Addendum No.1 available in most formats

I have mentioned in a couple of posts in the last few months that I have been finishing work on a new publication. Most of you who read my blog will know that, four years ago, I published a BDSM manual, ( Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment – A Guidance Manual .) 

I have now published Addendum No.1.

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My Addendum No.1 is in paperback format on Addendum No.1 is available as an eBook on, in ePub format. In due course the book will be available on Nook and as an ePub and paperback from most outlets. (BTW, if you are using the search facility in to find any of my publications you have to tick the, show explicit content 18+, tick box. )

In those four years since publication of my first manual, I have been very fortunate to begin close on-line associations with a good number of couples who are in long term dominant/submissive (DS) relationships. More specifically and most often, close associations with the Dommes in those relationships. We have shared experiences as a group and from each other learned many new activities and refinements; and even developed further refinements and techniques of our own, through discussion and experimentation. These new activities and refinements, (that can be as simple as utilising certain verbal mechanisms), provide huge gains in the subjugation of the submissive and in the pleasure of the Domme. Huge gains in the relationship symbiosis.

In addition, in the four years since my first BDSM manual was published, there have been considerable developments in new technology pertinent to the contents of this book and, as well, BDSM has become more mainstream which has meant there are well designed products and equipment easily available on-line, not readily available four years ago.

So, set out in this book, Addendum No. 1, is a collection of activities and techniques and simple sophistications that were not at all included, or barely touched on, in my original manual. This book is my undertaking to share this collection. (This book does not supersede my published Manual, this book is an addendum to the Manual.

I have been amazed by the popularity of my original BDSM manual which continues to be  purchased in large volumes since its launch four years ago. A wonderful indication, among others, that more and more relationships are experiencing the journey and pleasures of domination and submission.

Some of the optimisation techniques in my new publication have been scattered through my blog over the last four years with each technique set out initially and, now and again revisited, but my blog is not a book and so none of those technique are comprehensively dealt with in one single place. The remainder of these optimisation techniques are either matters on which I have been in private email discussion with associate Dommes, or have come from my own experimentation. Covid lock-downs have been a boon for the time required for that experimentation!

Dommes, I hope you enjoy as much as I have, experimenting with and incorporating into your lives the activities and sophistications set out in the book. And, submissives, I hope the result of your Domme’s experimentation and enhancements deepen your feelings of helpless submission as much as certainly seems to have been the effect on bitch-boy. As always, submissives, be careful what you wish for!

THE FIRST REVIEW: An excellent book. I am reading and loving it. You have such a unique writing style. As I read it I am transported into a submissive experience where the terrifying yet highly arousing torments are endured by me. It stirs me deeply. What a powerful array of guides and methods for any Domme and her fortunate sub. JMF

THE SECOND REVIEW: A highly rewarding and addictive read for anyone into this so special lifestyle from either side. For those less experienced to the experienced there is something for whatever stage their relationship is at. There is both width and depth and a high level of experience and understanding from the author. So you can go back and review if it is not quite the right time. Any Mistress wishing to deepen their Submissive’s desire to go deeper into subspace will be enthralled by new ideas that push a sub to yearn for more. Boundary breaking. Excellent from start to finish. More please. PB

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