Torturing bitch-boy with a photo collage

It dawned on me that I need not be coy with one of my photo collages used to torture and humiliate bitch-boy; by posting it on BDSMLR and linking to it from here; as the only personal image this collage includes is of bitch-boy’s double padlocked chastity caged birth defect, so no problem.

In my recently published Addendum No.1, I detail many uses of photocollages using photo editing software. This is one of my favourite collages I use. Below is an edited, relevant excerpt that explains the use of the photocollage.

From Addendum No. 1

Photographs and editing software

The privacy of being able to print photographs at home has opened up a wonderful set of opportunities for the Domme and the ease of use of photo editing software has taken this activity to a whole new level. Things like; deepening the subjugation of the submissive, humiliating the submissive, increasing the sexual desperation of the submissive in chastity and lots of amusement for the Domme! I use photos quite a lot for these effects. That the majority of males are very affected by visual imagery is of course of great assistance. I set out below examples of some of the photos I use. ………………………………………………

I have a large collection of A4 sized photographs and half a dozen frames with stands; for placing on table tops and flat surfaces. Usually on a Monday morning I will flick through my collection and choose the photographs that will be displayed that week and bitch-boy has to swap those in with the previous week’s photographs swapped out…………………………….

…………………………………………. For a few days at a time, I sometimes swap the above collage image with a kitchen alternative collage I am about to describe. I think this helps keep him from being habituated to either collage image. From vanilla porn sites, I had bitch-boy source the photos in this alternative collage; to my specification. Undertaking that sourcing task must have been a VERY frustrating and humiliating few hours for him. The collage has five photos; and in each photo where a female body part appears, that body part is very similar to mine. One photo is a long, hard cock, (much bigger than bitch-boy’s), and the cock’s tip is just inside a vagina that looks just like mine. Another photo shows the long, hard cock, balls-deep in that cunt that looks just like mine. Another photo shows a long, hard cock, (again much bigger than bitch-boy’s), and the cock is halfway inside a woman’s mouth and lips, a mouth and lips that look just like mine. Another photo shows an ejaculating penis wrapped in a woman’s apparently skilled, attentive, affectionate, hands. Hands that look just like mine. The final photo is of bitch-boy’s birth defect, double padlocked in its chastity cage. The caption at the bottom of this collage, reads as follows: ‘BIG COCKS get frequent fucking and sucking and wonderful hand-jobs. LAUGHABLE DEFECTS get locked away 24/7/365, and occasionally rubbed under the sole of a shoe.

9 thoughts on “Torturing bitch-boy with a photo collage

  1. I find small penis humiliation (sph) one of the most intense forms and really triggers my submissive “rush”

    It’s strange really as I don’t have a particularly small defect (although certainly not large) but even the implication is powerful

    It’s just a passing thought really but it’s interesting the cultural power/prestige that is placed upon being well endowed. Is it fuelled by pornography maybe? Speaking to my wife and other women over the years they seem relative unconcerned by penis size (although I can’t claim extensive research!) so it seems it’s a male obsession. Clearly in pornography the female roles always seem obsessed with “big cocks” but I’ve never seen this in reality and is likely fuelled by the male dominated world of porn. Additionally as far as I understand there is no biological link between penis size and masculinity/virility etc but I may be wrong

    However being unfavourably compared with other men as a submissive is hugely humiliating and as I say sets off that deep submissive rush unlike almost anything else. Backed up by the suggestion that well endowed men can ejaculate or have sex whenever they want but my pathetic sissy dick is always in chastity deepens the submission further

    So I suppose it’s interesting and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, Mistress Scarlet, should you be able to spare the time. From your previous posts I note you have little sexual interest in men generally (if I’ve correctly understood) and yet you can still humiliate bitch boy with wonderful collages such as this. I think it’s an interesting area of DS lifestyle

    1. As far as I am aware, most women, especially dominant women, do not think a large penis is something a male should take any pride in. He was born that way, he has done nothing to be proud of. And for many women, penetrative orgasms are second rate compared to clitoral so I see nothing at all to be proud of, and equally males with a small penis, given what I have written so far, need not feel ashamed. BUT!!!! For whatever reason males with a small or average penis seem to feel sexually very inferior to males with a large penis and if they do, well that is a state of mind to be exploited!

      Then there is the next step, which I have taken, to not just make references to the smallness, and the bigger ones that are available, but to actually make the point that the smallness means it might as well be locked away as it is no good for sex at all. Although I now only like intimate, reciprocal sex with other women, I can easily carry my approach through, as bitch-boy has been suitably indoctrinated by this cultural issue. He can’t see past it. Good!

      If I happen to meet up with a Domme with a slave male with a larger penis and we double Domme her male, I make sure to tell bitch-boy how that slaves penis was much bigger than his and much more fun to play with, and it is only right his little defect is locked away for weeks or months at a time. etc.

  2. Dear Ms Scarlet,

    On aliexpress 7″ digital electronic photoframes are sold for about £25,- that can roulate the pictures from an SD-card. Maybe its an idea to put all the degrading pictures for bitchboy on it and put it on display somewhere (s)he sees it the most.
    Just an idea…

    Greetings Alex

  3. Absolutely wonderful Mistress Scarlet. I am so happy to have found your blog, and have been devouring your books for the past month. You (and bitchboy) are truly an inspiration to a fledgeling sub like myself. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful post. Also the bdsmlr seems to be finally back ? I was losing all hope since the last time i checked

  5. Hello Mistress Scarlet,

    Thank you so much for posting an image of this! My Mistress/Wife and I have been reading your manual and the addendum recently (as part of our FLR book club for two) and I loved reading about your photo collages and was thrilled to see this post. I would love to see more of these collages as described in the addendum someday!

    Also, since it is my first time commenting on your blog, I wanted to say that I am a long time reader/lurker of your blog and great admirer of yours. Thank you for all you do to share your philosophy and experience, and for your efforts to bring contentment and happiness for those of us who are innately submissive!

    With humility and respect,

    1. I will think about putting more copies of my collages on-line. I will perhaps have to edit those with me in to ensure my perosnal privay and anonymity

      Thank you so much for the kind words.

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