Another big step change

Three weeks ago, 6th May, I made another step-change in my chastity and denial regimen for poor bitch-boy. A big one, that I will describe shortly in this post. It is not big in comparison to the regimen of the puppets of Miss Anne, or of Christine M, or of Brigite, but for bitch-boy it is HUGE. And for me too.

I will also use this post to mention that last September I began collecting entries for a new Journal. (It will be Journal No. 18.) But I only write an account for a journal if it involves something new, so given the lock-down, there had not until recently been many new things to write about. I mention the forthcoming journal because it is easiest for me to describe the latest step-change by way of an excerpt from the draft Journal No. 18 which describes events on the 6th May this year.

I don’t think I have ever made clear in this blog that on the 6th June 2020 I started a new chastity and denial regimen for bitch-boy. The two ‘new’ aspects were he was not allowed out of his cage even to wash his genitals, (he could do so between the cage bars), and, instead of having an orgasm, as a general rule every 10 days to 2 weeks, the denial periods became much, much longer. (This is all set out in detail in the impending Journal No. 18)

(In the 11 months of that new regimen up to 6th May 2021, he had only cum 5 times. On 6th May 2021 he had been 8.5 weeks without orgasm and he has still not had an orgasm as of the date of this post and he knows he will not be getting one until at least 7th June at the very earliest. The 6th June 2021 is his one year anniversary of his new chastity and denial regimen. )

Excerpt from my forthcoming Journal No.18, for 6th May 2021


I stood in front of the full-length mirror looking at myself and I called him up to me. He entered the room and I heard him emit an outbreath of emotion. I turned to him and, while I spoke to him, I began the pose routine I had used earlier.

                ‘Am I beautiful puppet? Do I make you desperate?’ He was almost sobbing as he emotionally answered in the affirmative. I stayed my distance so he could take in all of my body without having to look up and down.

                Given your age and your shape, I am totally out of your league aren’t I. You are so, so privileged to be married to me, with a body like this. Far more than you deserve. And that’s why you have to suffer isn’t it. Suffer for the privilege. Suffer a great deal. Like you are suffering now.’ I paused and he actually started making sobbing noises of, I assumed, sexual frustration. I was REALLY enjoying myself.

Well I have made a decision and I thought it only right I should be looking my most sexy when I advised you of this decision. You know in the last eleven months you have gone between six weeks and seventeen weeks between orgasms. And you know I am almost certainly moving you to a state of never having an orgasm again for the rest of your life. Well, your orgasm frequency this past eleven months has all been quite haphazard and while I am happy with that as a way forward in general, I have decided you will never, for the rest of your life, cum without at least a six week gap since the previous orgasm.’ He began to breathe in short gasps. He was about to speak but instead I continued.

The only way that will change is the six weeks will be increased. Increased to two months, three months, six months? I don’t know yet when or how big the first increase will be. Perhaps I will jump from six weeks straight to six months! And obviously the minimum period of six weeks will still only be the minimum denial period. You will frequently go periods of much longer than whatever the minimum period is at the time. Two orgasms six weeks apart will most likely be a very rare treat.’ He dropped to his knees, close to tears. My formalisation of what had been a random minimum was devastating for him. He has learned so many times that when there is a click of the ratchet, it NEVER gets clicked back.  My cunt was now very wet! He crawled to me and began kissing my feet while begging me to reconsider. He was holding onto my long heels while he kissed and begged. My only response was to tell him to let go of my heels. He did so and he put his palms flat on the floor. I remained silent. I simply looked down at him begging and worshipping in his state of extremely emotional distress. Such was my arousal I actually put my finger to my clit and very gently stroked while I looked down at my distressed puppet as he continued kissing my feet and pleading. I lived in the moment relishing my feelings of cruelty, absolute power and unreserved heartlessness.


I should add that my orgasm count has increased quite dramatically as a result of his new denial regimen. Vanilla days before his new regimen, I almost never had an orgasm. I now have 2 or 3 orgasms on around 80% of vanilla days. And I tease him with my body for at least 5 minutes, around 80% of vanilla days. His constant and extreme sexual frustration and his suffering as a result, has me aroused every time I think about the cruelty of it and think about my levels of pitiless cruelty, my power over him and the extreme unfairness – Just from vanilla days each week, I have more orgasms than he will have in three years. And more orgasms every single DS day than he will have in 2 years.


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18 thoughts on “Another big step change

  1. Mistress Scarlet, he is really privileged to have managed to marry an incredible woman, are just the natural consequences.

    1. You are right and he knows it, but he so, so wishes I had not become as extreme and pitiless as I have; especially knowing the ratchet will click on many activities, many times yet, in the months and years to come.

  2. Such was my arousal I actually put my finger to my clit and very gently stroked while I looked down at my distressed puppet as he continued kissing my feet and pleading. I lived in the moment relishing my feelings of cruelty, absolute power and unreserved heartlessness.
    This is mind blowing mistress, I can imagine the utter power you felt, better than any drug

      1. I can imagine Mistress, you are a remarkable woman. I love the idea of bitch boy grovelling at your heels and you telling him to get off. I love how you are so matter of fact with your punishments and are totally merciless

        1. I am totally merciless. I learned, as far as the things I want to do to him, he is unbreakable physically and mentally, so I just do whatever I want. It is exhilarating, decadent and hedonistic AND arousing!

  3. Do you deny him to kiss your pussy and ass? That would be even more cruel than denying him his own release.

    1. It is interesting you should mention that. Another part of my step change is I have just begun limiting how often he gets to lick me. Poor puppet is very upset it. That is fully covered in the impending journal.

  4. I couldn’t sleep so I tweaked this a little…

    This was so hot! I loved the way you dismissively told him to let go of your heels, an inanimate object attached to your body was not worthy of him! I, and David too I am sure, also very much relate to your comment, ‘but he so, so wishes I had not become as extreme and pitiless as I have’. Yet equally, I think they both know they need our domination to keep evolving, much as they loathe the consequences! Deep down they would be unfulfilled if we did show even a shred of compassion.
    It is not just the orgasms and the denials and their suffering that make this life-style so special though. I was pondering earlier on all the many everyday little things too, like…
    Pedicures. All my friends either pay for this service or suffer the trouble of self-care. They are so envious when I share that David tends to my needs. This came to mind recently, when one of my friends slipped and fell, hurting herself very badly, while applying polish to her toenails in the bathroom. She had one foot up on the basin when she slipped.
    I actually sent David on a course many years ago and he does a wonderful, full pedicure, complete with a thorough foot massage. I might have him attend to my feet for an hour or more. Not kissing and worshipping them like in storybook domination, this is not for his titillation! It is a required service. It is demanding work, necessitating professional focus and standards to the task and results. My nails had better be perfect, my skin toned and soft… or else! Of course he does my finger nails too.
    Turndown. Before going to bed, David will have entered our bedroom, drawn the curtains, removed all the decorative pillows and cushions from our bed, turned back my side of the bed, turned on my bedside lamp and, in winter, turned on my electric blanket.
    Everything kept tidy. Again, at the end of the night, before going to bed, David will check the lounge is clean, fluff the sofa cushions, and make sure any cups, glasses or plates are taken to the kitchen, washed, and put away; and that the kitchen is spotless. This applies even if he is kept working on chores or lines until the early hours of the morning! Always, before coming to bed, this is his last chore.
    Coming home from sports. This is a big one for me, especially when I come back from competitions or a day out. I love looking after and working with my horses. So, it is really great to arrive home, take my horse(s) off, and spend quality time just caring for them; knowing David will take care of all the hard work.
    He gets to park and thoroughly clean the horse box, inside and outside; unpack my car; clean and maintain my riding tack and put it all away neatly; later he will get to wash and meticulously iron all my clothing; and scrub and polish my boots until they shine. This will all be done to the highest of standards, so I am always immaculately turned out. And once back at the house, he may get to bathe me and provide me with a full body massage before continuing with his chores.
    Evenings with friends. One of David’s biggest fears is that he is spending less and less vanilla time with me as my outside interests and circle of friends grows. For me though, it is wonderful to go out for the evening with good friends and enjoy myself; often doing something worthwhile, like a charity function. Since I don’t do any housework, I have so much freedom, yet I know I will always come home to a clean and immaculate house, as David will have been toiling away in my absence.
    Moreover, I don’t need to worry about coming home to a husband laid out on the couch watching sport or some violent movie, volume up high, drinking beer and munching on crisps! My lounge room will be impeccably clean and tidy and he will be waiting, silently and anxiously, for me to come home… in the laundry… Back ramrod straight, nose and toes to the wall, hands on head, elbows up high and pulled well back! He might have been there a few minutes or an hour or more, it really doesn’t concern me… but he will be there, ABSOLUTELY LONGING for my return!
    Sheets. Lastly for now, I never have to worry about cum stained sheets! .
    All little things that make life so much easier for me.

    1. I do agree while bitch-boy loathes the consequences of my evolution, deep down I think he would be unfulfilled if I did show even a shred of compassion. Submissives being made that way is so perfect for pitiless Dommes like you and I. That symbiosis!

      We do have so much in common! bitch-boy tidies away everything from the sitting room and dining room and kitchen every morning before I get up.
      A lock-down development, apart from pedicures and manicures and bathing and shaving me, I have had bitch-boy colour and cut my hair! I had heard of a few other husbands getting good at this. (I have also let it grow as long as I ever have. A frustrating shame for bitch-boy as he even seems to find very long hair a turn-on.) I have often commented how he is the most intelligent person I have ever met. He has during lock-down learned to do various complex electrical and plumbing things by watching YouTube tutorials, so I thought he could learn to cut and colour my hair. Obviously I made it clear that the stakes were very high, but as I expected, he has done a perfect job each of the three times he has done this. I sit reading a magazine or even watching one of my TV programmes and he nervously does the cutting and then the cutting. When he has finished, looking in the mirror I narcissistically admire his handiwork and I do praise him a lot, but then I tell him his his reward is simply that he got to have such a lot of contact with my beautiful long hair. No other reward, and certainly no easing up of my cruelty in any way, which I point out, is for my pleasure and why should I ease up on my pleasure?!

  5. what a lucky BB – to have something like the rare treat of ‘Two orgasms six weeks apart’ to spend his days of devoted service in hope of and looking forward!
    Did he get a celebratory encounter with this season’s Stinging Nettles to celebrate your big step change or have you not been using them so much this year Ms Scarlet?

    1. Of course six weeks apart is likely to be a rare treat for him, it is simply the most close together he might occasionally enjoy for the rest of his life.

      I have been using nettles as always. Coincidentally, on his one year anniversary of the new chastity/denial regimen, (6th June), I have promised him his worst ever session with nettles, as well as his worst ever session of a number of other things on that day; and he will not be getting an orgasm despite that he will have gone 13 weeks since his last orgasm by then.

        1. There is a distinct feeling that my domme is on the same track as you are. In the last five months I only had one orgasm and the times without the cage habe been greatly reduced, normally to two hours of cleaning and shaving every two or three weeks. Even during punishments the cage stays on, except of course if she wishes to cane my family jewels. But right after that it is back into the cage, swollen and blue.
          What fascinates me most in this development is her matter-of-fact attitude. No comments, no indications on what her plans are, simply an unquestioned normality of a chaste sub in her service.

          1. Dear Thomas, we subs following Ms Scarlet would love to hear hear more from you. if your owner will allow. Chrissie

  6. This is my first time commenting, but having read quite a few of your posts since I discovered your blog a few days ago, I wanted to thank you for not only writing such excellent posts, but also for continuing your blog for years when so many good writers disappear after a short period of time, taking their blogs with them.

    The extent of the suffering that bitch-boy endures for you is incredible, and despite his frequent humiliation he must be very strong to submit so deeply.

    In your post last year ‘bitch-boy suffers through Coronavirus’, you mentioned the possibility of having bitch-boy “enjoy” a full eight hours of playing with his dollies, which could include colouring, Dolly Potty Time, nursery rhymes or other equally stimulating activities. I wondered if, since the publication of that post, you have done this?

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      In fact I have not yet had bitch-boy “enjoy” a full eight hours of playing with his dollies, including colouring-in, Dolly Potty Time, nursery rhymes, etc. But it is on my agenda and will be happening quite soon.

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