the picture.

      1. *curtsy* Ms. Natasha picked out everything in the pictures, Ms. Scarlet. All the various items in the picture were purchase over time and all items in my wardrobe are of similar esthetic. The focus being exposure and humiliation. Like Your bitch-boy i am not allow to wear panties, but i am put in diapers when not having my locked inadequacy exposed. As for the picture, it is a screen grab from my webcam via Teamviewer (a remote access program), i am made to kneel and watch while She checks my browsing history looking for unauthorize porn viewing etc. This particular time i believe She was introducing me to NetNanny a type of parental control software that further prohibited unauthorize porn viewing. i was only allowed to view porn selected for me by Ms. Natasha.

  12. My friend is still quite busy at the moment and it may take a couple of weeks still to get everything written up but will post her response when complete.

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